Mafia of Thrones - Day 12


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The first body you find belongs to Walrein, who seems to have died of a severe case of hypothermia. I guess all that thick fat wasn't as effective as he'd hoped. He was Bran Stark, a member of The Winged Wolf.

Next up you find Acklow, also known as Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, a member of The Small Council.

The last body you recognize as little gk, who is quite a bit littler without his legs. He was Ned Stark, a member of The Hand.

It is now Day 5. Day 5 ends in a bit under 48 hours at 11PM PST on Friday, November 16.


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Holy shit I'm late. I'm not updating at 1AM in the future so I'm gonna extend the phase by 12 hours.

Once again, we're at White Sword Tower.

It is now Night 5. Night 5 ends in 60 hours at 1PM on Monday, November 19.

Also, I still need a sub.


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It was fairly quiet last night--only one person died. Poor Django.

Django, you are Jeor Mormont.

Factional Abilities:
“Have the Watch look out for USER.” You will keep in guard for USER, causing any attempts he or a member of his faction or union make on your life to fail.
“Inspect USER.” You will learn what faction USER is, as well as what faction he is in a union with, if any.
“Intercept USER’s raven.” You will intercept USER’s raven, getting a copy of all night results he gets that night.
“Rouse the Night’s Watch to TERRITORY.” The following day, the territory you chose will start with three secret votes on it.

You are the 997th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and have sworn an oath to defend the rest of Westeros from whatever is beyond the Wall. Unfortunately, in this day, the Watch’s numbers are greatly diminished, and it’s used more to keep criminals and other undesirables out of the way that anything else.

You have no weak or strong territory.

You may form a union with any faction, but you may only do so if one of their members is dead. Your unions cannot be broken. Unlike normal unions, your kill is once every two nights instead of once every three.

You win if your union is the last alive.
It is now Day 7. Day 7 ends in 48 hours at 3PM PST on Sunday, November 25.

There is a good chance that I will be late to update as I will be driving home from relative's house.

Also I need subs badly.

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