NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails

vote:nuxl always lynch the shitposter.
welp, not a great start of the game by lynching town lmfao

I hadn't actually scumread him no
doesnt actually scumread nuxl just RVS i guess?

unvote vote:Infernodragon
that kinda feels like a filler post coming from mafia. Yeah i get that you don't think mewtwo's post is alignment indicative, but do you have an opinion on the people talking about mewtwo?

DS. could you elaborateon why you think mewtwo's post is scummy? I actually thought it looked towny because it seemed p game solvey and that's likely to come from town.

Fenrir Aesir what's your take on DS,nuxl,xnad, in that order. Also what keeps you on the fence about mewtwo?

Asks a bunch of questions and townreads mewtwo

DS. Point taken. Yeah I agree his train of thought sounds off logically but idk I didn't get this feeling that he was making votes off of scum intent.

y'all should sheep my inferno vote, his earlier posts seem like side commentary without making any substantial reads and his current sultan vote isn't impressive, idt sultan voting nuxl and defending inactives shows that he's scum, in the same post you admit that spending time calling out inactives result in mislynches, and town doesn't want that.

No thoughts on sultan other than his nuxl vote felt like town reacting to an idea they didn't like. I'd rather lynch viper over sultan today.

DS' last few posts give me town vibes, they've got good reasoning and conviction in their reads, I'd prefer voting them for mayor today actually.
Im not sure that I had exhibited any reasoning or conviction up to that point tbh
ah ok I'll keep that in mind

why do you think smogon account is town? I didn't get any AI vibes from him but that's also because he didn't try pocketing me like he did in the last game.

This could be tmi? idk
oh ok
I'm a citizen
aaaand a meh claim


theres nothing in this iso tbh
btw dont vote me
were we supposed to vote sultan lol
i voted hal and told fh i might change my vote but then i forgot

can we just lynch inferno or something

who will cc duskfall
These are the posts that stuck out to me. Suggesting to lynch inferno before a cc prob a joke but kinda weird. It's the closest thing he's done to voting for anybody this game.

Voting hal possibly was a way of potentially causing a tie so sultan doesn't get vigi'd n1 if enough people voted hal too, which didn't happen. Then he plays it off as ignorance.

At least, that's the worst I can make him seem in my imagination.
SMOG/SAMO SLOT: its every reference of this slot to the 5 VT's idk what to make of this, somebody help me break it down

Yeah typically my default is memeing is towny so I'm not sure why bluedoom is suggesting it would be wolfy here
Town read on fenrir purely because voting for mewtwo is good
Jordan tunneling on fenrir and abruptly realizing he was wrong feels like towny owning up to a mistake but by and large outside of these three people I don't see anyone "acting towny" smh
Whydon is looking more active which is good I hope?
have you noticed duskfall
in response to sultan voting for fenrir
Kill list should be this imo:

Metal Sonic
Fenrir Aesir
Of the citizen thing this would be kill order imo (scum to town): whydon bluedoom fenrir moody ds
If its better for us to go for me then thats ok, I don't mind sacrificing myself as long as y'all don't fuck it up after.
i wanna keep playing lol so
that's a pretty fucking hot take
also you just fell on my scum-o-meter TM
whydon > bluedoom > moody > fenrir > ds
yes but they don't get lynched because DS and Fenrir are town
Sultan of Skook
DS seems suspect to me now, but moody should be lynched last.
Whydon bluedoom DS fenrir Moody
Most helpful thing it terms of Samo might be to compare his lynch order when he was still not being wagoned vs his lynch order when he was about to be lynched. I notice that bluedoom switches from spot 4 on the former to spot 2 on the later.
Kill list should be this imo:

Metal Sonic
Fenrir Aesir

I’m not sure where duskfall should fit into that tbh

which would have had the game ending on a mislynch of Moody if I get my count right? Makes Bluedoom seem worse, though at that point he also didnt expect to be lynched so putting Whydon there wouldnt be too sus especially if he got lynched before samoyed then that would make samoyed look good.

Lynch order is probably Blue, Why, Fen unless a Fen iso pulls up something outstandingly scummy

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