Pending Make it so moves appear before pokemon when searching the teambulder

It's annoying when you want to search for say, a pokemon with wish in gen 3 ou and typing wish then pressing enter puts a Wishiwashi that can't be used on your team.

Or when you need to find a rocker in gen 7 uu but the first result for "sr" is a zu pokemon.

My point is there's a lot more scenarios when you need to find a specific move rather than a specific pokemon. Pokemon are limited to generally one or 2 viable tiers per gen (if they're even in the gen you build in) while moves are used across every tier. It'd be a nice convenience thing for sure.
At most this should be a toggle that you can turn on or off in settings, which uses up server memory I think and probably isn't worth it. When teambuilding, most people already have decided what Pokémon they intend to use by the time they get into the teambuilder, and use resources such as viability rankings or role compendiums to figure out what Pokémon best fits with their team. Choosing the Pokémon should definitely be the default because it's what people use the teambuilder for the most.

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