Magikarp (BW2 Revamp)

<p>Magikarp finds its niche in the OU meta-game through its vast move pool and phenomenal stats, boasting a whooping base 80 speed and 10 attack magikarp finds itself able to compete with top-notch pokemon such as feebass and sunkern.</p>

Name: Revenge Sweeper
move 1: Flail
move 2: Hydro Pump
move 3: Bounce
move 4: Tackle
item: Focus Sash
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Rattled
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe


<p> With the introduction of the ability Rattled into the BW2 meta-game magikarp found his place as an anti Dark, Ghost and Bug type being that he receives a boost to his decent speed stat when struck with one of these typings furthermore with the support of entry hazards and his focus sash he can then flail his enemies with his whopping base 200 move and raised speed. This sets main purpose is to allow its supporting Psychic Pokemon can stay in without the threat of being attacked by there main nemeses.</p>


<p> Magikarps EV spread and nature is designed to give it a good deal of strength and speed in addition to its ability to allow it to deal significant blows to opposing teams, the 4 leftover EVs go to SpA as this will give a small but none the less existent help to Magikarps Hydro Pump. It should be Noted that Magikarps Hydro Pump should be used sparseingly when either magikarp is in the rain or out of PP.</p>

<p> Magikarp Makes a decent(ish) partner for for most offensive Psychic Pokemon (Unknown). Magikarp also forms a great defensive core with Sunkern and can form a strong offensive core with Feebass.</p>

[Other Options]

<p> You could try Feebass but Feebass will surely be moved to Uber within the next suspect testing or perhaps Unknown or perhaps you know? You could just choose any other pokemon i mean there are 650 of them and you choose this one, you should see a doctor for that.</p>

[Checks and Counters]

<p> Stop using an old rod, shuckles tackle with -4 attack, crippling nature and no EVs or IVs. basically anything.</p>
Don't see why Magikarp needs a revamp, as even with Hydro Pump, it still is useless. SCM edits can add Hydro Pump onto its analysis if you want.

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