Other Mario Kart 7 Tournament (Sign-Ups)

Mario Kart 7 Tournament
-Approved by Mekkah-


Hello! This is my first tournament (ever), and since I have a love for Mario Kart I decided to host this. Here it goes:


I would like to have 32 Participants, I wouldn't like more, but we can try to play with less. We will play in groups of 8 or less who will play 1 GP (Four Races). I will give a good time schedule to complete your race with your group, but then it is up to YOU to schedule. During this qualifying round, the top 2 Players in each group will advance to the finals. For example:​

Group 1- 5 People*
Group 2- 5 People*
Group 3- 5 People*
Group 4- 5 People*

*- If we played with 20 individuals

So the Finals will happen with the Top 2 in each group, and we will have a big group of 8 People competing in the Finals. The winner... wins. In the case of a tie for 2nd, the people who tied will play a GP, and the winner advances. In the case of a 1st Place tie, the 1st Placers advance. Although, if you have the maximum of 8 players in a group, it might be hard to find a time that suites everyone. If that's the case, we can make smaller groups, with only the winner advancing. Please post your Time Zone (GMT -5) and what time would be ideal for you, so your group can schedule easily.

How to Sign-Up:


Mii Name:

3DS FC: (In case community stuff is acting up)

Time Zone:

After your race, please name the Top 2 players in your group. BE HONEST.

Group 1: #1- Branny00 #2- Branny000

I will post the community code during the first round.

  • You cannot repick courses in a GP (e.g. Picking Airship Fortress twice)
  • No glitching.
  • No AR Codes.
  • All Characters and Parts Allowed.
  • All Tracks Allowed.
  • All Items allowed.
  • Make sure you can attend the whole tournament.
  • Only join if you have stable wi-fi.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me!

Join my XAT Chat here. It is easier to schedule races.



  1. Branny00 (Mii Name: YF*Branny) 2750-1591-3236 (GMT -5)
  2. Pippy (Mii Name: Pippy)
^ Getting 5-8 people on at once will be problematic, but other than that sounds fun! I'm in.

Mii name: Pippy
FC: I'll post it later
This tournament has been long since dead, but I would like to join too if someone starts this back up.

Mii: TrnerX493*
FC: 4699-5457-3647
Time: GMT-7

Can't do irc.
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