Tournament Megamax Startup Tour (Congrats Leonard (from big bang theory)!)

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Yung Dramps

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Welcome to the Megamax Startup Tour!
As you might imagine, this tour will be for my own pet mod, Megamax!
Tournament Rules
  • Best of three, single elimination.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Battles must take place on
  • Replays are required.
Go here for Megamax resources

In order to signup, reply to this thread with "In". Signups will end on Wednesday, May 20th at 11:59 PM EST
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Thank you everyone!
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Congratulations Earlio! Winning it before the PMGS Open already
Great job Dramps, zizotrip and all participants.
Stay on your toes for PMGS 3!

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