Challenge Marriland's Wedlocke Challenge!

Okay, so I don't know how many of you follow Marriland on YouTube, but he does some pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, he has a new video series on YouTube that is a Nuzlocke-variant. It is called a Wedlocke. Here are the rules:

When a Pokemon faints, it must be released forever (or boxed permanently). It is considered to be dead.

You can catch or obtain only the first eligible obtainable Pokemon you encounter in any route or area, with exceptions being made based on the Pokemon's gender. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.
• Genderless Pokemon cannot be caught. Ever.
• If you have 1, 3, or 5 Pokemon in your party, you ignore any Pokemon encounters whose gender you have an uneven number of, e.g. if you have just one male Pokemon and two female Pokemon, you cannot catch any more female Pokemon until the count is even again. If you have an even number of each gender, this does not apply.
• "Dupes Clause" is recommended, to add to the uniqueness of each Pokemon. This means you do not count any encounter against any Pokemon whose species you have already caught, which is usually determined by the Poke Ball symbol by their HP bar.

This is to increase the bond between you and your Pokemon. They're not just randoms; they're your friends. Treat them accordingly.

• Only one male and one female can form a pair, and once they do, it lasts until one dies or is released.
• Each Pokemon on your team can battle only alongside its partner, if it has one. Switching Pokemon out in battle is allowed, but ONLY for the Pokemon's partner.
• If a Pokemon dies in battle, its partner must avenge the fallen Pokemon or die along with them; switching to any other Pokemon is forbidden, regardless of circumstance. (In the case of Double or Triple Battles, you may have to make exceptions. Do what feels right.)
• If a Pokemon's partner dies, it can gain a new one that doesn't already have a partner (either from a PC box or a wild Pokemon).

• You must release Pokemon or have them die in battle if you want to withdraw anything in your PC.
• You can freely release your Pokemon (up to you if it counts as a "death" or not), but you will probably feel like a jerk for doing it.
• If you absolutely require HM moves to get through the game, you may temporarily break this rule and deposit a pair of Pokemon in the PC for one or two HM Pokemon; however, they cannot fight or do anything other than use HM moves outside of battle, and should be removed as soon as one of your main Pokemon can use the required HM move.

Here's the link to his rules video:

And here's the link to his playlist:

I hope this is a hit for everyone, and I will be posting on this with my Wedlockes too! I have already started and failed a White Wedlocke, and am currently in the middle of a SoulSilver Wedlocke. They're really fun!
I was going to make this thread, but I wasn't sure if Smogon would appreciate it! :P

Anyway, I am currently actually doing a wedlocke of white 2! I'm already pretty far through it though, so I won't suddenly start updates now. I have to say though, they are really fun - far more fun than regular nuzlockes!!! :D
Thanks for making this thread, I really do appreciate you doing it and not I, since you did loads of writing as well. I was just going to link the video :P
No one is interested at all except for two people! Come on!!!
And I was interested as soon as you can be (the end of Marriland's emerald nuzlocke where he showed his logo) which was a while before this thread was made! :P

Also Skyla killed half of my pokemon in my white 2 wedlocke, but to be honest I was kinda expecting it. I had sunflora (she survived a long time!) and Emboar in a pair. I had a Karrablast and Swanna in a pair and then I had a Korokorok (don't expect me to spell it right) and Galvantula in a pair. I went with Galvantula and Korokorok but Galvantula died to Swoobat after some nasty Attract work (If swoobat didn't kill Galvantula then Korokorok probably would. Don't fall for another pokemon when your partner is watching you! :P) And then while Korokorok did get rid of Swoobat he couldn't even hit Skarmory neutrally due to typing (dig, crunch, shadow claw and return) so he died as well. Then I sent out Emboar forgetting about Swanna, he took down Skarmory with ease, but I couldn't switch into Sunflora because she could have used air slash on Emboar, and Sunflora is so slow that if he did use bubblebeam then he would literally just be fodder! I just braced myself for the worst and used heat crash. I was surprised at how much it did but Swanna used air slash and killed Emboar. I had to send out Sunflora who's quick claw activated! Come on grasswhistle! ...Miss. So Sunflora died to another air slash. My Swanna then had to come in and my Swanna, with her plus speed, minus attacking nature, managed to outspeed he Swanna! This means that 2 air slashes later we beat her, but at a large expense...

Anyway, I think that's along the lines of what you were hoping people would write on this thread, right? It is a true story though!
Since I heard about this from Marriland, I've actually been trying it out on my Ruby version (since that's the only one with genders I both know fairly well and am willing to restart), and it is pretty interesting. But man, does it get brutal sometimes. Only having two Pokemon to switch between often means that partners will have some kind of weakness they share, especially since they're likely going to be from nearby areas. If you get two Pokemon that compliment each other well, it can be pretty awesome. But if you get a pair where one of the partners can't fight, it's a bad situation. That situation worsens when the helpless Pokemon's partner isn't very strong, either. But it is pretty exciting to see partners trying to work together to accomplish something.

I guess I can offer a bit of a progress report. Like I said, I'm doing this on Ruby. So far, I have six badges and am in Lilycove City. However, I have also suffered nine deaths so far. (I'm clearly not very good at Nuzlockes. :P ) Please note that I do break Dupes Clause for Pokemon I want to catch again, but if I fail, I get nothing there. Also, the ones that are animated are Pokemon that have proven themselves to be awesome.

Dart the boy Pelipper: Route 103, Bashful; Lv34, Fly, Surf, Supersonic, Protect
Rebecca the girl Linoone: Route 104, Naughty; Lv35, Headbutt, Tail Whip, Covet, Secret Power
These two are my oldest living pair, and they provide most of the utility for the group. In terms of types, they compliment each other very well. Rebecca is the main force in this pair, and Dart takes the Fighting moves Rebecca won't be able to handle, as well as washing out the Rocks she can't Headbutt. Rebecca might end up being the one with the Thunderbolt TM if I can't get another Electric-type. Dart's done his job well, so if he does go, it will be sad, but he has lived a full life.

Finn the boy Gyarados: Route 109, Quiet; Lv32, Secret Power, Bite, Tackle, Dragon Rage
Maggie the girl Camerupt: Route 112, Lonely; Lv34, Magnitude, Rock Slide, Fire Blast, Amnesia
These two are beasts! Finn has never used a STAB attack, but his resilience and power with Normal moves can make even Rebecca jealous sometimes. I'll probably teach him Strength at some point, since I'll need it in the near future. Maggie used to know Strength, but I eliminated that to make room for Fire Blast. Ground attacks are really powerful throughout the first half of the game, though I could see Maggie struggling once we hit the open sea. Together, they have been a powerful couple, and I would like to see both of them by the end.

Samantha the girl Duskull: Route 121, Relaxed; Lv29, Foresight, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Pursuit
Danny the boy Gloom: Safari Zone, Jolly; Lv26, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Acid
I just caught these two, so they have no experience in Trainer battles yet. I was hoping to catch some kind of Grass or Electric Pokemon in the Safari Zone, because I need something to fight the Water Pokemon I'll be facing soon. I'm torn on the decision to turn Danny into a Vileplume or a Bellossom, but seeing as he's Jolly, I might go for Vileplume for STAB Sludge Bomb. I'm not sure how Samantha will do in-game; it's nice to have a Ghost, but she's not exactly a strong Ghost. I do expect her to take some hits, though. We'll see how these two turn out.

King the Magikarp
, Dewford Town, Modest, Lv05
First Magikarp I caught. I didn't use him because Modest is lame for a Gyarados.

Orlando the Roselia
, Route 117, Relaxed, Lv14
Caught while my Grovyle was alive, so I didn't think twice about using him. Kind of considered it later, but Roselia's not that good in Hoenn.

Rocky the Geodude
, Route 111, Quiet, Lv05
Rock Smashed. He gets punished for stealing my desert encounter by getting boxed forever. At this point of the game, Geodude sucks anyway.

Lee the Machop
, Jagged Pass, Gentle, Lv18
A Fighting-type might be kind of neat, until you realize the next gym is Psychic-based. Might raise him if something happens to Dart (after Tate and Liza go down)

Pal the Kecleon
, Route 120, Gentle, Lv30
I'm not a big fan of Kecleon, honestly.

Sally the Slugma
, Fiery Path, Jolly, Lv15
It's a Slugma. It will never be good for anything. This isn't Emerald, either, so she can't even speed up my egg hatching.

Daisy the Spinda
, Route 113, Relaxed, Lv14
Eeyup. She's a Spinda, alright.

Claudia the Swablu
, Route 114, Quiet, Lv16
Finally, I can talk about a girl. I'd like to use her, but then I'd have too many Flying Pokemon. Dragon Dancing would be kind of awesome, though.

Beatrix the Zubat
, Meteor Falls, Serious, Lv16
Anohter neat Flying Pokemon I wouldn't mind using but shouldn't due to how many I have. I'd sooner use the Swablu, anyway, since Altaria is not weak to lightning.

Fionna the Magikarp
, Route 105, Lonely, Lv26
Tried to fish for a Wailmer on this route. After five attempts, I landed this Magikarp. For some reason, I didn't catch that she violated the one-Pokemon-per-route rule until I started writing this.

Mango the Tropius
, Route 119, Naive, Lv26
Probably could've tried this one for a Grass-type. I couldn't think of a good name for Tropius.

Ross the Nincada, Route 116, Naive, Lv06
Betsy the Silcoon, Petalburg Woods, Relaxed, Lv07
I liken these two to that annoying couple that just babytalks to each other nonstop and doesn't really do anything porductive. Betsy couldn't fight, and while Ross COULD fight, he was bad at it forever. Even worse was the fact that they were both Bug-types, so a Taillow could've eaten them easily. Oddly, the Pokemon that killed them both was not a Taillow or a Wingull but a Whismur. Once the Uproar started, they tried to Harden. That didn't help. Good riddance.

Rupert the Makuhita, Granite Cave, Bashful, Lv13
Celine the Whismur, Rusturf Tunnel, Bold, Lv13
I actually had some pretty big plans for these two, moreso Rupert. I wanted a Fighting-type to make Wattson and Norman easier to beat. Sadly, I lost these two foolishly underestimating an opponent. Right when I landed on the beach of Slateport, I fought a sailor's Machop. Leer and Low Kick took down Rupert in one hit, and Karate Chop bested Celine likewise.

Elena the Electrike
, Route 110, Quiet, Lv20
Finn is the only member who has been able to avenge his fallen partner, and here she is. Like I said, I had high hopes for an Electric or Grass Pokemon, like an Electrike. She had just learned how to use Spark, and she and Finn were doing well. Then, on Route 111, we met a Cooltrainer and her Roselia. I kept switching between Finn and Elena to shake off Leech Seed and to heal damage and paralysis. But Elena finally fell to a critical Mega Drain. Finn was not happy about that.

Hal the Grovyle, Route 101, Lonely, Lv31
Carol the Dustox, Route 102, Hasty, Lv29
I was worried about this pair at first due to the shared Flying weakness, but Hal proved to take them down fairly well, and Carol withstood many hungry pecks. Hal will be remembered for clearing Roxanne single-handedly and being a complete badass against Wattson. Who knew a technique for smashing rocks could also put a big dent in steel? :P Carol, I think swept most of Brawly's gym (though I actually didn't fight Brawly until after I beat Flannery), and she managed to end Norman's first Slaking. So what happened? Norman's Vigoroth happened. Hal was taking too much damage from Vigoroth's Slash to survive two of them, even if I healed him. Carol tried to avenge Hal, aided by an X Defend, but that wasn't enough to help against a critical slash. In the end, Rebecca finished that Vigoroth off, and Dart outplayed the other Slaking. You two were brave, though, and you will be remembered.

kato the Tentacruel, Route 105, Jolly, Lv32
Rika the Manectric, Route 118, Hasty, Lv33
This is another unfortunate case of underestimating my opponent and just slipping up. Rika was raised first and foremost to fight Winona. She managed to beat the Swellow, then Altaria showed up. Takato tried to fight Altaria, which basically meant using Supersonic. And Altaria used Earthquake. I knew she had that in Emerald, but I didn't know if that happened in Ruby and Sapphire, too. Eventually, Takato was buried. I had to play smart now. By this point, Altaria had hit herself enough to beat her into the red zone. So while Winona was healing, Rika Roared to drag Skarmory out. I took this time to build up Rika's Attack with Howl, while Skarmory was stuck doing practically nothing to Rika. When I thought my Attack was maxed out, I ended the Skarmory with Spark. Then, Altaria returned. Use Quick Attack! O_O No! We're just shy of the halfway mark! Dragon Dance? CRAP! C'mon, Rika! Aim for the neck! Altaria survived two Quick Attacks. It turned out I had only made Rika Howl FIVE times, not six. Maybe that little bit of extra power could've prevented Rika from being buried with her jellyfish friend. :( After that, I thought "Fuck it" and just had Finn pound Altaria with Secret Power until she died. Then the Pelipper. (sigh) I still regret miscounting. I'm not sure if that would've been enough to save Rika, but it might have been.

GoldeNote the boy SwaYELLO
, Route 114, Impish
I caught him because he was a Shiny Pokemon. Who's going to turn that down? He was not the first thing I found in Route 114, though.

TripleBolt the Magneton, New Mauville, Bold, Lv26
I would SO love to use this guy right now, but genderless Pokemon are forbidden from Wedlockes. I actually caught him as a Magneton.

Girl Castform
, Route 119, Serious, Lv25
The Weather Institute is still Route 119, so forbidden.

Girl Phanpy, Safari Zone, Mild
Extra thing I caught in the Safari Zone after catching Danny.

Boy Psyduck, Safari Zone
Why waste the opportunity to catch things in the Safari Zone? It cost me 500 Pen to get in, might as well get my money's worth.
This actually sounds quite fun and more fun than a nuzlocke due to the added rules. I'll watch them if time allows to.
Hey everyone, I don't know how regularly this thread is posted in anymore... But thanks, Espeon, for both uploading the Wedlocke rules and also persuading me to start my own Wedlocke Challenge...

I'm gonna try it, first time ever, on Pokemon Emerald. Should be Enlightening to say the least, considering i've never done anything like this before. :D
Oh yeah, I'm gonna do one of these on pokemon black, I may as well post something along the lines of updates here.
I'm also 100%ing SMG right now though, so the updates'll be pretty far apart right now.
Well you can only switch between 2 pokemon in a pair, so you can switch train using just the pokemon you are training's partner. Basically if you have two pairs, say a sentret and a chikorita in one pair, and a geodude and bellsprout in another pair, and sentret is in battle, you can switch to chikorita but not geodude or bellsprout. The same applies to switch training.
However, you can use the exp. share on any pokemon no matter if it's partner is used in the battle or not.

TripleBolt the Magneton, New Mauville, Bold, Lv26
I would SO love to use this guy right now, but genderless Pokemon are forbidden from Wedlockes. I actually caught him as a Magneton.

who says genderless pokemon can't find love? :C

i think marriland said you could have gay/lesbian pokemon in the description of his rules video, so it makes just as much sense...

who says genderless pokemon can't find love? :C

i think marriland said you could have gay/lesbian pokemon in the description of his rules video, so it makes just as much sense...
Nonstandard (no offense) sexuality = no sexuality?

This is now the best Nuzlocke variation.


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You know, I think I'll give this a try just for something new.

Basic Nuzlockes are friggin' pointless to me now that I've learned exactly how to prevent my Pokemon from dying in them (I actually did a Blue Nuzlocke where I had NO deaths, at all). Scrambles are great but even those get tiring after the 6th one.

This is something totally new and the pairing mechanic makes my tactics to keep Pokemon alive much harder to pull off, upping the difficulty.

I think I'll do it on a Gold ROM (Would use my cartridge if I knew where the hell it went). I'll probably keep you guys posted on the developments once I start (which might not be immediately).
Bubbama (I think that's how you spell it) has his own series on youtube no pokecenter no pokemarts he already did it for yellow and crystal and is now trying it for sapphire


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This is real hardcore!!!
Anyways what happens if you have 2 males and one female and the female dies?
Do you loose or what?
This is real hardcore!!!
Anyways what happens if you have 2 males and one female and the female dies?
Do you loose or what?
You need to either catch another female (the first one you run into that you haven't caught before), or if you have one, choose one from your PC.
Marriland said you CAN'T have gay pokemon in the rules video. Espeon C+P'd the rules from the description anyway and I don't see it in there at all.

Genderless pokemon can't find love because...

well, the fact that genderless pokemon breed with ditto throws that theory out of the window.

anyway, i fail to see why you can't. marriland's explanation for it not being allowed completely ignores the possibility of one being consistent; i.e if your pokemon was gay it will always be gay. either he just didn't think of this or is being an asshole. either way, he doesn't own the idea - rather, he just came up with it - and you don't have to prescribe to his rules.

EDIT: what he said about them

A: It's just due to how gender plays a role in the mechanics. This challenge is gender-based. It plays a role in how it works. By having it a part of the normal rules, it becomes extremely complicated to explain all of the exceptions. Instead, it is a variant.
(so you just pick the same gender instead of opposite ones? what's the problem?)

A: If you play catching ONLY one gender, then play it with the whole pairing rules, play it with gender clause except IGNORING any opposite-gender Pokemon, but then USE POKEMON ONLY IN THE ORDER YOU CATCH THEM IN. If you catch Pokemon in your PC, you must pair them up as replacements in the order they are in your PC, so you are not able to choose who you are replacing as much. Why? Because that makes the challenge WAY easier and it goes against the restricting nature of the Wedlocke challenge.
(why does it have to be a clambake/sausage fest if just one pokemon gets to be gay? you can flip a coin or something so it's not necessarily going to your advantage, lol. not that it necessarily would, as if a partner dies, you'll have to pick another, even if it's not as good as their potential opposite-sex partner. the order-you-catch thing works, too, but again, it doesn't mean you have to make them all the same lol)

basically, i'm not trying to be a social justice freak, but it bothers me that stuff like that is just written off like that.
But having gay pokemon kind of gets rid of the point anyway. While marriland does own the wedlocke, he also said that you can change rules around if you want.
Having gay pokemon simply is not good though. The point of it is having a male and female pokemon, and you can run out of one gender at some point making it harder since it is ends up a nuzlocke with no switching at all.
If you want then sure, but really it seems to wreck it.
But having gay pokemon kind of gets rid of the point anyway. While marriland does own the wedlocke, he also said that you can change rules around if you want.
Having gay pokemon simply is not good though. The point of it is having a male and female pokemon, and you can run out of one gender at some point making it harder since it is ends up a nuzlocke with no switching at all.
If you want then sure, but really it seems to wreck it.
you can run out of the gender you need regardless, so i fail to see your point...
Okay, so let me just try to explain what Marriland means about no gay/lesbian pairs.

If you can use two of the same gender, then you can use the two best pokemon in your PC together if you need two more. BUT if you need them to be male + female, then you can probably only use one of them. If you're lucky enough to have two strong, opposite gender pokemon, then yay! But, chances are, you won't. So that's what he means. It just adds a little bit of challenge.


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Not to mention that adding in exceptions, setting new rules and all just makes an already pretty complicated challenge even MORE complicated, completely unnecessarily. It's simply a whole lot simpler to just ignore gay/lesbian pairings for the sake of the challenge, making it a lot more accessible. It's not being ignored because Marriland wants to pretend they don't exist in real life or whatever, it's because it just adds a whole lot of unnecessary complications he just didn't want to deal with... and also helps him avoid the temptation of making up rules as you go (the more complicated you make it, the more easy it becomes to find "loopholes". Take it from an experience scrambler).

In short it's almost certainly done as a convenience to the player. If you want to incorporate it somehow, then go ahead.

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