Lugia (parashuffling)

The below is a duplicate of the post I made in the "project ubers" thread.

My favorite set in all of ubers.

Parashuffling Lugia

Lugia @ Leftovers
Trait: Multiscale
EVs: 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SDef
Impish Nature
- Thunder Wave
- Substitute
- Roost
- Whirlwind

This is the best set for paralysis support. This uses the same EV spread as the Great Wall set, to maximize mixed bulk. With Multiscale intact, Lugia is not OHKO'd by any hit in ubers (except a few attacks from turboblaze and teravolt Pokemon, which negate multiscale). It can even beat non-specs kyurem-w one-on-one, as Ice Beam does not OHKO, and Lugia can proceed to T-wave and roost-stall Kyurem, taking less damage due to Roost's mechanics, while waiting for Kyurem to get fully paralyzed; then, it can just phaze kyurem out. Note that specs kyurem-w will OHKO with Ice Beam.

Generally, once the Lugia is up against a paralyzed opponent, it can simply continue using substitute and roost until the opponent becomes fully paralyzed, then use roost once (without the substitute breaking due to multiscale and often being "grounded"), and then phaze the attacker. For example. Lugia's substitute can survive Mewtwo's ice beam after multiscale and roost, and can therefore just phaze it away.

Since it has no attacks, it fails against taunt leads such as deoxys-s, and also darkrai leads. However, it can beat non-lead darkrai if it has a substitute up, as it can paralyze then phaze darkrai.

This Lugia should be used on teams with a slow sweeper or wallbreaker, in order to allow the wallbreaker to outspeed the opposing team. In fact, this Lugia is one of the best teammates to Specs Kyogre.

While Lugia is effective at spreading paralysis, a smart opponent will continually switch back into a paralyzed pokemon to avoid having the rest of the team paralyzed. Therefore, stealth rock is a necessity, and spikes help too (though toxic spikes prevent the spread of paralysis). This makes ferrothorn a good teammate for Lugia. In addition, a spinblocker is also important to stop the hazards from being removed, since Lugia itself can't do anything to a spinner. Rapid spin support helps to retain Multiscale. Keep in mind that Lugia usually loses to darkrai, and all common spinblockers also lose to darkrai. This means that a safe switch-in to darkrai is essential. RestTalk Kyogre is able to switch in easily, whereas Scarf Heracross provides a more offensive counter. Fighting Arceus can also switch in safely.

Lugia hates any sort of status, so cleric support is helpful. Chansey is able to use Heal Bell, and is also able to effectively wall Kyurem-W, something no other pokemon can claim.

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please follow the correct format when posting an analysis; this needs to be in skeleton form before QC goes over this, thanks.

at a cursory look, this seems like even bigger spikes bait than the standard great wall so don't be too hopeful.
I don't mean to be crass, but I'm going to quote Faint's comment on your original posting of this set:
Let's be honest, that set looks incredibly useless. Lugia has it hard enough dealing with Forretress and Ferrothorn setting up on him, so let's not make it any worse. Thunder Wave is a good move in general, so I see the appeal in it, but all you're going to be doing with that set is annoying people. It's never going to win games, unless you have spikes / sr / tspikes on your opponents field with their spinner dead. And that's incredibly unlikely. Excadrill also has fun with you too.
Why would one use this set? Why would you run Thunder Wave over, say, Toxic? If you don't have hazards up (which is decently probable, considering the fact that you're spinning bait) you quite literally cannot do damage to your opponent. Not running a move that's capable of at least chip damage voids one of the main reasons that drives people to use Lugia: the ability to wear your opponent down. If this gets approved for input to the site, you'll need to take a careful look at what makes this your "favorite set in Ubers" and see whether it can't be made better by another set.
You can't just post back your post in Project Ubers as an analysis. Change the format to the standard one, link in Nexus's post.

Keep in mind your favourite set is not likely to be approved as a separate set. It plays similarly to the Lugia on-site, with just one move change, Thunder Wave over Toxic. The reason to use Toxic over Thunder Wave is to actually kill things, Lugia is weak and needs poison to deal damage. Paralyzing something like Rayquaza and not being able to kill it sucks, especially if you are supposed to be their counter.

Change the format, and give good reasons why is this set so different from the standard Great Wall Lugia set.


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Yeah, this set is pretty much the same as the Sub shuffling set, except with Thunder Wave in it.


No reply from original user, and this is the same set from the one on site, just Thunder Wave over Toxic. They play exactly the same. Not worth a separate set.

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