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Alright. I said I would do this rather than posting it one by one. Will be doing this in the future too for half-way through the month and full month.

Black Bold = MVP
Red Bold = Mini MVP
Orange Bold = Consolation Points


Date/Time/Mode/Player List Number

Will edit this post after every official and re-post at end of the month with all results.

1/2/18 9PM Greatest Idea 14pl
ayiA, SanaChaeMinatozaki, DurzaOffTopic, FOgdocker, , Henka, John͜͡☆, pseumo wrestler, Sentimentality ✘, TheMapleLeafeons17

1/5/18 3PM Nomination 7pl
IronicNinja, John, TheMapleLeafeons17, UnspeakableRebel, Userchange

1/6/18 3AM We Need A Fifth 4pl
ScorrchingTheaph, PowerHitter0418

1/7/18 3AM Closed Setup 4pl

1/7/18 3PM 9:12 9pl
IronicNinja, EeveeLution∞Army

1/8/18 9AM Classic 12pl
NeoNaruto, Arsenal, RegeFire, OM Room, silverwhiteblue, Smajet, SpIdE)RZ, Userchange, WhiteSmasher

1/9/18 3PM Jailkeeper9 9pl
DurzaOffTopic, Isoxls, John͜͡☆, SafariSam, ten-77, Thunder~BALLZ, IronicNinja

1/10/18 9AM Kids With Guns 8pl
Arsenal, hawkie, Kami No Lucky, Mewton, OM Room, RegeFire, Userchange
[Accidentally gave points to Userchange despite being in losing faction]

[08:49:32] Darnell: .win -10, Userchange
[08:49:32] *Mafia Room Bot: -10 points were given to: Userchange
Removed on 1/14/18

1/10/18 3PM Bird7 7pl
IronincNinja, Exene

1/10/18 9PM Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationships 10pl
Thunder~BALLZ, ten-77

1/12/18 9PM Triplets 9pl
Java ser untime, John

1/13/18 3PM Friends and Enemies and Enemies 12pl
ToniTheTourGuide, Dasocks, Ilikebugs, NeoNaruto ®++, ScorrchingTheap~h, = stormerator, The_Thug_Pug, Thunder~BALLZ

OM Room, RegeFire, HappyLappy, silverwhiteblue

1/14/18 9PM Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationships 10pl
Hawkie, EeveeLution∞Army

1/15/18 9AM Follow The Cop 11pl
IronicNinja, OM Room, RegeFire

1/15/18 9PM Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationship 10pl
Edgar Allan Poem, GRG_SkatesAway, KinneKted, Not Champ1604, Tauon At Law, Thunder~BALLZ, Zeep, IronicNinja

1/16/18 3PM Eternal Sun 13pl
Bored_6886, Edgar Allan Poem, hawkie, h~I~Q, SafariSam, SpIdE)RZ, VigilanteVigoroth, Ze-ep, IronicNinja

1/19/18 3PM Greatest Idea 8pl
ScorrchingTheaph, Smajet, VigilanteVigoroth, Zeep, IronicNinja

1/20/18 3AM Modified Execution 5pl
Not Champ1604

1/20/18 9AM 9:12 9pl
Arsenal, Bluegummybear, Not Champ1604, rafooa11, silverwhiteblue, Thunder~BALLZ, XnadrojX 萤火虫

(3 points - Authia Game that went bad.) Arsenal, Bored_6886, Kami No Lucky, Not Champ1604❤, silverwhiteblue, Thunder~BALLZ, ToniTheTourGuide~!, XnadrojX 萤火虫

1/21/18 3AM Shortnight 6pl
Arsenal, Kami No Lucky

1/21/18 9AM Tit for Tat 12pl
OM Room, IronicNinja, Arsenal

1/21/18 3PM Nomination 7pl
Dasocks, IronicNinja, KinneKted, Tauon At Law, Thunder~BALLZ

1/21/18 9PM Friends and Enemies and Enemies 12pl
Dangerous War, DeathByWobbuffet, KinneKted, NeoNaruto, Thunder~BALLZ, IronicNinja, UnspeakableRebel, Zeep

1/23/18 9AM Greatest Idea 8pl
EnzoLapras = Lyncher, Not Champ1604, Henka = Aliens

1/25/18 9PM Nomination 7pl
I.M Changkyun~, Not Champ1604, PowerHitter0418, Spiderz, Userchange

1/26/18 9PM Nomination 11pl
Aelita, jarvitz, Gambiito, KinneKted, NeoNaruto®++, OM Room, Smajet, Zorquax ◕‿◕

1/27/18 3AM Space Invaders 6pl
Arsenal, A Year in Advance, FOgdocker, ImmaFirinMahLazer, Kamran Laker

1/27/18 3PM Greatest Idea 12pl
Zeep, Gambiito

1/28/18 3AM Greatest Idea 8pl
Arsenal, floooood…………, Gambiito ♛♕♛, Kamran Laker, XnadrojX, ZestOfLife

1/28/18 9AM Cracking Idea 6pl
Arsenal, raafe54, silverwhiteblue, UnspeakableRebel, Zorq

1/28/18 3PM Greatest Idea 11pl

1/29/18 3PM Nomination 7pl
lvl 100 eevee!1, Thunder~BALLZ

1/29/18 9PM Space Invaders 10pl
A Year in Advance, jarvitz, KinneKted, Gambiito, OblivionsReaper, sub me, Thunder~BALLZ

1/30/18 9PM Greatest Idea 13pl
Dactyl7, Ilikebugs, jarvitz, mmcneil28, NeoNaruto®++, SurfAggron, Thunder~BALLZ, Zorq

1/31/18 3PM Maintaining Law, Order and Shallow Relationships 10pl
silverwhiteblue, UgandanPug

OM Room:
Hosted by OM:

1/16/18 9AM 9:12 9pl
Thunder~BALLZ, Puppy Tactician, Zorq, Darnell, ZestOfLife, super_mii2, fireon1234

Thanks for 35 officials!

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