NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails

Vote Sultan of Shook

Well let's get the ball rolling.

Sultan has a fire type Pokemon as his pfp and fire is associated with destruction, so he's the mafia. InfernoDragon as possible partner due to fire / dragon typing.
You have what appears to be a Tauros in your signature. As bulls are associated with anger, you must be angry for no reason and therefore, mafia.
vote:nuxl always lynch the shitposter.
Tbh I'm not sure how to read nuxl just based on the fact that he's shitposting. I mean, it's page 2 and while I'd like to see at the very least some level of player interaction, there are limits on how substantive a post can be right now.

Do you personally get a scum read based on the style of shitposts he made, or just the fact that he's shitposting at all.

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