NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails


Mafia Champion
Bluedoom*: citizen
DS.*: citizen
Moodycloud* citizen
Fenrir Aesir: citizen
Sultan of Skook*: reformer
Duskfall*: celebrity
Samoyed*: celebrity
Metal Sonic*: celebrity
MewtwoHidden*: pollster
apricity*: bodyguard
Whydon*: citizen
Sultan reformer
Apricity bodyguard
Mewtwo pollster
One scum in Duskfall/Samoyed/Rad
One scum in Bluedoom/DS/Moody/Fenrir/Whydon

Pollster: Vote Tracker (Target a user at night and learn who they voted for)
Cable News: Vote Watcher (Target a user at night and find out who voted for them)
Hired Bodyguard: (Target a user at night, if they are voted as mayor that night, you will block any kills on them)
Reformer: (If this user is ever elected as mayor, from then on they become a one-shot vig starting the next night)
2x Celebrity: (Your vote can't ever be redirected)
4x Citizen: One-shot Double vote (When used, doubles the amount of votes they give the person they vote for)

Foreign Agent: Two-shot Vote Redirection (At night, redirects a users mayor vote to another user, the targeted user will not be informed their vote was redirected).
Dictator: (Every time this user is chosen to be mayor, the mafia gain a 1-shot kill that can be used on any future night. This kill can't be used by the same person preforming the normal mafia kill.)

Dusk is lynched today.

If Dusk flips town, Sultan of Skook vigs Rad, I BG myself, Mewtwo tracks a random claimed citizen that's not DS. Everyone mayors me

If Dusk flips scum, Sultan of Skook vigs Bluedoom, I BG Sultan, Mewtwo tracks a random claimed citizen that's not DS or Bluedoom. Everyone mayors Sultan of Skook

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