Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!


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vote Massachusetts

A minuscule, cheerfully sociable bird, the energetic black-capped chickadee does not migrate - so we can enjoy them all year long! The black-capped chickadee is a member of the titmouse family (also known as the titmouse, tomtit, and the dickybird). The unique call of the chickadee is one of the most complex in the animal kingdom - very slight variations in the "chick-a-dee" can act as an alarm call, a contact call, or can be used to relay information when they recognize another flock.


a fairy

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Heading to sleep. Sorry for the vote to those who don’t benefit from this. I could spend weeks on this and still not be confident with my choice.

vote Massachusetts


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Day 7

You all surround Massachusetts and vote them out. Suddenly however, Massachusetts starts throwing out wads of cash at the crowd. This being a capitalist society you obviously stop to pick it up, and when you look back up it seems that Massachusetts has stumbled away, penniless but alive.

The Big City has voted for Resolve of the Mayor first, with Resolve of the Jailer second! Please see the Night 6 update for what those powers are.

Aliases that voted in case anyone cares:
Aliases said:
South Dakota
It is now Night 7. Night 7 ends in 43 hours, or at 5:30 PM PST 3/23.

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