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Magic: the Gathering a card game by Wizards of the coast. This is a thread for any discussion of that card game. Well, that was a boring opening.

Pretty sure the other MtG thread is "dead", and I don't wanna necrobump.

October-Return to Ravnica
November-Commanders Arsenal
March-Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt
May-Dragon's Maze
June-Modern Masters

Cockatrice is a free downloadable Magic: the Gathering simulator. Download is quick and encouraged.

Domri looks cool. I could see Gruul beatdown decks using this in standard if it becomes more beatdown friendly. I could also see this turning up in Naya Midrange, should it choose to go more creature centric. I wouldn't say there are any guarantees for this guy, but I'll say that he's going somewhere.

This card has had a bit of controversy on MtG Salvation and such, but it'll show up in standard Naya (I've called it). Also cool for EDH, which I don't really play. Second attack phase is definitely cool.

Someone'll use this in EDH... I don't care for it though.

I love this guy. Standard Reanimator/ Ramp will love him. He feeds reanimator so well, it's like he's got it to a science. The ability to chuck lands for damage is awesome, and in Ramp, he'll get you Wolf Run quickly. I wonder how many times I'll say "Smash Them!" or "We Eat!" while using this guy.

Legacy show and know will love this. Flavor text is awesome.

If there is anything else you wish to see on this message, let me know(:


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I blame Vader.

Also i would just delete this thread, but I want vader to see that I beat him to locking a thread.

Beat it Vader, just beat it

The following also works: Eat it



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No but seriously, please take the time to do a little bit of research next time fatsnorlax. Whether it be searching for a thread or taking a look at the rules (or even just talking to a moderator if you are unsure of an action, vader is the go to guy btw)

Have a nice day.

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