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What's good everyone, I haven't posted a team in quite a while and I wanted to push one more out before the generation ends so here we are. I decided to build this team around Swellow and I've liked it quite a bit in practice.

Teambuilding Process

The general theme here was to build something around Swellow that could have actual effectiveness in practice.

An answer to Steel-types is pretty vital considering Swellow can barely dent Registeel so i added Donphan to alleviate the issue. Z Head Smash is the set of choice on this particular team because it breaks apart mons like Mandibuzz and Golisopod which I can struggle against if my Registeel is crippled or fainted.

I needed a Mega-Toise answer pretty badly so I decided to use Scarf Toxicroak due to it being a pretty reliable answer to multiple mons this team has issues with such as Golisopod, Virizion, Blastoise, Salazzle, and more. Toxicroak can also take on mons like Scarf Tyrantrum, and Registeel.

In need of a decent fire switch-in I added Slowbro because it also checks mons like Passimian and Hariyama which are extremely popular in the current meta.

Mega-Sceptile is here to beat Water-types like Milotic, Blastoise, and Slowbro, while also taking on Ground-types such as Rhyperior and Donphan to an extent.

Lastly I added Registeel because Registeel is Registeel and I needed a Fairy resist and a Stealth Rocker.



Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 252
/ 4
/ 252

Timid Nature

Heat Wave

Air Slash


Swellow is a really solid breaker, being able to punch holes in a lot of teams once Steel-types are eliminated. Toxicroak and Slowbro take care of most Steels for Swellow so it can break alot easier. Swellow also revenges a lot of the mons that give this team trouble such as Salazzle, Ninetales, and Nidoqueen after it's chipped a small bit.


Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 248
/ 128
/ 36
/ 96

Adamant Nature

Head Smash

Ice Shard

Rapid Spin

I added Donphan to the team because it provides an answer to a lot of threatening mons in the metagame right now, such as Metagross, Flygon, Zygarde-10%, Registeel, and more. Donphan takes care of the Steel-types that annoy Sceptile so it can freely spam its STABs. Donphan also takes the burden of opposing Steel-types off of Swellow and Registeel too. I chose Z Head Smash on this team because it damages Mandibuzz heavily which is a mon this team can struggle against. It also nails Golisopod on the switch while still providing the utility that Donphan always does.


Ability: Dry Skin
EVs: 252
/ 4
/ 252

Jolly Nature
Gunk Shot

Knock Off


Low Kick

Toxicroak provides the team with a Mega Blastoise and Virizion answer. Scarf Toxicroak is an amazing revenge killer being able to beat set up mons like Salazzle and Steel-types like Registeel. This helps the team out a lot, breaking through Registeel so Swellow can freely spam Boomburst. This also helps out Mega Sceptile letting it use its STABs with no drawback. Toxicroak can also revenge kill Roserade, letting Slowbro and Donphan work to their maximum potential.


Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252
/ 252
/ 4

Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk

Ice Beam


Slack Off

Slowbro adds a Fighting-type answer to the team, being able to beat mons such as Passimian, Machamp, and Hariyama. This helps out Registeel a lot and Registeel helps out in return by dispatching most Electric and Grass-types that can give Slowbro issues. Slowbro threatens scary physical Dragons that give the team trouble too such as Zygarde-10% and Flygon.


Ability: Lightning Rod
EVs: 4
/ 252
/ 252

Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
Leaf Storm

Dragon Pulse

Leech Seed


Mega-Sceptile provides an offensive Grass-type for the team. Mega-Sceptile can revenge kill mons like Goodra, which can give this team big problems if not dispatched properly. Registeel takes care of the Fairy-types that annoy sceptile so it can freely fire off Leaf Storms and Dragon Pulses. Sceptile also provides a Electric and Water-type answer for this team which Slowbro appreciates, and Slowbro can handle mons like Toxicroak in return.


Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 220
/ 4
/ 232
/ 52

Calm Nature
Stealth Rock

Seismic Toss



Registeel is the Stealth Rocker of choice for this team, beating Fairy-types like Florges and Gardevoir. This allows Sceptile to click Dragon Pulse with almost no drawbacks. 52 Speed is just here to creep most Donphans and other base 50s. You can switch Registeel into Noivern and Goodra to wall it but be weary of a proper prediction where the opponent clicks Switcheroo or Fire Blast. This could heavily cripple Registeel and make it almost useless for the game. Registeel can also take on Mandibuzz well, provided it isn't a Taunt variant. If it is, then that's easy pickings for Toxicroak.


This team doesn't really have a direct switch-in to Salazzle or Ninetales, meaning the only way I can beat them is revenge killers. If Swellow and Toxicroak die both of these mons can overwhelm the team with ease.

Nidoqueen just tears this team apart if you don't play around it properly. This team has no direct switch-in and the only way you can beat it is revenging it with Sceptile, Swellow, or Toxicroak after it's slightly chipped

Swords Dance Bewear can be extremely overwhelming to this team after a boost. Z Double Edge just flat out OHKOs Slowbro at +2 meaning my only way to kill it is Swellow via revenge killing.

A boosted Sigilyph can give this team big issues. Having no way to really revenge kill it besides Toxicroak clicking Knock Off if it's boosted. if unboosted Swellow can damage it heavily. The team also has lackluster switch-ins to the Calm Mind set.

Mismasgius can be pretty scary here, the only way I can beat it is by revenging it with Swellow and Toxicroak if it's chipped.



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