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You are stuck at the bottom of a dark pit. The fall has left your memory quite fuzzy, yours and everyone else's. In your current state, you are indistinguishable from one another, nothing but your bare hands at your disposal.

Despite all this, your goals differ. Every night you will attempt to work together in order to climb the pit, but those of you who wish against it will deliberately send one of you plummeting down to their untimely death. You will not be able to escape until these lunatics are dealt with. Fortunately, most of you are sane, so deflecting them will be easy as long as there is an agreement.

Your only true tool to weed these people out is your voice. You will have to talk and discuss your way to freedom.

Mafia From the Depths

This game will be as simple as it gets -- all members of the town are powerless, all members of the mafia are powerless goons. The mafia will choose to kill a player during the night and the majority of you will choose to lynch a player during the day. The town has one more utility -- along with the usual vote, they may also vote for a player that will be guaranteed to survive the following night. This works just like the normal vote. To counteract this, the mafia team may bypass this protection once during the game and the winner of the vote will die regardless.

Unlike my former games, a pure 50% + 1 majority is not needed for a lynch. The player with the most votes when the day ends will be lynched, but a player with a majority of votes will be lynched on the spot and the day will end. No Lynch is an acceptable vote and no lynch will occur if No Lynch reaches the above criteria. No Lynch will also occur if the day ends in a tie.

Deadlines will change mid-day based on activity -- they will start at 5 full days (120 hours) and will decrease every 24 hours based on activity. I'm not expecting 120hr days and neither should you. To avoid :panic:, deadlines will cease to decrease once they hit the last 24 hours. Night phases will always have 24 hours between each day in which the mafia team chooses a kill target, though I suggest they choose one during the day to save time.

You may vote for a player however you like as long as I'm able to understand what you're doing.

The format will be chosen by myself based on interest. There are four possible formats:

[11] 9 v 2
[15] 12 v 3
[17] 13 v 2+2
[21] 17 v 4

As usual, the mafia team wins if and when members of the town cease to be the majority.

The third format has the mafia team split in two with each duo in charge of the nightly kill every other night. They will not know who the other duo is so crossfire is possible. Instinctively, if one duo is eliminated, the other duo takes full control of the nightly kill.

First come, first serve. I expect anyone who signs up to be willing to replace in once the game starts. The playerlist will be randomized during role distribution.

I needn't mention it at this point, but this game does not allow outside contact unless otherwise specified. In other words, everything happens inside the thread. You may approach me with questions privately but that's about it. Also goes without saying is that you may not edit or delete your posts and you may not screenshot or record anything related to the game. In addition, you may not copy and paste anything I tell you privately and you may not post in the thread at night. Offenders will be subbed out or killed depending on the circumstances. (I will not kill a player unless I absolutely have to)

Finally, be a good sport. If you feel like what you have in mind will make the game less fun for other players, don't do it. Offenders may be blacklisted according to the severity of their actions.

That's about it.

1. Walrein
2. Shining Latios
3. Eagle4
4. LightWolf
5. Spiffy
6. Infinity.Cypher
7. More Cowbell
8. Da Letter El
9. askaninjask
10. zorbees
11. TPM
12. Jalmont
13. shinyskarmory
14. Empoof
15. Metal Sonic
16. citro
Thankfully everyone who posted so far has taken their time to read the finite number of paragraphs in the OP, particularly the one that says "screw you priority".

Unless someone disagrees, of course. It's a different kind of commitment.

I'll leave this open until we have slightly above 20 signups or until people stop signing up.

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