NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails

But then you become super easy to read if you get mafia role bc you'd have to explain why you are outspoken town and still alive late game.
That just forces you to actually become good at playing scum (see Jack's performance here for a good example of how it can be done). For town purposes, it is much better to generate activity. This is the prevailing philosophy of the Syndicate, where I play most of my games now.
I'll vig kill MS if he doesn't show, for now we should be focusing on people who can actually respond. We know that there is at least one scum in the five citizen claims, why don't we start there.
I don't think derpclearing should be a thing because it's ridiculously easy to fake. but i do have a strong town lean on DS - i don't have meta on him but he seems to be playing pro-town and is trying to help so I get a good vibe from him
why though
I'm just putting my thoughts out there but you have tons of posts on gamespec and none/not much on reads. I thought giving Jordan as a mayor option was a bit odd, but tbh I read him town too. DS said something about about you/Jordan voting sultan last minute was strange and the more I thought about it the more I agreed.

I mean out out the three more ambiguous people you're my strongest read, but who knows, maybe you're town and fen flips scum.

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