Mafia vs Village MasterGame Mafia Signups (21/21) (Closes 9PM PST/ Midnight EST)

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This game uses Samoyed™ mafia industrial-standard setup balance protocols.

Ever since the inception of the video game, there have been conflicts surrounding it. The PC Master Race has long dominated the market, but recently, two groups have come out of the shadows with a gambit for power. The Controller Console is inserting Xboxes into every home. The App Store has infected many of your phones. In this ultimate conflict, who will overtake the others and cement themselves as the Lead Platform?

Thus enters...

a cool and good game

The PC Master Race is the village faction. The Controller Console and the App Store are the mafia factions. Members of mafia factions are informed of their teammates. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of players outside these two teams.

Game Progression
This game has night phases and day phases. Each will last 48 hours unless otherwise noted. The game will begin on Night 0, on which no kills will happen but any other role is applicable. If I decide to shorten the length of phases, I will announce this ahead of time. Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Most players have a role they can use at night. They do so in the format specified by their role PM, by replying to the role conversation sent by me. Some players may have passive roles rather than active ones.

Lynches occur during the day and take the form of a popular vote. To vote in the lynch, post some bolded variation of "lynch [user]" or "vote [user]" in the thread. Whoever receives the most votes in the lynch will die. Some players' votes may be worth more or less than the usual one vote. A vote count will not be provided.

Dead players are out of the game and cannot be revived in any way. Dead players may not communicate any information about the game to any living player.

A faction will win when there are no threats remaining to that faction. Should the game state be such that one faction's victory is inevitable, I reserve the right to end the game early.

This game may or may not possess bastard elements such as results falsification and cardflip falsification. This game also may or may not possess the potential for players' factions to change.

This is an outside-communication enabled game. While screenshots and other forms of screen sharing are disallowed, any other method of communication about the game is valid, including but not limited to forum PMs and Discord. Utilization of the Circus Maximus Discord channel is heavily recommended.

-Any Circus Maximus and Smogon rules not specifically listed in these rules still applies.
-Do not copy/paste your role PM or results. Paraphrasing, of course, is OK, and you may quote verbatim parts of your role PM which are impossible to paraphrase (such as your role name).
-Faking chatlogs is permitted - feel free to ask for assistance with this.
-Do not add other users to conversations that they weren't originally a part of without my approval.
-Add me to every Smogon conversation or Google Doc you create related to the game.
-I reserve the right to deem any action not listed here as being in violation of the rules and unsportsmanlike, and act accordingly.
-Don't be a dick.

I need a cohost for this game. The cohost would not have too many responsibilities. If you want to do this hmu. If no other cohosts are found, Jalmont will be the cohost.
You may request a faction or role by PMing me your request. Your request will not necessarily be granted.

Signups (21/21)
Signups will end 24h after 21 people have joined the game.

Aura Guardian
Da Letter El
Ditto (low prio)
Former Hope
Fort Colourcastle (low prio)
Knights of Cydonia (low prio)
smogon account
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