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infracted for what?

also, theoretically, if that were part of my role PM, you'd be godkilled, because of

The Rules said:
5. You may not quote or screenshot any game-related information that is not from the game thread.
This is generally accepted to include role PMs.

The fact that you won't be godkilled should prove that that isn't my role PM and be incriminating evidence.
Session Start: Sat Aug 31 21:42:28 2013
Session Ident: #mkmafia
03[21:42] * Now talking in #mkmafia
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[21:42] <Walrein> imo give voice to me, ms, and pb
03[21:42] * jalmont (~jalmont@no.surprises.pls) has joined #mkmafia
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[21:42] <Walrein> and set +m
[21:42] <jalmont> walrein is noob
01[21:42] <Paperblade> my dog is sick right now
03[21:42] * the_angry_scientist sets mode: +vvv metalsonic Paperblade Walrein
[21:42] <+metalsonic> walrein change your avatar
03[21:42] * the_angry_scientist sets mode: +m
01[21:42] <+Paperblade> I'm very sad
[21:42] <+metalsonic> back
[21:43] <+Walrein> metalsonic
[21:43] <+Walrein> why should i change my avatar
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[21:43] <+Walrein> its a good avatar
01[21:43] <+Paperblade> league sucks
[21:43] <+metalsonic> a fagmeme amumu
[21:43] <+Walrein> false
[21:43] <+metalsonic> is fugly
03[21:43] * Tales_of_Acklow is now known as Acklow
[21:43] <+Walrein> amumu
[21:43] <+Walrein> is my favorite champion
01[21:43] <+Paperblade> tbh I feel like if MS is faking he's had this planned since D1
[21:43] <+Walrein> you is a liar
[21:43] <+metalsonic> not wit hthat fagface
[21:43] <+Walrein> the abrasiveness
[21:43] <+Walrein> it burns
[21:43] <+metalsonic> im sorry
03[21:44] * the_angry_scientist sets mode: +N
[21:44] <+metalsonic> what does +N do
[21:44] <+Walrein> prevents name changes
[21:44] <+Walrein> i think
[21:44] <@the_angry_scientist> stops daenym from changing his nick
[21:44] <+metalsonic> ok
[21:44] <+Walrein> OK so
[21:44] <+Walrein> i believe the most recent post
[21:44] <+metalsonic> is ver yabrasive
[21:44] <+Walrein> was regarding why ms claimed spiffy was confirmed town
[21:44] <+metalsonic> yup
[21:45] <+Walrein> back in d2
[21:45] <+Walrein> or d1
01[21:45] <+Paperblade> early D2
[21:45] <+Walrein> idr
[21:45] <+metalsonic> well spiffy was strong
01[21:45] <+Paperblade> he said Spiffy, houndoom, and Woodchuck were confirmed town
[21:45] <+metalsonic> if i was #1 PR
[21:45] <+metalsonic> wasnt
[21:45] <+metalsonic> we would've lost
01[21:45] <+Paperblade> I do remember thinking Spiffy
01[21:45] <+Paperblade> was likely town
[21:45] <+metalsonic> it takes #1 pr with #1 scumhunter to defeat a spiffy
[21:45] <+metalsonic> and walrein and jalmont
[21:45] <+metalsonic> look at that op team
[21:45] <+metalsonic> they caught on to my breadcrumb on woodchuck
[21:46] <+Walrein> another thing
[21:46] <+Walrein> why would eagle place three of the most experienced users on the same mafia
01[21:46] <+Paperblade> you subbed in for some nobody didn't you
[21:46] <+Walrein> those teams would be pretty imbalanced with all the newbies itg
01[21:46] <+Paperblade> after Acklow
[21:46] <+Walrein> oh wait
[21:46] <+Walrein> yea
[21:46] <+metalsonic> setup speculation is for scum
[21:46] <+Walrein> disregard my point
[21:46] <+Walrein> i somehow managed to forget
[21:46] <+metalsonic> contradiction donk
[21:46] <+Walrein> that i was a sub
[21:46] <+metalsonic> ^
[21:46] <+metalsonic> gg
[21:46] <+Walrein> l0l
[21:46] <+metalsonic> gg
[21:46] <+metalsonic> nice try
[21:46] <+metalsonic> :)
[21:47] <+metalsonic> any more straws to grab
[21:47] <+Walrein> the judge has penalized me
[21:47] <+Walrein> i lost one of my exclamation points
[21:47] <+Walrein> Q.Q
[21:47] <+metalsonic> no u lost 2
[21:47] <+Walrein> (this entire game has been a giant ace attorney metaphor for me)
01[21:47] <+Paperblade> Walrein rumaf
[21:47] <+Walrein> nop
01[21:47] <+Paperblade> has anyone itg claimed to have an item destroyed
[21:47] <+metalsonic>
[21:48] <+metalsonic> u lost 2
[21:48] <+metalsonic> nub
[21:48] <+metalsonic> and after game 1 they dont use exclamation points any more
[21:48] <+metalsonic> suck
[21:48] <+Walrein> i haven't played the second game yet
[21:48] <+metalsonic> sorry if its too abrasive :eek:o
[21:48] <+Walrein> i just recently got into the series
01[21:48] <+Paperblade> [21:47] <+Paperblade> has anyone itg claimed to have an item destroyed
[21:48] <+Walrein> but the first game was fucking fantastic
[21:48] <+metalsonic> learn from lightwolf
04[21:48] <+Walrein> and not that i can remember paperblade
[21:48] <+metalsonic> maybe you can donk next time
[21:48] <+Walrein> what am i learning from lightwolf
[21:49] <+Walrein> what does lightwolf have anything to do with this
[21:49] <+Walrein> if this is a reference to rng noc i didn't follow that game
01[21:49] <+Paperblade> it's probably a reference to the one LW won
01[21:49] <+Paperblade> at 3 man lylo
[21:49] <+Walrein> which one was that
[21:49] <+Walrein> idr
01[21:49] <+Paperblade> idr the name
03[21:49] * Yeti ( has joined #mkmafia
[21:49] <+metalsonic>
01[21:49] <+Paperblade> everyone was vanilla
[21:49] <+metalsonic> #1 scumhunter
[21:49] <+metalsonic> fucked over by solar vapor
[21:49] <+metalsonic> i will never forgdt
[21:49] <+metalsonic> forget
[21:50] <+metalsonic> spiffy town
[21:50] <+metalsonic> rampaged
01[21:50] <+Paperblade> ughhh
[21:50] <+metalsonic> the
[21:50] <+metalsonic> scum
[21:50] <+metalsonic> and the cock of solarvapor
01[21:50] <+Paperblade> fml
04[21:50] <+Walrein> keep in mind paperblade
04[21:50] <+metalsonic> thank god paperblade is better :)
01[21:50] <+Paperblade> lol
[21:50] <+Walrein> my accusations of metal sonic
[21:50] <+Walrein> have been ongoing
[21:50] <+Walrein> for basically the entire game
[21:50] <+metalsonic> they are as fake as the spiffy thing
[21:50] <+metalsonic> u need to make 3 walls
[21:50] <+metalsonic> for what my inspect result returned
[21:50] <+metalsonic> a damning
[21:50] <+metalsonic> evidence
[21:50] <+Walrein> your only defense seems to be lashing out at others
[21:50] <+Walrein> also
[21:51] <+metalsonic> that you must discredit at all costs
[21:51] <+Walrein> item destroyer in an noc
[21:51] <+Walrein> is not that great of a role to include
[21:51] <+Walrein> how would it even work
[21:51] <+metalsonic> neither is a bananamania mayor
01[21:51] <+Paperblade> tbh if metal sonic was scum, he could have claimed
[21:51] <+metalsonic> what
[21:51] <+Walrein> would i need to be holding an item to destroy it
01[21:51] <+Paperblade> that you returned vanilla
01[21:51] <+Paperblade> or even
01[21:51] <+Paperblade> role cop
[21:51] <+metalsonic> did eagle4 get influenced by minion rush
01[21:51] <+Paperblade> and argued the vanilla meant you were godfather
[21:51] <+metalsonic> ofc
[21:51] <+metalsonic> then
[21:51] <+metalsonic> who eats bananas
[21:52] <+Walrein> ugh
[21:52] <+Walrein> i really wish i could claim my role name
[21:52] <+metalsonic> oh dear i got walrein's role pm wrong he's actually "minion from DM"
[21:52] <+Walrein> and settle this
[21:52] <+Walrein> wtf is dm
[21:52] <+metalsonic> dispecable me
[21:52] <+Walrein> oh
[21:52] <+metalsonic> despicable me
[21:52] <+Walrein> *despicable
[21:52] <+Walrein> yes
[21:52] <+Walrein> i am a spelling nazi
[21:52] <+metalsonic> #YOLO
[21:52] <+Walrein> ...
[21:52] <+metalsonic> tpoo bad
[21:52] <+metalsonic> u are slow
[21:52] <+metalsonic> no match for sonic
[21:52] <+metalsonic> :eek:
04[21:52] <+Walrein> paperblade, think about this:
[21:53] <+Walrein> i just had this thought
[21:53] <+Walrein> at the beginning of the game
[21:53] <+metalsonic> poisonous thoughts
01[21:53] <+Paperblade> didn't read
01[21:53] <+Paperblade> but go on
[21:53] <+metalsonic> just sheep me and win imo
[21:53] <+Walrein> ms made that huge post about how he was "changing his playstyle" at the behest of eagle4
[21:53] <+metalsonic> but yeah lets see walrein flail
[21:53] <+Walrein> claiming that he was dropping the #1 scumhyunter thing
[21:53] <+Walrein> i'm thinking
[21:53] <+metalsonic> ya
[21:53] <+metalsonic> if i did
[21:53] <+Walrein> what if eagle didn't say that
[21:53] <+metalsonic> #1 pr
[21:53] <+metalsonic> i will get roleblocked again
[21:53] <+Walrein> and he posted that
[21:54] <+Walrein> in order to cover up the fact
[21:54] <+metalsonic> do u need me to copy pasta his warning
[21:54] <+metalsonic> or will you call me out for godkil
[21:54] <+metalsonic> ;)
[21:54] <+Walrein> that he's scum and will naturally be inclined to play differently
[21:54] <+Walrein> i never called you out for godkill
[21:54] <+Walrein> i called you out to NOT get godkilled
[21:54] <+Walrein> since the role pm you "cp'd" doesn't exist
[21:54] <+metalsonic>
[21:54] <+metalsonic> well when i read it
[21:55] <+metalsonic> "oh yay ms slipped now he gets godkilled and i win yipeeeee"
[21:55] <+metalsonic> i swear if that happens i will
[21:55] <+metalsonic> kill
[21:55] <+Walrein> it won't happen
[21:55] <+metalsonic> because i lost to bs 3 times i nar ow
[21:55] <+Walrein> because the role pm doesn't exist
[21:55] <+metalsonic> or it wont happen because im allowed to paste that
01[21:55] <+Paperblade> usually those rules apply even if you fake a result
01[21:55] <+Paperblade> js
[21:56] <+Walrein> do they really
[21:56] <+Walrein> the_angry_scientist
[21:56] <+Walrein> if this is true
[21:56] <+metalsonic> if i get godkilled at lylo
[21:56] <+metalsonic> for 10 words
[21:56] <+metalsonic> i will murde
[21:56] <+metalsonic> r
[21:56] <+Walrein> i demand to be allowed to c/p my role pm
[21:56] <+Walrein> outside of my role name obv
01[21:56] <+Paperblade> lolwut
[21:56] <+metalsonic> well
[21:56] <+metalsonic> i'll counter you
03[21:56] * Cordois ( has joined #mkmafia
[21:56] <@the_angry_scientist> nobody may c/p their role pm sorry
[21:57] <+metalsonic> walrein, running out of things to say? ;)
[21:57] <+metalsonic> A+ Edgeworth
[21:57] <+Walrein> you ran out of things to say ages ago
[21:57] <+Walrein> and have been continually resorting to saying things like "you're flailing" and "you're trying to get me godkilled"
02[21:57] * Acklow ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[21:58] <+metalsonic> you're the one who pointed out that
[21:58] <+Walrein> the only legitimate point you've raised against me was the thing about the starting scum
[21:58] <+metalsonic> trying to trap me
[21:58] <+Walrein> and i legitimately forgot that i was a sub
01[21:58] <+Paperblade> Walrein what is your item
01[21:58] <+Paperblade> is it a golden banana
[21:58] <+metalsonic> "oh he must be godkilled if he's real! oh he didnt get godkilled so its fake! either way i win!"
[21:58] <+Walrein> it isn't not a golden banana
03[21:58] * Cordois ( has left #mkmafia
03[21:58] * Acklow ( has joined #mkmafia
[21:58] <+Walrein> i'm explicitly forbidden to state what it is
01[21:59] <+Paperblade> mm
[21:59] <+Walrein> but it is not not a golden banana
[21:59] <+Walrein> HINT
[21:59] <+Walrein> HINT
[21:59] <+metalsonic> ofc walrein would know about that
01[21:59] <+Paperblade> lol
[21:59] <+metalsonic> its his role's job
01[21:59] <+Paperblade> iirc MS made a comment at one point saying his item was the same color as his avatar
[21:59] <+metalsonic> yes
[21:59] <+metalsonic> wait
[21:59] <+metalsonic> i thought u didnt read
[21:59] <+metalsonic> :O
[21:59] <+metalsonic> maybe i reposted it somewhere
01[21:59] <+Paperblade> it was during D2 or something
[22:00] <+metalsonic> n it was very early
[22:00] <+metalsonic> i think i reposted it
[22:00] <+Walrein> [23:59] <+metalsonic> its his role's job
[22:00] <+Walrein> the hell does this even mean
[22:01] <+Walrein> cool i'm an item destroyer
[22:01] <+Walrein> so what
[22:01] <+Walrein> that doesn't mean i know about every item in the game
[22:01] <+metalsonic> that part of the role was censored to me
[22:02] <+metalsonic> i cannot confirm or deny if you indeed know about each and every item
[22:02] <+metalsonic> but is pretty obvious
[22:02] <+metalsonic> u have pre-knowledge
[22:02] <+Walrein> ...
[22:02] <+metalsonic> + your strong partners figuring shit out
[22:02] <+Walrein> this entire argument
[22:02] <+Walrein> is absurd
[22:02] <+metalsonic> ya
[22:02] <+Walrein> item destroyers
[22:02] <+metalsonic> as is said
[22:02] <+Walrein> don't start out with knowledge
[22:02] <+Walrein> of items
[22:02] <+Walrein> as a frequent game designer
[22:02] <+metalsonic> "ha ha ha i got u scum "
[22:02] <+metalsonic> then
[22:03] <+Walrein> i have never made a role like this
[22:03] <+metalsonic> " no u didnt u are the scum !"
04[22:03] <+Walrein> paperblade
[22:03] <+metalsonic> explain HDD's role mechanic
01[22:03] <+Paperblade> hi
[22:03] <+metalsonic> do it
[22:03] <+Walrein> do you have any opinion to interject
01[22:03] <+Paperblade> both Spiffy and jalmont had stuff snipped from their PMs
[22:03] <+Walrein> hdd's role mechanic: he gains votes per golden banana
01[22:03] <+Paperblade> I assumed it was a link to their QT
01[22:03] <+Paperblade> since that's what was snipped from blackhawk's I think
[22:03] <+Walrein> what does this have to do with anything
[22:03] <+Walrein> the hdd thing
[22:03] <+Walrein> not the qt thing
[22:03] <+metalsonic> more flail more fail
[22:04] <+metalsonic> the hdd thing
[22:04] <+metalsonic> if you tell me its a common role
[22:04] <+metalsonic> i will laugh in your face again
[22:04] <+Walrein> there are certain roles that need items to do thing
[22:04] <+Walrein> s
[22:04] <+Walrein> for example: ammunition-based vigilantes
[22:04] <+Walrein> (which happen to be a favorite role of mine)
[22:04] <+metalsonic> yeah u can shit on them too
[22:04] <+Walrein> one could say that this is an ammunition based mayor i suppose
[22:04] <+Walrein> exactly
[22:05] <+Walrein> i like them because they're easily countered
[22:05] <+Walrein> normal vigilantes are absurdly powerful and ammo is a good nerf
[22:05] <+metalsonic> u can also shit on AG's low quality BPV vest i suppose
[22:05] <+metalsonic> lol ammo
[22:05] <+metalsonic> when i make games
[22:05] <+metalsonic> i just give them "two shots"
[22:05] <+metalsonic> the "items" are unnecesasry
[22:05] <+metalsonic> so no
[22:05] <+Walrein> where does all of your mafia experience come from
[22:05] <+Walrein> on smogon, games can get hella complex
[22:06] <+Walrein> but there has never been an item destroyer
[22:06] <+metalsonic> boom there goes antoher exclamation mark
[22:06] <+Walrein> that knows
[22:06] <+Walrein> what items are in the game
[22:06] <+Walrein> also, a question for you: how does "my role" work
[22:06] <+Walrein> how do "i" destroy items
[22:06] <+metalsonic> u tell me
[22:06] <+Walrein> no
[22:06] <+Walrein> you tell me
[22:06] <+Walrein> you're the one with the "inspect" result
[22:06] <+metalsonic> u have the fuull role pm
[22:06] <+metalsonic> u visit them
[22:06] <+metalsonic> if they have a item
[22:07] <+metalsonic> it is permanently "sabotaged"
[22:07] <+metalsonic> like the fuck if i know what that means
[22:07] <+Walrein> metal sonic
[22:07] <+Walrein> do you still have your item
[22:07] <+metalsonic> y
[22:07] <+Walrein> then tell me
[22:07] <+Walrein> i knew you had it because of your blatant breadcrumb
[22:07] <+Walrein> if i was a saboteur
[22:07] <+Walrein> why would i not have destroyed it
[22:07] <+Walrein> for the record
03[22:07] * daletterel ( has joined #mkmafia
[22:07] <+Walrein> why would i not have destroyed mine
[22:08] <+metalsonic> how about you dont have an item
[22:08] <+Walrein> except i do
[22:08] <+Walrein> i realize i can't prove that i do
[22:08] <+Walrein> but i do
[22:08] <+metalsonic> ok
01[22:08] <+Paperblade> mafia is hard
[22:08] <+metalsonic> sheep me to win
[22:08] <+metalsonic> #1 scumhunter
[22:08] <+metalsonic> has ben proven to be wrong x(
[22:08] <+metalsonic> but still
04[22:08] <+Walrein> paperblade
[22:09] <+Walrein> you aren't seriously buying this guy's bullshit right?
[22:09] <+metalsonic> walrein is doing the same shit as spiffy
01[22:09] <+Paperblade> ughhhh
[22:09] <+metalsonic> "cases" and "arguments"
[22:09] <+Walrein> if i was a saboteur, why would i have not destroyed his item?
[22:09] <+metalsonic> they are strong
01[22:09] <+Paperblade> man fuck it
01[22:09] <+Paperblade> this is
01[22:09] <+Paperblade> hard
[22:09] <+metalsonic> their whole scumteam
[22:09] <+metalsonic> is
[22:09] <+metalsonic> strong
01[22:09] <+Paperblade> lynch Walrein
[22:09] <+Walrein> FUCk\
[22:09] <+metalsonic> originally it was bartynoob
04[22:09] <+Walrein> paperblade
[22:09] <+Walrein> you are an idiot
[22:09] <+Walrein> YOU ARE AN IDIPOT
[22:09] <+metalsonic> i think u gotta post that in thread
[22:09] <+Walrein> FUCKING HELL
[22:10] <+Walrein> wait
[22:10] <+metalsonic> ggwp scum
[22:10] <+Walrein> i sure hope so
04[22:10] <@the_angry_scientist> <Paperblade> lynch Walrein
[22:10] <@the_angry_scientist> is that your final answer
[22:10] <+Walrein> NO ITS NOT
01[22:10] <+Paperblade> it is not
[22:10] <+Walrein> ok
[22:10] <+metalsonic> ok
[22:10] <+Walrein> brb recovering from cardiac arrest
01[22:10] <+Paperblade> lmao
[22:10] <+metalsonic> just forfeit ffs
[22:10] <@the_angry_scientist> lol
[22:10] <+Walrein> AGAIN
[22:10] <+Walrein> you keep doing this to me :(
[22:11] <+Walrein> also metal sonic
[22:11] <+Walrein> why is it scummy
[22:11] <+Walrein> that i use "cases" and "arguments"
[22:11] <+Walrein> it is called
[22:11] <+Walrein> using this magical thing
[22:11] <+metalsonic> it is call
[22:11] <+Walrein> called
[22:11] <+Walrein> LOGIC
[22:11] <+metalsonic> making upo false shit
[22:11] <+metalsonic> and throwing smoke all over the people
[22:11] <+Walrein> "false shit"
[22:11] <+metalsonic> look
[22:11] <+Walrein> explain the part where your item is still intact
[22:11] <+metalsonic> i have a genuine inspect result
[22:11] <+metalsonic> that damns all u 3
[22:11] <+metalsonic> so
[22:12] <+metalsonic> spiffy and u
[22:12] <+metalsonic> decided
[22:12] <+metalsonic> to throw "logic shit" at me
[22:12] <+metalsonic> if i lose
[22:12] <+metalsonic> we lose
[22:12] <+metalsonic> but u cant kill me
[22:12] <+metalsonic> if i flip town
[22:12] <+metalsonic> then my evidence is true
[22:12] <+metalsonic> and you die
[22:12] <+metalsonic> so
[22:12] <+metalsonic> i am unkillabl
[22:12] <+metalsonic> but
[22:12] <+Walrein> [00:11] <+metalsonic> i have a genuine inspect result
[22:12] <+Walrein> [00:12] <+metalsonic> that damns all u 3
[22:12] <+metalsonic> lynchable
[22:12] <+Walrein> what inspect result
04[22:12] <+Walrein> you inspected woodchuck and paperblade did you nto
[22:12] <+Walrein> then you were hooked
[22:12] <+Walrein> then you inspected me
[22:12] <+metalsonic> less stupid questions pls
[22:13] <+metalsonic> i am town
[22:13] <+metalsonic> woodchuck is town
04[22:13] <+metalsonic> paperblade and hawk is 1 set
[22:13] <+metalsonic> yes its 3 for the price of 1
[22:13] <+metalsonic> thats why im #1 PR
[22:13] <+metalsonic> #YOLO
[22:13] <+Walrein> we're ignoring something key here
01[22:13] <+Paperblade> are we
[22:13] <+metalsonic> no
[22:13] <+Walrein> the something key
[22:13] <+Walrein> is the whole "you're scum" thing
[22:13] <+metalsonic> basically
[22:14] <+metalsonic> ur making up stuff
[22:14] <+metalsonic> like "mafia inspector"
[22:14] <+metalsonic> because
[22:14] <+metalsonic> there s no other possible way
[22:14] <+Walrein> OH YES
[22:14] <+Walrein> MAFIA INSPECTOR
[22:14] <+metalsonic> to discredit my claim
[22:14] <+Walrein> SUCH A MADE UP ROLE
[22:14] <+metalsonic> ya
[22:14] <+metalsonic> as if that happens
[22:14] <+Walrein> LIKE MAYBE
[22:14] <+metalsonic> like because
[22:14] <+metalsonic> we have a bananamayor
[22:14] <+metalsonic> and a saboteur
[22:14] <+metalsonic> and even items
01[22:14] <+Paperblade> bananamayor best role
[22:14] <+metalsonic> and A_G's useless bpv
[22:15] <+metalsonic> which you may potentially have sabotaged now that i think of it idk
[22:15] <+metalsonic> ya
[22:15] <+metalsonic> so
[22:15] <+metalsonic> i am obviously
[22:15] <+Walrein> o_O
[22:15] <+metalsonic> a mafia inspector
[22:15] <+metalsonic> paperbladew is a mafia mason
[22:15] <+metalsonic> and u are a town saboteur
04[22:15] <+Walrein> paperblade is village
[22:15] <+Walrein> i am a vanilla villager
[22:15] <+metalsonic> ya
01[22:15] <+Paperblade> AG basically said he didn't use his commute
[22:15] <+metalsonic> u throw more baseless shit pls
[22:15] <+Walrein> i will admit
[22:15] <+metalsonic> well celever had the item
[22:15] <+Walrein> that a lot of my stuff is circumstantial
[22:16] <+Walrein> but the fact that i'm vanilla
[22:16] <+metalsonic> ^not proven
[22:16] <+Walrein> means that ALL of my stuff is circumstantial
[22:16] <+metalsonic> hello
[22:16] <+metalsonic> you play phoenix wright
[22:16] <+metalsonic> so
[22:16] <+metalsonic> give us
[22:16] <+metalsonic> rock solid evidence
[22:16] <+metalsonic> because u cant
[22:16] <+metalsonic> cause ur scum making up stuff
01[22:16] <+Paperblade> metalsonic why did you assume Walrein was blackhawk's partner
[22:16] <+Walrein> the most solid evidence i have
01[22:16] <+Paperblade> and not Spiffy
[22:16] <+metalsonic> sheep me to win
[22:17] <+Walrein> RIGHT
[22:17] <+metalsonic> i said that in a post already
[22:17] <+Walrein> THAT WAS A THING
[22:17] <+Walrein> THAT HAPPENED
[22:17] <+Walrein> as i've said
[22:17] <+metalsonic> shutup scum
[22:17] <+metalsonic> throw less
[22:17] <+Walrein> the buddying between ms and spiffy
[22:17] <+Walrein> was strong
[22:17] <+Walrein> on that day
[22:17] <+Walrein> literally your entire argument
[22:17] <+Walrein> is ad hominem
[22:17] <+Walrein> mudslinging
[22:17] <+metalsonic> yes
[22:17] <+Walrein> whatever you wanna call it
[22:17] <+metalsonic> my argument
[22:17] <+metalsonic> is that YOUR argument
[22:17] <+metalsonic> is mudsligning
[22:17] <+metalsonic> MY ARGUMENT
[22:17] <+Walrein> MY argument
[22:18] <+metalsonic> is i got an inspect that cleans 4 town
[22:18] <+Walrein> uses event that have happened in the game
[22:18] <+metalsonic> and leaves 3 scum
[22:18] <+Walrein> and psychoanalysis
[22:18] <+metalsonic> circumstantial
[22:18] <+Walrein> to draw conclusions
[22:18] <+metalsonic> speculative
[22:18] <+Walrein> on why players might have done certain things
[22:18] <+metalsonic> potentially falsified
[22:18] <+metalsonic> opinion based
[22:18] <+Walrein> you are literally relying entirely on your claim
04[22:18] <+metalsonic> paperblade
[22:18] <+metalsonic>
[22:18] <+Walrein> take away the inspector claim and you probaly would have been lynched days ago
[22:18] <+metalsonic> spiffy wasnt hawk's partner
[22:18] <+Walrein> imo
[22:18] <+metalsonic> cause hawk told him scum
[22:19] <+metalsonic> ya
01[22:19] <+Paperblade> mm
[22:19] <+metalsonic> spiffy would kick my ass
[22:19] <+metalsonic> i admit
[22:19] <+metalsonic> spiffy will kick my ass if i didnt get this role
[22:19] <+Walrein> metalsonic
[22:19] <+metalsonic> so yes
[22:19] <+Walrein> you are still ignoring what i said
[22:19] <+Walrein> about your item still being intact
[22:19] <+Walrein> when i'm apparently a saboteur
[22:19] <+Walrein> and you claimed having an item
[22:19] <+metalsonic> do you want me to speculate
[22:19] <+metalsonic> on why
[22:19] <+metalsonic> you did not want
[22:19] <+metalsonic> to mess with my items?
[22:19] <+Walrein> i would love for you to speculate on why
[22:19] <+metalsonic> *item
[22:20] <+Walrein> because that's the most reasoning
[22:20] <+metalsonic> ok
[22:20] <+Walrein> you've ever given
[22:20] <+Walrein> all game
[22:20] <+Walrein> not a SINGLE person
[22:20] <+metalsonic> its as bullshit and speculative as your entire "argument"
[22:20] <+Walrein> has reported item destruction
[22:20] <+metalsonic> but ok
[22:20] <+Walrein> all game
[22:20] <+metalsonic> well
01[22:20] <+Paperblade> who was it
01[22:20] <+Paperblade> that speculated about the mafia
[22:20] <+metalsonic> 1. maybe they dont know that its been messed with
01[22:20] <+Paperblade> having a role that manipulated items
[22:20] <+metalsonic> you silly
[22:20] <+metalsonic> numbnut
[22:21] <+metalsonic> and lets assume
[22:21] <+metalsonic> the person will find out that their item has been "sabotaged" because we assume you do sloppy work
[22:21] <+Walrein> go on
[22:21] <+metalsonic> you will have done it to celever day 1
[22:22] <+metalsonic> because he didnt bg himself
[22:22] <+metalsonic> i still dk the rest of the items in the fgame
01[22:22] <+Paperblade> Who speculated that the mafia have something that manipulates items
[22:22] <+metalsonic> so idk your potential targets
[22:22] <+metalsonic> there is no speculate
[22:22] <+metalsonic> i got his role pm
01[22:22] <+Paperblade> someone di don D1
01[22:22] <+Paperblade> *did on
[22:22] <+metalsonic> which says
[22:22] <+metalsonic> "saboteur mfia"
[22:23] <+Walrein> i didn't read much of d1 between the first 2 pages and when i subbed in
[22:23] <+Walrein> prove it metal sonic
[22:23] <+Walrein> prove that you got the role pm
[22:23] <+metalsonic> how the fuck do you want me to prove
[22:23] <+Walrein> exactly
[22:23] <+Walrein> you expect me to "prove things"
[22:23] <+Walrein> yet seemingly exempt yourself
[22:24] <+Walrein> you have a role pm that says one thing
[22:24] <+metalsonic> hello
[22:24] <+Walrein> i have one that says another
[22:24] <+Walrein> neither of us can prove either of thes
[22:24] <+metalsonic> i proved woodchuck is bg
[22:24] <+Walrein> e
[22:24] <+metalsonic> i proved blakhawk is masons
[22:24] <+Walrein> as i said
[22:24] <+metalsonic> i proved spiffy/jalmont i scum as by my hypothesis
[22:24] <+Walrein> it is very likely that you are a mafia rolecop
[22:24] <+Walrein> in fact
[22:24] <+metalsonic> it is very likely you are throwing shit in order to try to win
[22:24] <+Walrein> it is basically guaranteed
[22:24] <+Walrein> unless you are a rolereading god
[22:24] <+Walrein> which i doubt
[22:24] <+metalsonic> dont doubt my skills ;)
[22:25] <+metalsonic> but no
[22:25] <+metalsonic> fact is
[22:25] <+Walrein> #doubttillyoudrop
[22:25] <+metalsonic> you are grasping at straws
[22:25] <+Walrein> the fact is
[22:25] <+Walrein> if metal sonic is indeed a village aligned inspector
[22:25] <+metalsonic> "oh he must be mafia rolecop!"
[22:25] <+Walrein> the village has way too many power roles
[22:25] <+Walrein> we would have:
[22:25] <+metalsonic> "oh you must be in a team with sonic/jalmont/spiffy"
[22:26] <+Walrein> 2 twins + a OT vig
[22:26] <+metalsonic> u gonna buy that
[22:26] <+metalsonic> no u cant
[22:26] <+Walrein> a safeguard
[22:26] <+Walrein> a bpv
[22:26] <+metalsonic> because if u buy it
[22:26] <+metalsonic> you die
[22:26] <+Walrein> a bodyguard
[22:26] <+Walrein> a mayor
[22:26] <+metalsonic> look here
[22:26] <+metalsonic> sabotuer counters mayor + bpv
[22:26] <+metalsonic> roleblocker counters me + BG
[22:26] <+metalsonic> idk what the fuck a watcher does though
[22:26] <+Walrein> roleblocker counters literally everything in the game
[22:27] <+Walrein> except the mayor
01[22:27] <+Paperblade> I'm pretty sure the Watcher was supposed to be a fakeclaim
[22:27] <+Walrein> and should be disregarded
[22:27] <+metalsonic> ya
01[22:27] <+Paperblade> which makes me wonder why Spiffy did not use it
[22:27] <+metalsonic> so it will make sense
[22:27] <+metalsonic> that you
[22:27] <+metalsonic> counter the mayor
[22:27] <+Walrein> there are too many power roles
[22:27] <+Walrein> if you are a village inspector
[22:27] <+metalsonic> it is the first thing that comes to my mind
[22:27] <+Walrein> literally half the game would be village power roles
[22:27] <+metalsonic> and guess what
[22:27] <+Walrein> and it could be argued
[22:27] <+metalsonic> we're still down to 3man lyl
[22:27] <+metalsonic> o
[22:27] <+metalsonic> because
[22:27] <+Walrein> that the saboteur
[22:27] <+Walrein> would make the MAFIA too op
[22:27] <+metalsonic> full of spiffy's bs
[22:27] <+metalsonic> and your shit
[22:28] <+metalsonic> so much for "too many power roles"
01[22:28] <+Paperblade> how could the town AND mafia both be too strong
[22:28] <+metalsonic> ^
[22:28] <+metalsonic> contradiction
[22:28] <+metalsonic> you have 1 more exclaimation point left walrein
[22:28] <+metalsonic> if you lose 1 more i will consider talking to the judge to fire you
[22:29] <+Walrein> the average power level in noc games compared to oc games
[22:29] <+metalsonic> because your logic is flawed throug hand through
[22:29] <+Walrein> is generally lower
04[22:29] <+Walrein> paperblade would you dispute this
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> not rly
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> as in
[22:29] <+Walrein> exactly
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> I don't think it's generally lower
[22:29] <+metalsonic> pls walrein
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> at least
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> not something
01[22:29] <+Paperblade> inherent
[22:29] <+metalsonic> give us more unsupported statements
[22:29] <+metalsonic> or arguments
[22:29] <+metalsonic> that you can make up on the spot
[22:29] <+metalsonic> with no source
[22:29] <+metalsonic> i haven't even called you out for that
[22:29] <+Walrein> waht i'm saying is
[22:30] <+Walrein> noc games generally have less power roles
[22:30] <+Walrein> and thus vanillas
[22:30] <+metalsonic> vanillas are for shit
[22:30] <+Walrein> vanillas are very common
[22:30] <+Walrein> in smogon NOCs
[22:30] <+metalsonic> and this is why
[22:30] <+Walrein> and do you really think
01[22:30] <+Paperblade> we have either 3 or 4 vanillas
[22:30] <+metalsonic> spiffy/jalmont/you all claim vanilla
01[22:30] <+Paperblade> itg
[22:30] <+metalsonic> ya
[22:30] <+Walrein> there were only 2 vanillas itg
[22:30] <+metalsonic> is that your stupid mafia plan all along
[22:30] <+metalsonic> setup speculation
[22:30] <+Walrein> zyph/snaq iirc
[22:30] <+Walrein> were the only vanillas dead so far
01[22:31] <+Paperblade> AG was sort of vanilla
01[22:31] <+Paperblade> but not really
04[22:31] <+metalsonic> so is paperblade and hawk
[22:31] <+metalsonic> als onot really
[22:31] <+metalsonic> but sort of
[22:31] <+metalsonic> so yes
[22:31] <+Walrein> pb/hawk being twins inherently makes them not vanilla
[22:31] <+metalsonic> do u lose an exclamation ponit yet
[22:31] <+Walrein> twins in an noc
[22:31] <+Walrein> is ridiculous for clearing people
[22:31] <+metalsonic> thats what spiffy said
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> I daydream
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> for hours it seems
[22:32] <+Walrein> that's also what the mafiascum article said
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> I keep thinking of you
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> yeah thinking of you
[22:32] <+metalsonic> less cases
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> these daydreams
[22:32] <+metalsonic> more solid evidence
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> what do they mean
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> they keep haunting me
[22:32] <+Walrein> spiffy said it AFTER blackhawk linked it i think
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> are they warning me
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> DAYLIGHT
01[22:32] <+Paperblade> TURNS INTO NIGHT
[22:32] <+Walrein> so your argument is irrelevant
[22:32] <+metalsonic> the only reason
[22:32] <+metalsonic> why i even respond to you/spiffy's arguemnts
[22:33] <+metalsonic> is because of eagle4's warning
[22:33] <+metalsonic> if i were doing tht retrd thing
[22:33] <+Walrein> why are you lumping me in with spiffy
[22:33] <+metalsonic> "less bullshit pls vote the longpostscum"
[22:33] <+Walrein> "longpost"
[22:33] <+metalsonic> uh im sorry
[22:33] <+Walrein> half the game was yelling at me to make longer posts
[22:33] <+Walrein> rofl
[22:33] <+metalsonic> that was misrepresentative
[22:33] <+metalsonic> "cases are for scumz"
[22:33] <+metalsonic> and stuff like that
[22:34] <+metalsonic> but i'm under orders
[22:34] <+Walrein> question
[22:34] <+Walrein> what do you mean
[22:34] <+Walrein> by "cases"
[22:34] <+metalsonic> only scum
03[22:34] * minwu (~minwu@blood.and.thunder) has joined #mkmafia
[22:34] <+Walrein> if you're talking about logical arguments
[22:34] <+metalsonic> ask for evidence/cases
[22:34] <+metalsonic> for them to be lynched
[22:34] <+metalsonic> logical arguments are full of fallacies
[22:34] <+metalsonic> full of shit
[22:34] <+Walrein> [00:34] <+metalsonic> only scum
[22:34] <+Walrein> [00:34] <+metalsonic> ask for evidence/cases
[22:34] <+Walrein> [00:34] <+metalsonic> for them to be lynched
[22:34] <+Walrein> why do you keep asking me for evidence then
[22:34] <+metalsonic> because
[22:34] <+metalsonic> i have
[22:34] <+metalsonic> and u dont
[22:34] <+metalsonic> :)
[22:35] <+Walrein> you have no concrete evidence
[22:35] <+Walrein> you claim to have a role pm
[22:35] <+Walrein> you cannot prove that it is my real pm
[22:35] <+Walrein> therefore it is not legitimate evidence
[22:35] <+metalsonic> hello
[22:35] <+metalsonic> i lynch scum 3/3
[22:35] <+metalsonic> i claim you are scum
[22:35] <+metalsonic> i have shown that spiffy/jalmont are scum
04[22:36] <+Walrein> Paperblade
[22:36] <+Walrein> can you not see
01[22:36] <+Paperblade> Walrein
04[22:36] <+metalsonic> i have shown that paperblade/hawk/woodchuck are town
01[22:36] <+Paperblade> no
[22:36] <+Walrein> that his arguments are nothing but mudslinging
01[22:36] <+Paperblade> I'm blind
[22:36] <+metalsonic> therefore
[22:36] <+metalsonic> i will show
01[22:36] <+Paperblade> stop making fun of me
[22:36] <+metalsonic> that you are scum
[22:36] <+metalsonic> you claim that i am a mafia rolecop
[22:36] <+metalsonic> prove otherwise
[22:36] <+metalsonic> because 1. mafia rolecop probability is low
[22:36] <+Walrein> no
[22:36] <+Walrein> it's not
[22:36] <+Walrein> go read past nocs
[22:36] <+metalsonic> 2. spiffy did that and was falsified
[22:37] <+Walrein> i guarantee you that most, if not all, of them contain a mafia rolecop
[22:37] <+metalsonic> look
[22:37] <+metalsonic> the way this is going
[22:37] <+metalsonic> is
01[22:37] <+Paperblade> metalsonic can you provide examples of Walrein being scummy
01[22:37] <+Paperblade> on D1/2
[22:37] <+metalsonic> "u 3 are a scumteam" "no u
[22:37] <+metalsonic> if i get lynched
[22:37] <+metalsonic> town loses
[22:37] <+metalsonic> if i get believed
[22:37] <+metalsonic> town wins
[22:37] <+Walrein> i have not said anything along the lines of "no u"
[22:37] <+metalsonic> it all hinges on me
[22:38] <+Walrein> metalsonic
[22:38] <+metalsonic> its as good as
[22:38] <+metalsonic> that
04[22:38] <+Walrein> answer paperblade's question
[22:38] <+metalsonic> jsut because you make cases
[22:38] <+Walrein> command
[22:38] <+metalsonic> just shows
[22:38] <+Walrein> whatever
[22:38] <+metalsonic> "NO U"
[22:38] <+metalsonic> "NO UR SCUM BECAUSE I AM TOWN"
04[22:38] <+Walrein> [00:38] <+Walrein> answer paperblade's question
[22:38] <+metalsonic> with caps and all
01[22:38] <+Paperblade> [22:37] <+Paperblade> metalsonic can you provide examples of Walrein being scummy
01[22:38] <+Paperblade> [22:37] <+Paperblade> on D1/2
[22:38] <+metalsonic> doesnt change the overall message
04[22:38] <+metalsonic> paperblade
[22:38] <+metalsonic> in day 1
[22:38] <+metalsonic> baryty the beetle
[22:38] <+metalsonic> was scummy as fuck
[22:38] <+metalsonic> and was almsot lynched
[22:38] <+metalsonic> till acklow saved his sorry ass
[22:39] <+metalsonic> spiffy probably helped too
01[22:39] <+Paperblade> what did barty do
[22:39] <+metalsonic> then walrein came in
[22:39] <+metalsonic> honestly i suggest u read the whole game
[22:39] <+metalsonic> but that is stupid
[22:39] <+Walrein> spiffy did not help to save barty the beetle at all
[22:39] <+metalsonic> i will just show you
[22:39] <+Walrein> you are attempting to connect me to spiffy to create an illusion of buddying
[22:39] <+metalsonic> a relevant
[22:39] <+metalsonic> post
[22:39] <+metalsonic> walrein
[22:39] <+metalsonic> u are in a scumteam with him
[22:39] <+Walrein> no
[22:40] <+metalsonic> of course you are connected
[22:40] <+metalsonic> stop giving shit
[22:40] <+metalsonic> thanks
[22:40] <+Walrein> how do you respond
[22:40] <+Walrein> to allegations of buddying between you two
[22:40] <+Walrein> on d3
[22:40] <+metalsonic> i will say
03[22:40] * minwu (~minwu@blood.and.thunder) has left #mkmafia
[22:40] <+metalsonic> "i forfeit oh grand metal sonic of #1 pr #1 sucmhunter"
[22:40] <+metalsonic> nah just kidding
[22:40] <+metalsonic> nothing much u can do at this point
[22:40] <+metalsonic> tbh
[22:40] <+metalsonic> if i were in your situation
[22:40] <+metalsonic> its fuckall
[22:41] <+Walrein> what
[22:41] <+Walrein> does that even mean
[22:41] <+Walrein> i read that like 3 times
[22:41] <+Walrein> am still confus
[22:41] <+metalsonic> this is a bad post
[22:41] <+metalsonic>
[22:42] <+Walrein> explain why this is a bad post
[22:42] <+metalsonic> nothx
[22:42] <+Walrein> and how it links to spiffy in any way
[22:42] <+Walrein> ok wow
[22:42] <+metalsonic> stop calling me to do shit
[22:42] <+Walrein> flat out refusing to give any reasoning
04[22:42] <+Walrein> paperblade clearly you can see
[22:42] <+Walrein> he's dodging the responsibility to actually give evidence
[22:42] <+metalsonic>
[22:42] <+Walrein> "this is bad im not telling you why kthx"
[22:42] <+metalsonic> wrong
[22:43] <+metalsonic> "this is bad not stfu scum lynch walrein already kthx"
[22:43] <+metalsonic> *now
[22:43] <+metalsonic>
[22:43] <+metalsonic> ^all these null reads
[22:43] <+Walrein> on the 5th page of the game
[22:43] <+Walrein> and barty the beetle was a fucking idipot
[22:43] <+Walrein> *idiot
[22:44] <+metalsonic> correct
01[22:44] <+Paperblade> idipot
[22:44] <+Walrein> yes
[22:44] <+Walrein> because if he's an idiot he's definitely scum
[22:44] <+Walrein> amirite
[22:44] <+metalsonic> wrong
[22:44] <+metalsonic> if i get a damn inspect on you you're definitely scum
[22:44] <+metalsonic> ^
[22:44] <+Walrein> also
[22:45] <+Walrein> note that
[22:45] <+metalsonic> nothx
[22:45] <+Walrein> he accused jalmont of being scum
[22:45] <+metalsonic> u have gone far enough
[22:45] <+Walrein> if you were to attempt a bus
[22:45] <+Walrein> on the fifth page of the game
01[22:45] <+Paperblade> that's not out of the ordinary
[22:45] <+metalsonic> scum g save your ass
[22:45] <+Walrein> would you really put your game in the hands of barty the fucking beetle
[22:45] <+metalsonic> i'll have you some talk time with the judge
[22:45] <+metalsonic> brb gettign a drink
[22:45] <+Walrein> in all honesty if i were in that position
[22:45] <+Walrein> i would think that it would be the other way around
[22:45] <+metalsonic> if i were in YOUR position
[22:46] <+Walrein> with jalmont bussing barty
[22:46] <+metalsonic> i would be full of shit too
[22:46] <+metalsonic> nothing agaisnt you bro
[22:46] <+metalsonic> u just got caught
[22:46] <+metalsonic> wil your sucmteam
[22:46] <+Walrein> caught doing what?
[22:46] <+Walrein> everything i said
[22:46] <+metalsonic> brb getting a drink
[22:46] <+Walrein> has been true
[22:46] <+metalsonic> less dumb questions
[22:46] <+Walrein> i think i'll get a drink too
[22:46] <+metalsonic> thats what spiffy said
01[22:47] <+Paperblade> Am I all alone now
[22:47] <+Walrein> i am back
[22:48] <+Walrein> +1 ginger ale
[22:48] <+metalsonic> yep
[22:48] <+metalsonic> plain water is good for health
[22:48] <+Walrein> obviously only a scum would drink water in such a crisis!!!!!1!1!11
[22:48] <+metalsonic> did i not mention that walrein is full of shit
[22:48] <+metalsonic> :eek:
[22:48] <+Walrein> that was a joke dude.
[22:48] <@the_angry_scientist> look at all those 1s mixed in with the !s
[22:48] <+metalsonic> just kidding
[22:48] <@the_angry_scientist> clearly scummy
[22:48] <+metalsonic> ginger ale is good too
[22:49] <+Walrein> i would be drinking sunkist
[22:49] <+Walrein> but i ran out yesterday >_>
[22:49] <+Walrein> OK SO ANYWAYS
04[22:49] <+Walrein> paperblade do you have any questions for either of us
01[22:49] <+Paperblade> I'm thinking atm
[22:49] <+Walrein> ok
04[22:49] <+metalsonic> 13:17 Paperblade should I lynch MS to make him quit mafia yes/yes
[22:50] <+Walrein> i don't advocate getting people to quit mafia
01[22:50] <+Paperblade> lol
[22:50] <+Walrein> i do, however, advocate the lynching of ms
04[22:50] <+metalsonic> i have trust in paperblade
[22:50] <+Walrein> i would love for metal sonic to continue playing smogon mafia in order to learn how to be #1 scumhunter minus the ad hominem arguments
[22:50] <+metalsonic> hes not going to throw this shit
[22:50] <+metalsonic> unless he wants me
[22:51] <+metalsonic> to quit :eek:
[22:51] <+metalsonic> :(
[22:51] <+Walrein> you don't have to brownnose him so hard
01[22:51] <+Paperblade> lol
03[22:51] * dopog (Mibbit@F9D371A.9D64B4C2.11D75FBE.IP) has joined #mkmafia
01[22:51] <+Paperblade> who is dopog
[22:51] <@the_angry_scientist> no idea
01[22:51] dopog is Mibbit@F9D371A.9D64B4C2.11D75FBE.IP *
01[22:51] dopog on #mkmafia
01[22:51] dopog using Vy från ett luftslott
01[22:51] dopog End of /WHOIS list.
04[22:51] <+metalsonic> paperblade you need to understand... in my first smogon game here a noob vanillager just shit on all of the town which included spiffy
03[22:52] * MeowMix ( has joined #mkmafia
[22:52] <+metalsonic> in my second, the hsot did a coinflip and i lost
[22:52] <+metalsonic> in both games 2/3 of the scum only been lynched
[22:52] <+metalsonic> lets make progress pls
01[22:52] <+Paperblade> are you ATEing me
[22:53] <+metalsonic> yes
[22:53] <+metalsonic> yes/yes
[22:53] <+metalsonic> in the second game i was a mason converter, the #1 pr, got roleblocked 4/4 nights
[22:54] <+metalsonic> and lots to coinflip
01[22:54] <+Paperblade> =(
[22:54] <+metalsonic> now im #1 pr again
01[22:54] <+Paperblade> tbh I'm pretty 50/50 on this
[22:54] <+Walrein> i would like to draw attention to a spiffy post
[22:54] <+Walrein>
[22:54] <+metalsonic> and im learnt from the mistake
[22:54] <+Walrein> notice how noncommital towards ms he is
[22:54] <+metalsonic> that claiming #1 pr is stupid when there is most probably a roleblocker in the game
[22:54] <+metalsonic> so i didnt
[22:54] <+metalsonic> and gues swhat there was
[22:55] <+metalsonic> now we can win this
01[22:55] <+Paperblade> logically I think that MS is town
01[22:55] <+Paperblade> but I have a gut feeling that he is not
[22:55] <+metalsonic> thats called paranoia
[22:55] <+metalsonic> it ruins town games
04[22:55] <+Walrein> paperblade
[22:55] <+Walrein> i don't remember if you said what you thought
[22:55] <+Walrein> about the part where ms said he had an item in the thread
[22:56] <+Walrein> he has claimed here that it is still intact
[22:56] <+Walrein> and yeti if i were a mafia item destroyer wouldnt i have done so
[22:56] <+metalsonic> bro
[22:56] <+metalsonic> i said
[22:56] <+metalsonic> saboteur
[22:56] <+metalsonic> not item destroyer
[22:56] <+metalsonic> idk wha tthe difference is
01[22:56] <+Paperblade> I think that the optimal scum play would have been to do what MS did
01[22:56] <+Paperblade> and claim cop there
01[22:56] <+Paperblade> but
01[22:56] <+Paperblade> idk
[22:56] <+metalsonic> but its likely that the item effect is not known to the owner
[22:56] <+metalsonic> lol the optimal scum play
[22:56] <+metalsonic> is to claim cop
[22:57] <+metalsonic> and call you/awk out
[22:57] <+Walrein> [00:56] <+metalsonic> but its likely that the item effect is not known to the owner
[22:57] <+metalsonic> *the fact that the item has been sabotaged
[22:57] <+Walrein> so are you saying that the item holder
[22:57] <+Walrein> yea i was asking that
[22:57] <+Walrein> and frankly that seems kind of silly
[22:57] <+Walrein> especially if it's an active item
[22:57] <+metalsonic> well
[22:57] <+metalsonic> it can also be possible
[22:57] <+metalsonic> that the active item
[22:57] <+metalsonic> blows itself up
[22:57] <+metalsonic> oim speculating now idk
[22:57] <+metalsonic> i've said all i can prove
[22:58] <+metalsonic> lol if i were scum spiffy would carry me through
[22:58] <+metalsonic> so basically no
[22:58] <+Walrein> no
[22:58] <+Walrein> you needed the cop claim
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> let me check something
[22:59] <+Walrein> because at the time of day start you were one of the most scummy users by consensus
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> was Walrein at any point
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> voting me or blackhawk
[22:59] <+Walrein> i don't believe i did so
[22:59] <+metalsonic> im not gonna read all those votes to find out
03[22:59] * minwu (~minwu@blood.and.thunder) has joined #mkmafia
03[22:59] * minwu (~minwu@blood.and.thunder) has left #mkmafia
[22:59] <+Walrein> iirc i had a town read on blackhawk
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> let me check votals
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> this is mostly
01[22:59] <+Paperblade> during D3
[22:59] <+Walrein> and a null-scum on you but i never voted you
[23:00] <+Walrein> i was on ms the entire time i believe
[23:00] <+metalsonic> i had a nulltown on blackhawk
[23:00] <+Walrein> i could be wrong though
[23:00] <+metalsonic> but once i inspected him
[23:00] <+metalsonic> i tried to find his partner
[23:00] <+Walrein> wait
[23:00] <+metalsonic> i thought it was walrei ncause ^babove post
[23:00] <+Walrein> i might have voted for one of the masons at one point
[23:00] <+Walrein> because of my confusion over you not recruiting
01[23:00] <+Paperblade> you didn't
[23:00] <+Walrein> ah
[23:01] <+Walrein> ok
01[23:01] <+Paperblade> metalsonic why did you vote Walrein
[23:01] <+metalsonic> because he was lame
[23:02] <+metalsonic> the fact that i havent slipped yet already shows either 1. i am really good and/or 2. i am not scum
[23:02] <+metalsonic> tell me
[23:02] <+metalsonic> have any of my posts contradicted each other
[23:02] <+Walrein> you haven't slipped because you're disregarding everything i say
[23:02] <+metalsonic> you're trying to poke holes
[23:02] <+metalsonic> into my testimony
04[23:03] <+Walrein> paperblade, if you're reading d3
[23:03] <+Walrein> notice how reluctant spiffy is to vote for ms
[23:03] <+Walrein> before he finally does so
01[23:03] <+Paperblade> yeah I noticed
[23:03] <+metalsonic> u are issuing claims
01[23:03] <+Paperblade> Spiffy spent most of his time trying to discredit me/blackhawk
[23:03] <+metalsonic> that are not justified
[23:03] <+metalsonic> spiffy is fukin smart
[23:03] <+metalsonic> if he got lynched
[23:03] <+metalsonic> at least walrei ncan still carry
[23:03] <+metalsonic> this part
[23:03] <+metalsonic> as i said
[23:03] <+metalsonic> if i wasnt inspector
[23:04] <+metalsonic> he would've kicked my ass
[23:04] <+metalsonic> and ours
[23:04] <+Walrein> if by ours you're referring to you, spiffy, and jalmont
[23:04] <+Walrein> then yes
[23:04] <+Walrein> i would have :D
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> this lynch is basically
[23:04] <+metalsonic> basically the only reason we're here
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> how much credit
[23:04] <+metalsonic> is
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> do I want to give
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> metalsonic
[23:04] <+metalsonic> walrein is still flailing
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> if I think he is an actual genius
[23:04] <+metalsonic> and spiffy hole poke my case
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> I will lynch him
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> and if not
01[23:04] <+Paperblade> I will lynch Walrein
04[23:04] <+Walrein> paperblade are you even taking this seriously
01[23:05] <+Paperblade> yes
[23:05] <+metalsonic> if they were some surredner
01[23:05] <+Paperblade> or I would've lynched someone an hour ago
[23:05] <+metalsonic> like jalmont/jalmont/jalmont
[23:05] <+metalsonic> we would have won already
[23:05] <+metalsonic> u silly babbit
01[23:05] <+Paperblade> tbh I think it's weird that
01[23:05] <+Paperblade> no one has given up yet
[23:05] <+Walrein> well
[23:05] <+Walrein> i'm town
[23:05] <+metalsonic> because
[23:05] <+Walrein> and its lylo
[23:05] <+metalsonic> walrein thinks he has a chance at winning
01[23:05] <+Paperblade> when I was pretty adamant for most of the time
[23:05] <+Walrein> i'm not gonna sit by and let myself get lynched
[23:05] <+Walrein> and lose it for you
04[23:06] <+metalsonic> and he's trying to give u more doutb for paperblade
[23:06] <+metalsonic> i am jsut sitting here and saying 'no u suck i am town u are scum'
[23:06] <+Walrein> yes
[23:06] <+Walrein> that is exactly
[23:06] <+metalsonic> essentially if this game gets thrown i will quit
[23:06] <+Walrein> what you are doing
[23:06] <+metalsonic> because
[23:06] <+metalsonic> i have damned you and there is nothing else to say
01[23:06] <+Paperblade> I can see why metalsonic would act like he is as town
[23:06] <+Walrein> your argument is that i'm scum and therefore all my words are toxic
01[23:06] <+Paperblade> because I did the same thing D3
[23:06] <+metalsonic> coreect
01[23:06] <+Paperblade> I just skimmed the thread and was like "nope you're flailing"
[23:07] <+Walrein> yes
[23:07] <+Walrein> you did that once
01[23:07] <+Paperblade> no I did it a lot
[23:07] <+Walrein> ms has been doing that for an hour and a half
[23:07] <+metalsonic> i dont htink i notice tat
01[23:07] <+Paperblade> I think you overestimate how many of spiffy/jalmont/walrein's posts I actually read
[23:07] <+metalsonic> but i did that with zypohirex too
[23:07] <+metalsonic> "oops im wrong"
[23:07] <+metalsonic> no more room for wrong here
[23:07] <+metalsonic> its a 10% chance
[23:07] <+metalsonic> 100%
01[23:07] <+Paperblade> tbh if
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> I lynch wrong
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> I will probably
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> get yelled at
[23:08] <+Walrein> yes i will yell at you
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> which is what bothers memost
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> *me most
[23:08] <+Walrein> probably a lot
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> lol
[23:08] <+metalsonic> yes i will quit smogon
[23:08] <+metalsonic> and yell at you too
[23:08] <+metalsonic> whichever first
01[23:08] <+Paperblade> lmao
[23:08] <+Walrein> i already have my "told you so" prepared if i die
[23:08] <+Walrein> NO PRESSURE THO M8
[23:08] <+metalsonic> me too
[23:08] <+metalsonic> but its more of
[23:08] <+metalsonic> "fuck u"
04[23:08] <+Walrein> paperblade i'm not quite sure why you think i'm scum tbh
[23:08] <+metalsonic> is that bad
01[23:09] <+Paperblade> because otherwise metalsonic
[23:09] <+metalsonic> walrein i'm not quite sure why you haven't forfeited tbh
01[23:09] <+Paperblade> would have been planning
01[23:09] <+Paperblade> to fakeclaim cop
01[23:09] <+Paperblade> from early Day 2
[23:09] <+metalsonic> stubborn
01[23:09] <+Paperblade> when he first breadcrumbed it
[23:09] <+Walrein> honestly i can see him doing that
[23:09] <+Walrein> with spiffmont's help
[23:09] <+Walrein> metalsonic
[23:09] <+metalsonic> i can also see you doing that
[23:09] <+Walrein> there are 3 reasons
[23:09] <+Walrein> i'm still fighting
[23:09] <+metalsonic> "case by case basis"
[23:09] <+Walrein> 1. i'm not mafia lol
[23:10] <+metalsonic> thats what they all say
04[23:10] <+Walrein> 2. if i lose, so does paperblade, and i don't like throwing things from people
[23:10] <+Walrein> *for people
[23:10] <+metalsonic> "im not gonna lose i can win at 6-1"
01[23:10] <+Paperblade> 
[23:10] <+Walrein> 3. i'm texan
[23:10] <+Walrein> i'm from the deep fucking south
01[23:10] <+Paperblade> texas sucks
[23:10] <+Walrein> i'm stubborn as all get out
01[23:10] <+Paperblade> you're not a real southerner either
[23:10] <+Walrein> o_O
[23:10] <+Walrein> born here
[23:10] <+Walrein> lived here all my life
01[23:10] <+Paperblade> Texas isn't the deep south
[23:10] <+Walrein> family here for 3 generations
[23:10] <+Walrein> well
[23:10] <+Walrein> southwest
[23:10] <@the_angry_scientist> yo
[23:10] <@the_angry_scientist> <- real deep south
[23:10] <+Walrein> yea i suppose
01[23:11] <+Paperblade> the_angry_scientist will back me up
[23:11] <+Walrein> but texas is pretty damn stubborn
[23:11] <+metalsonic> srry went to grab something
[23:11] <+metalsonic> ok so
[23:11] <+metalsonic> we have a stubborn as fuck mafia
[23:11] <+metalsonic> an inspector
[23:11] <+metalsonic> and a clean
[23:11] <+Walrein> alternately
[23:11] <+Walrein> we have a stubborn as fuck mafia
[23:11] <+Walrein> a vanillager
[23:11] <+Walrein> and a clean
04[23:12] <+metalsonic> ok paperblade do me proud
01[23:12] <+Paperblade> Mafia sucks.
[23:12] <+metalsonic> remember how
[23:12] <+metalsonic> spiffy was shittalking me
[23:12] <+Walrein> basically it comes down to what's more preposterous:
[23:12] <+metalsonic> D3
[23:13] <+Walrein> a scum planning his claim since the mafia day before he did it
[23:13] <+Walrein> or a village with only 2 inspectors and a lot of power roles
[23:13] <+metalsonic> 2 inspectors
[23:13] <+metalsonic> ok
[23:13] <+Walrein> er
[23:13] <+Walrein> 2 vanillagers
[23:13] <+metalsonic> u are scum
01[23:13] <+Paperblade> I also think that
[23:13] <+Walrein> the misspeaking is strong with this one
01[23:13] <+Paperblade> inspect+watcher is sort of redundant
[23:13] <+Walrein> isn't this
[23:14] <+Walrein> eagle's first game
[23:14] <+metalsonic> why the fuck do the mafia
[23:14] <+Walrein> iirc
[23:14] <+metalsonic> have inspector
01[23:14] <+Paperblade> I have no idea
01[23:14] <+Paperblade> mafia inspect is fine
[23:14] <+metalsonic> and watcher
01[23:14] <+Paperblade> but inspect+watcher strikes me as redundant so idk
01[23:14] <+Paperblade> kjlasjkalsdkljasdsakl
[23:14] <+metalsonic> as i said idk what a watcher does
01[23:14] <+Paperblade> I hate mafia
[23:14] <+metalsonic> for scum
[23:14] <+Walrein> as i've said, i think the power level in this game in general
[23:14] <+Walrein> is rather low
[23:14] <+Walrein> village has no inspect, mafia has lots of info roles
[23:14] <+metalsonic> thats only because
[23:14] <+metalsonic> the BGs claimed day 1
[23:15] <+metalsonic> anyway spiffy would have steamrolled the whole thing
[23:15] <+metalsonic> did i not repeat
[23:15] <+metalsonic> what is with you and your "hypothetical setup speculation"
[23:15] <+metalsonic> is that the only way you can discredit me
[23:15] <+metalsonic> if i were not the inspector
[23:15] <+metalsonic> town stil lloses
[23:15] <+Walrein> i've also stated evidence of spiffy buddying you
[23:15] <+Walrein> multiple times
[23:15] <+metalsonic> so what the fuck is wrong with your "town has too many PRs"
[23:15] <+metalsonic> it does not
[23:15] <+metalsonic> we are at a lylo situation
[23:15] <+Walrein> and there was also the part
[23:16] <+Walrein> where you keep disregarding the fact
[23:16] <+metalsonic> so if it indeed does HAVE TOO MANY PRS
[23:16] <+metalsonic> we would have won
[23:16] <+Walrein> that your item would be destroyed if i wer mafia
[23:16] <+metalsonic> ages ago
04[23:16] <+Walrein> paperblade remember bt's game
[23:16] <+Walrein> where i was scum
01[23:16] <+Paperblade> which one was this
[23:16] <+Walrein> and i was basically the worst scum of all time
01[23:16] <+Paperblade> oh yeah that
[23:16] <+Walrein> company mafia maybe?
01[23:16] <+Paperblade> you got wrecked
[23:16] <+metalsonic> i wasnt in it
01[23:16] <+Paperblade> and killed me because you were butthurt
[23:16] <+Walrein> i'm absolute shit
[23:16] <+Walrein> at playing as scum
[23:16] <+Walrein> i would have been lynched ages agio
[23:16] <+Walrein> *ago
[23:16] <+metalsonic> tell me
[23:17] <+metalsonic> how long ago
[23:17] <+metalsonic> was that
[23:17] <+Walrein> a few months
[23:17] <+metalsonic> tell me how you cant improve
[23:17] <+metalsonic> and finally tell me
[23:17] <+Walrein> because that was the last time
[23:17] <+Walrein> i was scum
[23:17] <+Walrein> in an noc
[23:17] <+metalsonic> you can speak with logic
[23:17] <+Walrein> or in any mafia tbhy
[23:17] <+Walrein> *tbh
01[23:17] <+Paperblade> it was over a year ago
[23:17] <+metalsonic> you can speak with spiffy
[23:17] <+Walrein> was it really
[23:17] <+metalsonic> over a year ago
[23:17] <+metalsonic> so
[23:17] <+Walrein> damn
[23:17] <+metalsonic> CONTRADICTION
[23:17] <+metalsonic> pls
[23:17] <+metalsonic> kill
[23:17] <+metalsonic> scum
[23:17] <+Walrein> i haven't been scum in ages
[23:17] <+metalsonic> now
[23:17] <+Walrein> what's the contradiction
[23:17] <+Walrein> i didn't think the game was that long ago
01[23:17] <+Paperblade> you lived til d4 somehow
[23:17] <+metalsonic> u will flip scum
[23:17] <+Walrein> and i haven't played scum ever since then
[23:18] <+metalsonic> brb to the toilet
[23:18] <+metalsonic> pls lynch scum for making 5 contradictions
[23:18] <+metalsonic> in this 2 hour period
[23:18] <+metalsonic> he's full of shit
[23:18] <+metalsonic> and its been proven by us 2
[23:18] <+metalsonic> thanks
[23:18] <+Walrein> to summarize my defense:
[23:18] <+Walrein> spiffy was blatantly buddying metal sonic
[23:19] <+Walrein> metal sonic's playstyle has changed drastically this game
[23:19] <+Walrein> metal sonic claims his item is still intact when i would have destroyed it if it was in my power to do so
[23:19] <+Walrein> the number of vanillagers in this game would be too low
[23:19] <+Walrein> metal sonic's entire argument is simply ad hominem accusations
[23:19] <+Walrein> metal sonic is attempting to get you to disregard everything i say
[23:20] <+Walrein> metal sonic is brownnosing and sucking up to you while slinging profanities at me
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> metal sonic reminds me of what Life always did to me
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> when he was lying
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> he would ask me
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> if I wanted to win
[23:20] <+Walrein> life as in
[23:20] <+Walrein> lifeadmiral?
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> life admiral
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> yes
[23:20] <+Walrein> man
[23:20] <+Walrein> i remember that guy
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> I always knew when he was lying
01[23:20] <+Paperblade> because he'd do that
[23:20] <+Walrein> been ages since he's been around
[23:20] <+metalsonic> back
[23:20] <+metalsonic> walrein
[23:20] <+metalsonic> read spiffy's post
[23:21] <+metalsonic> tell me you are't doing the same thing as hin
[23:21] <+Walrein> which post
[23:21] <+Walrein> and what thing
[23:21] <+metalsonic>
[23:21] <+metalsonic> being full of shit
04[23:21] <+metalsonic> paperblade
[23:21] <+metalsonic> i never asked you if you wanted to win
01[23:21] <+Paperblade> I know
[23:21] <+metalsonic> only that i will quit if you throw this shit
[23:21] <+Walrein> i'm obviously not gonna say that i'm full of shit
[23:22] <+metalsonic> because i have been rifted out of easy scum kills in 2 games already
[23:22] <+Walrein> brb bathroom
01[23:23] <+Paperblade> I'm tempted to vote Walrein and if he's town we'll call it even for Magmafia
[23:23] <+Walrein> i am back
04[23:23] <+Walrein> paperblade that would be a horrible idea
01[23:24] <+Paperblade> idk man
01[23:24] <+Paperblade> it sounds good to me
[23:24] <+metalsonic> i am being jipped out of wins for 2 games
[23:24] <+metalsonic> u can understand that i wil lbe very sore
[23:24] <+metalsonic> salty
[23:24] <+metalsonic> sour
[23:24] <+metalsonic> that
[23:24] <+metalsonic> when i steamrolled scum
[23:24] <+Walrein> metalsonic
04[23:25] <+Walrein> and paperblade
[23:25] <+metalsonic> and there is always a stop
[23:25] <+metalsonic> at the third one
[23:25] <+Walrein> in the post right after spiffy's
[23:25] <+Walrein> jalmont buddies metal sonic pretty hard
01[23:25] <+Paperblade> link
[23:25] <+Walrein> [01:21] <+metalsonic>
[23:25] <+metalsonic> walrein
[23:25] <+metalsonic> there i s a larger possibility
[23:25] <+metalsonic> that they are doing it
[23:26] <+metalsonic> so that YOU can call me out for that
[23:26] <+metalsonic> right now right here
[23:26] <+metalsonic> thorw more shit
[23:26] <+Walrein> because that's not baseless conjecture
[23:26] <+metalsonic> to save your ass
01[23:26] <+Paperblade> that seems like the sort of thing they wouldn't fuck up
[23:26] <+Walrein> but everything i've said is
[23:26] <+Walrein> clearly
01[23:26] <+Paperblade> if they had planned this
[23:26] <+metalsonic> the fact is this
[23:26] <+metalsonic> my claim
[23:26] <+metalsonic> caught you 3 by surprise
[23:26] <+metalsonic> with no plausible defense
[23:26] <+metalsonic> you have to rely on shit throwing
[23:27] <+metalsonic> which works to some extent
[23:27] <+metalsonic> but i will stomp you down
[23:27] <+Walrein> [01:26] <+metalsonic> with no plausible defense
[23:27] <+metalsonic> this win is not fluttering out of my hand today
[23:27] <+Walrein> you keep saying this
01[23:27] <+Paperblade> lol
[23:27] <+Walrein> but i'm not quite sure what you're looking for
[23:27] <+metalsonic> as i said
[23:27] <+metalsonic> you cant
[23:27] <+metalsonic> because
[23:27] <+metalsonic> if i were u
[23:27] <+Walrein> would you like me to counterclaim cop?
[23:27] <+metalsonic> i cant either
[23:27] <+metalsonic> its game over
[23:27] <+Walrein> i'd be lying becaus i'm village
[23:27] <+Walrein> but i could counterclaim cop
[23:27] <+Walrein> *villager
[23:28] <+metalsonic> but you refuse to admit
01[23:28] <+Paperblade> Walrein
01[23:28] <+Paperblade> panicked
[23:28] <+metalsonic> its game over
[23:28] <+metalsonic> so
[23:28] <+Walrein> [01:26] <+metalsonic> you have to rely on shit throwing
01[23:28] <+Paperblade> when Spiffy was hammered
[23:28] <+Walrein> this is literally all you're doing to me
04[23:28] <+Walrein> yes paperblade i did
[23:28] <+Walrein> because at the time
[23:28] <+Walrein> i thought it was a you/ms/blackhawk scumteam
01[23:28] <+Paperblade> yes I know
[23:28] <+Walrein> it seemed to make too much sense
[23:29] <+metalsonic> like that occasional person on ladder who doesnt forfeit at 6-1
[23:29] <+metalsonic> some people may admire your "dont give up!"
[23:29] <+metalsonic> i dont
01[23:29] <+Paperblade> does everyone who's watching this
01[23:29] <+Paperblade> know who the scum is
[23:29] <+Walrein> i think they do
01[23:29] <+Paperblade> you guys are dicks
[23:29] <+Walrein> lol
[23:30] <+metalsonic> idk
[23:30] <+Walrein> i know acklow knows who the scum is
[23:30] <+Walrein> obviously
[23:30] <+Walrein> since acklow is me
[23:30] <+Walrein> and i know daenym knows because i've bitched about the brain dmg in this game to him
01[23:30] <+Paperblade> lol
01[23:30] <+Paperblade> when was this
[23:30] <+Walrein> celever zyphirex snaquaza
[23:31] <+Walrein> basically a bit after i subbed in
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> aha
[23:31] <+Walrein> i read the thread
[23:31] <+Walrein> saw their antics
[23:31] <+Walrein> cried
[23:31] <+Walrein> because sobad
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> I posted my vote
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> I am prepared
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> to be flamed
04[23:31] <+Walrein> paperblade
[23:31] <+Walrein> i wub you
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> are you scum
[23:31] <+Walrein> nope
01[23:31] <+Paperblade> oh praise allah
[23:31] <+metalsonic> i quit
[23:31] <+Walrein> we have redeemed
[23:31] <+Walrein> for magmafia
[23:31] <+metalsonic> I FUCKING QUIT
[23:31] <+Walrein> since that vote is final
[23:32] <+Walrein> i will say
[23:32] <+Walrein> i'm luigi
[23:32] <+Walrein> if i had been able to say that
[23:32] <+Walrein> woulda been gg
[23:32] <+Walrein> i mean come on
[23:32] <+Walrein> its fuckin luigi
[23:32] <+Walrein> metal sonic you fought admirably
[23:32] <@the_angry_scientist> gj pblade
[23:32] <@the_angry_scientist> you made the right choice
[23:32] <+Walrein> truly a battle of the ages
[23:32] <+metalsonic> I QUIT
01[23:32] <+Paperblade> LMAO
03[23:32] * the_angry_scientist sets mode: -m
[23:32] <+metalsonic> smogon
[23:32] <+metalsonic> mafia
[23:32] <+Walrein> and this is: not how to lose gracefully
[23:32] <Daenym> HOLY SHIT
[23:32] <+metalsonic> forever

logs for tas
14:46metalsonicreplace me out of your game
14:46Walreinit's not that you suck
14:46Walreini'm just awesome
14:46Walreinand have been playing a lot of ace attorney so i'm conditioned to grill people on testimonies
14:47metalsonicand i fucking threw it
14:47metalsonicall my fault
14:47metalsonicno more smogon mafia for me
14:47metalsonicu can play with me on mafiascum or PO


seize the memes of production
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Mafia Champion
Dear barty the beetle Acklow Walrein,

You are Luigi, underrated and forgotten brother of Mario. You are a medium class racer. Your largest character bonus is Weight.

Unfortunately for you, it is your brother who steals the limelight. You once thought of rebelling against his crew, but decided that it would be better to be loyal, if unhappily so. Who knows? You may be noticed for your good deeds and receive a spin-off game one day. Sadly, you need to rely on words rather than powers if you are to help the Mario Crew win.

You seem to be holding a Golden Banana. You have no idea what the purpose of this item is; it can neither be used, discarded, given or stolen. Furthermore, you cannot tell anybody else in the game that you are in possession of a Golden Banana.

You are a Vanilla Villager, allied with the Mario Crew. You win once all members of the Bowser Boys are defeated.
-thoughts on irc lylo shenanigans
-thoughts on ms's inspector fakeclaim + bus combo (i have no idea what the state of the game was, legitimately curious if this was a throw or what)
I think MS's fakeclaim was a gambit that was meant to divide the game 3 ways: Woodchuck, who was clear. Then MS+the twins, and then Walrein+the rest of the mafia. This would ideally mean that we'd either immediately lynch town (MS was trying to lynch me at first since he thought Walrein was blackhawk's partner, and Spiffy was pushing the twins over MS), or try to just roll over the mafia without thinking and end up mislynching.

It's pretty obvious in retrospect the mafia was planning this on N1/early D2 when it was very likely we would mislynch Zyphir for a D3 LYLO, because MS was crumbing inspect (which we mentioned in our twin QT), so it wasn't a spur of the moment thing. However, MS guessed blackhawk's twin wrong, which made me suspect that if he was fake (which was brought up as a possibility in our QT immediately after his claim), then Walrein was the most likely to be town, as MS would know Spiffy+jalmont weren't the twin.

I think it was a smart move, although you could argue just claiming Vanilla and trying to push me+blackhawk as scumbuddies when we claimed twins after or something would've been better.
btw I think the "breadcrumb" was very noncommittal and therefore wasn't a shocker at all. I mean if they ended up not going for the cop bus and someone brought it up they'd just say it was strong townread conviction or whatever.

Anyway about the IRC thing. You think it was a good idea? Normally scum have time to think about explanations when they're needed in the thread so it's a lot harder to do in real time.

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