Mafia Championship Season 7 Nominations

Who should go?

  • Healndeal

    Votes: 6 20.7%
  • Moodycloud

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • Nuxl

    Votes: 18 62.1%
  • Samoyed

    Votes: 3 10.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Hello friends, that time of year again to decide someone to go forth and shout at people on our behalf. For anyone new/unaware mafia championship is a tournament on Mafia Universe where many different sites send a representative to go and face off each other to try win the tournament and become the champion. The games are usually extremely active so they can be a sizable time commitment. There will be 1-3 games this year per player with qualifiers, semi-finals and finals, so depending how well you do you might have to play more or less games.

The set-up is:
2x Town Joat [Doctor, Motion Detector, Tracker]
10x Vanilla Town
3x Mafia Goon

Amy's system last year worked pretty well for votes so let's do that again. You have a week to nominate anyone you think should be included in the final poll to represent us, unfortunately no self-nominations. You may nominate up to 2 people. After a week has past I will submit a final poll to vote on.
i appreciate it but i don't think i'm very deserving plus i'm not quite interested. please send someone else who actually plays games on this site.

or do what asek said that would be funny af.


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Ok final shortlist is up, after speaking with other mods we decided in the aim of fairness it would be best to set a small minimum criteria of games played to compete. (Criteria was 2 games in the last year, we didn't want to make it unreasonable)

Anyone else not on the list is because they declined to partake with me privately. The poll will be up for 7 days from now, first place will be the rep and second place the sub. Good luck!


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Please note that Heal got an SK win. Sure there are no SK's in this setup, buuuuuut...
Anyway, good luck to whoever represents Smogon, please don't make people ragehydra like last time.

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