Mario Kart 7 Tournament [Sign Ups]

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Smogon Mario Kart 7 Tournament

After getting involved in some discussions in the Nintendo 3DS Thread, the idea came about for someone to host this, so I thought I might as well have a crack. It's still a bit rough at the moment but I've brainstormed some ideas to see how would be best to run one and this is what I've got so far. If you have any better ideas, feel free to suggest them and we can make changes as we go along. If it runs smoothly, we can probably run a few more in the future as long as MK7 stays popular.

Depending on the number of sign ups, I'll randomly place everyone into a group of 4-8 racers. Something like 32 would be ideal but I'm more than happy to roll with a lot more, or even a lot less as I don't think I even know 32 Mario Kart 7 players as of yet. Each group will probably be given a time-slot to work around. Then it's up to you to discuss with the other players in your group what time would be best. Normally, I'd just let everyone discuss it themselves, but I get the feeling that'll be a bit more difficult when we have more than just two players facing off - so a starting point will probably be good even if the time agreed upon is nowhere near the original time suggested.

The top two racers from each group will probably advance to the next round. For example, if we had 16 sign ups, I'd most likely run the tournament as so:

Group A - 4 players
Group B - 4 players
Group C - 4 players
Group D - 4 players

The top two from each group would go into one big race for the final, featuring all eight players. However, due to the possible difficulty for more than four players meeting all at the same time, due to time zone issues and other problems, we could just slap another round in there and do another two rounds of four players, with two from each making it to the final four.


- All Items On.
- All Characters and Karts are allowed.
- Random Track Selection for every race.
- Four races will be played per group.
- No Glitch Shortcuts.
- Obviously, no Action Replay codes.
- Disconnections result in a loss and elimination.
- The two players with the most points from four races advance.

* If there is a tie between players for positions, the races will be replayed where possible. For example, if Player A wins the Group with 40 Points, but Players C and D finish on 28 Points each, the two players in question would race each other in another four races. If there is again a tie, a sudden death race will take place with the winner advancing. The same goes for any potential three-way or even four-way ties, with first and/or second place advancing. All of these races will use the same rules as the main group stages.

To sign up, simply state that you're in and submit your 3DS Friend Code. You'll obviously need to have access to Mario Kart 7, a Nintnedo 3DS and a stable Wi-Fi Connection in order to take part.

Join the IRC Channel to organise races more easily: #mk7

Sign Ups

  1. Havak - [4897-5922-4347]
  2. Breludicolo - [5112-3731-8605]
  3. Crux - [ ]
  4. Imran - [0903-2723-3642]
  5. KnightoftheWind - [2320-6576-8008]
  6. Walrein - [3007-8150-0637]
  7. Sandman - [5198-2630-1523]
  8. Layell - [4682-8601-2577]
  9. penguin344 - [3136-6595-1829]
  10. Heepo - [3437-3050-2180]
  11. LizardMan - [1032-1726-7858]
  12. Iggdrasil - [0216-1191-3087]
  13. bwburke94 - [0645-5804-7602]
  14. Cubed - [5155-3015-9458]
  15. Killah - [4725-7943-7033]
  16. smashlloyd20 - [1547-5740-1585]
  17. MrcRanger97 - [4038-6263-9572]
  18. Stellar - [1332-7706-6627]
  19. Firestorm - [1977-0172-2166]
  20. pokemonrocks777 - [3179-6620-1965]
  21. Aviator99 - [5198-2645-6170]
  22. atsync - [2921-9107-2014]
  23. LtheGreat - [4038-6383-6639]
  24. extra. - [5370-0839-7637]
  25. ToastTyrant13 - [3093-7122-0386]
  26. DetroitLolcat - [ ]
  27. Manafii101 - [4682-8565-1047]
  28. Zano - [4038-6577-4356]
  29. Charzaro - [2020-0138-1939]
  30. Maniacal Lemon - [3652-0773-5227]
  31. Pareidolia - [1461-6250-0560]

No Deadline for Sign Ups yet. I'll update this soon once we get a feel for how many will sign up.


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Dammit Havak, I was gonna make this.

In, will edit my FC in once I can get my DS on a charger.

FC EDIT: 3007 - 8150 - 0637



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I am so in 4682-8601-2577.

Now to actually get around to playing this game and unlocking all the karts.

Eastern Standard Time UTC/GMT -5 hours

0645 - 5804 - 7602

Also, to clarify the glitch shortcut rule: Wuhu Loop has two, Maka Wuhu has one, DK Jungle has one, and Coconut Mall's glitch returns from MKWii. Which ones are banned?
I think it's safe to assume that, if it's an unintended shortcut, it should be banned.

My FC is 4725-7943-7033 :toast:

It might be best if everyone lists their time zone as well, for scheduling purposes. It's at least important if anyone is in australia or europe or something :x

mine: EST (-5)
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