Mediocre-Mons (VENOMOTH BANNED!)

I added Ponyta to C for now. I'm anxious on Pachirisu though, if it does get a rank it will likely be D.

Should I split up the ranks into subranks (e.g A+, A, A-) or should I keep it like it is?


Banned deucer.
I would put Ponyta on D, since it's almost totally outclassed by Combusken as a fast sweeper... And Pachirisu could be C... Actually is pretty bulky and can help with paralysis support for the rest of the team... Also can Pivot I guess...
True but Pony was usually running Wisp and Morning Sun to burn checks. As all-out offensive Pony was a hit 'em now! Pokemon while Combusken was a hit 'em later! setup sweeper.
So Lickitung isn't on here, which is weird. It's ridiculously bulky on both sides, provides excellent support with Knock Off, phazing, Thunder Wave, and WishPass, and only has a single, relatively uncommon weakness (while it lacks resistances of any kind, it's bulk when invested is exemplary.) Oblivious can make it immune to Taunt, something great for things like Murkrow and Basculin, and if you hate hax you can run Own Tempo kek.

Imo it could have a spot even in B, because it can take on so much of the metagame in my experience.

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