Mafia of Thrones - Day 12


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There was a tie in votes, so there is no territory tonight.

If you didn't get a union PM, it means your unification attempt failed.

It is now Night 1. Night 1 ends in about 48 hours on Tuesday, October 30 at 5PM PDT.


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Yeah, I know.

Like I said, this phase is being extended by 24 hours due to lack of actions likely caused by Smogon being down every time I checked yesterday (plus maybe the hurricane).


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Hey all actions in!

You find imperfectluck dead on the ground, his head lopped off. He was Barristan Selmy, a member of The Kingsguard.

You also find shinyskarmory dead, apparently stabbed in the back. He was Renly Baratheon, a member of The Baratheon Brothers.

It is now Day 2. Day 2 ends on Friday, November 2 at 5PM PDT.

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vote casterly

Bold tags edited in after deadline because phone blows.

It was very hard to type into them ;/


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Once again, you couldn't agree on where to go and thus went nowhere.

It is now Night 2. Night 2 ends in two days on Sunday, November 4 at 5PM PST.

Note that due to DST changing this might be an hour off for some people, so keep in mind that it's GMT-8.


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i think you mean

[BIt is now Night 2. Night 2 ends in two days on Sunday, November 4 at 5PM PST.


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Oh right I was supposed to call phase end.

Uh, I need to go to class soon so you have until I get back in 3 hours to change your minds about any actions.


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The first body you find is TIO.

It seems he was Arys Oakheart, the other member of The Kingsguard.

imperfectluck, you are Barristan Selmy.

TIO, you are Arys Oakheart..

Factional Abilities:
“Defend USER.” USER will be protected from all killing actions that night. This action cannot be used on consecutive nights.
“Inspect USER.” You will send the rest of the Kingsguard to determine USER’s faction.
“Look out for USER.” You will stand watch by USER all night, learning everyone who visits him.
“Protect USER with my life.” You will protect USER at all costs, redirecting any action targeting him to yourself.

You are both members of the Kingsguard, sworn to defend King Robert with your life. Even in Barristan’s old age, he is still a more capable fighter than most alive, still able of keeping up with monsters like The Hound. Arys is no slouch in his own right.

The two of you make up the faction The Kingsguard.

Your faction’s preferred territory is White Sword Tower, home of the Kingsguard.

You will not fare well on The North or Winterfell, for it is too far from the Iron Throne for you to protect the king.

You can find allies with The King, as you are sworn to protect him. Additionally, despite his poor reputation, your sworn brother is still a white cloak, so you can trust The Lannister Twins. Finally, those on the small council are also loyal to the king, so you may find allies in The Small Council or The Baratheon Brothers.

You win if your faction or union is the last alive.
The other body you find is idiotfrommars, who seemed to be alone in the world.

idiotfrommars, you are Daenerys Targaryen.

Factional Abilities:
“Have Jorah watch out for USER.” You will have your trusted knight watch out for USER, causing any attempts he or those in his faction or union make on your life to fail.
“Inspect USER.” You will have Jorah Mormont tell you about USER, learning what faction he is in and what faction he is in a union with, if any.
“Learn about USER.” You will have Jorah stalk USER, learning what he did and what was done to him, but not to or by whom.
“Misdirect USER1 and USER2.” Any actions targeting USER1 will target USER2 instead, and vice versa.

You are the last dragon. You are in Essos, trying to build an army so that you can take back what is yours--the Iron Throne. You have never been to Westeros, and have only been told stories... but you know that it is your birthright, and those usurpers will not keep what is rightfully yours.

You have no weak or strong territory.

You may form a union with any faction, but you may only do so if one of their members is dead. Your unions cannot be broken. Unlike normal unions, your kill is once every two nights instead of once every three.

You win if your union is the last alive.
It is now Day 3. Day 3 ends in 48 hours at 9PM PST on Wednesday, November 7.

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