NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails

Deadline Timer:

How this works
: Starting with Night 1, every player may submit one private vote in their Role PM. Come morning, the living player with the most votes will become Mayor for that day. During the day for which they've been elected Mayor, they will have an additional vote in the lynch and the ability to win ties.
  • Along with the winning player, the number of votes they received will be revealed. However, how someone voted will never be publicly revealed. For example
DLE has become mayor, with 5 votes for them
  • In the event of a tie, no player is elected mayor
  • If someone fails to send in a vote, they will be considered as abstaining
  • It is the living player with the most votes who wins.
  • A player cannot be consecutively voted as mayor. If for some reason they would be elected, the runner up will be voted into office instead
  • Players may vote for anyone in the game, including themselves.
  • Players may only submit one vote
Mafia (3)
Foreign Agent: Two-shot Vote Redirection (At night, redirects a users mayor vote to another user, the targeted user will not be informed their vote was redirected).
Anonymous: Vote Watcher and Tracker (Target a user. Find out who they voted for and learn anyone who voted for them)
Dictator: (Every time this user is chosen to be mayor, the mafia gain a 1-shot kill that can be used on any future night. This kill can't be used by the same person preforming the normal mafia kill.)

Town (10)
Pollster: Vote Tracker (Target a user at night and learn who they voted for)
Cable News: Vote Watcher (Target a user at night and find out who voted for them)
Hired Bodyguard: (Target a user at night, if they are voted as mayor that night, you will block any kills on them)
Reformer: (If this user is ever elected as mayor, from then on they become a one-shot vig starting the next night)
2x Celebrity: (Your vote can't ever be redirected)
4x Citizen: One-shot Double vote (When used, doubles the amount of votes they give the person they vote for)
  • Anyone may self target
  • A double vote shows as two votes in the morning summation
  • A vote redirection will cause the target to vote for someone even if they otherwise idle their vote
  • The mafia will be given a chance to rearrange their roles during confirmation phase
Other Game Mechanics
  • The lynch is decided by plurality
  • There is no hammer D1, however beyond that, whenever someone has more than 50% of available votes on them, they are instantly lynched. As soon as this occurs, please cease all communication.
  • In the case of a tied lynch, the person the mayor if voting for will be lynched. If the mayor is not voting on one of the tied lynches, the player who received the tied number first is lynched
  • Hammer is based on the number of players, not the number of votes. So on a day with 6 players but 7 day votes,
  • Days will be 48 hours, 24 hour nights.
1. Don't talk to anybody about the game besides in the game thread.
2. At end of days whoever has the most votes on them will get lynched.
3. Do not screenshot or quote your role pm or results.
4. Do not edit or delete posts.
5. Votes after deadline will not count even if I'm not around to call deadline.
6. Mafia may communicate at any time.
7. Do not post during the night or during twilight
8. Deadlines will be 48 hours for days and 24 hours for nights. I'm willing to extend to 72 hours by request for days.
9. No encryption

Alive List:

Fenrir Aesir
Vooper > Duskfall
InfernoDragon > 3p1k

Day 1 Lynch - XnadrojX Anonymous
Night 1 kill - Nuxl Cable News
Day 2 Lynch - Samoyed Foreign Agent
Night 2 Kill(s) - Sultan of Skook Reformer, Moodycloud Citizen
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All roles PM's are out

We are now in the confirmation stage. Please confirm either in your Role PM or in the thread to demonstrate that you've read and understood your role.
Vote Sultan of Shook

Well let's get the ball rolling.

Sultan has a fire type Pokemon as his pfp and fire is associated with destruction, so he's the mafia. InfernoDragon as possible partner due to fire / dragon typing.

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