Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos Slate 5: Solrock, Zangoose and Seviper! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 4!

1. Paulluxx and IsoCon
2. shinxthe17!
3. KeroseneZanchu
4. Clastic
5. DrPumpkinz
6. PalpitoadChamp

1. okispokis
2. BlueRay
3. EeveeGirl1380
4. DrPumpkinz
5. abismal
6. KeroseneZanchu and Paulluxx

1. Gekokeso
2. abismal
3. Moretto
4. jazzmat
5. DrPumpkinz
6. okispokis

Glad to see the mod back again
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  1. NANI?!
  2. Gekokeso (SV)
  3. shinxthe17!
  4. Paulluxx and IsoCon
  5. KeroseneZanchu
  6. jazzmat
  7. Clastia
  8. SimpyShrimp
  9. abismal
  10. okispokis
  1. abismal
  2. BlueRay
  3. DrPumpkinz
  4. EeveeGirl1380
  5. KeroseneZanchu and Paulluxx
  6. jazzmat
  7. okispokis
  8. Exploziff
  1. Gekokeso (SV)
  2. jazzmat
  3. okispokis
  4. superstrike66
  5. DrPumpkinz
  6. KeroseneZanchu
  7. Moretto
  8. Abismal
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feelin kinda saucy today

1) shinxthe17
2) Clastia
Paul + Iso
4) abismal
5) Kero
6) NANI?!

1) Kero + Paul (y'all fucking cracked holy shit)
2) BlueRay
4) lydian
5) okispokis


ok so
1) lydian
you have no idea how much i want this sub to win.
1. DrPumpkinz
2. KeroseneZanchu
3. Gekokeso
4. PalpitoadChamp
5. okispokis
6. Clastia
7. abismal
8. shinxthe17!
9. Paul/Iso

1. KeroseneZanchu
2. BlueRay
3. DrPumpkinz
4. abismal
5. okispokis
6. Exploziff
7. lydian
8. jazzmat

1. lydian
2. KeroseneZanchu
3. jazzmat
4. Gekokeso
5. okispokis
6. DrPumpkinz
7. Moretto


Whether to uturn or eq the heatran?
1.Clastia(Ignite is awesome)
2.KerosaneZanchu+Paulluxx(2 of my most favourite people making that one triple type sub!!!!)
3.BlueRay(I am not gonna lie neutgas is awesome)

1.Snowdrops(I worked on this sub)
2.Superstrike66(I like the gimmick)

1. PAULLUXX AND ISOCON(Two of the best m4a players, one with sanity one completely insane(it's your interpretation of who's sane and who's not)(real)
01) KeroseneZanchu
02) okispokis
03) NANI?!
04) Paulluxx & IsoCon
05) shinxthe17!

06) ShimpyShrimp
07) Clastia
08) jazzmat
09) abismal
10) Moretto

11) Gekokeso
12) DrPumpkinz
13) PalpitoadChamp

01) BlueRay (me)
02) okispokis
03) abismal
04) Exploziff
05) EeveeGirl1380

06) KeroseneZanchu & Paulluxx
07) jazzmat
08) Clastia
09) DrPumpkinz
10) lydian

01) okispokis
02) superstrike66
03) lydian
04) Gekokeso
05) abismal

06) jazzmat
07) KeroseneZanchu
08) DrPumpkinz
09) Moretto
10) Snowdrops
I am not sure if this has been noticed or not, but I actually edited my wormadam-sandy-mega, Its fine if this is not a good update, I am sorry for disturbing.

Anyways here are the votes I think:-

2.Snowdrops(I am surprised that self vote hasn't been exploited much yet)

5.Pauluxx and Isocon

3.KeroseneZanchu and Pauluxx
4.Exploziff(Isnt that something which would need nerfs for VGC? I am not sure)


Banned deucer.
I am not sure if this has been noticed or not, but I actually edited my wormadam-sandy-mega, Its fine if this is not a good update, I am sorry for disturbing.
It's no disturbance! We did notice your edits, but we still found it to be a bit too much to handle still, sorry. If you have any questions in the future, feel free to PM either me or the Council member who reviewed your sub, and if you have Discord, join ours for speedier replies.

Now then, I suppose it's time for me to vote too:<br />
<br />
1. PalpitoadChamp
2. KeroseneZanchu
3. Gekokeso
4. shinxthe17!
5. Paulluxx and isocon

1. Paulluxx and KeroseneZanchu
2. lydian
3. BlueRay
4. jazzmat
5. EeveeGirl1380

1. lydian
2. Moretto
3. DrPumpkinz
4. KeroseneZanchu
5. Gekokeso


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It should be noted that the subs here are ranked on their positive impact of the metagame. This is a very important “election” as it could shape or damage the Metagame heavily

Wormadam :

Isocon and Paulluxx

Jazzmat(This one is excellent, and would be a sure fire positive addition)

(this one is cool but I’m really wary on its actual offensive capabilities, it won’t be good if it wins. Grass types aren’t about to be switching into EQs cause it threatens with Bug stab, the bigger issue for it defensively is flying types, and this is a Skarmory(4x resists leech life, it will never kill) and Zapdos(threatens immediately with static and Hurricane/heat wave) filled meta, and also the Rotom forms exist, which impair it heavily, also it’s slow and doesn’t hit that hard unboosted at all. I’m not one to say don’t vote for something but please consider your vote carefully)
Clastia(this sub is unhinged but really powerful)


KeroseneZanchu and Paulluxx




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Aaaand the votes are in!

Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...
:wormadam-sandy: Mega Sandy Cloak Wormadam: shinxthe17! !!
Type: Bug/Ground
Ability: Gravitas

HP: 60
Atk: 94 (+15)
Def: 115 (+10)
SpA: 84 (+30)
SpD: 110 (+25)
Spe: 56 (+20)

New moves: Shore Up

It's a bagworm. Bagworms dangle in mid-air. Honestly, never really gave the flavour much thought, the idea felt right. Anyways now for the real debate

Competitive Impact
Having finally had the opportunity to play some M4A Kalos over the past week, I noticed 3 things:

1) The shocking lack of viable specially defensive Ground-types (Nidoqueen doesn't get Milk Drink, Hippowdon is primarily physical, and Gliscor doesn't appreciate special hits either)
2) The even more shocking lack of viable Stealth Rock users, although that is in due part because of the prevalence of strong defoggers like the Rotoms, Zapdos and Moltres, which are all immune to Ground moves.
3) Magnezone.

This is, to put it simply, an empathic middle finger to all three of those issues: Not only does Wormadam-Sandy Mega serve as a check to threats such as Magnezone and Nidoking, but it can also set up Stealth Rock with the additional advantage of being able to punish incoming Defoggers with STAB Earthquake/Earth Power.

Level: 100
Calm Nature
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Shore Up
- Toxic

Now this is spicy. But shinx, you may ask...

0 SpA Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Wormadam-Sandy: 198-234 (61.1 - 72.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Wormadam is still prone to SR and Toxic chip, and while it may be able to withstand most hits on the first try...

0 SpA Rotom-Wash Hydro Pump vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Wormadam-Sandy: 168-198 (51.8 - 61.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
0 SpA Zapdos Hurricane vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Wormadam-Sandy: 194-230 (59.8 - 70.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO'll still die to the Pokemon that it's intended to counter, right...?

Pfft, nah.

0 SpA Rotom-Heat Overheat vs. +1 252 HP / 252+ SpD Wormadam-Sandy: 134-158 (41.3 - 48.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

That's where the strongest aspect of Wormadam-Sandy shines through.

+1 0 SpA Wormadam-Sandy Earth Power vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Rotom-Heat: 504-592 (165.7 - 194.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Level: 100
Calm Nature
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
- Earth Power
- Stealth Rock
- Shore Up
- Quiver Dance

Most Pokemon that have Quiver Dance tend to use it offensively. We've seen it with Butterfree, Volcarona, Vivillon, you know how it goes. Wormadam strives to use the move defensively. Earth Power, even without a boost, can easily OHKO Rotom-H and Magnezone, but the extra QD boost allows it to not risk a 2HKO from SE moves, while also buffing it up against the likes of Hydreigon and Sylveon. With +1 Speed Wormadam is able to outspeed base 60 speed Pokemon not running a +Speed nature.

Obviously, the low speed tier means that it is possible to knock out Wormadam before it can snowball out of control: Pyroar can break it down with 2 Fire Blasts, Zapdos can KO it with Hurricanes on the switch-in, and obviously strong physical attackers such as Weavile decimate it. Rain also does not favor Wormadam at all, turning potential 2HKOs into OHKOs even with QD stacks. Grass type Pokemon such as Chesnaught, Ferrothorn and Gogoat-Mega can safely switch in and force it out handily. Finally, Toxic chip is always handy to wear down the bagworm, as are hazards

You wanted a specially defensive Ground type? You wanted something to fuck over those stupid Electric birds? You wanna win games with a fucking bagworm? Here you go.

:drifblim: Mega Drifblim: BlueRay !!
Mega Drifblim

New Ability: Neutralizing Gas

Type: Ghost | Flying

New stats
HP: 150
Attack: 80
Defense: 44
Special Attack: 90 → 145 (+55)
Special Defense: 54 → 89 (+35)
Speed: 80 → 90 (+10)
BST: 498 → 598

1) Concept
Drifblim is based on hot air balloons. As such, they are reliant on gas to "fly". After all, the gas used to fuel the burner heats the envelope. The air inside becomes hot and rises upwards. Against this background, the gas reference in the Pokédex entry makes a lot of sense on Drifblim; in fact, it mentions how the gas inside this Pokémon's body is made of souls. So, basically, every time Drifblim rises, you could interpret it as burning souls.
Here, Neutralizing Gas is supposed to underline Drifblim's pragmatic nature. Below, you will realize how exactly this will manifest.

2) Competitive
This Mega Drifblim mainly uses Neutralizing Gas to underline the unique defensive strengths of its dual Ghost and Flying type.

a) Mega Drifblim walls Guts users like Conkeldurr or Heracross. Normally, if Guts were shut down, these two Fighting Pokémon would still have the option to resort to Facade, which ignores the halfed damage from Burn and doubles in its power. However, because Mega Drifblim is a Ghost type, Conkeldurr and Heracross cannot touch it with Facade. That's a very valuable niche to have in a Kalos centric metagame since these two Fighting Pokémon are notoriously difficult to handle on the defensive side. This niche can extend even to VGC where Ursaluna, another terrifying Guts user, becomes helpless in the presence of a hot air balloon.

b) Mega Drifblim shuts down any ate-ability, therefore making it immune to any Normal move as a Ghost Pokémon. This means Pokémon like Sylveon can no longer rely on Hyper Voice to break through teams. This advantage becomes even more prevalent in VGC where Pokémon like Mega Salamence or Mega Gardevoir loose a lot of their main power.

c) Other unique defensive applications involve checking Huge Power Diggersby, Pure Power Medicham, and Chlorophyll Venusaur in Kalos. Moreover, in VGC, Mega Drifblim can avoid taking damage from an ally's Earthquake thanks to its Flying type while allowing its partner to ignore opposing Levitate users, like Rotom-Wash.

d) On the offensive side, Mega Drifblim can spam Shadow Ball without having to worry about Bulletproof (from Chesnaught, for instance) or abilities that take advantage of stat drops, such as Competitive (from Wigglytuff), Contrary (from Malamar) or Defiant (from Bisharp). Mega Drifblim can even use Strength Sap without having to worry about these punishing abilities.

e) Utility wise, Mega Drifblim can spread Will-O-Wisp without having to worry about Synchronize (from Umbreon), Flash Fire (from Houndoom) or Magic Bounce (from Espeon). This synergizes very well with Hex as this Pokémon inflicts status conditions more reliably.

All these qualities make Mega Drifblim a very unique user of Neutralizing Gas, be it in Singles or in VGC. I believe it would be a healthy addition to these metagames since it further stabilizes them with its unique utility options and defensive applications as a dual Ghost and Flying type.

While it is true that Ghost in combination with Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, and Strengh Sap can be very scary, Mega Drifblim isn't very fast. So, it can't become a fast oppressive threat. There's enough counterplay in Kalos. A lack of Taunt means Mega Drifblim becomes very susceptible to status, such as Toxic. Moreover, its Def is very low, making it therefore an easy target from fast physical attackers, like Krookodile, Sharpedo or Aerodactyl. There are also special attackers like Hydreigon, Heliolisk, Zapdos or Pyroar that can keep it at bay, even more so if Stealth Rock is on the field.

:heliolisk: Mega Heliolisk: Gekokeso !!
Mega Heliolisk

Ability: Cloud Nine
Atk: 55 ---> 55 (0)
Def: 52 ---> 72 (+20)
SpA: 109 ---> 124 (+15)
SpD: 94 ---> 139 (+45)
Spe: 109 ---> 129 (+20)
New moves: Morning Sun, Flame Burst,
Interesting isn't it? Why would i give Heliolisk, a mon whose entire design relies in taking in advantage of weather, an ability that just nullyfies weather effects? The answer relies on how weather abusers work. Quoting Hematite during the dog slate, as he explains it better than i do:
I am always really uncomfortable with people flinging around weather-reliant Abilities so readily on every Pokémon that has the right type or remotely appropriate flavor, and I think it's a lot harder than people realize for a Mega to be even good on a weather The thing is that it has to be strong enough to justify using a Mega Stone over any other item, to justify using the Mega slot over any other Mega on a weather team and demands a ton more active team support in return than any Mega that functions effectively outside of specific conditions

For comparison, Swampert has a lot more justifying its own use on rain than its stats - in addition to its incredible bulk and Attack, Ground is a crucial defensive type because rain is otherwise incredibly Electric-weak, Mega Swampert is the best rain abuser at setting Stealth Rock to support its team, Mega Swampert can easily beat Mega Sableye in rain (this is the Pokémon best known for preventing hazards from going up and wants to be able to switch in on a rocker), and many other prominent rain abusers including the best setter are specially offensive so Swampert can break different walls from them This is on top of the fact that one of its attacking types is both important and not redundant to other rain users (Ground, objectively one of the best attacking types in the game if not the best, and no other Pokémon on a Swampert rain team is going to have that), while its other type actually has direct benefits from rain and gets a significant power boost from it. Swampert is incredibly thoughtful, incredibly optimized and does so much more to carry the archetype than just having Swift Swim and good stats.

So, how does heliolisk justify its use over other megas in weather and outside of it? The answer relies on Heliolisk's role in any weather team. You see, the biggest enemy that weather team might have aside from excesively fat teams (which can still fall to stall breakers like Darmanintan or Others) is opposing weather teams. Opposing weather teams make it so weather war are often determined by who positions its weather users the best, and as such these teams are left at pretty disadvantegous positions whenever they are not controlling the weather. Heliolisk helps against opposing weather teams and even regular teams alike by neutering/aiding a variety of weather based teams in various numerous ways:

Rain: This is the weather that heliolisk disrupts the most, being able to twart it in multiple ways. For starters, cloud nine nullifies the effects of rain, meaning that heliolisk can afford to take water types attacks like nobody's buisness as well as click its fire coverage under rain to nail fire weak mons who thought they could easily abuse the weather. It is very annoying for rain to face as it ruins the day of two notorious non-water type abusers in Scizor and ferrothorn. It also has a particularly easy time switching into pelipper, and swift swimmers like kingdra or kabutops get outsped.

Sun: Sun is in a similar boat as rain. It being able to fire water type coverage in surf under sun can prove genrally useful for sun teams, as well as working against them when said water type attacks prey on their vulnerable fire types. Torkoal doesn't like this coming in unless it has body press and chlorophyll sweepers (namely venusaur) are unable to abuse the nuclear power of weather ball and/or growth, making Heliolisk a hard stop for the special leaning ones.

Sand: Sand is interesting. While it cannot really switch into any sand abuser an thus proving this to be its worst matchup (even if this is irrelevant to kalos meta due to no sand sweepers), it hits the sand setters (ttar in particular hates this mon) for decent enough damage so that they cannot switch in safely either. In Nat dex it could probably try to outspeed and ohko exca with Fblast but its an iffy matchup thanks to Excadrill's huge damage output and rapid spin to make Cloud Nine useless.

Hail: In nat dex it likely doesn't do too much to hail teams besides possibly outspeeding Arctozolt and nailling it with Focus Blast but given that hail is super dead in kalos meta that doesn't matter here.

Flame Burst hits grass types and Steel types that usually love rain like Ferro or Scizor and Morning Sun is recovery that remains constant regardless of the weather. Sdef helps it switch into various special attacks (i debated making it higher at some moment.) Speed is good enough to outspeed a significant amount of targets, specifically weather sweepers as it is able to outspeed adamant Barraskewda on rain (not relevant to kalos meta but is neat on nat dex as well). It got a smidge of defense so it doesn't fold to priority physical attacks but otherwise that should be what keep this in check, alongside scarfers and fat mons.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted, and also for your patience with us recently in general.

Now I don't know if we have any other announcements to share, or even what our plans for the future of the mod are because I live under a rock, so I'll leave that to my fellow councilors to keep you posted on. What I do know, however, is the Pokemon that will be featured in
Kalos slate 3, which is open for submissions starting now:
Slate 3 will, effective immediately, be accepting submissions for :escavalier: Mega Escavalier, :haxorus: Mega Haxorus, and :mienshao: Mega Mienshao.
Even more than usual for this selection of Pokemon, I urge submitters to please take a very thorough look through the moves a given Pokemon learns when designing for it, and try to work with and around those existing toolkit options, particularly boosting and coverage moves.
For Haxorus in particular, its very high starting stats make designing a Mega Evolution for it a challenge that can easily end poorly: please approach designing it with caution and sense!

I have been told we're aiming to stop accepting submissions for review around the 18th, so get 'em in before then!

And I think that's it from me for today folks. Hope you're having a good one!

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Mega Mienshao
Ability: Technician
HP: 65​
Att: 145 (+20)
Def: 75 (+15)
SpA: 125 (+30)
SpD: 75 (+15)
Spe: 125 (+20)

I think the coolest thing about Mienshao is that despite the mismatch between its good Special Attack and garbage special movepool, it actually makes for a very effective mixed attacker thanks to Hidden Power Ice (Gen 8 should have given it Icy Wind; now it's just an extremely unoptimized physical attacker) to the point where it's probably the Pokemon I associate most with using Hidden Power Ice. Technician powers up that all-important Ice coverage, as well as boosting some other cool options like Rock Tomb, Fake Out, Aerial Ace, and Feint.

“A lone cavalier, unsatisfied with his line of work, tried to climb a mountain to find his way in life. It did not go well.”

Mega Escavalier


Ability: Ice Body
HP: 70
Atk: 175 (+50)
Def: 125 (+20)
SpA: 70 (+5)
SpD: 115 (+10)
Spe: 35 (+15)
Moves: + Glacial Lance

When I thought of Escavalier, the first thing that came to my mind was the lances. And then Glacial Lance. I had a lot of trouble with the stats, though; it was hard to truly make it frail enough, we are.

While this may seem OP on the surface, keep in mind that it is 4 times weak to Stealth Rock, cannot hold Heavy-Duty Boots, is slower than dirt, and is deceptively frail. However, it packs quite a punch with STAB Glacial Lance and Megahorn coming off of a 175 base Attack stat, has Drill Run or Close Combat for Steels, and is fairly bulky if hazards are off and you don’t get hit by a 4 times SE move.


"One day, Haxorus suddenly focused its consuming rage into the mind of its enemy. As such, it was finally able to harness the Psychic powers stored in its sharp blades."

Mega Haxorus


Ability: Neuroforce

HP: 76
Atk: 120 (swapped w/ SpA, +60)
Def: 90
SpA: 147 (swapped w/ Atk)
SpD: 105 (+35)
Spe: 102 (+5)


+ Psychic, Psystrike

Tired of all these physical walls ruining your fun? Want to rip Blissey into smithereens? Well, then, this is the 'mon for you! Mega Haxorus uses its mixed attacking capabilities to rip through common defensive checks, alongside Scale Shot + SD to truly menace anything. It also has an actually good Speed tier now! While normal Haxorus may be stronger by focusing on one side of offense only, Mega Haxorus uses Neuroforce alongside its mixed attacking capabilities to shred foolish teams trying to use a physical wall to stop it.


"After a particularly long day of training, Mienshao absorbed some of its trainer’s extravagant beauty…and creativity. Legend has it that its trainers were duped by its newfound cruelty."

Mega Mienshao


Ability: Deceitful Lull (On switch-in, this Pokémon reduces the opponent's Defense by one stage.)
HP: 65
Atk: 155 (+30)
Def: 100 (+40)
SpA: 95
SpD: 100 (+40)
Spe: 95 (-10)

Beat Up, Darkest Lariat

This thing is a progress machine. Pre-mega, it can do what Mienshao does: Knock Off and U-turn for chip, while HJK puts out a respectable amount of damage. After-mega, however, this thing becomes a wallbreaker/cleaner, proficient at forcing switches and taking advantage of them. That last slot can go to either Darkest Lariat or Beat Up, while Knock Off is still putting out respectable damage. Additionally, it has Hone Claws to set up on walls. However, be careful when you Mega: that loss of Speed can cripple Mienshao.
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Mega Escavalier
Bug / Steel
Ability: Heatproof
HP: 70​
Att: 155 (+20)
Def: 145 (+40)
SpA: 60​
SpD: 145 (+40)
Spe: 20​

Escavalier has stolen Accelgor's wet bandages to protect itself from Fire attacks.

Mega Escavalier is sort of similar to Mega Registeel, in that it's a Heatproof Steel with high mixed bulk and physical Attack. But while Registeel leaned massively in favor of defense, Mega Escavalier favors offense, and uses its bulk and resistances to tank hits while it punches holes or sets up Swords Dance. While its part Bug typing means it's still weak to Fire despite Heatproof, it's more than bulky enough to survive Hidden Power Fire from just about any special attacker.

252+ SpA Choice Specs Tapu Lele Hidden Power Fire vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Heatproof Escavalier-Mega: 156-188 (45.3 - 54.6%) -- 55.9% chance to 2HKO

That's Modest Specs Lele. One of the strongest special attackers around. Without any dedicated SpDef investment from Mega Escavalier. And it only does half.


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Wow! I'm sorry! Christ! I'm the biggest idiot clown fool ever thanks to some folks for pointing out some shit i missed by which I mean i messed up the tally for slate 2 (one vote missed entirely and another counted incorrectly). The actual results are as follows, as far as I can tell:

:Wormadam-sandy: Mega Wormadam-Sandy should have gone to Paulluxx & IsoCon
:Wormadam-Sandy: Mega Wormadam
New Ability: Anticipation/Overcoat ---> Poison Heal
Type: Bug/Ground

New Stats:
HP: 60
Attack: 79 -> 91(+12)
Defense: 105 -> 155 (+50)
SpAtk: 59 -> 74 (+15)
SpDef: 85 -> 105 (+20)
Speed: 36 -> 39 (+3)

New Moves: None

Competitive Concept, and How it relates to its function:

So this started with me looking at pokedex entries, and I noticed it said "When Burmy evolved, its cloak became a part of this Pokémon's body. The cloak is never shed." Immediately I thought of Shed Skin, which would be excellent on this, but of course it doesn't fit flavor-wise at all. From there, considering Shed Skin's competitive appeal, I realized how cool a Poison Heal Mega Quiver Dancer would be.

How it works: Offensively this is a dynamic Quiver Dance Sweeper with ample oppurtunity for EV fluidity. Even with that though it doesn't blow past everything. For example when modest, after a Quiver Dance, it's still outsped by timid Volcanion, although, when timid, it can outrun Weavile at +2. It creates a lot of flexibility in sets as its coverage is pretty set. Earth Power+Hidden Power Ice+Bug Buzz hits surprisingly strong with its special attack packed up by the Quiver Dances it can collect.

Defensively it's a very interesting mon too: its biggest need for bulk is to facilitate Quiver Dances. Wormadam is actually quite prepared, with high physical bulk, a ground resist and most of its weaknesses being special and covered up by the special defense boosts. And now it gets Poison Heal, giving it not only a toxic immunity but, actively dissuade toxic from being used against the team because of how quickly a Mega-Wormadam could kill your entire team. This all means that a more defensive Mega-Wormadam spread can threaten to clean out your team by getting more Quiver Dances than an offensive variant due to its superior bulk.

Counterplay: From all of this, it honestly might seem to be a bit overwhelming and - while it is strong - it definitely isn't broken. It is slow, doesn't hit extremely hard even when set up, misses out on crucial KO ranges, and lacks recovery so its bulk doesn't pertain long-term unless poisoned..

Herbs and Spices:

The idea of this, to match the aforementioned pokedex entry, has to do with its cloak never shedding. In this situation, the cloak would more-or-less become part of the Wormadam's body, so it makes sense that with a Mega Evolution the cloak would become more valuable as protection for Wormadam, explaining the large increase in defense as well as the Poison Heal ability.

While the two leads tie in final points, the primary tie-breaking method of "greatest number of total votes" moves this in Paulluxx & IsoCon's favor.

:drifblim: Mega Drifblim still goes to BlueRay, same as in last post

While the two leads tie in final points, the primary tie-breaking method of "greatest number of total votes" moves this in BlueRay's favor.

:Heliolisk: Mega Heliolisk should have gone to lydian
Mega Heliolisk

Ability - Dry Skin, Sand Veil; Solar Power ➝ Solar Power

- 62 ➝ 62
- 55 ➝ 85 (+30)
Def - 52 ➝ 62 (+10)
SpA - 109 ➝ 129 (+20)
SpD - 94 ➝ 124 (+20)
Spe - 109 ➝ 129 (+20)
BST - 481 ➝ 581 (+100)

Movepool Changes - Dragon Tail, Morning Sun
Competitive Corner - Mega Heliolisk stands as a powerful attacker for sun teams, with Electric and Dragon as STAB options, and Solar Beam and Weather Ball at its disposal to nuke Electric-resistant Pokémon. Morning Sun is also an option to give it more longevity, and counteract the hazard and Solar Power chip damage! It can also be used without a specific weather synergy, and make use of Surf, however, without Solar Power its output is not as notable. The main competitive idea at play here, is to test how an off-type Sun-attacker would benefit those teams (especially a Dragon-type one, as Dragon is the only single type that resists both Fire and Grass), as well as how its secondary move options (i.e. its non-STAB options) play around with weather dependency, from Weather Ball and Solar Beam, to Morning Sun, aside from the obvious Solar Power which is what defines Heliolisk as a Sun-reliant attacker to begin with!

shinxthe17! also kindly pointed out that this fella has a really good matchup against rain, and that could be very helpful for a Sun sweeper! by resisting Water STAB, and threatening back with a powerful Thunderbolt (or Dragon Pulse in metas where Mega Swampert is allowed). Fast Volt Switch and/or U-turn allows it to keep up momentum as well, which is incredibly important on a weather battle, and Dry Skin pre-Mega can help Heliolisk's longevity too, if needed, to outlast the weather war!
Flavor Corner - The frilled lizard, Heliolisk's inspiration, is also known as the frilled dragon! On top of this, many dragons in pop culture have neck frills similar to Heliolisk and frilled lizards, such as Niv Mizzet, from Magic, say! As for its design, Mega Heliolisk also pulls inspiration from parabolic reflectors, with its frills acting as one, and its neck lengthening further, so that all light is directed right to its head, boosting the solar absorption, and thus, Mega Heliolisk's power output.

This one was already really close, and I noted while tallying the first time that a slight change in the order of eliminations towards the end would definitely have affected the outcome. Well, turns out I skipped counting a vote that would have caused that exact slight change in the order of eliminations. I am boo boo the fool.

Congrats to the, winners, and big apologies to everyone for this mix-up. I don't think I've ever fucked one up this bad before.
Message me if you have questions or complaints, because I definitely deserve them.
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Once again, it's Technician time.
Mega Haxorus
Type: Dragon
Ability: Technician

Stats:76 HP, 157 Atk, 130 Def, 90 SpA, 90 SpD, 97 Spe

- base form usually has to contend with Dragon moves of moderate power but Technician allows it to really reap the benefits of those moves: Scale Shot, Dual Chop, Breaking Swipe (spread move for VGC)
- other moves it can take advantage of but they are mostly niche and more of use in VGC than in Singles: Bulldoze, Snarl, Low Kick


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65 / 125 / 100 (+40) / 105 (+10) / 100 (+40) / 115 (+10)
Natural Cure
+Spikes, Recover
Description: A Fighting-type bulkymon is always fun to see and use, and this effectively does it while also being a pretty fun pivot. Natural Cure helps it stay longer alive, Spikes gives it utility to help breaking opposing teams and Recover gives it a way to sustain itself outside of natcure.


70 / 140 (+5) / 150 (+45) / 60 / 115 (+10) / 60 (+40)
Description: Bulky tank that has a great Attack stat and bodies phys attackers. NEEDS Wish support though.
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Mega Haxorus

Ability: Flower Veil
HP: 76
Att: 177 (+30)
Def: 120 (+30)
SpA: 60
SpD: 110 (+40)
Spe: 97
Moves: +Leaf Blade

After taking a look at the M4A Kalos teambuilder, I realized that it would probably be a mistake to allow Haxorus any way of beating its current defensive checks. This being a no-Tapu meta means the available Fairies are very much not good, especially without Clef.

Wait... There's no Clef?
Then that means... the only viable Unaware option for stall is Quagsire?? And who just so happens to be the stallbreaker to end all stallbreakers? That's right! Haxorus!

Mega Haxorus focuses entirely on base Haxorus' niche of being a Stallbreaker. Much better bulk combined with the full status immunity granted by Flower Veil means it can stomach hits from and set up on many passive walls such as Gliscor, Alomomola, and Ferrothorn, and the new Grass typing means that losing Mold Breaker won't even make it break a sweat against Quagsire. Even with the Attack increase, it's still a good deal weaker than LO Haxorus, so it ends up being a bit more reliant on setting up to break key defensive mons like Scizor and Skarmory (particularly with its newfound weakness to U-Turn and Brave Bird), but I see this as a key balancing point more than a problem. Now, while it was built to handle fat teams, that's not to say that Mega Hax can't do well into offense. SD+Scale Shot sets are still extremely hard to slow down for offensive teams without an Ice Shard user (though it actually lives non-Banded Ice Shard from both Mamoswine and Weavile. lol!), and generally it can set up a lot easier than normal due to its increased bulk and newfound status immunity, plus now being able to immediate threaten mons that could check base Hax such as Azumarill.
”Its resilient tusks are its pride and joy. It licks up dirt to take in the minerals it needs to keep its tusks in top condition.”

The power of Mega Evolution flowed straight into the dormant seeds in the dirt Haxorus had eaten, causing blooms to sprout all over its body. Their roots have tarnished its prized tusks, making it absolutely furious.

Mega Mienshao

Ability: Unseen Fist
HP: 65
Att: 145 (+20)
Def: 90 (+30)
SpA: 105 (+10)
SpD: 90 (+30)
Spe: 115 (+10)
Moves: +Zing Zap, Volt Switch

I see no Mega Lop. Here’s a replacement. Almost every Mienshao dex entry mentions both the speed and power of its attacks. They claim it is capable of unleashing flurries of blows so quickly that they cannot even be seen. Unseen Fist is the most obvious aspect of this, while the rest is simply extrapolation. Mega Mienshao is a fast offensive pivot/breaker with a powerful STAB combination for a Lando-less meta but an unfortunately lackluster physical Electric move, meaning it won’t be quite as unwallable as MLop. Still, Swords Dance sets are a forced to be reckoned with for teams without a Gliscor, and pivot sets can be quite a pain with their unblockable U-Turns making it impossible to use Protect to scout safely.
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Mienshao @ Mienshite
Type: Fighting
Ability: Guts

HP: 65
Atk: 135 (+10)
Def: 90 (+30)
SpAtk: 115 (+20)
SpDef: 90 (+30)
Speed: 115 (+10)

New moves: None

Ermines (Mienshao's animal inspiration) and wolverines are very closely related. Upon Mega Evolving, Mienshao becomes more aggressive and violent, as a result relying less on strategic movement and more on raw power. It seems to disregard all previous training in martial arts and evolves to more primal, beast-like instincts. It has gained immense muscle, doubling its height and more than quintupling its weight (2.8m and 180kgs). Its fur has grown rough and shaggy, turning almost as black as midnight

This hulking beast barely resembles the elegance of what was once a Mienshao. It's become almost entirely dependent on raw strength to win battles, fighting its hardest when backed into a corner.
Many assume that this behemoth has thrown away all strategy and instead focuses on overwhelming its opponents with raw strength. However, it carefully conserves its energy and plans when to strike at the perfect time.

I have always wanted to design a (good) mega that revolves around staying in its pre-mega form for extended periods of time. The problem with this, usually, is that the Pokemon doesn't have enough longevity or even reason to not mega evolve. However, Regenerator fixes this. Pre-mega, Mienshao works as normal: pivoting around, firing off Knock Offs and High Jump Kicks, etc. Even without an item, Mienshao is able to provide for its team as a supportive wrecking ball. Unfortunately, sometimes that wrecking ball will switch into a Will-o-Wisp or Scald burn, or switch onto Toxic Spikes and is more or less crippled for the rest of the match. But what if it wasn't?

With Guts, mega Mienshao can't have too much more Attack stat without getting out of hand. However, due to the loss or Regenerator it can have much more bulk. Both defenses getting +30 allow Mega Mienshao even more longevity during its rein of terror. However, the most important stat change is to Speed. Raising up to 115 may not seem like a lot, but it allows max speed Mienshao to outspeed 252 speed Weavile, Talonflame and Crobat, and allows 252 +Atk Mienshao to outspeed max speed Zapdos, Hydreigon, and Gliscor, and 252 speed Gengar.

Mega Mienshao is all about positioning and tempo. Mega too early and you've lost a vital support mon. Mega too late and your opponent will have enough resources to beat you down. It's vital to play around all the statuses being thrown around and correctly put yourself in a position to sweep. The addition of Rapid Spin lets Mienshao get rid of 2 weaknesses at once: speed and chip damage. Speed is simple, +1 Speed gives Mienshao that impossibly important boost to speed that allows it to outspeed some of its more common checks and threaten them with its myriad of coverage moves. Arguably more importantly is Mienshao's hazard removal. As its supposed to be a pseudo defensive switch-in, taking basically all of your Regenerator recovery health every time you switch in does not feel good. Rapid Spin removes those hazards until Ferrothorn or Skarmory come back in, both of whom do not want to take Close Combats or Blaze Kicks. Providing support for the team while also contributing to its own direct longevity as a support mon allows base Mienshao to thrive in its existing role and simultaneously set up its Mega to sweep.

Megas that are based around not just being a guess at team preview always provide an interesting element to a match: mind games. This won't be so prevalent now, but as more and more Mega Pokemon are added, it will become harder and harder to tell which Pokemon is the Mega, but this is especially so with Mega Mienshao. Personally I believe Mienshao to be the first Mega in Kalos to be actually relevant within the tier pre-Mega (who uses Wormadam?), and I think the will-they won't-they aspect of Mega Mienshao's design to add a lot to its viability. Your opponent will often face a dilemma: should they Will-o on the Mienshao switch in? If it's a regular Mienshao then yes definitely, it will be doing a lot less damage to their team. But what if its Mega? Then they've provided you an avenue to completely wipe the floor. What if you aren't even going to go to Mienshao in the first place? Again this won't be prevalent for now or maybe even for a long while, but eventually there will come a point where this question is asked every turn, and the wrong answer leads to failure. Think wisely.
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Name: Mega-Haxorus
Typing: Dragon
Ability: Decelerate
Ability Description: At the end of every turn, speed lowers by one stat stage and attack goes up by one.

HP: 76
ATK: 147 (+0)
DEF: 110 (+20)
SPA: 90 (+30)
SPD: 100 (+30)
SPE: 117 (+20)

Description: Mega Haxorus has one clear objective: They clicks Outrage, preferably while knocking down the highest amount of Pokemon possible. Couple that with Deceleration and you've got a mon that focuses on revenge killing that can also potentially run over teams that can't take them down fast enough. However, there's drawbacks, first off, they don't have great physical STAB, as you gotta pick between Dragon Claw, which is quite weak right off the bat, or Outrage, which requires a huge amount of commitment and can turn your Pokemon into a free kill if the opponent has any answers to them. Still, Mega Haxorus is basically impossible to switch into, sporting basically perfect coverage for the meta, an incredible speed tier and a nuclear STAB typing making them quite good at picking off weakened foes while putting the opposing team on a timer if they are not able to dispose of them fast enough.

:mienshao: [WIP]

Name: Mega-Escavalier
Typing: Bug/Steel
Ability: Speed Burst
Ability Description: When this Pokemon has more than 1/2 its maximum HP and takes damage from an attack bringing it to 1/2 or less of its maximum HP, its Speed is raised by 1 stage.

HP: 70
ATK: 145 (+10)
DEF: 115 (+10)
SPA: 70 (+20)
SPD: 115 (+10)
SPE: 70 (+50)

New Moves: Leech Life
Description: Mega-Escavalier is a pretty interesting setup sweeper, on paper, it seems easy enough to deal with using an offensive team, on practice, one bad move around them and your team is getting 6-0'd by a +1 Speed Swords Dance boosted Escavalier, however, its lack of recovery outside of Leech Life mean it really only gets one shot at sweeping, while its STAB moves and coverage have it be walled by the ever so common flying types (notably Zapdos, who resists everything the jouster can viably run).
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Mega Haxorus

Ability - Rivalry, Mold Breaker; Unnerve ➝ Technician

- 76 ➝ 76
Atk - 147 ➝ 161 (+14)
Def - 90 ➝ 150 (+60)
SpA - 60 ➝ 110 (+50)
SpD - 70 ➝ 76 (+6)
Spe - 97 ➝ 67 (-30)
BST - 540 ➝ 640 (+100)

Movepool Changes - Stealth Rock, Stone Axe, Stone Edge
Competitive Corner - Mega Haxorus has plenty of options to make use of with Technician! Breaking Swipe is a drawbackless 90 BP Dragon-type STAB, Dual Chop reaches a whopping 120 BP, although it does come with a 10% chance to miss, but scarier still is Scale Shot's average of 112.5 BP along with a speed boost, provided you hit. In terms of secondary STAB, Haxorus has Rock Tomb as its disposal for yet another form of speed control, coming together on a 90BP 95Acc move, or risking Stone Edge is always an option, as is Stone Axe depending on how that move works on a non-Legends Arceus environment. The speed lowering motif continutes with Bulldoze being a reasonable 90BP option, alongside Earthquake being the slightly stronger option, as coverage to get past the Steel-types that resist this unique STAB combo. That said, hopefully Mega Haxorus is a bit balanced by it's dropoff in Speed, to make Scale Shot sweeps a bit less attainable, with it being outspeedable by anything faster than Jolly Talonflame at +1. The main problem with it though, is that since its speed boost comes alongside a strong STAB attack, it could be tricky to limit it to just one speed boost, however, unlike Dragon Dance, its Attack stat does stay the same, so it effectively needs both a Swords Dance and two Scale Shots to sweep all that easily, or to have a teammate either weaken the opposing walls, or take down the opposing scarfer / revenge killer before trying to go for a sweep, which is hopefully enough to balance this monstrosity! The relatively low Special Defense and the newly added Rock-type weaknesses should hopefully also make setting up a bit trickier.
Flavor Corner - Haxorus is very clearly based on dinosaur, extending the concept of some species having long tusks into whole ass battle axes. I decided to take this step further and tie in with the common media trope of dinosaurs coexisting with prehistoric humans, and fleshing out the axe inspiration. Mega Haxorus gets two whole stone-made axes protruding from their mouth, as if it were a caveperson just honing them à la what humans did in the stone age. This should explain Technician! As of writing this I saw another user already came up with a really cool submission with Technician also, but hopefully mine can contrast itself from theirs with the new type and the flavor justification for repeating the ability.

Mega Mienshao

Ability - Inner Focus, Regenerator; Reckless ➝ Unwavering Qi (When using a move with decreased priority, the user always lands a critical hit if it wasn't hit by another Pokémon's damaging move before dealing damage)

HP - 65 ➝ 65
- 125 ➝ 165 (+40)
Def - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
SpA - 95 ➝ 105 (+10)
SpD - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
Spe - 105 ➝ 125 (+20)
BST - 510 ➝ 610 (+100)

Movepool Changes - Avalanche, Cicle Throw
Competitive Corner - Mega Mienshao has a few options to make use of its ability: Focus Punch remains the most impressive, being able to land a ridiculous 225 BP-equivalent move should Mienshao be able to use the move without being hit first. Revenge's ceiling is now 90BP and could be an interesting mixup if run alongside Focus Punch, as if the user does damage Mienshao to avoid it using Focus Punch or setting up a Substitute, it gets hit with 120 BP worth of Fighting-type damage, same goes with Avalanche as coverage. Cicle Throw also shares the same 90BP if the user is able to use it without being hit, and it also forces out the opponent, which is especially useful if the opponent switches out, although, you'd have to have a very good reason to do so against this monster. And finally, Vital Throw seems like the most middle of the road option, not offering anything very unique, bar a 105 BP hit if the user isn't hit beforehand. Mienshao also has many other Fighting-type moves with very high base power and normal priority, such as Close Combat and High Jump Kick to use, which are probably better than all of the aforementioned decreased-priority Fighting-type moves bar Focus Punch itself, of course. Substitute is extremely important for Mega Mienshao to be able to get in a good position to Focus Punch, which shouldn't be too detrimental considering it has Regenerator pre-Mega Evolution, and U-turn should also help gain momentum as Mega Mienshao will very consistently force whatever's in front of it to stay in and attack. However, and sadly, for Mega Mienshao, it does struggle a bit with having all moves it might want to run in one moveset, Substitute and Focus Punch are very important for it to set itself apart from a regular Mienshao with a Life-Orb, and it wants coverage for Ghost-types, a non-decreased priority Fighting-type move, and likely U-turn in there too, to be the best it can, but it has to give up on one of these.
Flavor Corner - Mienshao seems to have a very broad inspiration in terms of martial arts, yet "qi" is a very important concept for a lot of them, so I thought doing something related to it felt reasonable! A "Focus Punch"-esque ability then came to mind, and I knew I had to make it! But I think it works very nicely for Mienshao all things considered! I wanted to draw more conceptually from this, but I couldn't get much more than martial arts ermine, so hopefully this ability is a reasonable realization of this mon!

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