Mario Kart Mafia (NOC) Signups

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The Mushroom Kingdom is under threat. Bowser and his gang have set their eyes on the coveted Golden Mushroom, and only Mario and his group of fellow protagonists can stop him. Mario has received a letter from Bowser, a letter which teases Mario with a race to the Golden Mushroom. The rules Bowser has laid down is simple, and the loser of each stage of the race will be killed swiftly. On top of that, Bowser has told Mario that a comrade of his will perish during the night.. or at least, Bowser will attempt to keep to his word. The race is set, and the competitors all meet together, a group of 12. The Bowser Boys and The Mario Crew. There is one final surprise... each competitor shall be blindfolded, and so nobody will know who is who. The only way you can guess which competitor to off during the day is by persuasion and words alone. Being the brave hero, Mario obliges to Bowser’s rules and the race is decided on. It is only a matter of time before we find out which faction will become victorious...

This game will be hosted by theangryscientist and I. This is a Standard NOC game with a 9 vs 3 format; 12 players to keep in line with the amount of players in a typical Mario Kart Wii race.

Rules (Apologies but there are no hide tags so pastebin is the best option).

The game will begin almost immediately after the signup list has been filled completely.

The Signups is First Come First Serve; priority is irrelevant.

1. Celever
2. Solar Vapor
3. Metal Sonic
4. Spiffy
5. Houndoomsday
6. Jalmont
7. Woodchuck
8. barty the beetle
9. Aura Guardian
10. Empoof
11. T S O
12. FireMage
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