Luck O' the Irish's Trade Thread: Updated for Sun and Moon

Welcome to Luck O' the Irish's Trading Thread!

Some general info:
  • dont trade hacks and shit
  • everything is organized alphabetically by generation
  • Don't really care what you do with normal breedables, but with shinies and legends please follow the redistribution rules I set, unless we agree otherwise.
  • Unless I say I need things done fast, take as much time as you need to breed/clone. Just keep me updated on your progress.
  • Just got bank so that'll make things easier. For clarification purposes, I will likely be breeding shit in gen 6, but a few things (mainly Alola pokes) will be bred in gen 7. Pokes with this sunmoon.jpg were bred in gen 7, pokes without this will come from gen 6
Trainer Info:
Friend Code: 2595-1021-0528
OT: Aidan ID: 29339 (Y)
OT: Aidan ID: 55835 (OR)
OT: Aidan ID: 879976 (Sun)

Table of Contents:


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Hi Luck O' the Irish,
I need so much this :
Nature: Timid (+ speed - att)

Ability: Magnet Pull
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/30/31/30 HP FIRE
Egg Moves: All of them
Stock: breed upon request
Additional Notes: N/A

Can you breed this for me ? and what do you want for the job ?
Hi again !
I have lefties if you want !
I have also a lot of finish pokemon at level 100 evs and ivs !
choose what you want ! :)
I desperately need one of these:

Ability: Magnet Pull
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/30/31/30 HP FIRE
Egg Moves: All of them
Stock: breed upon request
Additional Notes: N/A

I can offer timid HP ice evee, modest/timid HP rock sceptile in return.
Hi there, I'm interested in:

Ability: Chlorophyll
IV Spread: 31/xx/31/30/31/30 HP FIRE
Egg Moves: Giga Drain
Stock: breed upon request
Additional Notes: N/A

and possibly:

Impish | Bulletproof | 31/31/31/5/31/31
Curse, Spikes, Synthesis, Quick Guard
OT: Jay ID: 16065 | Untrained @ Level 1


Adamant | Guts | 31/31/31/x/31/31
Dragon Dance, Outrage, Pursuit, Stealth Rock
OT: Blue ID: 51963 | Untrained @ Level 1

PM me so we can work out a trade :)
Hello, I'd really like to get that Celebi :D I can breed you a spitback of a 5 IV Timid Zorua or I can offer you any Battle Maison item (if you don't have clones I can give you a cloneback of Celebi)
Hey! CMT for a dream ball female Nidoran, please :)
Also, would you trade your poliwag against the one I have (in my thread), to do a ball swap? Thanks! :)

Can I get more details on Zorua? (EM, ball, etc)
Well since it's meant to be a Specs Zoroark it doesn't have any egg moves, and unfortunately is in a regular Poke Ball :(
However, I am more than happy to breed for a different moveset / ball, just tell me what moveset and ball you want with Zorua :)
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Latias (Lv. 35)
Ball: Level Ball
defog - icy wind - tailwind - Trick

For your shiny moon ball larvitar?
Hi, please CMT for the shiny Sandshrew! The color scheme of Sandslash makes me think of Super Saiyan 4 Goku lol XD

Edit: I'd also really like to get a copy of the Celebi if you're willing to trade it for breedables. I started playing Pokemon in GenII so I really like GenII stuff. XD
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Hi, I would like to make another offer: Your HP Grass Litleo for my HA Jolly Cacnea. Head over to my trade thread if you want details on the Cacnea :)
Cool, well I'll be ready to trade assuming you want celebi. Take your team breeding, just send me a pm when you have them ready
Hey, could I actually change my request to some female spitbacks? Namely, HA Net Ball Lapras, HA Nest Ball Adamant Kecleon, HA Tympole, & HA Dive Ball Ducklett? Sorry to be so wishy-washy, but please lmk! Thanks!

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