Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos Slate 4: Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 3!


Banned deucer.
A lot of good subs this time around, especially for Escavalier.

1. okispokis
2. lavarina
3. Bloopyghost
4. The Damned
5. Gekokeso
6. SimpyShrimp
7. DrPumpkinz

1. Bloopyghost
2. okispokis
3. KeroseneZanchu
4. BlueRay
5. lydian
6. Beaf Cultist

1. KeroseneZanchu
2. Paulluxx and StickyFingaaa
3. Bloopyghost
4. zxgzxg
5. DrPumpkinz
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1. Moretto
2. I-Deepblue-I
3. Bloopyghost
4. Okispokis
5. The Damned
6. Gekokeso

1. Bloopyghost
2. Shrimp, Lysio and Nani
3. BlueRay
4. Zxgzxg
5. Beaf Cultist
6. I-Deepblue-I

1. Paulluxx and Sticky Fingaa
2. DrPumpkinz
3. Moretto
4. Okispokis
5. Zxgzxg
6. Kero
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Banned deucer.
1. lavarina
2. Gekokeso
3. DrPumpkinz
4. okispokis
5. Moretto
6. KeroseneZanchu
7. SimpyShrimp
8. Bloopyghost
9. The Damned
10. |-Deepblue-|

1. Beaf Cultist
2. DrPumpkinz
3. Bloopyghost
4. KeroseneZanchu
5. lydian
6. BlueRay
7. Shrimp, Lysio, NANI?!
8. zxgzxg
9. The Damned
10. okispokis

1. KeroseneZanchu
2. ry4242
3. okispokis
4. Paulluxx, Sticky Fingaaa
5. Beaf Cumtist
6. Bloopyghost
7. zxgzxg
8. DrPumpkinz
9. Moretto
10. The Damned


Banned deucer.
Escavalier: The Damned :)

Haxorus: Beaf Cultist D:
The Damned

Mienshao: DrPumpkinz >:D


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behold, my :mienshao: votes!!!!
1. Moretto - i love my sub and i also think i am handsome etc. nah im just proud of this sub i love it lots so im going with the sv first sorry :x
2. Paulluxx and Sticky Fingaaa - its great. a weav counter and regen pivot. this is super epic.
3. zxgzxg - this one is great. epic typing and fur coat fun ability
4. Bloopyghost - fighting/dragon multiscale is an W combo
5. okispokis - creative way to beat slowbro
6. Beaf Cultist - this one looks really fun! good typing and a real elec stab

dont feel like ranking other subs and other mons. wanted to at least throw a vote in


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just wanna say, sorry about that mienshao sub haha yall are right it is too much! but glad my haxorus made it ^^ anyway voting time:
  1. gekokeso
  2. drpumpkinz
  3. bloopyghost
  4. moretto
  1. blueray
  2. lydian
  3. kerosenezanchu
  1. ry4242
  2. paulluxx & stickyfingaa


Banned deucer.
Escavalier: The Damned, Moretto, DrPumpkinz, okispokis, Bloopyghost, lavarina, KeroseneZanchu, Gekokeso, |-Deepblue-|, SimpyShrimp

Haxorus: Shrimp & Lysio & NANI?!, DrPumpkinz, The Damned, lydian, BlueRay, |-Deepblue-|, okispokis, zxgzxg, Beaf Cultist, Bloopyghost, KeroseneZanchu, Eeveekid10

Mienshao: DrPumpkinz, okispokis, zxgzxg, KeroseneZanchu, Paulluxx & Sticky Fingaa, Bloopyghost, Beaf Cultist, Moretto, The Damned, ry4242, EeveeKid10


Banned deucer.
Escavalier: lavarina, Moretto, Gekokeso

Haxorus: zxgzxg, Bloopyghost, DrPumpkinz

Mienshao: Moretto, Paulluxx and Sticky Fingaaa, ry4242
85 (+20)
95 (+40)
140 (+30)
110 (-20)
90 (+30)
Ability: Ribbony Hug
When this Pokémon is hit by a contact move, the attacker is drowned under ribbons and can’t move anymore, but it’s happy cause hugs are great! It’s speed is lowered by 2 stages, but it’s HP is restored by 12.5%

Flavor: Uh, ribbons are an important part of Sylveon, so why no more ribbons? Let it be fully covered by ribbons!
Don't post subs until new slate is opened.
1. Gekokeso
2. Moretto
3. DrPumpkinz
4. I-Deepblue-I
5. KeroseneZanchu
6. Okispokis

1. BlueRay
2. Lydian
3. I-Deepblue-I
4. Okispokis
5. DrPumpkinz
6. SimpyShrimp, Lysio and Nani

1. Paulluxx and Sticky Fingaa
2. Okispokis
3. Zxgzxg
4. Moretto
5. KeroseneZanchu
6. DrPumpkinz


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Aaaand the votes are in!

Due to some issues that have come to light recently, several votes from newly-banned user accounts have been excluded from the tally.
The council is still working through the situation and what actions may need to be taken, and you can (probably?) expect to hear about that once any of it has been figured out, but in the meantime this tally should be without incident.

... Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...

:escavalier: Mega Escavalier: Bloopyghost !
i dunno what to draw for this, just imagine it with more spikes or smth lol
Mega Escavalier
Mega Stone:

New Ability: Analytic

Stats: 70 HP / 155 Atk (+20) / 125 Def (+20) / 80 SpA (+20) / 125 SpD (+20) / 40 Spe (+20) / 595 BST

New Moves: Leech Life
Description: I'm admittedly phoning this one in as you can tell. It's a tank with Analytic, not much more to it than that. Fantastic Attack, bulk and coverage should make this a solid bulky breaker that can pose a threat to faster mons while heavily punishing switches for slower mons thanks to Analytic. Leech Life works rlly well on this type of build and it offers a consistent Bug STAB compared to Megahorn.

:haxorus: Mega Haxorus: BlueRay !
Once again, it's Technician time.
Mega Haxorus
Ability: Technician

Stats:76 HP, 157 Atk, 130 Def, 90 SpA, 90 SpD, 97 Spe

- base form usually has to contend with Dragon moves of moderate power but Technician allows it to really reap the benefits of those moves: Scale Shot, Dual Chop, Breaking Swipe (spread move for VGC)
- other moves it can take advantage of but they are mostly niche and more of use in VGC than in Singles: Bulldoze, Snarl, Low Kick

:mienshao: Mega Mienshao: Paulluxx & Sticky Fingaaa !
Mega Mienshao
Type: Fighting/Water
Ability: Regenerator
HP: 65
Atk: 140 (+15)
Def: 105 (+45)
SpA: 100 (+5)
SpD: 85 (+25)
Spe: 115 (+10)
New Moves: Flip Turn, Scald, Whirlpool

Concept: Wake up babe, new Weavile check just dropped When looking at Mienshao, we realized that making it a Fighting/Water type could be interesting, not only competitively, since it allows Mienshao to check foes such as Weavile in Kalos Dex and Greninja in NatDex, but also because it works as an "extension" of its design wearing water sleeves, and well, being a stoat which happens to be related to otters(Also completely unrelated but stoats are mustelids and thus related to badgers as well) helps too.

Competitive Design: At first glance, Mega Mienshao might look like just a pivot or an SD sweeper able to exploit Weavile, but it goes far beyond than that.

Offensively, Mienshao is a fast, but also suitably bulky rocks resistant pivot able to chip as well as cripple opposing checks and then exercise pressure through its 140 base Atk stab CC(or High Jump Kick if you're feeling unafraid). Mienshao can also work as an excellent setup sweeper with Swords Dance, able to break through teams but also able to switch back to get back up to a good range and try to sweep again later if needed.

Defensively Mienshao isn't a slouch either, it uses its ability to the fullest along its type and bulk to check mons such as Weavile, Tyranitar, Volcanion, and many others while providing utility through moves like Scald, Toxic, And Knock Off. Its bulk is specifically designed to be able to check Weavile. And its speed tier is in the sweet range where any investment goes a long way, so you can go fully bulky, mixed, or even fast in a vein similar to Torn.

Something great about this Mienshao is its devotion to Mienshao's base form, and its preevolution Mienfoo. Allowing access to all the sets you could run on either Pokemon viably, and boosting it to a power level that is suitable for a pretty new Mega Form.

Additions: In that we're adding a new type we wanted to give it some new tools that synergize with its old kit, Mienshao lacks a Water STAB to use with its new type, so we chose Scald and Flip turn, we want it to emphasize the pivot set and we think that its much more interesting if Mienshao still struggles to hit Gliscor, and Hippowdon. And is either forced to pivot in the case of Gliscor, or could instead use its newly improved Special Attack to run Scald and threaten to burn Hippowdon. We also have whirlpool in there as it can actually be a slightly more viable version of Taunt Whirlpool Urshifu.

As mentioned above, some issues have come to light that we (as in, the council) need to work on addressing before we can proceed with our regularly scheduled mod activities.
(Or at least, no one has got back to me about whether I should open the slate or not since they're all very busy, and this feels like the safest course of action given the circumstances. I'm feeling a bit out of my depth here as you can probably tell.)

Kalos Slate 4 is still planned to be :espeon: Mega Espeon, :umbreon: Mega Umbreon and :sylveon: Mega Sylveon as previously announced, but the opening of submissions for this slate is postponed until further notice.

Take it easy folks, thanks for your patience & understanding, sorry about the wait (again), and I'll see you soon (hopefully in a slate opening post without incident).​


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Hello everyone. Recently, massive voter fraud within the voting process was unmasked that's been permeating for a long time. Evidence heavily links Kero or his sister to be the source of it. Upon further investigation of this fraud, Senior Staff discovered more information regarding Kero that has led to him being permabanned. As such, this means Kero is no longer leader nor apart of the council effective immediately. If you have any questions regarding Kero himself, please field them through me.

As such, the mod and its future has been drastically impacted by this turn of events. The exact plan for leadership in Kero's stead, future slates, and slates that have been tampered with remain undecided, however we still hope to finish the Kalos season in spite of this. We will hopefully have an update in this regard for you soon.

We are terribly sorry for things having to be this way. If you have any questions please let us know, but please understand that it will likely be a bit before we have a plan figured out. Thank you for your understanding.

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