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September's Official theme is: Contrast!
(On Even days, Vanilla Themes; on Odd days, Role Madness themes)

Role Madness = any theme with at least 3 unique town power roles.
Welcome to the Mafia Official Games! Each month, we have choose a certain theme or themes that all officials game will be played in for the month it is selected in. Staff members can host “official” games of that theme. Every day we host official games in the Mafia room on Pokemon Showdown. The official game of this month are a variety of themes! Points are gained by winning with your faction (dead or alive)! The person with the most points at the end of the month will have a spot on the website with other winners!

Please follow the room rules. Not following these rules in an official game will lead to more severe punishment and disqualification from official.

Official games will be hosted three times each day! They will be hosted at 7:00, 13:00 and 19:00.(EDT time are 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM respectively)

On weekends, they will be hosted at 7:00, 13:00, 19:00 and 1:00 UTC. (EDT time are 3 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM respectively)

PM Mafia Room Bot @leaderboard or @lb to see the leaderboard and @mvpladder to see MVP points.

The point system is as follows unless otherwise stated:
  • 10 points for a victory
  • Extra 5 points for MVP
  • Getting subbed out without valid reason during a game makes you lose 5 points and be ineligible for all other points from that game.

MVP will be decided by your staff host for who they believe played the best in that game. (does not have to be from winning faction)

Reasons to participate!
The player with most points at the end of the month gets some special rewards!

  • A congratulatory message in our roomintro for a month
  • The "Official Winner" role in our Discord server
  • A spot in the "Hall of fame" of winners (see here)

Official Winners

“Good Luck and praiserufflets!”
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Past Leaderboards:

August: transmuter; Most MVP: transmuter
July: thunderballz; Most MVP: thunderballz
June: thunderballz; Most MVP: thunderballz
May: clc ironic; Most MVP: clc ironic
April: MMM; Most MVP: MMM
March: MMM; Most MVP: MMM
February: MMM; Most MVP: MMM
December-January: Eeveelution Army; Most MVP: Eeveelution Army, MMM
November- mid. december: Darnell; Most MVP: Darnell
October: Brawl MK, EeveeLution Army; Most MVP: EeveeLution Army
September: Wolv&Bats; Most MVP: Wolv&Bats, Rebecca (Togekiss)

August: Acadeca; Most MVP: Acadeca

July: Rebecca (Togekiss); Most MVP: ODM
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3am wnaf 4p hosted by DeathBywobbuffet
Vainquish, DeathByPyukumuku

9am modexe 11p hosted by Chapter Seven
EeveeLution∞Army, hawkie, mmcneil28, Friendly User ODM, GuyGuard, RB220, Veteran Brionne, ZestOfLife

3pm esun 12p hosted by TheWhoDoctor

Animallover77, bluegummybear, Darnell, Fairy Yui, MewForUbers, Vainquish, veteran brionne, yuitaeth

9pm (Forest Fire) 9p hosted by Shubaka17

Zorquax, sparkychild, javelinlover, Kathey, zac moreau, megazumarill, animallover77
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4/2/17 3pm / 8pm Nommy 15pl

Animallover77, Barbara Streizand, Hawkie, bluegummybear, mmcneil28, ODM, DeathbyPyukumuku, Thunder~BALLZ, Veteran Brionne, VigilanteVigoroth, Zac Moreau

4/2/17 9 pm / 2 am Jungle Republic 12pl

askingAJa?, epicsnorlax, mmcneil28, Hawkie, Puppy Tactician, Vainquish, Thunder~BALLZ

4/4/17 3 pm / 8 pm Bodyguard 7

Tispy, Veteran Brionne

4/5/17 3 pm / 8 pm Classic 18 pl

MMM, TheLazyMew, Veteran Brionne, Uwoodz

4/6/17 9 AM / 2 PM CS 10p

(Hosted by OM Room)

Darnell, ForgotToFlush, Hawkie, Neo Hakari ✈️_✈️, Pekvceu✬‿✬, Tispy, TOnTheWing, ZestOfLife

4/6/17 3 PM / 8 PM Modexe 8p

Celtic Haze, Fenrir Aesir, MMM, Neo Hakari, Saulus, shubaka17
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4/7/17 9PM 16p Double Day!

Darnell, DeathByWobbuffet, epicsnorlax, ForgotToFlush, Gambiito, MewForUbers, Neo Hakari, Zebstrika, Puppy Tactician, TheEpitomeOfIrony, Thunder~BALLZ, Vainquish, Zorquax

MVP: Godfather 4 (for surviving 6 lynches alone when both scum partners got lynched Day 1)
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