Mafia Championship Season 3 Tribute Volunteer Thread

That's actually really cool; I'm not good enough to represent our community as a whole though.

However, I'm in the process of making another game so we can finally get another mafia game up on this forum lol

EDIT: You could try reaching out to the mafia room on PS as well to see if you can find more interested players to decide from.
we also got invited, although we're not 100% sure who we're sending yet
So I have to fill this out. Does anyone have comments that they feel describe me as a mafia player? I want to use inspirational and informational quotes like "your play made me delete you from facebook" -moi and "why does anyone trust you" -shaka brah
I heard that being sunny004's bottom girl is a mark of a good mafia player. Might want to put that in
lol I still browse this subforum sometimes

I think this competition was around a few years ago in a much smaller constellation, but I haven't followed it since so yeah I guess it's a gigantic behemoth now.

A few pointers:
-I dunno if this is good for networking as most of these communities probably main NOC.
-Da Letter El watch out not to get rekked. NOC veterans are scary.

DLL is a bad nickname. Stop & desist or proceed to hack many computers.
Hi guys

Your representative has been scheduled for the game below.

Game 3 - May 9 (72/24 phases, American deadlines)
Agent Of Zion (Fever Clan)
Cmdr Spock (MyMedia-Forum)
Da Letter El (Smogon Forums)
Da Panch (marksforxcellence)
Danger100ish (Hypixel)
Dr.SaaB (MafiaManiac)
dyachei (Student Doctor Network)
Legato Endless (Giant in the Playground)
Magnificent Incarnate (Serenes Forest)
MD4L (Walter Football)
Minties (The Bell Tree Forums)
Secondhand Revenant (The Escapist)
SirDantetheFancy (Oro Jackson)
SM (BigFooty)
TheWhoDoctor (Pokémon Showdown)
UpsideDownChuck (Play Diplomacy)
Zeldamaster12 (Super Mario Bros X)

The game is taking place on Mafia Universe. You can find the specific subforum dedicated to the championship here:

I want to talk about and spectate the game - what do I do?

If you wish to actively spectate and show support for your representative, then there are two ways of doing this.

1) There will be a private spectator thread on the site for each game that you may request access to. Simply register on the site and PM the user "Thingyman", and I will add you. Feel free to spectate games that your representative isn't in as well. These threads are published after the game completes.

2) We have a spectator chat on Skype, with currently more than 140 people in it. It's very active and fun, I highly suggest you join it if you have Skype. Just add me: thingyman. Please let me know which community you hail from when adding me.

None of these two chats/threads will be spoiled!

Finally, we kindly ask that you refrain from commenting too much on the games in public on this forum, as the other representatives will easily be able to find and read through this (as has happened in the past). I can't control what you do here, but out of respect for the integrity of this Championship, it's best if you don't discuss your reads on your representative or the other players or make comments that could potentially indicate your reads. I.e. even something like "oh man, our representative is totally being his usual self right now" is not good. Speaking very generally about what has happened so far in the game (so as to update your fellow community members) without commenting on it is fine though.

I hope this doesn't seem too strict to you guys, but the game can become very uncomfortable (and unfair) if there is discussion about it outside of the game thread. If you want to have your own private spectator chat, that is of course also totally fine and I even encourage it (I'd love to be added if you make one of these) :)

I wish your representative and your community all the best of luck for this season! :)
yo, a mod should make a private convo on this site for those like me who cba to make an account and keep up with all that jazz

dle probly shouldn't tho

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Have played mafia on the following sites: Smogon, EpicMafia, Dailymafia, Osu, Altitude, Pokemon Online, Mafiascum

Bio: The legendary iDLE in the flesh

Here is what some of my compadres have to say about me:

[19:43] <UncleSam> btw i am v impressed
[19:43] <UncleSam> with how well youve managed to get me to forget that you backstabbed me

[20:36] <Yeti> let me think past the idler scrub recency bias
[20:37] <Yeti> a cooperative fellow
[20:37] <Yeti> never gets into the petty power struggles of unclesam's sort
[20:37] <Yeti> detailed analyzer
[20:38] <Yeti> more of a chill player
[20:38] <Yeti> but still effective

<daletterel> can you describe me as a mafia player
<daletterel> i need a bio
<moi> I've known [dle] for a few years, and giving his homoerotic tendencies, I can say for certain he is the best trickster I've ever meet, capable of deceiving even himself
<daletterel> perfect

I primarily play OC games now but played a lot of NOC on epicmafia and a few other sites. I've still never been mislynched as town in a NOC outside of epicmafia so this is the perfect place to make that happen. My top scumread is always the doctor and I am autocleared if the funniest poster dies during the night.


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Now that DLE's game is starting, can someone make a private Smogon topic or conversation to discuss the match? It would be nice to have a place to chat about it with just the people here.


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did it, invited everyone that's posted in this thread. if you're not in and you wanna be in, let me know
This game is gonna be rly good actually, some very strong players

I'm worried iDLE won't keep up with the thread spammers lmao, some of those people are the most outrageous d1 spammers I've ever seen

Da Letter El

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I go on vacation the 13th but I gotta rep

This does not seem to pair well with thread spamming

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