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Most iconic Mario Kart Wii track?

  • Coconut Mall

    Votes: 26 56.5%
  • Toad's Factory

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mushroom Gorge

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • Moonview Highway

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Moo Moo Meadows

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Mapple Treeway

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • Koopa Cape

    Votes: 5 10.9%
  • Luigi Circuit

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

San Tomas

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Back before the ultra shortcuts I had a mushroom gorge time trial that was better than the TwinGalaxies WR at the time. Tried setting up a camcorder once or twice but i never quite got it as good as I wanted it. Week or so later, boom, ultra shortcut. Lost my mind at the duck bike on the wall, to put it mildly.


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doesnt this game have 218 other tracks? what do u mean ctgp isnt the full version?

1. ddr: the best track ever made in mario kart history. perfect blend of running with strats like wallglitch and sandhop, and catchup potential with the ultra. this track gives the best races period.
2. kc: another balanced track that is both very runnable but also has the golden strat at the beginning. also helps there arent very many boxes, like 2 item sets in total and the water stream, so blues are less common here than other tracks
3. gv: here because the rock hop is the only reason i even bought the game lol, track gives good races too
4. wgm: just dont hit minecart
5. mh: just dont hit the 1:05 blue car and 1:45 bomb car
6. tf: just start top 2 4 in room lmao draft off of first lol dont sidetrick when doing shroomless lmao. also where tf input was found hence the name
7. rbc: this track is a breeze if u get into first literally easiest track to run cause theres blind corners everywhere making it free for backspam
8. rws: would be higher if the respawn on the last ramp wasnt awful, devilish for shocks
9. bcw: the glitch being so free with daisy kind of ruins it though.
10. rdh: this track is so fun cause everyone gets mad when its picked and its the best luck track
11. rmc: the best mario circuit in the game cause theres only one grass cut and its runnable after. probably 32 in tts though.
12. rpb: WELCOME TO THE BEACH. just dont hit the ducks
13: rpg: WELCOME TO the garden??? just dont hit the dogs
14. cm: this is everyone and their moms favorite track but its so good for running with all the banister infi tricks and backspam spots
15. rr: this is everyone and their moms least favorite but its even better for running, but if u fall off ur dead cause respawns are garbage here.
16. dkjp: fun track but the last turn and bridge kinda ruin it tho, its number 32 in troll wars for sure
17. dc: underrated as shit and it would be great for running but shock is so good for seemingly no reason
18. dkm: this is my worst driving track otherwise it would be higher
19. dks: this is also a track i suck at driving on but it functions like a ct half the time.
20. mt: fun as shit but its literally a ct with how many bugs exist on here.
21. rmr: troy strat is a guaranteed win here
22. mmm: just dont hit the cows
23. rds: the double is very polarizing
24. mc3: better roll the dice on when shock will happen, chances are if ur in first and shock happens ur getting last
25. lc: i play little cup not luigi circuit
26. mc: literally lc but more luck based
27. bc3: this track is entirely dependant on the cut. this track can lead to some of the most hilarious races and pack spreads though.
28. gv2: shortest track in the game
29. sgb: this is the one track in the game where bullet bill is a 100% liability lmao
30. rsl: ur playing on 100cc for 80% of the track
31. ryf: rng in both tts and online, literally awful
32. mg: shock exists and mushroom bounces are awful


Funky Kong for Smash
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Unordered within tiers. This list is missing three retros, for which I'd say GCN Mario Circuit would be bottom tier, N64 Bowser's Castle would probably be Good, SNES Mario Circuit would probably be Average.
Very casual player, barely know how to play, but this is the one game that breaks the ice when I go to friends house. We always play Coconut Mall for some reason, likely because you can’t die there lol.
As for my personal most difficult track the honor has to go to Rainbow Road for having so many bends without railings
Fml, the amount of blatant Shy Guy Beach disrespect here is amazing. Probably THE most challenging technical course in any MK game ever, between the various low-trick jumps, wheelie hops over the water and surprising narrow optimal lines. Just try and get near a good player on this track.
Also hot take: Brokonut Mall is overrated, ruined by both the absurdly easy ultra and the terrible parking lot section. Ultra aside, Volcano is genuinely godlike though (but if you don't have shroom going into the second half of lap 3 you're boned lol).
Rainbow Road is mid-tier. It has like 1 cool trick and it gets some credit for being the only track where karts are are faster than bikes but that's it. Nothing special.
Anyone who puts mushroom gorge as anything but bottom-tier needs to be made to do mushroom bounces for a week without end as punishment (and then you get target shocked halfway across and have to go again.)

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