Pending Maybe add some of the other unadded, official trainer sprites? There's a few Pokestar Studios ones that can be added, and I'd totally use them.

I'd totally use some of these. Courtesy to Bulbapedia for the images.
These are all found in various Pokestar movies in BW and B2W2.
Apart from a few which I don't think would fit as trainer sprites, this should be the rest of the Pokestar Studios trainer sprites.
Many of these probably don't fit Showdown, but I wanted to show off some of these lesser known sprites and maybe get some of them on Showdown. These aren't nearly all of them, but these were the ones that (I thought) fit Showdown the most (at least compared to Red Fog and Brycen's Jet)éstar_Studio_sprites has all of the other trainer sprites and more, but these were some of the ones that I think would be good additions to the site. I recommend checking them out! Lots of cool BW/B2W2 sprites that get overlooked.
Sorry if the formatting is weird, this is my first post on here.


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