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These are the official signups for Mafia Mafia 3! This will be a large, 50 player OC (outside communication) game. Discord server invite link here:

To sign up, please post to that effect in this thread. This thread will be open for a while to allow for people to see that this is happening and for the current / ongoing game to finish. I'd expect this will start in 1 - 1.5 weeks.

Game-specific information:
  • This game will function largely as a standard 1v1, with a day cycle consisting of a majority vote to eliminate one player followed by a night cycle with role-specific or faction-specific actions occurring. The game will start with a deathless night.
  • All standard rules apply - no screenshotting, deadtalking, etc. etc. If you need a refresher on the rules please go see any other game on this forum.
  • This is a bastard game, straight up. Do not trust night results, including inspections. Not even death results are infallible. Individual alliances may change mid-game, though the factional win conditions will not. Be careful who you trust and think for yourself. You have been warned.
  • This game will be played with aliases on the Smogon forums. This means that, in each role PM, you will be given an alias corresponding to one of the 50 possible aliases in the playerlist. All actions targets aliases, including the daily vote. At the conclusion of the daily vote, it will be revealed which aliases voted for the ‘winning’ alias (i.e. the alias that was removed from the game). The Smogon Username of that alias will also be revealed.
  • It is highly, HIGHLY recommended that you use Discord while playing this game. While you may be able to participate and have fun solely through PM, it is likely that doing so will severely restrict your ability to communicate with others, and may hamper your team’s winning chances.

Please invite your friends, because it may be difficult to hit 50 sign-ups if we don't do any outreach. If this does not hit 50 sign-ups, then I will cede my spot in the queue and host this at a later time.

If anyone would like to help with a thread banner I'd appreciate it!

- Jalmont
- A Fairy
- joey
- Ehmcee
- SB.
- Bass
- NightEmerald
- Mekkah
- Ampharos
- LightWolf
- Celever
- Genisu
- Laurel
- Dak
- Alice Kazumi
- zorbees
- GMax
- Bluedoom
- StupidFlandrs48
- realiti
- LonelyNess
- Yeti
- sunny004
- Da Letter El
- patos
- CaffeineBoost
- Blazade
- Duskfall98
- Ditto
- shade (via Discord)
- pulsar512b
- internet
- Pidge
- HydrogenHydreigon
- theangryscientist
- askaninjask
- Aura Guardian
- Clouds
- Flyhn
- piuchester
- ChaosNinjaGaming
- Whydon
- SirFish
- ariadne
- BT
- M2H
- Blakers
- Martin
- Redless
- billymills (via Discord)
- saberslasher11
- rssp1
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