Gen 6 Mega Kangaskhan EV Spreading

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Firstly, if this is in the wrong section please move it.

This thread was made to discuss the effectiveness of many Mega Kangaskhan spreads. You may post any spread you would like, even spreads that may seem foolish initially. Please try to include damage calcs and the reason why you thought of the spread.

Please keep the thread civil.

This is my custom EV spread:

Mega Kangaskhan@Kangaskhanite
196 HP/168 Atk/48 Def/60 Sp.Def/36 Spe
-Power-up Punch
-Sucker Punch

Thus far this is my most effective spread. With the defensive investment for example it's enabled to survive Mega Pinsir's Close Combat and Mega Gengar's Focus Blast, as well as a chance to survive Mega Lucario's Aura Sphere. Take note this is all circumstantial such as if you're at full health and if they are all neutral natured.

The Attack investment enables you to 2HKO all of the metagame if they DO NOT resist Return, and if you're not burned. The Speed investment allows you to out speed anything slower than Jolly Max Speed Tyranitar. I chose not to invest into speed because the base 100 Tier is such a wide tier and you won't be able to out speed much any who.

This is an example of what you should have but it doesn't have to be as long. You're welcome to use my spread.


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You're honestly better off just running Max Attack and Max Speed. Special Mega Lucario and Mega Pinsir are irrelevant in Ubers and Mega Kangaskhan survives Mega Gengar's Focus Blast already, no bulk investment needed. Bulk investment would probably work, to be fair, but those benchmarks you have aren't really important.

At any rate, this doesn't need to be its own thread. You put any cool new sets you come up with in the future here:
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