Mafia From the Depths - GAME OVER, INSANE WIN


Mafia From the Depths

Mafia From the Depths - Signups

Alive: [2]
4. LightWolf - Insane - Won D7
7. More Cowbell - Sane - Endgame'd D7

Dead: [14]
0. Pit Man - Enigmatic - Killed N0
6. Infinity.Cypher - Sane - Lynched D1
8. Da Letter El - Sane - Killed N1
3. Eagle4 - Insane - Lynched D2
12. Jalmont - Sane - Killed N2
1. Walrein - Sane - Lynched D3
13. shinyskarmory - Sane - Killed N3
9. askaninjask - Insane - Lynched D4
10. zorbees - Sane - Killed N4
11. TPM citro - Sane - Lynched D5
15. Metal Sonic - Sane - Killed N5
14. Empoof - Sane - Lynched D6
5. Spiffy - Sane - Killed N6
2. Shining Latios - Sane - Lynched D7

VC1.1 VC1.2 VC1.3 VC1.4 (sentry end) VC1.5 VC1.6 VC1.7 VC1.8 VC1.9 VC1.10 VC1.11 END
VC2.1 VC2.2 VC2.3 VC2.4 VC2.5 VC2.6 VC2.7 VC2.8 VC2.9 VC2.10 VC2.11 (sentry end) VC2.12 VC2.13 VC2.14 VC2.15 VC2.16 END
VC3.1 VC3.2 VC3.3 VC3.4 VC3.5 VC3.6 VC3.7 END
VC4.1 VC4.2 VC4.3 VC4.4 VC4.5 VC4.6 VC4.7 VC4.8 VC4.9 VC4.10 VC4.11 VC4.12 VC4.13 END
VC5.1 VC5.2 VC5.3 VC5.4 VC5.5 VC5.6 VC5.7 VC5.8 VC5.9 VC5.10 (sentry end) VC5.11 VC5.12 END
VC6.1 VC6.2 VC6.3 VC6.4 VC6.5 VC6.6 VC6.7 VC6.8 VC6.9 END
VC7.1 VC7.2 VC7.3 VC7.4 VC7.5 VC7.6 END OF ENDS

Rules: (changes to the original rules in italics, as well as new rules)
  1. There will be a lynch during every day period. The number of votes for a majority will always be announced at the beginning of the day. A player with a majority of votes will immediately be removed from the game. You may vote for a player however you like as long as I'm able to understand what you're doing -- unvoting before every vote helps.
  2. Each day period ends after the stated deadline has passed or when majority is reached. If there is no majority at deadline, the majority vote will be lynched. In the case of a tie, no one will be lynched. You may vote 'No Lynch'-- this acts just like any other vote.
  3. The Sentry Vote acts similarly to the regular vote, except you can't vote No Lynch and a 50% +1 majority IS required. Keep this in mind.
  4. LYLO or MYLO will always be announced at the beginning of the day. Deadlines are NOT infinite during LYLO or MYLO, but exactly as they were during the rest of the game. LYLO means "Lynch or Lose", where town has to lynch scum in order to avoid losing. MYLO means "Mislynch and Lose", where town loses only if they mislynch.
  5. Each night period ends after exactly 24 hours. This is the maximum amount of time given for the scumteam to choose a kill target.
  6. You may not quote or screenshot any game-related information that is not from the game thread.
  7. You may not edit or delete posts. This is your only warning.
  8. You may not talk to anyone about this game outside of the game thread. You may not post in the game thread during night phases. This is also your only warning.
  9. Any offenders of these rules will be punished accordingly. I will remove players from the game only when it is absolutely necessary.
  10. You may not talk to anyone about this game once removed from the game.
  11. You must post in the game thread once every 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prod. Two prods and you will be subbed out. Notify your host of any activity issues in advance.
  12. Allegiance of a player will be revealed upon death.
  13. Join to be competitive. Play to have fun. Offenders of this rule will be slapped.



That's what you hear when you wake up, to you confusion. If you weren't bent on escaping from the pit as is, last night's experience would have surely changed that -- after meeting the mysteriously helpful Pit Man, he directed you to the part of the pit best fit for climbing. For the first time in days, everyone seemed to regain their optimism. Not to everyone's liking, it appears, as he was promptly shoved down the deeper part of the pit. May he rest in peace.

Pit Man was Enigmatic.

None of you were able to recognize the shady figure who committed the crime. It couldn't have been anyone you don't know of, however, since the pit isn't that big. Not a surprise that the whole occurrence stirred quite the uproar. Nothing compared to the hell that broke loose after the graffiti spotting, though!


Whoever you're dealing with, they're not alone. Not only that, but they share the same resolve. The rest of you are determined to be rid of these people as soon as possible, lest your chances of escaping reach nil. Even without that, they're clearly Insane -- getting rid of them is the only Sane thing you can think of in your current state.

Well, yes, saying that you're sane is a bit of a stretch, as you also unanimously decided to pick someone for sentry duty each night to ward off the scary Pit Monsters. Seeing as this person is your valiant protector for the night, it's logical that they must be the person you trust most. They, like the rest of you, cannot defend themselves against The Insane, but even they are aware that picking off the protector will put a dangerous dent in everyone's morale and stability. It's imperative that, even if they choose to take the risk, lightning won't strike twice.

Regardless of what you do, The Insane will eliminate those of you who threaten them the most, or those of you closest to escaping. Guessing their twisted motives is mostly pointless (or WIFOM if you play mafia but uhh), but it's safe to assume that one of you will be eliminated every night. If you lose your Sane majority, the remainder of you will surely lose faith. The clock ticks down -- what will you do?


Game hasn't started until I say so, which will be in just a bit. Hold on to your shorts.
Votecount 1.1 - You Can Start Playing Now

Not Voting: (15) Walrein, Shining Latios, Eagle4, LightWolf, Spiffy, Infinity.Cypher, More Cowbell, Da Letter El, askaninjask, zorbees, TPM, Jalmont, shinyskarmory, Empoof, Metal Sonic.

Not Voting: (15) Walrein, Shining Latios, Eagle4, LightWolf, Spiffy, Infinity.Cypher, More Cowbell, Da Letter El, askaninjask, zorbees, TPM, Jalmont, shinyskarmory, Empoof, Metal Sonic.

With 15 alives it takes 8 to lynch. Deadline is in 125 hours, 10:00 PM GMT (midnight GMT+2).
I'd like to get one of the rules cleared up. Am I not allowed to delete/edit only my posts, or I can't do it to other's posts either?
Obligatory GL HF post.

Also, just to clear this up right now so we don't have to deal with it later, my school has Smogon blocked, so I won't be able to post between 7 AM and 3 PM EST.
Vote TPM because he bandwagoned me that one time.

Does the person that becomes sentry get a BPV or an ability that protects others (or something completely different)?
It seems to be one-time BPV. As in once someone gets targeted then we won't be able to use it anymore. We should probably save it for later.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


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Min: 1
Max: 15

According to Spiffy is insane in the membrane

liffy spynch
The town has one more utility -- along with the usual vote, they may also vote for a player that will be guaranteed to survive the following night. This works just like the normal vote. To counteract this, the mafia team may bypass this protection once during the game and the winner of the vote will die regardless.
I was kinda wrong

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