Magikarp finally gets a STAB attack

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(Not counting Bubble which is stuck in Gen I-II.)

On March 20, there will be an event in Japan that distributes a level 99 Shiny Magikarp holding a Rare Candy, with the moves Splash, Flail, Bounce, and Hydro Pump.

This marks the first time it will be possible to have a Magikarp with 4 moves without including Splash.

Random quick damage calculation for teh lulz:

Modest Magikarp@Choice Specs in the rain with 252 EVs in SpAtk
using Hydro Pump on
Ho-oh's Tank set (Adamant, Leftovers, 248 HP EVs, 84 SpDef EVs)*
*(The Ho-oh set in the analysis that takes the LEAST damage from Water moves)

= 54% - 64.1% (guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock, guaranteed 2HKO without Stealth Rock after Leftovers)


I'm sure hydro pump Magikarp will be effecting LC and NU massively :)

Magikarp on NU rain teams with swift swim and a scarf...
Clearly Magikarp will be up for suspect discussion!
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