NOC Mayor Mafia - Democracy Prevails

Thanks to everyone who played. I'll keep postgame thoughts brief.

Set up
I do like this set up and I think it worked decently well, and with a few tweaks it could probably function quite a bit better. I think if someone were to run this again, I'd suggest
  1. Giving the mafia an action redirector and turning the fake cop into that + a role cop
  2. Combining the vote watcher/tracker into one role that can do either of those things once a night
  3. Making everyone else a random number of Celebs and Citizens
  4. Disallowing docs to self heal and extra votes to be spotable
Play wise
All that said, I do think there was a lot of really solid play this game from both sides. Even with the scum team massively disadvantaged, I think Samoyed really did quite stunningly and is probably the scum MVP.
Town side it's quite a bit harder to tell, I think purely from game solving it'd be Nuxl but apricity did quite a bit in terms of winning via mechanics.
But yeah, thanks again to everyone who played, I hope people enjoyed


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ggs all nice perfect and glad to be apart of it, sorta sad I died n1 and couldn't play with 3p1k/dusk lmao jerks

i think too many named townies ended up in a poe sweep, it was probably that when scum faked they had to rack up as many MLs as possible in one role poe(until they inevitably got exposed) which is sort of a lot of effort from them and probably not how id want to play maf in general. imagine if scum had died d1 and they killed a celeb or something, and let's say bluedoom had been lynched d2; then all the citis would've been clean and that would've been an issue.

also like playing setups with PRs to get alignment info but i thought for the most part my reads were pretty good this game and this game had the claim factor so yea. cool experimental setup, but definitely hard game for scum if town gets rolling with claims so don't feel bad about it

shoutouts to MewtwoHidden especially for his first game and DS. for his first game on smogon thanks for being active in a site where activity is a problem, you both played very well and id like to play with you again!

i thought samoyed played well early d2; sort of petered off once dusk got his mojo but i probably would've maintained my tr on that slot even after the issue d1

lol apricity Duskfall98 i probably would've scumread dusk there(why walk in and ignore the two people that cfded onto scum and then also disregard my prior reads on them- also that i died LOL) but 3p1k obvtowned so samoyed would've been the lynch next day had i not been convinced by him.
Apologies if I came off a bit mean and dismissive towards the middle of D2, I was definitely dealing with some cognitive dissonance there.

With that said, I definitely had a lot of fun. Highlight of the game was the D2 dynamic between Samoyed and DuskFall as my perceived alignment of each of them gradually flipped over the day.

I think day one nuxl / apricity were MVPs and day two DS. / apricity (even if claiming didn't lock the win, it still helped a lot!) were MVPs.

Shout-out to DuskFall for playing the best you possibly could in the position you were in, and preventing your mislynch.
Highkey forgot to vote during that EOD2 because i got way caught up with work, i was leaning samoyed>duskfall at the time so I dont feel as bad about it? Sorry I wasnt able to do more town, but gg @ all.


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Congrats town.

Just wondering, how was this setup not broken by mass claiming day 1? If I missed something apologies, but when I skimmed OP all I thought was "damn, there's way too many named townies".


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Congrats town.

Just wondering, how was this setup not broken by mass claiming day 1? If I missed something apologies, but when I skimmed OP all I thought was "damn, there's way too many named townies".
It was an experimental set up, it was pretty town sided for sure in retrospect

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