Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos concluded! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 10!

Mega Hawlucha
Fighting / Flying
Ability: Underdog (attacks against heavier Pokemon will be powered up by 30%)
HP: 78​
Atk: 108 (+16)​
Def: 95 (+20)​
SpA: 102 (+28)​
SpD: 88 (+25)​
Spe: 129 (+11)​
Weight: 54 lbs / 24.5 kg (+6.6 lbs / +3 kg)

From X:
"Although its body is small, its proficient fighting skills enable it to keep up with big bruisers like Machamp and Hariyama."​

All mega evolutions come with the inherent downside of being locked into a useless item, but for a Pokemon defined by Unburden like Hawlucha, that downside is far more taxing than most.

Mega Hawlucha seeks to circumvent this hurdle with power. It may not be as fast as base Hawlucha, but it's still very fast (though it falls one point short of Tapu Koko) and its power is amazing for something at its speed. However, its damage output is only average against Pokemon that are lighter than it, and there are several key Pokemon fit the bill:
  • Event pixies like Mew and Victini
  • Toxapex
  • Reuniclus
  • Pyukumuku
  • Tapus not named Bulu
  • Mega Mawile
I originally tried to do it with height because literally nothing uses that mechanic, but what the number actually means is wildly inconsistent from Pokemon to Pokemon, and I'm pretty sure weight is more important in fighting (I've heard of weight classes, but not height classes).

Mega Araquanid
Water / Bug
Ability: Water Bubble
HP: 68​
Att: 70​
Def: 152 (+60)​
SpA: 90 (+40)​
SpD: 62 (-70)​
Spe: 112 (+70)​

So, Araquanid is a curious beast. Its stats are all over the place, and its ability is three separate effects piled on top of each other. Giving Araquanid any other ability besides Water Bubble would feel like a step down, but how to avoid making Mega Araquanid feel too similar to base Araquanid?

My solution? Boost every stat by 20 points, and then shuffle them around.

Similar to Mega Diancie, this Mega Araquanid completely reworks Araquanid's role. While base Araquanid has moderate physical bulk, excellent special bulk, and slow speed, Mega Araquanid has titanic physical bulk, paltry special bulk, and respectable speed. It also favors special attacks to physical ones.

Hematite also gave it the okay, and pointed out that if you swap Araquanid's base defenses, it actually follows the stat rules put in place, which was a happy coincidence.

Mega Cacturne
Grass / Dark
Ability: Sand Rush
Moves: Skitter Smack, Lash Out, Scorching Sands
HP: 70​
Atk: 135 (+20)​
Def: 90 (+30)​
SpA: 135 (+20)​
SpD: 70 (+10)​
Spe: 75 (+20)​

A Ground-resistant Sand Rush user is something that's been proposed at least twice in this mod, and for good reason. With Tyranitar, Excadrill, and Dracozolt all being weak to Ground, something that can potentially tank an Earthquake would be greatly appreciated.

As with any Pokemon not found in Galar, tutor moves are in order. Skitter Smack is mostly just flavor; it reflects how Cacturne stalks those who travel the desert. Lash Out sounds like the kind of thing it would do if you mistook it for a cactus and got too close, and it gives Cacturne the reliable physical Dark STAB it currently lacks. Scorching Sands is a bit of a stretch, as it's a move currently reserved for Ground and Fire types, but I thought it would be a cool parallel to Shiftry learning Heat Wave (that also makes more sense, like the sand in the desert is probably already scorching), and it gives it a more reliable special attack to hit Steels with than Focus Blast.
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Ema Skye

Mega Cacturne
Ability: Item Shackle (Upon entry, ability is announced and all items have no effect. Items that cannot be knocked off aren't affected by this ability. Items remained attached.)
Type: Grass/Dark
New Stats:
HP: 70
Atk: 115 -> 145 (+30)
Def: 60 -> 80 (+20)
SpA: 115 -> 115
SpD: 60 -> 90 (+30)
Spe: 55 -> 75 (+20)

New Moves: Grassy Glide, Lash Out, Burning Jealousy (all as IoA tutors), Knock Off
Description: It wanders around deserts looking for torment. It no longer seeks out prey in the desert, but looks for ways to be annoying. Competitively, it provides the valuable niche of item suppression. Megas generally have to make use of playing without an item, but Mega Cacturne forces its foes to play by the same rules. It can then Knock Off the now useless item to support its team.
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:ss/araquanid: Mega Araquanid @ Araquite

New Ability
: Expanding Bubble
(Water Immunity. If the foe tries to hit you with Water moves, start "Invasive Bubble" effect.)
(Traps the foe and make it loses 1/8 HP each turn until the owner of the ability switchs or is KO.)

Type: Water/Bug

New stats:

HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 105 (+35)
Defense: 92 -> 122 (+30)
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 132
Speed: 42 -> 77 (+35)
(BST) : 554 (+100)

New moves: Fell Stinger, Agility, Electroweb, Taunt.

Description: This Pokemon is made to trap Water pokemon like Toxapex and Quagsire, Scald users in general, and punish them on switch-in. Trap a Toxapex with only scald as damaging move is a good thing, and run Taunt is a good option to make useless Toxapex. You can trap Ash-Greninja too and if it's a Specs you can easily do Ability and finish it with Fell Stinger, +2 Spe, +3 Atk allows Araquanid to become a good sweeper after KOing the water pokemon of the opponent.

This was for Araquanid, now for Hawlucha :

:ss/hawlucha: Mega Hawlucha @ Hawluchite

New Ability
: Flying Style
(This Pokemon Fighting type moves deal half more damages against Flying type Pokemons.)

Type: Fight/Flying

New stats:

HP: 78
Attack: 92 -> 132(+40)
Defense: 75 -> 100 (+25)
Special Attack: 74
Special Defense: 63 -> 93 (+30)
Speed: 118 -> 123 (+5)
(BST) : 600 (+100)

New moves: (None)

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y'all are so fast lmao
Mega Araquanid
Typing: Water/Bug ---> Water/Bug
Ability: Water Absorb / Water Bubble ---> Surface Tension | Blocks certain status moves and restores 1/8th of its max HP when hit by a status move.
Atk: 70 ---> 50 (-20) [Atk-SpA swap]
Def: 82 ---> 142 (+60)
SpA: 50 ---> 80 (+30) [Atk-SpA swap]
SpD: 132 ---> 162 (+30)
Spe: 42 ---> 42
Movepool Additions: Life Dew
Description: A wall that attempts to patch its hazard weakness and lack of reliable recovery by absorbing hazards and status moves for HP.

Mega Cacturne
Grass / Dark ---> Grass / Dark
Ability: Sand Veil / Water Absorb ---> Barbed Fist | If the opponent is hit by a contact move, they lose an additional 1/8th of their max HP.
Atk: 110 ---> 140 (+30)
Def: 60 ---> 80 (+20)
SpA: 110 ---> 110
SpD: 60 ---> 60
Spe: 55 ---> 105 (+50)
Movepool Additions: Knock Off, Parting Shot, Pursuit
Description: A fast pivot that can get a little extra chip using offensive Iron Barbs.

Mega Hawlucha
Fighting / Flying ---> Fighting / Flying
Ability: Arena Master | On switch-in, if a terrain is active, Attack is raised by 1.
Atk: 92 ---> 142 (+50)
Def: 75 ---> 93 (+18)
SpA: 74 ---> 99 (+20)
SpD: 63 ---> 93 (+30)
Spe: 118 ---> 100 (-18)
Movepool Additions: None
Description: Instead of abusing terrain for blistering speed, this abuses terrain for blistering power. Also no longer depends on the type of terrain (as it was with the seeds) and is much more bulky.
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Sand Veil/Water Absorb-> Gunslinger (User's first move after switching in receives +1 priority).

HP: 70
Atk: 115-> 135 (+20)
Def: 60-> 70 (+10)
SpA: 115
SpD: 60-> 100 (+40)
Spe: 55-> 85 (+30)
New Moves: +Knock Off, Scorching Sands

As a Gen-U-Ine desperado, Mega Cacturne has a sharp eye and some mighty quick reflexes. In typical Wild West rules, first to get the shot off wins the big showdown, and Cacturne is primed for that opportunity thanks to Gunslinger (aka what Quick Draw should've been), which allows it to serve as a prime revenge killer, able to pick off weakened targets thanks to its boosted Attack, with decently strong attacks like Poison Jab, Superpower/Drain Punch and new STAB Knock Off (very fitting for a no good outlaw who wouldn't mind disarming their opponent); it also potentially benefits a few utility options like Substitute, Spikes and Destiny Bond. Its desert habitat also grants it Scorching Sands (I mean, Maractus gets it). In terms of stats, Cacturne gets a sizeable speed boost so it doesn't automatically have to switch out after Gunslinger has triggered, while I prioritized SpD over Def both due to my design idea (Eastwood-esque poncho) and since Turne is the Bad of this showdown, who are often taken out by a quicker draw.


Limber/Mold Breaker/Unburden-> Powerslam (User's attacks do 1.3x damage to non-grounded targets.)

HP: 78
Atk: 92->132 (+40)
Def: 75-> 95 (+20)
SpA: 74-> 84 (+10)
SpD: 63-> 83 (+20)
Spe: 118-> 128 (+10)
New Moves: None!

Advancing its combat capabilities through Mega Evolution, Hawlucha becomes master of the powerslam, where one drops face first onto their target. Harnessing the power of [not the move] gravity, Hawlucha's attacks gain a whole new weight to them, with non-grounded targets taking more damage as they face a second impact with the ground. In practical terms, this allows Mega Lucha to break through several Flying types that can give the base form trouble- for example, physically defensive Zapdos is OHKOed by +2 Jolly Rock Slide thanks to the new ability. That said, Mega Lucha is not meant to 1v1 opposing flyers right out the gate, but like its standard form generally benefits the most in mid-late game, once its teammates have applied a little chip, which it likes since Lucha still isn't the bulkiest thing.


Water Absorb/Water Bubble-> Bubble Armor (If any opponents are Water type, their Water typing is removed and the user receives +1 Attack per removal).

HP: 68
Atk: 70-> 125 (+55)
Def: 92-> 117 (+25)
SpA: 50
SpD: 132-> 142 (+10)
Spe: 42-> 52 (+10)
New Moves: None!

The energy of Mega evolution causes Araquanid's bubble to envelop its whole body, while also granting the bubble a rather peculiar quirk: while osmosis typically causes water to flow into an area of lower concentration, Araquanid's bubble, despite being mostly water already, actually absorbs more water into itself. This "reverse osmosis" is so intense that opposing Water types have their Water typing absorbed right off of them, adding to Araquanid's power while removing a resistance to its Water STAB, continuing the base flavor of Water Bubble. The ability to weaken opposing Waters grants Araquanid a rather unique niche, with +1 letting it get a nice hit off on its formerly Water-type prey or one of their teammates as they switch in.
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Hey, everyone!
Quick update on :hawlucha: Mega Hawlucha:
I'm going to lay a general ground rule on submissions' stats, because a lot of the ones I've seen discussed really need to be constrained more and it's hard to address all of them on a case-by-case basis.

When designing the stats for your Hawlucha:​
any submission that gains more than 11 points of Speed (that's base 129) may not increase its Attack by more than 20 points (that's base 112)!​
The same applies to the equivalent boost in either stat by an Ability.​
This does not apply if your sub changes type (such that it no longer has STAB on either Fighting or Flying) or if it has an Ability that directly hinders it at sweeping in some way.​

That said, you're welcome to ask before posting on the Discord about exceptions if you think something else about your sub would warrant one; there may be other cases that make this okay, so I'm happy to consider others as needed. C:
Still, this is something I feel is necessary as a guideline for a majority of Hawlucha subs, and I think it would help to put it forward as early as possible so there aren't a large number of vetoes to make later.

Thank you guys!

Edit: changed from +10 to +11 because a few people asked about the 1 point and the actual benchmark that matters is "not 130"
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Submission time! I hope I don't take much recoil from this :O

Ability: Arena Surge - Summons Arena Terrain on entry
Lasts for 5 turns (8 with Terrain Extender)
Boosts the power of Fighting moves by 1.3 times
Allows Fighting moves to hit Ghost types

Fighting Seed: Raises holders Defense by 1 stage.

New Stats
HP: 78 (Unchanged)
Atk: 122 (+30)
Def: 90 (+15)
SpA: 95 (+21)
SpD: 90 (+27)
Spe: 125 (+7)

New Moves: None.

To Mega Hawlucha, the whole world is his ring.

The flavor I am going for is in that Hawlucha likes to show off in battle, and what better place to do that than in an arena? Hawlucha is a wrestling birb, and wrestling usually takes place in an arena.

I tried balancing the damage boost by throwing some points into SpA, and I made sure that at max speed, he speed ties with Tapu Koko.
EDIT: I lowered his speed by 5 points and threw them away to better meet the requirements for Mega Hawlucha.


"It has lived in deserts for so long that its blood has transformed into sand."
Ability: Sand Blood - If Sandstorm is active, this Pokemon takes half damage from it's weaknesses.
(Fire, Flying and Bug all become neutral, still weak to Ice.)

New Stats
HP: 70 (Unchanged)
Atk: 125 (+10)
Def: 100 (+40)
SpA: 125 (+10)
SpD: 100 (+40)
Spe: 55 (Unchanged)

New Moves: Scorching Sands, Rock Slide, Knock Off, Iron Head, Weather Ball

The flavour of this sub is around the quote above.

The ability is amazing defensively, as Grass/Ground has a type score (For the uninformed, it's based on the weaknesses, neutralities, resistances and immunities.) of 22. This ability makes it 17 in sand. (For reference, Steel/Fairy is 13.25)

Scorching Sands fits because desert sand is hot, and his blood is literally sand lol.
Iron Head because looking at his head it really seems like he should be able to use it. (At least in my eyes)

He can be physical, special, mixed or defensive with his stat spread, new moves and ability. (His special movepool is pretty bad without these, and it's physical movepool felt like it could use a couple of moves)

Ability: Bubble Guard - Sets a screen that only allows teammates to take damage from direct attacks. Lasts 5 turns.

New Stats
HP: 68 (Unchanged)
Atk: 105 (+35)
Def: 112 (+20)
SpA: 95 (+45)
SpD: 132 (Unchanged)
Spe: 42 (Unchanged)

New Moves: Life Dew, Flip Turn, Whirlpool, Toxic Thread

I gave Araquanid-Mega Bubble Guard for 2 reasons.
Flavour: Araquanid is known to bring weaker creatures into it's bubble for protection (while it's teammates aren't exactly weaker, it's the general idea)
Water Bubble: This ability sets a high standard. What better way to match that than having a Magic Guard screen?

Araquanid still takes entry hazard damage if the screen is down and switches in, kinda like Tapu Fini getting poisoned by Toxic Spikes because the terrain goes up after getting poisoned.

Mega Araquanid works as a mixed attacker, and as a support pokemon. Physical sets deal more damage, special sets have Scald and can run more support options. (Toxic Thread feels like a bit of a stretch here, but Araquanid is a spider, so it kinda fits, right?)
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Remember how Chansey shut down every single Special Attacking Pokemon in existence in Gen 1? No?

How about the time when Snorlax invalidated every other Pokemon in Gen 2? Nothing, you say?

Well then, do you remember how Toxapex invalidated Keldeo as a Pokemon? Still don't ring a bell?

Eitherways, in Megas For All, you'll now remember Araquanid-Mega, the Pokemon who gave absolutely zero shits about rain and said 'fuck you' to Greninja-Ash! How wonderful!

Type: Water/Bug
Ability: Osmotic Bubble (remember Flash Fire? Now imagine that, but with WATER)
*credit to Ausma for the name

HP: 68
Attack: 95 (+25)
Defense: 137 (+45)
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 162 (+30)
Speed: 42

New moves: Recover, it's literally all it needs!

Flavor reasoning: Araquanid is literally a bubble that eats fucking everything, but when it mega evolves things become much more complicated. It's bubble becomes less permeable to solid objects, instead being able to break said objects due to the solidity of the bubble.
The only thing that can pass through its bubble is water (through the power of osmosis, thanks biology!), which it uses to boost it's physical strength, allowing it to brutally slaughter any threat coming its way.

Competitive reasoning:
NOGRENINJA4U (Araquanid) @ Araquanid mega stone
Ability: Semi-Permeable Bubble
EVs: 144 HP / 8 Atk / 252 Def / 104 SpD
Impish Nature
- Liquidation
- Leech Life
- Recover
- Sticky Web

252 SpA Choice Specs Greninja Dark Pulse vs. 144 HP / 104 SpD Araquanid: 102-121 (32.5 - 38.6%) -- 99% chance to 3HKO
252 Atk Protean Greninja Gunk Shot vs. 144 HP / 252+ Def Araquanid: 93-109 (29.7 - 34.8%) -- 10.9% chance to 3HKO

Greninja Hydro Pump vs. Water Absorb Araquanid: 0-0 (0 - 0%) -- possibly the worst move ever

OK, but seriously speaking, this mega serves as an anti-rain Pokemon/anti-water in general, while also having enough defenses and offensive utility to fend off common offensive/defensive Pokemon. Sticky Web is always a great move in general, and allows slower wallbreakers to perform their duties more efficiently. Finally, Recover is the move Araquanid always needed, giving it reliable recovery to check its victims more often, and heal away SR damage.

Liquidation and Leech Life just slap lots of stuff.

Some absolute slapping calcs here:
252+ Atk Dhelmise-Mega Poltergeist (110 BP) vs. 144 HP / 252+ Def Araquanid: 127-151 (40.5 - 48.2%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
8 Atk Araquanid Liquidation vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Dhelmise in Heavy Rain: 190-225 (67.6 - 80%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252+ Atk Choice Band Rillaboom Grassy Glide vs. 144 HP / 252+ Def Araquanid in Grassy Terrain: 138-163 (44 - 52%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery
8 Atk Araquanid Leech Life vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Rillaboom: 174-206 (51 - 60.4%) -- 90.6% chance to 2HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery

252 SpA Flygon-Mega Fire Blast vs. 144 HP / 104 SpD Araquanid: 63-75 (20.1 - 23.9%) -- guaranteed 5HKO
8 Atk Araquanid Liquidation vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flygon: 153-181 (50.8 - 60.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252 Atk Landorus-Therian Stone Edge vs. 144 HP / 252+ Def Araquanid: 136-162 (43.4 - 51.7%) -- 9% chance to 2HKO
8 Atk Araquanid Liquidation vs. 0 HP / 12 Def Landorus-Therian: 276-326 (86.5 - 102.1%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO

+1 252 SpA Volcarona Flamethrower vs. 144 HP / 104 SpD Araquanid: 139-165 (44.4 - 52.7%) -- 22.3% chance to 2HKO
8 Atk Araquanid Liquidation vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Volcarona: 360-426 (115.7 - 136.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

*please do note that most of these calcs were made when Araquanid-Mega's Attack stat was 90; Liquidation also had 128 BP because I forgot to change it after rain for some calculations.

Admittedly I could've gave a better EV spread for Araquanid-Mega, but as the calculations show, it's definitely able to fulfill many niches on many teams, whether it be a defensive check to Volcarona and Greninja-Ash, an anti-rain Pokemon in general, or even just a Sticky Web setter.

The point is: It's Tapu Fini but with Sticky Web, and doesn't die to overlong amounts of pressure.

Fuck you Greninja-Ash. I rest my case.
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Mega Araquanid
New Ability
: Ferocious Guardian (Every time Araquanid uses the move soak, even if it fails, it transforms to its Caring Defender form. When it uses Liquidation, it transforms into its Bubble Hunter form. (Default Caring Defender))
Type: Water/Bug
New stats:
(Bubble hunter)
HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 150 (+80)
Defense: 92 -> 112 (+20)
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 132
Speed: 42
(Caring Defender)
HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 90 (+20)
Defense: 92 -> 142 (+50)
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 132 -> 162 (+30)
Speed: 42
New moves: None
Description: Similar to Aegislash, but slightly balanced out by a lack of priority and the move it uses to convert being a horrible one.

Mega Hawlucha
New Ability: Limber/Unburden/Mold Breaker ---> Free Fighter (Acts like a Terrain-Dependent -Ate ability. Normal type moves get boosted by 1.2 during no terrain.)
New Typing: Fighting
New Stats:
HP: 78
ATK: 92 -> 112 (+20)
: 75 -> 100 (+25)
SPA: 74
SPD: 63 -> 98 (+35)
SPE: 118 -> 138 (+20)

New Moves
Desc: In this slate, I wanted to pull from the pokemon's inspiration and dex entries, and Hawlucha is supposed to be a freestyle fighter, which inspired the ability, and the stats seem pretty standard.

Mega Cacturne
New Ability: Stalker (If the opposing pokemon is under half health, they are paralyzed and this pokemon's attack is raised two stages. However, this pokemon enters the effect of Slow Start every swap in.)
New Stats:

HP: 70
Attack: 115 -> 145 (+30)
Defense: 60
Special Attack: 115
Special Defense: 60
Speed: 55 -> 125 (+70)
Description: So anyways, remember how I'm using inspirations this slate? Most of it's dex entries mention it waiting all day, and then striking when it's foes are weak, and unmoving.
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Mega Hawlucha :Hawlucha:
New Ability: Honorable Duel
Ability Description: Upon switch in, no stat changes are able to take effect, and any in effect are removed, this is undone upon Mega Hawlucha switching out
Type: Flying-Fighting
New Stats:
HP: 78->78
Attack: 92->110(+18)
Defense: 75->100(+25)
Special Attack: 74->80(+6)
Special Defense: 63->100(+37)
Speed: 113->127(+14)
BST: 500->600(+100)
New Moves: Mach Punch
Description: Mostly inspired by Ash's Hawluchas sense of honor, the ability Fair Brawl makes it that no stat changes can take effect as long as it is in. Forcing the mons in play to rely solely on their stats and moves and items in some cases, and not their boosting moves. It allows people to, with Halwuchas quite good and balanced stats, to come in and revenge kill something that has become dangerous due to setting up. The problem is the tradeoff is that Hawlucha can't boost itself or use any boosts once it goes into mega, so once it mega evolves, it has to rely on its raw stats alone.

Mega Araquanid :araquanid:
New Ability: Bubble transfer
Ability Description: Upon contact with Araquanid, the attacker suffers the effects of Soak(being reduced to a pure water type)
Type: Bug-Water
New Stats
HP: 68->68
Attack: 70->70(+0)
Defense: 92->122(+30)
Special Attack: 50->70(+20)
Special Defense: 132->157(+25)
Speed: 42->67(+25)
BST: 454->554(+100)
New Moves: Electroweb
Description: Alright, this is a weird one, but I always wondered for another use for Araquanids bubbles, and I came up with one! by Transfering it to its opponent, it makes physical attackers suffer Soak and struggle to break Araquanid after the first contact hit making it lose stab(unless it's a water type, obviously), along with its new powerful defenses and nigh unkillableness against physical attacks since it still has leech life, alongside Electroweb and Giga Drain to poke at physical attackers and Liquidation to slowly chip at them, and with its high special bulk covering the opposite side... makes up for its complete lack of a good offensive pressure without its signature ability, it's very annoying and hard to break and will be one good web setter

Mega Cacturne :Cacturne:
New Ability: Fast-Draw
Ability Description: All Ballistic moves(see: moves that are blocked by bulletproof) have +1 priority when at full health
Type: Grass-Dark
New Stats:
HP: 70->70
Attack: 115-140(+25)
Defense: 60->75(+15)
Special Attack: 115->145(+30)
Special Defense: 60->75(+15)
Speed: 55->70(+15)
BST: 475->575(+100)
New Moves: Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Mud Bomb,
Description: This is entirely inspired by that one time BitBitio said Cacturne has a little cowboy hat, anyway, the "Gimmick" of Mega Cacturne is pretty clear, as it is inspired by the Fast-Draw in the wild west, it has priority added to its ballistic moves to mimic the swiftness of a wild-west duel, between its variety of ballistic moves such as the newly added moves, Focus Blast and Energy Ball, Mega Cacturne becomes a scary sweeper without priority on your side if you allow it to get a Nasty Plot up, the problem is, it's below-average speed, with so many mons capable of coming in and using priority to easily revenge kill it or force it out due to an unfavorable matchup it can't beat one on one, along with being relatively frail, so if it doesn't get the KO with it's Fast-Draw, it's likely to be thrown into an unfavorable position with how if it loses HP, it loses the ability to gain priority with its ballistic moves
Note: Moves that Cacturne has that benefit from/activate Fast Draw include Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Mud Bomb, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, and Seed Bomb


Title pending
:cacturne: Mega-Cacturne
Ability: Sundown Switch (When using a Grass type move, switches to "Day" Form. When using a Dark type move, switches to "Night" form. Under Sun, will always be in Sun form. The change happens at the start of the turn. Switching this Pokemon out will revert it to Sun form)

I had to precise that before showing the other things.

Mega-Cacturne (Day):
Ability: Sundown Switch
Typing: Grass-Ground
HP: 70 (Unchanged)
Atk: 115 (Unchanged)
Def: 110 (+50)
SpA: 115 (Unchanged)
SpD: 110 (+50)
Speed: 55 (Unchanged)

Mega-Cacturne (Night):
: Sundown Switch
Typing: Grass-Dark
HP: 70 (Unchanged)
Atk: 165 (+50)
Def: 65 (+5)
SpA: 115 (Unchanged)
SpD: 65 (+5)
Speed: 95 (+40)

New Moves: Pursuit, Knock Off, Earthquake, Scorching Sands

Decription: This is based on the many dex entries for Cacturne that states it's prey are mostly travelers exhausted by the desert's heat. Even if i didn't use the "heat" part (i could have but base Cacturne getting Fire moves wouldn't make sense), this is still very much based on this concept. When using a Grass type move, it becomes very defensive and takes hits pretty well, and it gets good moves to use that as well. It can use Leech Seed, Synthesis (knowing this makes it a pretty effective wall under Sun), Spiky Shield... It also has Earthquake, which benefit it's other form a lot by giving it a great tool to use as coverage, and Scorching Sands can be used to spread burns, which compensates a bit for Night form's mediocre bulk, and is also a pretty good move on a wall set. Though, the whole thing comes together to be much more interesting when taking into account the Night form. When using Dark type moves, it becomes a much more offensive Pokemon, which can use different moves to take advantage of the chip damage the Day form is going to inflict to the opponent. It can, for example, use Sucker Punch, which will compensate for the good but not great speed tier for a Mega that is 95. It can also use Pursuit if it predicts a switch. Knock Off ks this thing's best STAB.It could also potentially run a more bulky set (without any speed investments) to try running Payback. Day form's bulk also makes it much easier to set-up Swords Dance or Spikes, both of which are very useful tools. It also bring utility for the team with Leech Seed, Knock Off, Scorching Sands burns... Overall, a versatile and (atleast i hope so) interesting Pokemon.

Bulky Set-Up Sweeper
Cacturne @ Cacturnite (of course i'm not the one deciding the stone name but this is probably the most logical way to go)
EVs: 252 Atk / 128 Def / 128 SpD
Adamant Nature
-Spiky Shield
-Swords Dance
-Knock Off
-Sucker Punch

Sun Wall:
Cacturne @ Cacturnite
EVs: 252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
IVs: 0 Atk
Impish Nature
-Leech Seed
-Spiky Shield

Set-Up Sweeper:
Cacturne @ Cacturnite
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Jolly Nature
-Knock Off
-Drain Punch
-Swords Dance

Set-Up Sweeper #2:
Cacturne @ Cacturnite
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Jolly Nature
-Knock Off
-Swords Dance

Team Support:
Cacturne @ Cacturnite
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
-Leech Seed
-Knock Off
-Scorching Sands

:Hawlucha: Mega-Hawlucha
Ability: KO (When this Pokemon is on the field, any Pokemon below 25%HP can't switch out)
Type: Flying-Fighting
HP: 78
Atk:110 (+18)
Def:75 (Unchanged)
SpA:104 (+30)
SpD:73 (+10)
Spe:160 (+48)
New Moves: Pursuit

Description: This one was made with two clear goals in mind: Not stepping on Hawlucha's niche as a late-game terrain sweeper (Or a sweeper at any time if paired with Mega-Delibird but that doesn't count), and becoming a revenge-killer. So even if it is extremely fast (tied with Ninjask for fourth fastest Pokemon behing Regieleki, Noivern-Mega and Talonflame-Mega), it doesn't hit very hard for a mega, which lowers it's offensive role in most cases. It is also outsped by regular Hawlucha after Unburden, but gets a very useful niche: it becomes an excellent revenge-killer, effectively becoming able to finish anything under 25%, or to put them in that range with Pursuit by threatening them with Close Combat and much and forcing them to switch out. Then, it's very high speed comes into play, because it's almost certain to outspeed the opponent and kill it before getting killed. In some other situations, it can also come to threaten the opponent, and then use Swords Dance to set-up while it's foe switches out. Overall it could be very strong and interesting as a revenge-killer, but is balanced by it's not so great offensive power without boosts. Also if you ever run bulk investments on this, invest in HP, not in defenses, it pairs better with the ability. Also, you really should run either Roost or U-Turn to avoid the ability trapping you.

IMPORTANT: This, and Pursuit specifically, are being tested in the Sandbox, because with Pursuit, it can come on a weakened foe, use Pursuit to put ut below 25% HP, and then be able to kill it next time it comes if inthe foe can't heal because it will be trapped.

Revenge Killer:
Hawlucha @ Hawluchite (Again, this is just to have something to put in the samples)
EVs: 252 Atk / 156 Spe / 100 HP
Adamant Nature
-Brave Bird
-Close Combat

Set-Up Sweeper:
Hawlucha @ Hawluchite
EVs: 252 Atk / 156 Spe / 100 HP
Adamant Nature
-Swords Dance
-Brave Bird
-Close Combat

The HP investment is to take less damage from Brave Bird.

:Araquanid: Mega-Araquanid
Ability: Bubble Zone (On switch-in, sets-up a weather called Bubbly Zone. When it is active, Water type moves have ×1.5 power, the power of Fire type moves is halved and no Pokemon can be burned)
Type: Water-Bug
HP:68 (Unchanged)
Atk:90 (+20)
Def:132 (+40)
SpA:50 (+Unchanged)
SpD:162 (+40)
Spe:42 (Unchanged)
New Moves: Flip Turn

Description: This Pokemon sets-up a totally unique weather, which gives both teams Water Bubble (with a nerfed Water boost because you don't want to know how much damage Ash-Graninja coule deal with 2×) for five turns, basically. This makes it a great pair with Urshifu Water, as it powers up a lot Surging Strikes, while removing the Burn chance that happen when using it against a Pokemon with Flame Body. However, it has some notables drawbacks compared to Rain: First of all it doesn't activate Swift Swim, making Barraskewda less effective that one might think when looking at the ability. Second of all, Araquanid-Mega is the only setter, and it is weak to Stealth Rock, has no recovery and has a much worse defensive typing than Pelliper. Pelliper also has great synergy with Swampert-Mega, Rain's main abuser. This Araquanid still hits like hard, notably with Flip Turn, allowing it to pivot if it wants to, even if it would not work as a pivot and would mostly be there to bring in an abuser safely. This might make it seem like a worse Rain at first, because of the drawbacks it has compared to it, but let's remember this is still Araquanid, and it still has access to one wonderful tool: Sticky Web. This allows it to compensate much more easily for the lack of Swift Swim, and makes it a great lead with Magic Coat and Mirror Coat. It also has a pretty good bulk, which gives it an easier time switching in to set-up it's weather again.

Weather Setter:
Araquanid @ Araquite (Again this name is just to have something to put in the Sample Sets)
Ability: Water Bubble
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Sticky Web
- Flip Turn
- Magic Coat
- Mirror Coat
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I’m a bit late to this, but here are my submissions:

Mega Cacturne

New Ability: Persistent (If the opposing Pokemon’s HP is above 50%, this Pokemon has 50% defense. When the opposing Pokemon’s HP is below 50%, this Pokemon has 50% Attack.)

New Stats:

HP: 70
Attack: 115 -> 135 (+20)
Defense: 60
Special Attack: 115 -> 135(+20)
Special Defense: 60 -> 80 (+20)
Speed: 55 -> 95 (+40)

New Moves: Power Whip, Knock Off

Description: I was looking through Cacturne’s Dex entries, looking for ideas. After reading through all of them, I came to a conclusion; all of them mention Cacturne’s excellent abilities as a hunter. And that’s when it clicked, I got the idea of Persistent right there. Anyway, the idea is that Mega Evolution has improved Cacturne’s persistence to the point where it can outlast its own prey.

Dex Entry: TBA

Mega Araquanid

New Ability: Refreshing Tides (Healing moves such as Life Dew and Leech Life recover double the amount of HP)

HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 100 (+30)
Defense: 92 -> 132 (+40)
Special Attack: 50 -> 67 (+13)
Special Defense: 132
Speed: 42 -> 55 (+13)

New Moves: Aqua Jet, Life Dew

Description: As with Cacturne, I took a look through Aqua’s dex entries, hoping to hit the same creative stride as I had did with the former. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any inspiration this time, so I settled on my own thoughts. As you all (might) know, Araquanid’s SUMO Dex Entires are somewhat infamous for consisting of direct contradictions of each other, namely that Aqua is a caring mon in one game, and ruthless predator who drowns its prey in another game. With that in mind, I settled for this creation. I picture Mega Araquanid as a caring mon who takes in small Pokemon and provides them shelter with its bubble, but also as a major papa wolf who’s ruthless to whoever picks on its children.

Dex Entry: TBA

Sorry for no Mega Hawlucha, couldn’t make one atm :blobshrug:
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I have too much idea!

New Moves:Icicle Crash,Meteor Mash

HP: 78
Attack: 122(+30)
Defense: 115(+40)
Sp. Atk: 74
Sp. Def: 103(+40)
Speed: 108(-10)

P.Description:Hawlucha's wings became sharp steel for knock off opponents. Its flying for regain its light wings.

Description:2 weakness and 8 resistance, 1 immunity and good movepool.

Ability:Surging Anger(If this pokemon hit by a contact move, its Water-based moves ×3 and defense lowered by 2 stage.)
Moves:Bug Buzz

HP: 68
Attack: 75(+5)
Defense: 72(-20)
Sp. Atk: 80(+30)
Sp. Def: 192(+60)
Speed: 67(+25)

P.Description:Mega Evolve only gives sticky durable bubbles and too much pain. It will hurt you if you touched its body.

I dont have any mega-cacturne idea lol
Mega-Cacturne - Grass/Dark
Ability: Floral Fury: All Grass moves used by this pokemon are super effective against steel

HP: 70
Attack: 115 > 130 (+15)
Defense: 60 > 90 (+30
Spatk: 115 > 110 (-5)
Spdef: 60 > 85 (+25)
Speed: 55 > 90 (+35)
BST: 475 > 575
New Moves: Close Combat, Knock Off, Power Whip

I tried to turn Cacturne into a physically biased mixed wallbreaker, with the ability to punch through steels with it's super effective STAB Power Whips(sometimes boosted by Swords Dance)

I don't have ideas for the other two so just have this
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PogU, Pogchamp, Poggers.

Mega Araquanid.

download (2).gif


Water Bubble/Water Absorb --> Dew Trap (Sets a bubble trap on entry. Is also set by bubble & Bubble Beam.)

Also set by Bubble & Bubble Beam.
Stacks 3 times. (One Layer: 1/10th. Two layers: 1/8th. Three+ Layers: 1/6th)
Water types absorb the bubble trap.
Rapid Spin & Defog still remove the bubble trap.
Adds water type to the target.

HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 90 (+20)
Defense: 92 -> 132 (+40)
SpAtk: 50 -> 90 (+40)
SpDef: 132 -> 132 (+0)
Speed: 42 -> 42 (+0)

New Moves: Strength Sap, U-Turn, Refresh.

Description: Araquanid can setup a new hazard called Bubble Trap which will deal damage and give the opponent the water typing. This can also aid grass or electric type pokemon to deal greater damage to the opponent than they were before. However, other water types can absorb bubble trap. Araquanid is able to setup on entry and with bubble or bubble beam, a weaker water move that sets more bubble traps. Strength sap helps it stay alive and keep setting more hazards. U-Turn is there because it has a U in its name and it'd be nice to pivot away from the opponent.

Mega Cacturne.

download (3).gif


Ability: Sand Veil/Water Absorb --> Phantom Creep ( If the opponent switches, the user will pursue them by using the attacking move selected at 1/4th of the damage excluding modifiers (Excludes pursuit) )


HP: 70
Attack: 115 -> 135 (+20)
Defense:60 -> 70 (+10)
SpAtk: 115 -> 135 (+20)
SpDef: 60 -> 70 (+10)
Speed: 55 -> 95 (+40)

New Moves: Heat Wave, Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, Scorching Sands, Pursuit.

Description: Cacturne will stalk its prey, which has become fatigued due to the desert's heat it lives in. No matter how far or fast you run, mega cacturne will find you. There is no escape. Accept it. Basically, Mega Cacturne doesn't encourage the opponent to switch. Why? If they do, they'll take 1/4th the damage of whatever cacturne would have used before they switched. Say you went for Dark Pulse on a Mew that is being withdrawn, you pursue them. Works like pursuit. Mega Cacturne is unable to catch opponents switching in, however. So rather than using cacturne to catch a pokemon switching in, use cacturne to catch the pokemon switching out. You won't have to worry about making insane reads. You won't have to worry if your opponent's 12% swampert switches in to a 100% health blissey, because you'd just end them with a grass move lol. Also IMO Grass/Ghost would be better defensively. And fits with the idea that cacturne kinda creeps up on you. like a ghost. (Just thought I'd add that charge moves will burn out their charge turn if the opponent switches)

Mega Hawlucha

download (4).gif


Ability: Limber/Unburden/Mold Breaker --> People's Champ (Upon KO'ing a target, the user is permanently encored into the move used to KO. The move is then boosted by 1.2x and the multiplier increases by 0.2 every time the move is used. If the move fails, the multiplier does not increase or reset. The effect resets on switch and there is no damage cap.

HP: 78
Attack: 92 -> 100 (+8)
Defense: 75 -> 95 (+20)
Sp.Atk: 74 -> 110 (+36)
SpDef: 63 -> 95 (+32)
Speed: 118 -> 122 (+4)

New Moves: Spacial Rend, Hurricane, Burning Jealousy, Spotlight, Aura Sphere

Description: I don't have much to say really. Hawlucha is here to put on a show. It gives the crowd what they want. Once Hawlucha finishes off its target there's no going back, It'll continue using the same move each turn while gradually getting stronger. Hopefully Hawlucha being a mixed attacker is fine, doesn't have many ways to increase its special attack and lacks a special move-pool. But its an option. The idea is to get hawlucha encored and then snowball. Don't give it spacial rend.


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This is my first time doing this, do not hate me.:mad:

Mega Araquanid

New Ability: Forcefield ( This Pokémon cannot be statused, and takes 20% less damage.)

Type: Water/Psychic

New stats:
Defense:151 (+59)
Special Attack:85(swapped with attack+15)
Special Defense:151(+19)
BST: 554

New Moves: Psychic, Teleport

Description: A spider who mega evolved to discover it' magical powers. Force Field is because it uses its magic to power up its bubble to numb hits. I made sure to keep the theme of multiple abilities in one in water bubble. The magic also enhances the bubble to block all statuses instead of just burn.This also provides utility in webs plus teleport.

Mega Hawlucha

New Ability: Strong Start
( this Pokémon attack raises by 2 stages on switch in or gaining this ability but drops 1 stage of attack at the end of each turn)
Type: Fighting/Flying

New stats:
Defense: 100 (+25)
Special Attack: 102(+28)
Special Defense: 108 (+45)
Speed: 108(-10)
BST: 600

New moves: Celebrate,

Description: To impress its fans, it trys to finish off the battle as quick as possible with a power full move but loses confidence the longer the fight goes on. This ability is like pseudo huge power but I made sure to lower its speed so its not just a very fast huge power user.

Competitive Reasoning: Strong makes this Pokémon really powerful but only on the first attack . It would make a decent wall breaker.

Calc: 252+ SpA Hawlucha Hurricane vs. 252 HP / 36 SpD Quagsire: 211-249 (53.5 - 63.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Mega Cacturne
New Ability: Spike Cannon (at the end of each turn this Pokémon lays down a layer of spikes)
Type: Dark/Steel

New stats:
Defense: 115 (+55)
Special Attack:115
Special Defense:115(+55)
Speed:45 (-10)
BST: 575

New moves: Double Iron Bash, Knock Off

Description: Upon Mega Evolution, this Pokémon's' body becomes enveloped in steel making its regular spikes into steel spikes. Essentially, its body becomes bulkier and its fragile grass is covered up by the outer shell of steel. I thought of this because of how Cacti are sturdy in real life.

Competitive Reasoning: This Pokémon becomes a defensive menace resisting 9 types and immune to 1.However, the types it is weak to are still fairly common namely ground. It has utility in spikes and leech seed and an immunity to poision. It has semi-reliable recover with synthesis and is nowhere near passive. Payback plus double iron bash is enough to K.O. most offensive threats. It can also be a wall breaker through the use of of SD or NP. However, due to its lack of speed and weakness to some common coverage, mega cacturne is held back from becoming too broken. ( at least I think so)

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First time that I post here (art on project azurite)

M Cacturne

New ability : Hunting down ( If the opposing pokemon switches out this pokémon attack will do 30% more damage unless it is a dark type or has the ability neutralazing gaz. it will hit neutral at least all the target exept dark that will resist all his stabs even grass for the turn Thau are switching in )

Type : Ghost/ grass

New stats :

HP : 70
Attack : 145 (+30)
Defense : 85 (+25)
Sp attack : 145 (+30)
Sp defense :85 (+25)
Speed : 45 (-10)
BST : 575

New mooves : Poltergeist, shadow sneak, work up, power wip, shadow ball, hex, will o wisp

Description : I based Cacturne on a scarecrow that doesn't moove days but attacks at night lonely travelers near the desert. It is also a reference to the pokedex enteries.

Competitive Reasoning : Cacturne is an awful mon. I tried to fit the stats as mutch as I can without changing everything. With the fact that it doesn't have pursuit, it gives an opportunity to Cacturne as a incredible revench killer with a decent bulk.

I leave the other Mons to you because I coudn't find some inspiration for them ^^. Have a nice day all of you.


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:ss/cacturne:Mega Cacturne
Ability: Desert Veil - When in a sandstorm this pokemon's grass type weaknesses are turned into resistances.

Hp: 70
Att: 155 (+40)
Def: 85 (+25)
Spec Att: 120 (+5)
Spec Def: 85 (+25)
Sped: 60 (+5)

New Moves: Pursuit, Taunt, Snap Trap

Description: I thought about this one and thought that it isn't fast but it isn't bulky, which isn't a good combo. Then I thought of changing its type but I realized that the type fits so I needed to work around the bad typing since I decided on making it bulky. I then realized the grass typing is its downfall so I needed to fix that up. And now bam Desert Veil. With Sucker Punch, Taunt, & Pursuit you can really trap opponents and just trap trap them with snap trap.

:ss/hawlucha:Mega Hawlucha
Ability: Scrappy

Hp: 78
Att: 122 (+30)
Def: 95 (+20)
Spec Att: 84 (+10)
Spec Def: 93 (+30)
Sped: 128 (+10)

New Moves: Arm Thrust

Description: The Ultimate top tier killer. Stops Mega Eelektross (kind of) with earthquake, Blissey with any fighting move, Mega Dhelmise with any fighting move + Arm Thrust for sub sets, Mega Rillaboom with any flying move, Mega Reuinclus with any flying move, and Mega Registeel with any fighting move. It also gets SD and thunder punch. Although it needs a swords dance and a stronger fighting move to really bust down some pokemon.

:ss/araquanid:Mega Araquanid
Ability: When using a water move, place a Bubbly Shower effect on the pokemon that the move targeted.
When used on an opponent - On the next turn, lower the pokemon's att and spec att by 1.
When used on the user - On the next turn, raises their def and special def by 1.
When user on an ally - On the next turn, raise the pokemon's def and spec def by 1.

Hp: 68
Att: 90 (+20)
Def: 122 (+30)
Spec Att: 60 (+10)
Spec Def: 152 (+20)
Sped: 62 (+20)

New Moves: Life Dew

Description: A great pokemon with self healing and stat boosting with life dew, water sport, aqua ring, & rain dance. Great in doubles with soak and surf (surf can be used for interesting tactic with weakness policy shenanigans). Can also weaken opponents by hitting them with strong moves like liquidation.
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Ability: Bubble Absorb (When this pokemon uses a water type move, it does 1.5x damage if the foe holds an item, then it removes the item, this pokemon can't be burned)
HP: 68 (Unchanged)
: 120 (+50)
: 140 (+48)
: 50 (Unchanged)
: 144 (+12)
: 32 (-10)
New Moves: Flip turn

Description: Araquanid finally absorbs his opponents items by sucking them inside his water bubble. Now with access to Flip turn Araquanid becomes an utility water type knock off user of sort. Some offensive stats where added to provide for the damage lost from it's pre-mega ability but the lack of boosting moves keep it from being a wallbreaker.
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The ability is not overpowered because it only last 1 turn.
For the record, trapping abilities are still uncompetitive even if they last just 1 turn, as 1 turn is all most trappers need to beat their offensive targets. For this particular Mega, it would trash most psychic, water, and ground types while also being able to trap defensive pivots like Toxapex (trap with ability turn 1 into Snap Trap, get spikes and/or eventual kill). I’ve played mods before with 1 turn trapping abilities and they tend to
make the pokemon that lost to that trapper nearly unviable or forced to spam U-Turn.
Mega Cacturne
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability: Stakeout
  • HP: 70 (+0)
  • Attack: 140 (+25)
  • Defense: 90 (+30)
  • Special Attack: 120 (+5)
  • Special Defense: 90 (+30)
  • Speed: 65 (+10)
New Moves: Pursuit, Darkest Lariat, Lash Out, Burning Jealousy, Scorching Sands

"If a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, Cacturne will follow in a ragtag group. The Pokémon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving. " ~ Cacturne's Pokedex entry from Alpha Sapphire

You give this thing a Pokedex entry like that and you DON'T give it Pursuit?! What?!

Anyways, this thing has one job; smack switchouts with Stakeout-boosted STAB Pursuits, and smack them hard. Darkest Lariat is more flavor than anything seeing as how you'll want to use Pursuit more often. I also gave it some IoA tutor moves seeing how it's the only one of these three to not get any of them (cuz it ain't in SWSH)

Mega Araquanid
Type: Water/Bug
Ability: Flash Flood (When this Pokemon is hit by a Water move, the power of its Water moves go up. Water immunity. (A reskinned version of Flash Fire for Water moves instead of Fire moves.))

  • HP: 68 (+0)
  • Attack: 85 (+15)
  • Defense: 92 (+0)
  • Special Attack: 110 (+60)
  • Special Defense: 152 (+20)
  • Speed: 47 (+5)
New Moves: Calm Mind, Flip Turn, Whirlpool, Flash Cannon

Everybody here has been going physical with their Mega Araquanids, so I'd thought it would be fun to go special. I aimed to make this thing the Water-type variant of Heatran- a tank that absorbs moves of its type and also has trapping capabilities. I'm not sure if Calm Mind is balanced on this thing, though, so I will gladly remove it if need be.

Mega Hawlucha
Type: Fighting/Flying
Ability: Moxie
  • HP: 78 (+0)
  • Attack: 112 (+20)
  • Defense: 105 (+30)
  • Special Attack: 74 (+0)
  • Special Defense: 104 (+40)
  • Speed: 128 (+10)
New Moves: Mach Punch

Hawlucha is all about showing off and bragging to its opponents, and what ability fits that better than Moxie? Really it's just meant to be a simple Moxie snowball sweeper, with the addition of Mach Punch for priority.
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Ability: Fortitude (A passive bide-esque effect will occur over the course of 3 turns upon switch-in. After 3 active turns, its following attack will gain a particular multiplier depending on how much direct damage it has taken. This next move will also have +3 priority, but only if it has taken any damage.)

>10% = 1.1x boost
>25% = 1.2x boost
>33% = 1.3x boost
>50% = 1.5x boost
>100% = 2x boost

HP: 70
Atk: 115
Def: 120 (+60)
SpA: 115
SpD: 120 (+60)
Spe: 35 (-20)
New Moves: Shore Up, Knock Off, Pursuit, Earthquake, Earth Power, Scorching Sands


I love introducing new playstyles with my Megas, and Bide has always been a move that's been trash, but I always felt like its flavor and mechanics had potential. There were a few missing components toward making it really work though: that being that the Pokemon using it is completely disabled, that the users typically were not fit for taking damage, and that the opponent can abuse Bide's movement lock with hazards or setup.

The concept of a Bide-like abuser applies perfectly to Cacturne, a Pokemon that is known for its stalker-like tendencies and its patience before striking. I opted to give it the ability to remain as an active part of play, being able to take hits, set up hazards, or dish out utility using its new access to STAB Knock Off and Scorching Sands. It needed bulk, longevity, and a good defensive typing, so I took the merits of giving it a much better, yet still flavorful defensive typing in Ground/Dark, dumping literally all of its BST gain into its bulk to make it as effective as possible in taking hits, and giving it a flavorful recovery option in Shore Up. The rest of its moves are mostly to give it some Ground-type STABs to play with in its new Mega form, including a good utility one in Scorching Sands. The addition of Pursuit allows for its super move to deliberately choose its target without having to mess with awkward 50/50s and mitigating the impact of its attack, plus... why doesn't it have Pursuit in the first place?

That leaves its execution: how can you use this Mega Cacturne? The answer to that... is up to you! It has a lot of options to mess with as it preps for its super attack and dissuades the opponent from dealing as much direct damage as possible. It has options like Spiky Shield to pass the turns by and dish contact recoil, Endure to safely farm for the Fortitude multiplier, or even Spikes to support its team and support its own super move. That's also not considering its ability to spread burns with Scorching Sands or remove items with Knock Off. What's more, is that Mega Cacturne does not need to use its super move for anything offensive thanks to the added priority: it can even use it for priority healing or a last minute Spikes layer. Overall, this Mega Cacturne flips the script on a bulky hazard setter/utility attacker, being able to take hits and be a constant looming threat that requires both good HP management and forces the opponent to play more carefully, lest you are hunted down in the sandy night.


Ability: Luchador's Ring (Upon switch-in, the user will set the "Luchador's Ring" terrain. Effects in spoiler.)

Magic Coat effects will be active for grounded targets.
The critical hit ratio for grounded Pokemon raises by one stage.
Contact moves gain a 3/2x accuracy boost.

HP: 70
Atk: 107 (+15)
Def: 105 (+30)
SpA: 79 (+5)
SpD: 103 (+40)
Spe: 128 (+10)
New Moves: Drill Run, Triple Axel, Dynamic Punch


My idea behind this Hawlucha was to put an emphasis on the wrestler's ring: nothing more, nothing less. This was an obvious call for a terrain of some kind. Immediately, I opted to give it the unique Fighting/Ground typing, not only to emphasize its grounding in the ring, but also to have an excuse to give a really cool, one of a kind offensive typing. Now, with that in mind, it could be an obvious decision to give it Earthquake and let it go to house with generic STABs, but I'm not about that!

Its unique terrain lets it operate as a very unique wallbreaker to analog its base form, while not being overtly better than it. The terrain not only boosts the accuracy of contact moves (as you're in a tighter space for moves to actually land), but it ensures an immunity to direct status moves (bouncy ring siding), and boosts critical hit ratios. Enter Drill Run and Cross Chop, two high crit ratio moves that are rendered obsolete by their stronger, more accurate counterparts. These two moves with their boosted accuracy and 50% crit odds shine brightly as very effective immediate wallbreaking options that compliment Hawlucha's access to Swords Dance, solid defensive typing, and much greater bulk. Given its dual STABs are mono-walled by Flying-type Pokemon, I also opted to give it Triple Axel, which also highly appreciates the accuracy boost, and is a fairly good coverage option that makes sense given how Mega Hawlucha is going to be springing all over the place, making a scene and being a boisterous bastard. This is also why it gets Drill Run over more reliable Ground-type STABs, since it's spinning and making a scene over simply just barraging its foe. Half of wrestling is the show, after all! Lastly, in case you wanted to be a shitlord, I also gave it Dynamic Punch, which isn't the greatest option, but is there for confusion shenanigans and can do them more consistently with a greater accuracy. (100% accurate HJK exists too)


Ability: Osmotic Layer (If any kind of weather except Sun is active, the user will "sap" 1/8 of adjacent Pokemon's HP, including allies, and will be immune to burn, Hail, and Sandstorm damage. Water-type moves will be 3/2x as strong under any weather condition except Sun.

HP: 70
Atk: 130 (+60)
Def: 107 (+15)
SpA: 60 (+10)
SpD: 152 (+20)
Spe: 37 (-5)
New Moves: Strength Sap, U-turn, Taunt


Ok, so let's be real: Araquanid is a really strange Pokemon. It's weird, because no matter what you opt to give it, Water Bubble is such an overtly stupid ability that slotting it out for something more balanced is not the wave; usually you're better off just using the base form and reserving your Mega slot for something else instead. So, I decided to try and reconfigure Water Bubble and make an analog that would give its Mega a discernable, one-of-a-kind niche, while not boasting a broken ability. I think I figured it out!

There is something very interesting about Araquanid's typing: it is unironically an amazing addition to any kind of weather core. Its Fighting- , Ice-, and Ground-type resistances are incredibly valuable for Hail and Sand cores, and Araquanid goes very well on Rain offensively with its Bug-type STAB to batter Slowbro and bulky Grass-types, plus Rain boosting Water-type moves goes off. So, to highlight both of these caveats, I gave it a major attack boost (specifically enough to parallel Water Bubble-boosted Liquidation but lower the gap between its STABs' strength), bumps to its defenses to let its resistances shine a bit better, and significantly, a passive Leech Seed under weathers which can let it chip down walls for its allies while staying healthy. Weather teams, inherently, are hyper offensive, and need good pivots too! This Araquanid also provides that for weather teams, boasting a helpful Will-O-Wisp immunity, Taunt to block hazards and status, and Strength Sap for flavorful recovery and buttering up opponents. Granted, it is Stealth Rock weak, however this is to balance it out and make it easier in a vacuum to break.

The flavor to justify this comes from osmosis and permeation. It is stated that it uses its bubble to suck in targets and absorb their life force.
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first time submission! hope y'all enjoy!

mega araquanid
type: bug/water

ability: sticky bubble- on contact, the attacker will have its speed lowered by 1 stage and araquanid's water type moves are boosted by 1.5x (like flash fire)

new moves: aqua jet, toxic spikes, ice fang

Mega Araquanid covers its bubble in sticky webs as to protect itself from attackers. when a Pokemon attacks it the webs wrap around the attacker and allows more water to be launched from its bubble

mega cacturne
hp- 70
atk- 130(+15)
def- 70(+10)
spa- 130(+15)
spd- 70(+10)
spe- 105(+50)

ability: desert fruit- when hit by a fire type move, mega cacturne becomes fire/dark type and its grass moves deal fire type damage instead.

new moves: knock off, scorching sands, u-turn, heat wave

The juice inside mega cacturne is incredibly sweet and highly flammable, but the exposure to extreme heat in the desert allows it to stand tall even if engulfed in flames.

mega hawlucha
hp- 78
atk- 122(+30)
def- 110(+35)
spa- 74
spd- 93(+30)
spe- 122(+5)

ability: Tag Team- if an ally was knocked out on the previous turn mega hawlucha's next move will be a crit

new moves: mach punch

Mega Hawlucha is a noble fighter, caring for its teammates so much that when one falls it ignites its burning passion to win. It must avenge its allies
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For the record, trapping abilities are still uncompetitive even if they last just 1 turn, as 1 turn is all most trappers need to beat their offensive targets. For this particular Mega, it would trash most psychic, water, and ground types while also being able to trap defensive pivots like Toxapex (trap with ability turn 1 into Snap Trap, get spikes and/or eventual kill). I’ve played mods before with 1 turn trapping abilities and they tend to
make the pokemon that lost to that trapper nearly unviable or forced to spam U-Turn.
Hello, I understand and I think you are right, I just wanted to be with the lore of the mon but I changed his ability to do 30% more damage if the opposing pokemon switches out. It is not to mutch of a boost but is still a great ability to semi-trap.

Ps : I made dark types immun to the damage if they are switching in.

Edit : should I boost the damage to 50% or not ?
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Mega Hawlucha

New Ability
: Masquerade
In a similar way to "Illusion", the user will copy the ability of the last Pokémon in your team that is still living. If the user gets damaged by a direct move from its partner or from the opponent, it will loose the ability that it copied. "Masquerade" can be reset after switching out.
Certain abilities cannot be copied. Refer to "Receiver" if you want to know which abilities cannot be copied. Moreover, the banlist can be extended depending on how strong certain abilities turn out to be for the user or if an ability in question is unique to a Pokémon like "Blackmail" from Mega Honchkrow.

Type: Fighting | Flying

New stats:
HP: 78
Attack: 92 -> 112 (+20)
Defense: 75 -> 110 (+35)
Special Attack: 74 -> 84 (+10)
Special Defense: 63 -> 88 (+25)
Speed: 118 -> 128 (+10)
BST: 500 -> 600 (+100)

New Moves:
Storm Throw, Parting Shot

1) Hawlucha is associated with a so-called "lucha libre", which refers to a freestyle wrestling from Mexico. People participating in this kind of battle usually wear a special mask to represent an ancient hero, a famous fighter, an animal, a god, or any mystical figure. The longer a fighter wears a mask without getting demasked by their opponent, the higher their prestige and skills.
I feel like "Masquerade" is a good opportunity to reflect these aspects, especially when Hawlucha is depicted as a very proud Pokémon in the anime and according to the Pokédex. Once the user gets hit, it is demasked, similar to how Mimikyu has its disguise broken. Thus, the user looses the ability that it copied. But don't worry, you can reset it if you switch out!

That said, some of you may wonder why Hawlucha copies an ability from one of its teammates. It's because there's already a move called "Role Play", which copies the ability of the target. Thus, there seems to be a connection between identity and ability. Moreover, wearing a mask to represent someone famous in a "lucha libre" is a change of an individual's identity.

As for the name of the ability, I went for "Masquerade" to allude
a) to an event in which you are allowed to hide your true identity--in this case, it would be the "lucha libre"
b) to a custome, which usually includes a mask and can act as form of defensive strategy to overcome fears.
Moreover, "Masquerade" is a flexible name that can be applied to some Pokémon like Roserade if it wants to have this ability.

2) Strategy
- Due to the limited nature of "Masquerade", Hawlucha pairs well with Pokémon relying on a one-time ability like "Intimidate". In our metagame, it should pair well with Landorus-T who is immune to Electric or with Gyarados who takes neutral damage from Ice. There's also the possibility to include Incineroar as it takes neutral damage from Fairy, is resistant to Ice and unaffected by Psychic! Intimidate allows Hawlucha to better take physical hits and start setting-up with Swords Dance. Or you could just use it defensively, given how useful its dual typing can be as it offers a Ground immunity and a resistance to Fighting.
- Another way to use "Masquerade" is "Huge Power", turning Mega Hawlucha into an attacker that, rather than setting-up like its regular form, can immediately create huge holes in opposing teams at any time so long as it is not hit by a direct move. Diggersby seems to be a good partner for Hawlucha as it's immune to Electric. Azumarill is another useful Pokémon as it resists Ice. Furthermore, if you have "Natural Cure" or "Regenerator" in your team, you can use U-Turn to profit from these abilities.
-> Basically, Mega Hawlucha is a very customizable Pokémon and requires good team support as well as good management to adapt to any situation.

3) Stats: Hawlucha is bulky enough to take 2 Stone Edge from Landorus-T after Stealth Rock and 1 Moonblast from Clefable after Stealth Rock. Its SpAtk is decent enough to run Technician Hidden Power Ice to devastate certain Pokémon like Landorus-T if you want to.

4) Attention: "Masquerade" is going to be tested in the "sandbox-submission" in order to see if certain abilities like "Huge Power" or "Simple" should be even allowed to copy as Hawlucha is a pretty fast Pokémon with access to Swords Dance. It's possible I have to change Hawlucha's stats or that I may extend the ban-list. In that case, I will update this post, of course. That said, you still have the option to use "Adaptability", "Tough Claws" or even "Technician" for boosted Hidden Power, Storm Throw, or Dual Wingbeat if abilities like "Huge Power" or "Simple" turn out to be too strong on Hawlucha.

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