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Programming Mass Damage Calculators


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Update! I cleaned up the detailed damage result a lot, both on the manly calc and the copypastable results for the mass calcs. It now gives all the relevant info, and only the relevant info.

For example:
252+ Atk Choice Band Sheer Force Darmanitan Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Politoed through Reflect in rain: 47-56 (12.23 - 14.58%) -- 9HKO at best :pirate:
-1 252+ Atk Wacan Berry Technician Scizor Natural Gift (60 BP Electric) vs. 56 HP / 0 Def Gyarados: 352-416 (102.02 - 120.57%) -- guaranteed OHKO :toast:
252+ SpA Choice Specs Reshiram Blue Flare vs. 252 HP / 84+ SpD Parasect in sun on a critical hit: 4624-5448 (1427.16 - 1681.48%) -- guaranteed OHKO :naughty:

Also, I finally deactivated the freehosting.com link. I'd been locked out of that account for months so that version was super outdated. If you're wondering why it's a 404 now, it's because you've been using the wrong version! The byethost link in my sig is the one you want.


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Fixed an annoying 1-character bug in the All vs One calc that was causing most offensive abilities to be ignored there. (Any set that didn't have multiple power-related ability options or multiple power-related item options was dropping the ability completely). This only affected the All vs One calc.


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Would it be possible to implement NFE Pokemon? This would help greatly for Other Metagames or even trying out an NFE in an official tier (for example, Gothorita or Scraggy in RU). Sure, you can manually implement the stats, but if you need to do repeated damage calculations it's annoying to input it every time.


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Couple of things in the VGC portion of the damage calculator.

1) Muddy Water shows the same amount of damage whether the doubles/triples box is checked or not; it should be at 75% strength in those situations, a la Blizzard.

2) Feint is not a selectable move (30 BP, Normal-type, Physical)

3) You can not run calculations with the Therians. They are legal in VGC now so it would be great to have them.

If you could implement these changes it would be great!


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If you want feint, simply set a blank attack to 30 BP, Normal, Physical. Tornadus-T and Thundurus-T have sets, and Landorus-T has a placeholder, so I don't see the issue there... Just choose any Pokemon and edit the base stats and typing manually. Only pokemon with sets on-site will appear in the damage calculator which is why the Therians aren't there.


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Added temporary VGC placeholders for the Therians, added Feint and Foul Play, fixed issues with Muddy Water and Stored Power and Punishment.


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Is there any way to factor in Dry Skin recovery (or did I miss something)?
Is it possible to view offensive coverage. What I mean is that instead of seeing what 1 pokemon can do to the entire metagame, if I upload/enter in data for 2 or more pokemon, can I see what their moves can do to the metagame?
I've noticed that multi-hit moves are calculated with the damage output of of 3 hits, but would it be possible to just calculate it with one hit? There have been times where I've wondered, "How many times does Breloom need to hit Pokemon X with Bullet Seed to OHKO?" or something, and so I usually have to just plug in Seed Bomb and manually set its base power to 25.

Otherwise this is an amazing calculator. Thanks for putting so much effort into this!


+6 252+ Atk Metronome Pure Power Shuckle Helping Hand Rollout vs. -6 0 HP / 0- Def Shedinja on a critical hit: 37877428-44561688 (3787742800 - 4456168800%) -- guaranteed OHKO

That's a Level 100 Power Trick'd Shuckle using Rollout (5th Hit) with a Metronome (10th Hit) after using Defense Curl earlier against a Level 1 Shedinja that somehow had its secondary typing changed from Ghost to Fire. Just saiyan.

I love this calculator it is incredibly useful. I am really curious how you managed to pull the data off the Smogon website do you mind giving a small explanation honko?

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