Mario Kart Mafia (NOC) END: VILLAGE WINS


All Metal Sonic had to do was claim that he inspected Blackhawk11 and got a guilty on him. It was probably the easiest win in the world because no one would question him as the only inspector claim.

I fucked up slightly by being reluctant to vote for MS but I just wanted to end the game before he dug himself a bigger hole...

Also barty should have been lynched D1 if he didn't sub out like a poor sport. :(

In summary, Paperblade sux.
No I even told MS not to claim inspector and just go with the flow on like Night 2 but he basically ignored me... We probably would have gotten Walrein lynched before me and still would have won.

Props to Walrein for defending himself really well and to Paperblade for saving the village's ass.
Anyway about the IRC thing. You think it was a good idea? Normally scum have time to think about explanations when they're needed in the thread so it's a lot harder to do in real time.
yeah tbh I think that shouldn't have happened. I had half a mind to decline that because of the above reason and also pc++

also this shit definitely should not be allowed btw

01[22:09] <+Paperblade> lynch Walrein
[22:09] <+Walrein> FUCk\
[22:09] <+metalsonic> originally it was bartynoob
04[22:09] <+Walrein> paperblade
[22:09] <+Walrein> you are an idiot
[22:09] <+Walrein> YOU ARE AN IDIPOT
[22:09] <+metalsonic> i think u gotta post that in thread
[22:09] <+Walrein> FUCKING HELL
[22:10] <+Walrein> wait
[22:10] <+metalsonic> ggwp scum
[22:10] <+Walrein> i sure hope so
04[22:10] <@the_angry_scientist> <Paperblade> lynch Walrein
[22:10] <@the_angry_scientist> is that your final answer
[22:10] <+Walrein> NO ITS NOT
01[22:10] <+Paperblade> it is not

If I were paperblade I would have thought twice when tas asked "is that your final answer" and also walrein's reactions would make me immediately lynch metal sonic

so by right we should have won :x

the right thing that I should have done was to claim scum at that point and consider the game ended, capitalising on paperblade's moment of doubt. It was really really unfair for him to see walrein's reactions of NOOOOO which was as town as it could get tbh.

Eagle4 can you let us all win please at least? Then I dont have to quit smoggon :eek:

because paperblade got it wrong the first time but with enough hints he got it right later

^our win cond their win cond^

Life lesson of the month: I-MUST-BE-MORE-ASSERTIVE
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Nope, the indecisivity (IT IS A WORD NOW OK?) of the village actually won the game.

Who'd have though? xD

Also Metal Sonic stay for another game the next NOC is mine (probably, no replies to the game proposal thread but Crux already said he won't be approving any NoCs for like another 2 weeks D: ) and we could do with some #1 scumhunter! ;)

usually there isnt the sort of copout question there as well

i mean yeah if that had counted we WOULD HAVE WON

essentially i threw the game by not catching all of them out for that



letting us all win is good

*wishful thinking*


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Also barty should have been lynched D1 if he didn't sub out like a poor sport. :(
And when I subbed in I saved his sorry ass.

I will contend that the mafia played quite well this game. Many of the villagers were either inexperienced or played bad. It worked well for the mafia since their setup was weak for lategame bar hooker. Also dumb "can't-say anything-about-flavor-of-role" rule made me mad. This did not make sense since the mafia held all the info roles and it didn't have any impact on the village hinting who was what character in regards to flavor. In fact if you were that concerned about flavor, you should've just eliminated it all together...
Mafia is fucked if the village can talk about rolenames or flavor, which is why it wasn't allowed. If we were given safe claims it would be ok to reveal rolenames but even then it would be clear that big names such as Mario and Peach are obviously on the village.

It did kinda suck that Pblade got to see Walrein's reaction by "voting" for him but we could have won two days earlier and we (or one of us) blew that chance so I can't really complain...
I don't get what the problem is.

Everyone gets a "name" and a role. Scum get a real name and a fake name, and a role. They reason out what role to claim on their own. There's no skill in picking a name (just guesswork) so the host provides one for them.

Obviously the host does this randomly so that no meta bullshit like "this guy's a major character so ___" exists.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
That's why I said if flavor was such a big deal, just remove it. There was no need for flavor in the first place since you couldn't talk about it.
Eagle4 can you let us all win please at least?


Metal Sonic: (2) Walrein, Paperblade LYNCHED
Walrein: (1) Metal Sonic

The finish line of the race was in sight. While Metal Sonic and Walrein were attempting to career each other off the edge of the track (the track was, of course, Rainbow Road, famous for its dangerous undulations), Paperblade was in posession of a red shell. Knowing that he had to target someone, and fast, he breathed deeply and stared intently at his two potential targets. Metal Sonic seemed to be shouting something towards Paperblade -- "Just target walrein lol he's full of shit". Walrein, though, had other ideas, and reasoned with Paperblade -- "obv ms is mafia". Deep words. Paperblade smiled. He knew that Metal Sonic was the culprit; after all, Walrein had given a moving speech. With a confident nod, he fired the red shell at Metal Sonic, which smashed into the kart and sent Metal Sonic flying off the track, never to be seen again. A note fluttered down, before landing on the sparkling ground, open. It read

Note said:
Dear Metal Sonic,
You are Waluigi, a guy who shares all the characteristics of Wario without the flubber. You are a large class racer. Your largest character bonus is Acceleration.

Wario's recent decision to join Bowser in defeating the Mario Crew has left you no choice but to follow suit. No worries; it seems like Bowser has taken a liking to you.. perhaps it's the fact that you want to destroy Mario's close friend, Luigi? Your sly, sinister demeanour grants you the ideal attributes of an Inspector, which is exactly what Bowser assigns you as. At night, you may send a PM to Eagle4 and theangryscientist titled "Night X - Scrutinize <user>". The targeted user will have their Role PM shown to you.

As a member of the Bowser Boys, you are allowed to talk to your allies in Bowser's Castle, located in your mafia team PM.

You are an Inspector Mafia, allied with the Bowser Boys. You win if you gain majority in numbers over the Mario Crew.
The village have won the game! Thank you everybody for participating, I hope you've enjoyed it! (and I hope I haven't done too bad for my first game as host~).

Postgame will be up 5 days from now (or perhaps earlier).

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