Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Kalos Slate 6: Quagsire, Heatmor and Pangoro! | Please read the first post! | Fully playable through Kalos Slate 5!

1) Exploziff
2) Agent 9
3) Turtlek
5)Scorbunny and eeveeGirl1380

1)Okis Pokis
2)Lord Chamberchaud
3)Gravity Monkey
4)Albatross and Pauluxx
6)Shinxte and Nani?!

2)Snowdrop and zxgzxg
4)The damned
5)Turtlek and DrPumpkins
1. Gravity Monkey
2. XtheGAMEmaster
3. Eeveekid10
4. zxgzxg
5. DrPumpkinz
6. Lydian
7. Bekama

1. XtheGAMEmaster
2. The Damned
3. Snowdrops & zxgzxg
4. pupugugu
5. Turtlek & DrPumpkinz
6. Agent 9
7. NANI?!

be thankful that this burden didnt fall to vaporeon

1. BlueRay & DrPumpkinz
2. scorbunnys & EeveeGirl1380
3. NANI?!
4. Turtlek
5. my_man

wow! there's surely no repercussions to formatting my votes like this! anyways hello again m4a
Espeon Votes:
1. BlueRay and DrPumpkinz
2. Eeveekid10
3. scorbunnys and Eeveegirl1380
4. XtheGAMEmaster
5. Exploziff

Umbreon Votes
1. LordThemberchaud
2. DrPumpkinz
3. Bekama
4. Paulluxx and Albatross
5. XtheGAMEmaster

Sylveon Votes
1. Exploziff
2. scorbunnys
3. Snowdrops and zxgzxg
4. Turtlek and DrPumpkinz
5. Eeveekid10
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Whether to uturn or eq the heatran?
Wow there I am with my (eeve)epic based votes!!!!(real)

1) War Incarnate's Misty Surge! Would totally love using budget fini!Why didn't you give it a trapping move?

2) Snowdrops and Zxgzxg's Tough Claws!

3) Scorbunnys and Eeveegirl1380's Tranquility!

4) XtheGAMEMaster's Costar!Volcarona+Sylveon ftw

5) Exploziff's Dazzling!(You may have ended higher if you did not use that image its cursed)

1) My(Eeveekid10) Gutsbreon! I seriously want my NDRU dreams to be true in m4a

2) Agent 9's Merciless!

3) Okispokis' Murky Surge!

4) Pugugpugupuupupugugu's Lurker!Almost looks like my Psychic Solare Espeon but for offense and I didn't realize it until today

5) XtheGAMEMaster's Jeering Blow!

1) XtremeGAMEMaster's Mana Gate!!!!!!!!!!!(wow best sub ever PMD is awesome 10/10 would vote it 7 more times) go vote this plspslspslspslspslsplplspslspslspslspslspspslspslspps

2 9) Snowdrops' Fluffy!(I totally didn't half plagiarize this idea in my sub)

10) Tgtz numbers' Drought!

4 11) Agent 9's Seance!

5 12) Scorbunnys and Eeveegirl1380's Shadow Shield!
Sometimes sweetness hurts.
1. War Incarnate [it's my sub, what is stopping me from voting it in 1st? all being said I am personally proud of it]
2. Snowdrops & Zxgzxg [any sub that manages to use an existing ability/custom in a new & interesting way is automatically getting a high ranking.]
3. Agent 9 [read #2]
4. XTheGAMEmaster [I don't really like megas exclusively oriented for Doubles but I gotta give it credit where it's due, you did a good job at making it viable in Singles as well]
5. Exploziff
6. The Damned
7. scorbunnys
8. okispokis
9. Eeveekid10

Brings a new definition to "silent night".
1. XtheGAMEmaster [great idea in concept, great idea in execution. simple yet effective.]
2. Albatross & Paulluxx [a mega that encourages strategic thinking and play. punishing passivity is nice and you didn't make it overbearing either.]
3. shinxthw17! & NANI?! [lots of thought put into it and it uses a new ability in a creative way. what more do I say?]
4. scorbunnys & eeeveegirl1380
5. Agent 9
6. Exploziff
7. pupugugu
8. zxgzxg
9. okispokis
10. lydian
11. turtlek

Has no idea what the future is like but will constantly try to practice seeing it. Sometimes it is the only way to hone skils.
1. War Incarnate [c'mon, it's mine.]
2. XtheGAMEmaster [an interesting ability with a great execution.]
3. Exploziff [not much to say here. interesting ability, balanced stats, this mega should provide a unique role to the meta]
4. Eeveekid10
5. The Damned
6. my_man
7. NANI?!
8. BlueRay & DrPumpkinz
9. Bekama
10. okispokis
11. pupugugu
Sorry I am late for this but here is the post

Votes and Explanations!(with broken grammar since I was up for the entire night writing this all)


Dazzling Espeon with 65/110/110 bulk sounds like its literally the best VGC mon ever and I love it.
The fact that it can easily be a :Scizor: COUNTER(not a check, I said COUNTER) with an IMMUNE SWITCHIN and hp fire from a 150 base SpA is insane. Its also a Mega Scizor check
Something else which shines out to me is that its immune to sucker punch, an effective coverage as well as a low speed dark type's stab move.
This also increases Mega :Drifblim:'s viability under VGC and I love that Drifblim.
My favourite set would be Psyshock-HP Fire-CM-Dazzling Gleam for singles and Psychic-CM-Dazzling Gleam-Protect for doubles
Dazzling also gives it a very cool fake out immunity, not only to it, but its teammates too, which is awesome too. Cant wait to use this Espeon for VGC.(If it wins)
I have two words.

Fluffy Bingus
The single reason why this sub stands out to me is definitely not the GTI half-reference but the mobility this mon gets.
First. It gets to switch out after using trick room, which is HUGE because it provides your wall breaker a very safe switchin and also by not even wasting a single turn of trick room.
Honestly the other options like Speed Swap and Magic Powder seem pretty good too where Magic Powder can be used to give another stab to your teammate and switch out OR under single battles, give your dark type a safe offensive switchin.
For singles it can use either screens too, or maybe even rest for heal bell stall teams.
The single reason why this sub is ranked 3rd is because you cant really setup with calm mind, nor be able to use power swap or imprison
(Also dazzling sounds like, much better for VGC and Singles since that defeats scizor, the one thing I want to defeat the most).
4) Exploziff!
I really like the concept of the ability and the stats! I would love to use damage boost moves, like Charge Beam! Also loving the coverage moves, icy wind being able to reduce speed two times and being awesome for vgc(especially with dynamax), mystical fire being a good move against special attackers and a good move against mons like :ferrothorn: :scizor: and others mons in national dex as well!

5) Blueray & DrPumpkinz!
Another good VGC ability! Don't have much to say here, your description says it all!

6) my_man!
I like the weak armor and its ability to switch into things like CC or even Non stab knock off and threaten back with fast and strong STAB moves or Dazzling Gleam.

7) Pupugugu!
Protect-Attack, Substitute-Attack, Calm Mind-Attack, Wish-Attack, I like this.

8) NANI!?!
I like the wincon idea, you become physically bulky and use cm to increases your special damage and bulk, and when you miss your focus blasts or zap cannons, you get speed! You essentially become a fast wincon.

9) The Damned!
I like the coverage moves you added and your ability is fun to use, both for singles and doubles with things like hurricane and Tailwind being its safe switches.

10) Eeveekid10!
Good sub and unite reference is cool, but sadly unite isn't based because it considers :Greninja: and :duraludon: for/as physical attackers for whatever reason.

I originally wrote atleast 2000 characters in my notepad for just praising this sub. I had to shorten it down because its that good.
First, it can act as a VERY good counterpart to :Sylveon:, where a :Sylveon: using draining kiss will do good damage and take good damage as well.
You have somehow made it get a liberal statplanning but ALSO be balanced with such a fun ability and that is very good.
Competitively I love its work against common wall mons like ferrothorn and blobs(for national dex), and its good that it can finally be able to damage mons from a special spectrum or Psychic, Mystical Fire and Dark Pulse! Since this gets mystical fire, we can see it defeating :Scizor:!
I wasn't planning to give it 1st vote before I saw the Leech seed comment. AND WOW being able to constantly damage opponent's :ferrothorn: and its teammates just by existing on the field because they used Leech seed on you sounds fun.
It gets even better with national dex because the amount of mons using such moves increases! Like :Tapu Fini:!
Dark Aura is very fun to play with, specially when it gets a good set of boosted attacks now(Crunch, Dark Pulse, Snarl for VGC, even Foul Play since its base power is boosted)
I LOVE the new terrain its so good aaaaaaaaaaaaa.
For murky surge, I love the concept of Dark-type and their main gimmick being critical hits.
4) Albatross & Paulluxx!
I love the design, and more than that I LOVE the flavour, I don't even want to study the ability much(its good too and you have explained it better) but the design and concept makes it enough to go for the top 5 vote.

5) Pupugugu!
Lurker just sounds a fun ability to play with.

(I would have loved TheDamned's Umbreon sub(it would be atleast top 3) but it sadly didn't make it, so here are the similar toxic-bait umbreons for 6th, 7th and 8th)

6) Eeveekid10!
Guts baits people to not toxic your base Umbreon, and if it somehow gets statused, you can let it mega evolve and become either a sweeper, a wallbreaker, a bulkier cleric or a wincon! You might be wondering if toxic would cripple it down, but the wincon set can easily solve it by putting rest and curse, since rest activates guts! Overall a very good sub with several sets. Also it likes to hit a field with a single toxic spike since that gives regular poison, which is better to have than toxic poison.

7) Scorbunnys & Eeveegirl1380!
Almost like the sub above but makes it defensively good and makes base umbreon good too(since no one will risk using toxic on base umbreon for caution), Voting this below Guts because it isn't much of a wincon compared to that. However you don't need to carry rest unlike guts because you still don't get crippled by poison, also it likes toxic spikes too.

8) Gravity Monkey!
Literally the sub above but the fact that it can be a wincon as a poison heal mon, however its bulk is just worse than both of them and it would be pretty hard to use compared to both of the subs above(since you would have to do most of the setup when you aren't mega evolved since your physical bulk is just too bad as a mega to setup), also you added Ghost to its type which means you violate the monovee law. However I LOVE this sub regardless, and if you would have removed ghost, I would have voted it at 6th instead.

9) XTheGAMEMaster!
I like your ability, but too complicated for the use for general players, I also like the balances you put though.

10) Snowdrops?
When I was going through the Umbreon list, I had to get the realization that my own umbreon was a very low quality sub, so sorry(I wanted to Self Vote this at last to show that), definitely the worst umbreon sub out of them all.

Snowdrops & Zxgzxg!
Really good collab and that too at the last moment, and the resulting sub was worth it!
Work Up shines here! Also it has a various sets that you can use to sweep, wallbreak, break stall mons(like the blobs in the expanded meta) or even bait your opponent!
Agent 9!
Sheer force is such a fun damage boosting ability since all of its moves and coverages are boosted by it, its like LO without recoil and I love this.
Mystical Fire, Psychic, Moonblast, all of them get boosts!
Similar to Bekama's Dazzling :Espeon:, but this is a COUNTER to BOTH :SCIZOR: AND :SCIZOR-MEGA:, I love this idea soooo much and its uses for the VGC is so awesome. Also it gets an actual fire move as Mystical Fire unlike that Espeon so it can either just not carry Hidden Power or carry a better type for Hidden Power
4) XTheGAMEMaster!
Costar is such a good doubles ability where you can pair it with literally any mon which uses a speed-boosting, special attack-boosting or defenses-boosting moves, maybe even transferring boosts with baton pass as sylveon(:Sylveon:-->Baton pass-->Teammate:Yanmega:-->Switch-->:Sylveon:-->Loop it again) which is good for spreading things like dragon dance and quiver dance all through your team, this makes :smeargle: even more viable too since it can be its partner, setting up things like geomancy.

5) The Damned!
Why is no one talking about this absolutely HILARIOUS sub! Considering the limitations of the eeveelutions subs being monotype, this becomes so important as a sub if you would like a pseudo-dual typed sylveon!
You literally gain 4 resistances, and just 2 weaknesses by just using a normal move!

6) Scorbunnys & Eeveegirl1380!
I am surprised that such an ability hasnt gotten much votes at all despite being hyped in the discord :o
I like this because its basically powerful leftovers and is absolutely a fantastic tech, when you can carry things like substitute, wish, protect, yawn, calm mind and also have wincon sweeps while also healing at the end of the turn! This also pseudo-negates stealth rock which is awesome for a mega which may or may not carry a recovery(or actually has no viable recovery)

7) Okispokis!
Natural Cure is just base :Altaria: and I like the coincidence between their base and mega abilities. Also its a fun stallmon.

8) Eeveekid10!
Just like shell bell, honestly a good idea for a sub but a little underwhelming because its literally shell bell(who likes shell bell?) and base form would still have been better(even with +5 spa from the edit). Voting this because if this shows up for National Dex, it would finally be a very good mega(with :Blissey: and co. running everywhere)

9) Bekama!
Safeguard is surprisingly underused, and I like how you go with that in this sub.

10) Pupugugu!
At first I didn't understand the ability(I thought its like tranquility from both sides of field but now I realised I read it wrong). However the ability to setup easily is great and I like that

I surely liked every sub here, every(other than my umbreon). You people are the most creative people out there!

Also can this post be updated?
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Ahem. Sorry about the confusion -- the votes are actually in the results are the same though! Sorry for the wait, I had my hands kinda full this weekend.

Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...

:espeon: Mega Espeon: XtheGAMEmaster !!
Type: Psychic
Ability: Mana Gate - This Pokemon's PSYCHIC TYPE Status moves go last in their priority bracket and switches the user out.

Hp: 65
Atk: 65 -> 90 (+25)
Def: 60 -> 85 (+25)
SpA: 130 -> 160 (+30)
SpD: 95 -> 105 (+10)
Spe: 110 -> 120 (+10)
Bst: 525 -> 625 (+100)

-New Moves-
Speed Swap, Magic Powder

Inspired partially by Magnagates from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, this Espeon is ready to be the supportive thorn in your opponent's side! ALL of your psychic-type status moves now gain the secondary effect of pivoting Espeon out! This does come at the drawback of being unable to use boosting moves such as Calm Mind to set up, as well as not utilizing Espeon's great huge natural speed, since your status moves will all move last in their respective priority bracket. But with STAB Future Sights coming off of a base 160 Special Attack stat and slow pivoting, who needs the speed? (Still this because you can still be an effective offensive threat if you wanted lol)

Some notable options include:

-TRICK ROOM! This is a big one, because it lets you bring in your allies as soon as you can to abuse it. Huge for VGC and Singles alike, but make sure Espeon isn't forced back into battle afterwards, or it might get outsped because of it's high speed!

-Yawn! Especially when combined with a Future Sight, this can put a ton of pressure on switch-ins.

-Morning Sun! Basically Regenerator put into a single moveslot.

-Wish! Great for passing them to teammates, but you can abuse the benefit unless you double back in. Maybe useful on VoltTurn cores?

-Helping Hand! For VGC, you can power up your ally's attack for the turn AND pivot at the same time! Unlike a lot of these moves, Espeon will still have priority on it's switch because it only moves last in it's priority bracket!

Baby-Doll Eyes! Another priority move, making it work like a diet Parting Shot.

-Heal Bell! Brutal on teams that use Rest for recovery.

None of these examples are relevant anymore, but all psychic type status moves gain new utility. Magic Powder and Speed Swap have been added to give this Espeon more options to work with in terms of pivoting.

This ability is probably super strong, but gives Espeon a ton of unique versatility and is interesting to play around with in both VGC and in Singles.

:umbreon: Mega Umbreon: Albatross & Paulluxx !!
a collaboration with a certain badger you may know as Paulluxx
:umbreon: Mega Umbreon
New Ability
: Partial Eclipse - While the user is at or below 1/2 of their max hp, all Pokemon on the field (except Umbreon) take 1/8th chip at the end of each turn
Type: Dark

New stats:
HP: 95 (+0)
Attack: 115 (+50)
Defense: 115 (+5)
Special Attack: 60 (+0)
Special Defense: 155 (+25)
Speed: 85 (+20)
(BST: 625) (+100)

New moves: Mirror Coat
This Mega Umbreon is specialised for two tasks: being painfully passive (in a literal sense), and fucking with Wish. Partial Eclipse synergises excellently with Wish + Protect, allowing Mega Umbreon to take a hit, set up Wish, deal chip, use Protect, then heal, effectively dealing 1/6th of the opponent's hp in a relatively safe manner provided you live the initial hit. Combined with the damage from Toxic, if inflicted prior, the chip damage really adds up, giving Mega Umbreon an interesting way of chipping down the opponent that plays into its passivity.

Intense and punishing passivity isn't all it has to offer though. With its new 115 Attack Mega Umbreon can now feasibly run Pursuit, allowing it to Pursuit-trap foes worn down by its chip that can't KO it. Foul Play is still strong here of course, as Mega Umbreon invites in physical attackers to take advantage of its lower Defence - in contrast, Mirror Coat enables Mega Umbreon to take advantage of its own walling playstyle, by luring in strong specially orientated Fairy-types, tanking a Moonblast, then using Mirror Coat to retaliate. In the event that it misses the kill, Partial Eclipse can then pick up the KO. It's worth mentioning that regular Umbreon also benefits from Mirror Coat, giving it more diverse options to play around with

Some additional moveslot options that deserve a mention are Heal Bell, allowing Mega Umbreon to cure any inflicted Toxics or Burns that might otherwise hinder it; Substitute, making the damage threshold it needs to take significantly smaller by giving it an easy, consistent way to take 1/4th HP; Toxic, previously mentioned as a way to quickly rack up chip damage in conjunction with Partial Eclipse; Sucker Punch, giving Mega Umbreon strong priority to pick off offensive mons that might otherwise KO it; and Thunder Wave/Yawn/Taunt as disruptive options.

To clarify: Partial Eclipse activates after Wish

:sylveon: Mega Sylveon: Snowdrops & zxgzxg !!
Mega: :sv/Sylveon:
Type remains fairy
Ability: Cute Charm/Pixilate-->

Tough Claws


New Moves: Stomping Tantrum, Grass Knot

This Sylveon is a Collab with zxgzxg
Sylveon here just gets aggressive and tries protecting its trainer and craves for competitions!
This Sylveon gives Work Up another chance to shine, being able to boost both its offenses and get a good set of boosted moves which counter a big lot of the metagame.
For instance, sylveon gets Draining Kiss, which now gets a boost! It can carry draining kiss as its sole stab on a wincon cm set or as a recovery on a more offensive set!
It also gets a very powerful Grass Knot! Even though there is nothing much you can do of that, it still hits some some mons hard enough on the special side, like rhyperior, swampert or quagsire.
It gets Play Rough! On a physical aspect, this sylveon has play rough, its only, but most reliable physical stab, with a good chance of reducing opponent's attack stat, and a very powerful base power thanks to tough claws
It now gets Stomping Tantrum! This is a HUGE coverage move for a fairy type wanting to go physical, since ground is effective against fairy's weaknesses.
It can use Mystical Fire! On no-recovery mixed sets with work up- (play rough/moonblast) -stomping tantrum, it can carry another coverage move which sets it apart from the other mons with such coverages! Mystical Fire! It deals with important mons like Ferrothorn, Scizor and the annoying Steel Birds!

Yeah, sorry, I've been really out of it :') I'll try to get to that within the next day or so. I can probably at least start to fix it once I'm done with this post and also eating the lunch I skipped while working on it which is now a bit more urgent since I had to spend another hour fixing a mistake I made on the tally, oops... I know I looked at it awhile ago, but I wasn't immediately sure how to go about it so I just gave up.

That post isn't the only thing I need to fix, either, but it's definitely the most straightforward thing to fix. Other resources with incorrect/out-of-date information I have actually been meaning to flat-out redo the entirety of, so those won't be fixed anytime soon; sorry for the inconvenience.

BlueRay said I should wait on actually opening the next slate until Hematemesis gets back with those fancy schedule plans he was talking about, so that's all from me for the moment!
So look forward to a slate opening announcement from one of us soon: remember, that'll be :zangoose: Zangoose, :seviper: Seviper, and :solrock: Solrock!

Hope you're having an alright one, and I'll see you around.​
Slate 5
Hoenn’s Revenge

:bw/solrock: :bw/seviper: :bw/zangoose:
Hey hey! It’s Bolivia here with the slate 5 opening announcement! Solrock, Seviper, and Zangoose are the 3 pokemon receiving megas for this slate, which is quite exciting! None of these pokemon are all that powerful on their own, so there are no blanket restrictions this time around. The reviewing team will exclude certain megas as we see fit! Here is the schedule for slate 5!

Subs: Wednesday, February 1 -> Sunday, February 12
Reviews: Sunday, February 12 -> Tuesday, February 14
Revisions: Tuesday, February 14 -> Friday, February 17
Voting: Friday, February 17 -> Tuesday, February 21

:Bisharp: Bisharp Announcement :Bisharp:
As many of you are aware, there is a new pokemon that exists, and their name is :Kingambit: Kingambit! Say hi! Kingambit evolves from Bisharp, meaning that our Mega Bisharp no longer technically possible! As a result, DrPumpkinz, the original creator of the mega, worked closely with the council to devise a solution.
Mega Bisharp will be reverted to its original form, and then be accessible in formats where Kingambit does not exist. Mega Bisharp will be unable to be brought back for future m4a seasons where Kingambit exists!
This does not change much for the average player. Essentially, it undoes a buff that made Megg Bisharp UBER tier in m4a natdex, and then allows it to be used in that tier. Finally, it tentatively plans to never bring Mega Bisharp back for a future season!


:bw/Dugtrio: MOLEHOUSE IS BACK BABY :bw/Dugtrio:

We do not have a date or details hammered out yet, but it is the truth! Molehouse 2 - a touranment where arena trap is completely legal - is the next tournament for m4a, and it will likely be held live on a Saturday in late February/early March! The format for this tier will be m4a Kalos OU because I know some people were asking about that!

I do want to give a special shout-out to BlueRay, Ink, Exploziff, and the council/comp-council for helping this slate be among the most successful in m4a history! I really am grateful to have a team behind my back making sure this mod is run smoothly! Be sure to

Alrighty, I believe that is everything! Good luck everyone, and enjoy the slate! - Bolivia
Mega Seviper

New Ability
: Dry Skin

: Poison | Dark

New Stats

HP: 73
Attack: 100 → 131 (+31)
Defense: 60 → 78 (+18)
Special Attack: 100
Special Defense: 60 → 78 (+18)
Speed: 65 → 98 (+33)
BST: 458 → 558

New Moves:
- Power Trip, Gunk Shot (learns it in gen 9)

1) Design concept
Too much water is never a bad idea for your skin! If you're a snake, that is.

Have you ever wondered why Seviper are mostly found in the grass near mountains and waters? As a snake's skin can dry, this animal will gravitate towards any puddles, wet grass, sunken spots, and other stagnant water; after all, water helps snakes get rid of mites and shed retained skin. Furthermore, these wet places are ideal for hunting purposes since rodents and insects are attracted to this environment. Against this background, Dry Skin represents a very natural and fitting ability choice on Seviper. This is further underlined by the fact that Seviper's Japanese name--Habunake--contains the term habu, which refers to a sub group of the Crotalinae. Some members of this group of vipers are aquatic in nature. So, it's not difficult to see Seviper's preference for water and how it can take good advantage of it.

2) Competitive
Water no more! Or more Water, please?

Due to the combination of Dry Skin + Poison & Dark, M Seviper is able to wall defensive Water Pokémon, like Slowbro, Mantine, Alomomola, and Toxapex (in NatDex); after all, these Pokémon cannot afflict M Seviper with Toxic or Burn from Scald. What's more, Dry Skin + Poison & Dark allows M Seviper to check Azumarill, M Clawitzer, and Crawdaunt, not fearing Aquat Jet at all and not minding Knock Off too much. In NatDex, this combination makes it possible to (soft) check Choice Specs Greninja, Tapu Fini, and, most importantly, Manaphy, the latter being generally difficult to answer for defensive Pokémon.

As M Seviper is able to force out a lot of switches, especially from Water Pokémon, it will most likely be able to set up with Swords Dance or Coil. The latter synergizes very well with Power Trip and has huge reward potential due to the high BP of the new move, which can outdamage Swords Dance + Knock Off. Not fearing common status like Toxic or Burn from most Pokémon is also pretty huge, making it easier for M Seviper to set up.

On another note, some people have pointed out M Seviper's potential synergy with Rain; it can both pressure certain members on Rain teams and take advantage of this weather; there's healing and pseudo STAB Aqua Tail for opposing Ground Pokémon if you want to go that route.
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Ability: Sharpness
New moves: Cross Poison, Leaf Blade

HP: 73
Atk: 137 (+37)
Def: 75 (+15)
SpA: 100
SpD: 75 (+15)
Spe: 98 (+33)

Description: Seviper-Mega enjoys a much better Atk stat. Thanks to this, he becomes the first true poison-type physical breaker. Additionally he gets access to Cross Poison which can be an interesting option compared to Gunk Shot. Also, Leaf Blade allows it to pass certain Ground-type pokemon. Although he still has the same SpA stat, he can still use it with Flamethrower to pass certain Steel types such as Ferrothorn. His new speed allows him to overtake Haxorus(-Mega), Gliscor, Moltres or even Lucario.
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Mega Solrock

Ability - Levitate ➝ Drought

HP - 90 ➝ 90
Atk - 95 ➝ 135 (+40)
Def - 85 ➝ 105 (+20)
SpA - 55 ➝ 95 (+40)
SpD - 65 ➝ 85 (+20)
Spe - 70 ➝ 50 (-20)
BST - 525 ➝ 625 (+100)

Movepool Changes - Flame Wheel, Morning Sun, Rapid Spin
Competitive Corner - Is it worth it to use your Mega on your Drought user? Well, probably not, but Mega Solrock offers a few things Torkoal can't. For one it has reliable recovery and far stronger offensive presence and coverage with Flare Blitz, Solar Beam, and Rock Slide. It's bulk, while nothing compared to Torkoal, is also reasonable! Hopefully it can carve itself a niche on sun? Perhaps even as redundancy used alongside Torkoal? I'm not sure!
Flavor Corner - omg, the rock shaped like a sun is now sun-like like an actual sun, omg (i'm sorry i don't have anything more creative than this for this one...)

Mega Zangoose

Ability - Immunity; Toxic Boost ➝ Antivenomous (Poison Heal + Poison-type Water Absorb clone)

HP - 73 ➝ 73
Atk - 115 ➝ 150 (+35)
Def - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
SpA - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
SpD - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
Spe - 90 ➝ 110 (+20)
BST - 525 ➝ 625 (+100)

Movepool Changes - U-turn
Competitive Corner - He strong, he reasonably fast, and he can absorb Poison-type moves and the poison status all day. Unfortunately for Mega Zangoose, unlike other Poison Heal Pokémon cannot hold a Toxic Orb, so it will have to catch a Toxic from its opponent to gain its recovery.
Flavor Corner - It's a mongoose famous for battling snakes, so it definitely has a great immune system, hence the ability

Mega Seviper

Ability - Shed Skin; Infiltrator ➝ Ultravenomous (Poison Touch + Corrosion)

HP - 73 ➝ 95
Atk - 100 ➝ 125 (+25)
Def - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
SpA - 100 ➝ 125 (+25)
SpD - 60 ➝ 75 (+15)
Spe - 65 ➝ 85 (+20)
BST - 525 ➝ 625 (+100)

Movepool Changes - U-turn, Close Combat
Competitive Corner - U-turn into Toxapex, Toxapex is now Poisoned, U-turn into Corviknight, Corviknight is now Poisoned. That this thing's niche. Jokes aside it also has a pretty nice STAB combo that takes advantage of poisoning Poison-types for it to go as ham as it can go with 85 Spe and 125 attacking stats after, but hey, a Pokémon with this ability and U-turn can't be too good otherwise, can it?
Flavor Corner - It's a very venomous snake its venom so strong that it can even Poison other Poison-types as well as Steel-types. Can't poison mongooses with good immune system though...

These both are based on a very sad thing in Japan where they'd pit mongooses against habus in roadside shows. Alluding to that they both get the Fighting-type, but obviously this is a horrible practice that has thankfully dwindled over the ages. I feel bad referencing it, but it's the whole reason these two exist, so I think a design that didn't touch on these would feel incomplete for my personal standards.
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mega zangoose
hp- 73
atk- 130(+15)
def- 100(+40)
spa- 60
spd- 90(+30)
spe- 105(+15)
Toxicant: The user is considered poisoned by all moves and abilities, status immunity.

new moves: drain punch

flavor: this bad boy got bit so much by Seviper that it's always feeling the affects of being poisoned, but it's built an immunity to the negative affects

competitive: haha facade go brrr

And here we have my collab with the wonderful Mossy Sandwich !
mega solrock
hp- 90
atk- 122(+27)
def- 100(+15)
spa- 80(+25)
spd- 65
spe- 103(+33)

ability: desolate land

new moves: growth

flavor: it's the sun

competitive: Mega Solrock takes great advantage from an ability like desolate land, giving it an incredible immunity to water type moves which it appreciates both as a type weak to water (especially since +1 surf from mega clawitzer still has a 1 in 4 chance to ohko in regular sun) but also as a physical attacker who definitely doesn't not want to be burned. While drought could be useful to be able to support teammates in singles, you'd be better off using torkoal or Ninetales for that purpose since they don't use a mega slot and gets STAB on their sun boosted fire moves. Another area Desolate Land helps the over drought is allowing it to use growth, morning sun, and pseudo-STAB fire moves without being on a timer. Speaking of growth, the addition of it paired with sun and the boost to special attack allows for stored power to get to 100 bp in a single turn with an uninvested +2 Spa being about equal to fully invested Espeon without having to sacrifice it's insanely powerful flare blitzes. All in all i can't imagine a more suited pokemon for this ability nor a more suited ability for this pokemon.
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Mega Zangoose
Normal / Fighting
Ability: Tinted Lens
HP: 73​
Att: 175 (+60)
Def: 75 (+15)
SpA: 70 (+10)
SpD: 75 (+15)
Spe: 90​

The ability flavor is a corruption on the original idiom, "seeing the world through rose-tinted lenses". A more straightforward way of describing the idiom literally would be "seeing red", which is itself an idiom for being extremely pissed at something on sight. Mega Zangoose is going to click Close Combat, and if it sees some dirty stinkin' no-good piece-of-shit Poison-type thinking it doesn't have to care because it resists Fighting, Mega Zangoose is going to funnel its rage into beating that Poison-type's smug face into a bloody pulp. Its eyes are also literally red, and one of them has a red fur streak going through it.

A Normal/Fighting Pokemon with Tinted Lens, 175 Attack, Swords Dance, and Quick Attack may seem like it'd be busted, but you need to keep in mind that base Zangoose has similarly insane neutral coverage with Facade, is even stronger than Mega Zangoose thanks to Toxic Boost, and is still a mediocre Pokemon. Mega Zangoose trades some of Zangoose's explosive power for a stronger hit on Steel-types, but its better longevity is likely the biggest advantage Mega Zangoose has over Zangoose. It's still pretty frail despite the boosted defenses, but the lack of a constantly-ticking Toxic clock and the added resistance to Stealth Rock drastically improves Mega Zangoose's staying power in the face of passive damage. That said, it performs poorly in the face of direct damage. Quick Attack means it's not helpless against offensive teams, but between its frailty, middling Speed, and Close Combat drops, it still struggles.

It's also worth noting that Mega Zangoose has an additional moveslot to play with compared to Zangoose. Zangoose ran Facade for its strong neutral coverage and Close Combat for super effective coverage against Steels. However, Mega Zangoose having STAB on Close Combat makes it stronger than Return, and Tinted Lens means it doesn't need Return to hit things neutrally. This means it can run all three of Close Combat, Knock Off, and Quick Attack (still using that Normal STAB!) and still have room for something like Swords Dance, Substitute, or Taunt.

Mega Seviper
Poison / Ghost
Ability: Terrorize (Ghost Skin)
HP: 73​
Att: 140 (+40)
Def: 100 (+40)
SpA: 100​
SpD: 80 (+20)
Spe: 65​

In Japanese, all the -ate and -ize abilities (including Normalize) end with スキン which Bulbapedia translates as "skin" (Electric Skin, Freeze Skin, etc.). That suffix isn't fully unique to those abilities (Wonder Skin also uses it, though Dry Skin and Rough Skin use はだ and Shed Skin is just "Molting"; I get the sense that it's not referring to literal skin but I don't know Japanese so I can't provide my own translation) but even still I think it's a more elegant way to refer to that genre of ability than "-ate and/or -ize".


Zangoose's animosity toward Seviper and Poison-types in general is decently reflected mechanically through its abilities, but Seviper's reciprocal is mostly just flavor text. Mega Seviper changes this. With its new Ghost typing, it's completely immune to Zangoose's STAB, and Terrorize makes Mega Seviper's Returns and Double-Edges a cool type instead of a dumb stupid type for worthless losers. It also makes those moves completely incapable of hitting said worthless losers, but when you're being spiteful and petty you tend not to fully think things through. Also Seviper is now sort of dead, that's another thing it thought was a good idea at the time.

Mega Seviper takes a typing that was previously only seen on Gengar, and gives it a more defensive and physical spin. Its decent bulk helps it to set up with Coil or Swords Dance, as well as play defensively with Haze, Dragon Tail, or Glare. On the offensive side, it can deal massive damage with Ghost-type Return (even without any investment it's almost as strong as Specs Gengar's Shadow Ball is on the special side) and it can use Glare to patch up its slow Speed. It can also work around its slow Speed with Terrorize-boosted priority. It doesn't get Extreme Speed or Quick Attack, but it does get Feint. It may be weaker than Quick Attack, but its +2 priority means the opponent can't outrun it with their own priority move (most notably Sucker Punch).

I really wanted to make Mega Seviper a special attacker so it could make use of Wring Out, but its movepool is just so much better suited for physical attacking, and it would also put it in even more competition with Gengar.

In terms of visual flavor, Seviper is one of the spookier-looking Pokemon, especially compared to other snake Pokemon, and its two-tone face can be expanded upon into its face physically splitting open, like its skin is mid-shed and hanging off its body like a cloak or mummy wrappings.

Mega Solrock
Rock / Psychic
Ability: Rock Head
HP: 90​
Att: 125 (+30)
Def: 115 (+30)
SpA: 55​
SpD: 65​
Spe: 110 (+40)

Something I think is neat about Solrock and Lunatone is that they used their shared typing in very different ways when they first debuted. Lunatone was a special attacker, and because the physical/special split hadn't happened yet, it focused more on its Psychic typing. Meanwhile, Solrock was a physical attacker, so it focused on its Rock typing. Because of this, I think it's only fitting to treat Mega Solrock as a primarily Rock-type mega, and Mega Lunatone as a primarily Psychic-type mega when we get to it.

Like many a gen 3 Rock-type, Mega Solrock gets Rock Head without any STAB to benefit from it. However, it does get Flare Blitz, letting it smash through the Steels that would wall its STABs without suffering any recoil. It's also remarkably fast for a Rock-type, which in combination with Swords Dance can make it a very effective cleaner.
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Mega Solrock
New Ability
: Magnet Pull
Type: Rock/Psychic

New stats:
HP: 90
Atk: 135 (+40)
Def: 100 (+20)
SpA: 55
SpD: 65
Spe: 110 (+40)
(BST: 560)

New moves: Spikes, Taunt
Description: Mega Solrock aims to be a utility pokemon or a revenge killer. Its increased speed and offense gives it much stronger Earthquakes and Flare Blitz's that thwart opposing steel pokemon. However, in Kalos it is harder to counter key threats like Ferrothorn. So instead Solrock will rely on utility options in Spikes and Taunt against Skarmory, and will revenge kill against Magnezone. In natdex its increased speed is much more useful for trapping and revenge killing Heatran and Kartana.

Mega Zangoose
New Ability
: Technician
Type: Normal/Fighting

New stats:
HP: 73
Atk: 145 (+30)
Def: 90 (+30)
SpA: 70 (+10)
SpD: 90 (+30)
Spe: 90
(BST: 558)

New moves: none
Description: A fast fighting type wallbreaker that abuses Technician and a variety of moves to boot. Quick examples such as Quick Attack, Power-up-Punch, Rock Tomb or Payback.

Mega Seviper
New Ability
: Grassy Surge
Type: Poison/Grass

New stats:
HP: 73
Atk: 100
Def: 130 (+70)
SpA: 110 (+10)
SpD: 80 (+20)
Spe: 65
(BST: 558)

New moves: none
Description: Defensive Poison type pokemon providing key resistances to its team while also being resistant to ground itself. Glare + 3 Attacks is a potent combination. The terrain powers up its Giga Drain, while it has Flamethrower to hit steels, and Sludge Bomb for aditional STAB. A pretty good support Pokemon. Less relevant options include Trailblaze + Coil in Gen 9.
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Mega Seviper
New Ability
: Lethal Strike (This pokemon's contact STAB attacks gain +1 priority against statused targets)
Type: Poison/Dark

New stats:
HP: 73
Attack: 120 (+20)
Defense: 95 (+35)
Special Attack: 120 (+20)
Special Defense: 60
Speed: 90 (+25)
(558 BST)

New moves: none
As a man once said, if you can't overcome a flaw outright, it is best be working around it.

This Seviper is built to abuse status to get the jump on faster threats. Poison/Dark is a naturally good offensive typing so you can easily fit a status-inducing move [primarily Toxic] and still be able to hit everything you need to. Speaking of which, it's got amazing coverage in Giga Drain & Flamethrower on the special side and Earthquake on the physical. Combine that with solid offensive stats and actually decent physical bulk, and this mega will prove itself a deadly cleaner. Best when paired with Toxic Spikes as the chip puts targets in range for Seviper to finish them off.

Mega Zangoose
New Ability
: Tainted Touch (This pokemon's physical attacks gain the Psycho Shift effect)
Type: Normal/Fighting

New stats:
HP: 73
Attack: 135 (+20)
Defense: 110 (+50)
Special Attack: 60
Special Defense: 70 (+10)
Speed: 110 (+20)
(558 BST)

New moves:
Likewise, sometimes the best way to punish big power is to turn it against them.

Intended to punish moves like Toxic/Will-o-Wisp and turn them against the opponent. Solid physical attack and speed ensure this thing can hit hard and hit fast, and turn its status against the opponent. Add on to that good coverage and this Zangoose will become an unstoppable attacker.
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Mega Seviper

Ability: Blood Clot (As long as the user is in the field, all paralyzed pokémon are also considered to be regularly poisoned and will take damage as such instead of getting fully paralysed.)
HP: 73
Atk: 100
Def: 60 → 95 (+35)
SpA: 100 → 120 (+20)
SpD: 60 → 95 (+35)
Spe: 65 → 75 (+10)
New Moves: Recover, Jaw Lock, Venom Drench
Description: Seviper has a conflict of interests. On one hand as a poison type it wants to spread poison with its stab moves, but on the other hand it gets the really good paralyzing option of Glare, so it can’t choose one option over the other. This is where Blood Clot comes in, inspired by the real life ability of snake poison being able to form blood clots in the bloodstreams of its victims, which is the big reason it is so dangerous. By using Glare to paralyze stuff, Seviper is able to both decrease their speed and also have them take damage as they stay in on it. It also is able to use moves like Venoshock and the addition of venom drench on its paralyzed targets, or use it to coil up and outlast the opponent. Recover is there for survivability, while Jaw Lock serves as a potential option to trap paralyzed mons and kill them.


Mega Solrock

Ability: Scorch (As long as this mon is on the field, every other Pokémon in the field is considered to be burned.)
HP: 90
Atk: 95 → 130 ( +35)
Def: 85
SpA: 55
SpD: 65
Spe: 70 → 135 (+65)
New Moves: Rapid Spin, Spikes, Taunt
Description: Solrock was designed with a clear physical side bias, so I decided to keep it that way. Scorch is an extremely potent defensive ability which could in a way be considered to be a pseudo huge power for defense, which is brought down by Solrock’s meager defensive typing. Its stats now allow it to serve as a very useful utility mon with some good damage output, being able to set up stealth rocks, spikes and more or or go offensive with swords dance and its rock/fire/ground coverage.

In Doubles, its ability can serve as a pseudo intimidate user that ignores stuff like clear body, while its ability can also serve to powerup powerful teammates such as conkeldurr, Heracross and similar Guts users.
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:zangoose: Mega Zangoose
New Ability
: Immunity//Toxic Boost -> No Guard
: Normal
New Stats:
HP: 73
Attack: 115 -> 145 (+30)
Defense: 60 -> 65 (+5)
Special Attack: 60 -> 100 (+40)
Special Defense: 60 -> 70 (+10)
Speed: 90 -> 105 (+15)
(BST 558)

New Moves: None
Zangoose has surprisingly perfect coverage just like a lot of other early generation normal types. This includes moves such as Blizzard, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, and Thunder. All of which are special moves and completely useless coming off a base 60 SpA. Mega Zangoose gains a significant amount of SpA on mega evolving allowing it to use such powerful moves and coverage while also gaining No Guard so it no longer has to worry about the lower accuracy of such moves. Not only does it gain the ability to reliably run more special moves but with No Guard it can also run better physical moves such as Mega Kick and Dynamic Punch or Iron Tail if you really hate fairies. As is a worry with giving other mons No Guard, Zangoose does not get any sleep moves or Zap Cannon meaning it can’t easily spread status without giving up a moveslot not that this mega is designed to do that anyways. Zangoose also gets Work Up allowing it to run a mixed set-up sweeper role too.
With the increased SpA and accuracy Mega Zangoose can use:
Fire Blast to hit defensive Steels such as Scizor, M-Escavalier, and Skarmory.
Blizzard and Thunder for the incredible BoltBeam coverage.
Focus Blast or Giga Drain can hit any defensive Rock types I guess, I don't know why you would really ever need to hit them.

:seviper: Mega Seviper
New Ability
: Shed Skin//Infiltrator -> Serene Grace
: Poison/Dark

New Stats
HP: 73
Attack: 100 -> 125 (+25)
Defense: 60 -> 80 (+20)
Special Attack: 100 -> 115 (+15)
Special Defense: 60 -> 90 (+30)
Speed: 65 -> 75 (+10)
(BST 558)

New Moves: Gunk Shot
This is gonna be a lot briefer since I've had to change the ability last second. Serene Grace lets Mega Seviper poison opposing Pokemon by attacking with Poison Jab, or other moves such as the inaccurate Gunk Shot, the special Sludge Bomb, or the weaker Poison Fang. Mega Seviper has Crunch to fish for defense drops, Bite to fish for flinches against slower Pokemon, or Body Slam for paralysis. On the special side Mega Seviper has Dark Pulse for flinches.There is also synergy with Venoshock and the increased poison chance from Mega Seviper's poison STABs.

Technician + Serene Grace! Mega Seviper’s new ability gives it some frightening new move options. Some notable but not absurd buffs include: Fury Cutter becomes 80 BP the first turn it is used, 60 BP Lick with a 60% paralysis chance, 40 BP Mud Slap with a 200% accuracy drop chance (joke), Feint becomes 60 BP (not sure how much this would matter in VGC, I don’t play). But the most notable buffs are to Rock Smash and Poison Fang. Rock Smash becomes a miniature Thunderous Kick with 80 BP and a 100% chance to lower the opponent’s defense. Poison Fang becomes a powerful 100 BP move with a 100% chance to badly poison. These two moves together allow Mega Seviper to become an incredible wallbreaker, being able to Badly Poison or lower the defense of any pokemon it is up against. There is also some synergy with status spreading with Poison Fang and Venoshock allowing Mega Seviper to beat pokemon more physically defensive such as Slowbro.

:solrock: Mega Solrock
New Ability
: Levitate -> Supernova (This pokemon’s recoil and self-ko moves are guaranteed to burn their targets)
Type: Rock/Fire
: 154.0 kg -> 999.9 kg (+845.9 kg)

New Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 95 -> 140 (+45)
Defense: 85 -> 115 (+30)
Special Attack: 55
Special Defense: 65 -> 80 (+15)
Speed: 70 -> 80 (+10)
(BST 560)

New Moves: Mind Blown, Rapid Spin, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam
Mega Solrock becomes an incredible defensive wall upon mega evolving. Flare Blitz becomes a useful utility move by gaining a 100% burn chance but is held back by constantly taking recoil. Rapid Spin gives Mega Solrock some additional utility with hazard removal but is forced to be a secondary hazard remover due to its Stealth Rock weakness. Mega Solrock also has utility by setting up its own Stealth Rocks. The weight increase and Heat Crash/Heavy Slam are mainly for flavor because stars are heavy but they also give Mega Solrock some potentially high BP moves with no drawback. Mega Solrock also gains a niche and fun move in Mind Blown that allows it to burn every pokemon on the field in doubles. Mega Solrock can also be used as an incredibly niche suicide lead on HO by setting Stealth Rock turn 1 and using Explosion turn 2, keeping SR on the field and burning the opponent giving you a potential chance to set up and sweep from there.
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Mega Zangoose


New ability: Fur Coat

HP: 73
Attack: 115-140 (+25)
Defense: 60-75 (+15)
Special Attack: 60-70(+10)
Special Defense: 60-85 (+25)
Speed: 90-115 (+25)

New Moves: Drain Punch

Okey so, the role of this zangoose is a fast physical attacker that uses Fur Coat to help it set up SD . I also tried to do his stats balanced enough to not be like a literal wall but at least he can survive a few hits. This pokemon differs with mega lopunny in some aspects. Even though lopunny hits harder and has more speed, the potential of having a good setup without dying at the first hit can have a very good niche in HO team with screens. And having quite good moves to abuse, like gunk shot, return, knock off, CC...
Still can be killed from special part, and also IS still vulnerable to chip damage from wow or toxic
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Mega Solrock
Ability: Dazzling

HP - 90
Atk - 95 (+40) --> 135
Def - 85
SpA - 55
SpD - 65 (+20) --> 85
Spe - 70 (+40) --> 110

New Moves:
Rapid Spin
Pokedex Entries:
DPP / BW - "A new Pokémon species, rumored to be from the sun. It gives off light while spinning."
HGSS / Sword - "When it rotates itself, it gives off light similar to the sun, thus blinding its foes."
BDSP - "This new Pokémon species is rumored to be an avatar of the sun. The Pokémon gives off light while spinning."

Pretty obvious stuff, it's literally based on the sun. Kind of surprised it didn't have Rapid Spin to begin with, so I went ahead and added that. Upon Mega Evolution, Solrock becomes even brighter than before, rivalling the light of the real sun. That's the inspiration for Dazzling.
Let's start from base Solrock. It has a garbage typing and poor stat distribution, but it also has Levitate and a surprisingly good movepool. The combination of Swords Dance, EdgeQuake, and Flare Blitz already have the makings of a strong physical attacker, and it has recovery in Morning Sun + utility in Will-O-Wisp or Stealth Rock.

I wanted to keep the "fake sun" aspect, so adding a Fire type wasn't an option. Therefore, I gave Solrock the stats it always wanted and Rapid Spin to bolster its movepool. As for the ability, I decided on Dazzling for a number of reasons.

First of all, Solrock is weak to most priority moves. It faces trouble from :scizor: Scizor's Bullet Punch, :bisharp: Bisharp's Sucker Punch, and :crawdaunt: Crawdaunt and :azumarill: Azumarill's Aqua Jet, all of which can revenge kill it easily. With these moves out of the picture, it can eliminate the former two with Flare Blitz, and the latter two with a +2 Stone Edge.

Secondly, there's more niche uses of Dazzling. When at low health, Solrock can stop :weavile: Weavile's Ice Shard or the rare :conkeldurr: Conkeldurr's Mach Punch from revenge killing it. Furthermore, a lot of Pokemon with priority moves often run Choice Band, so a clever switch-in could result in a setup opportunity.

Thirdly, this ability can help in Natdex as well. :rillaboom: Rillaboom's Grassy Glide or :greninja_ash: Ash Greninja's Water Shuriken can no longer revenge kill Solrock. Additionally, they frequently run Choice Band and Specs respectively, so they can be made into Solrock's setup fodder. And bear in mind that with a larger pool of Pokemon, the pool of potential priority users also increases.

Finally, Dazzling Mega Solrock could be interesting in VGC. Complete immunity to priority for its allies means that Fake Out or Prankster cannot work against them. It also naturally has Rock Slide, Helping Hand, and Ally Switch, all of which are great in a Doubles format.

However, Solrock isn't unbeatable. It is weak to Choice Scarf-based revenge killers, as they do not rely on priority to KO it. Its defensive typing is also unimpressive, so it may be hard to find opportunities for setup. That being said, Dazzling still allows it to shine (pun intended) without making fundamental changes to its core (pun also intended) concept.
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Seviper - Mega
Ability : Ambush
Hp : 73
Atk : 130 (+30)
Def : 80 (+20)
SpA : 120 (+20)
SpD : 80 (+20)
Spe : 75 (+10)
New move : Slack Off , Gunk Shot

As a snake, Seviper is adpt to stealth and Ambush landing critical hit on it's opponent. Seviper is able to abuse it's access to Glare to spread paralisis and outspeed the affected pokemon to be able to land strong attack. With it's great coverage on both the special and physical Seviper can make huge hole in the opponent team and would act as a reliable wall breaker. Electric type pokemon like Rotom or Zapdos can't easily switch in eitheir to absorb a Glare as Gunk shot/sludge Bomb would do a lot of damage while threatening poison in the process , and Magnezone have to fear a powerfull Earthquake or Flamethrower coming his way. It is by no mean impossible to switch into, as Gliscor with with an activated toxic orb will be able to really easily come in without fear of any common coverage Seviper can run. Moreover, even againt non paralised foes , Seviper can chose to run sucker punch acting as an honorary priority wicked blow.
Mega Seviper also enjoy an increased bulk with an access to Slack off to enable more bulky set , realying more on Glare to outspeed other pokemon, and being able to use that gained bulk to consistenly tank it and before paralysing the opponent. Pure poison typing is very interesting defensively , being able to take it from fighting type and in Natdex taking Rillaboom Grassy Glide very easily.
Seviper will partner up very well with pokemon that like the support provided by Glare to outspeed fast threath, will Seviper will appreciate ground and Psychic check like Skarmory or Hydreigon (The latest really apreciating Glare support to medicate it slightly akward speed tier). In Natdex , Seviper really appreciate Grassy terrain support as a mean of recovery and ground protection, allowing to stay in and Glare on mon like Landorus or Garchomp, but also by boosting a potential Giga Drain coverage on Special set, and most of all getting ride of the Misty Surge set by the common Tapu Fini, that hinder the ability of Seviper to paralise the opposing team. Seviper can also work in tandem with the other Glaring snake Serperior as it cover the ground weakness of Seviper and provide an other source of paralisis.
In VGC , Seviper speed tier mean it can work well in both Trick Room and Tailwind team , being able to use powerfull coverage move to destroy a lot of pokemon. It can also easily take Hyper Voice from Sylveon . It's access to buldoze can also be an other option of speed control in this metagame , to both help itself and it partner. Ambush could also be paired with Anger point on Krook by using the access to sucker punch to activate it with priority and enabling a scarf Krook to proceed to destroy the opponent team. The ability to crit also help physical wet to make abstraction of opposing intimidate and therefore continue to stay a menace despite potential multi intimadate.
Type: Normal
Ability: Regenerator

HP: 73
ATK: 115 -> 135 (+20)
DEF: 60 -> 90 (+30)
SPA: 60 -> 64 (+4)
SPD: 60 -> 90 (+30)
SPE: 90 -> 106 (+16)
New Moves: Heal Bell

Mega Zangoose acts as a setup sweeper that can deal with switching out and resetting its stat boosts. Normally, one of the best ways to deal with Regenerator Pokémon is to status them, particularly poison. However, non mega Zangoose has Toxic Boost, which can allow it to punch some holes in the opponent’s team. Regenerator is also really cool with Facade! You get a big damage boost, and then mega evolve and/or switch out to recover the chip you’ve taken from being statused. Heal Bell is an option for Mega-Zangoose to support both itself and its teammates, letting it recover from whatever status it doesn’t want to be stuck with. Most sets would prefer to run Swords Dance, but Belly Drum is also a viable option due to the healing from Regenerator! If Mega-Zangoose runs into a Pokémon that stops it in it’s tracks, it can just switch out and recover whatever damage its taken, and come back in later to finish what it has started.
Immunity/Toxic Boost-> Toxic Malice (User's STAB moves poison the target if resisted, unless they are immune to poisoning).

HP: 73
Atk: 130 (+15)
Def: 75 (+15)
SpA: 70 (+10)
SpD: 100 (+40)
Spe: 110 (+20)

After its many battles with Seviper, the serpent's poison has permanently stained Zangoose's claws. This has obviously not helped its mood; in fact, Zangoose has become so agitated that it has become part Dark type and is more likely to fly off the handle against other species. Specifically, any mons that resist its STAB moves will feel the inherited toxicity via poisoning. I wanted to play around with the concept of invoking Poison while incentivizing the use of Dark type moves as Zangoose has a nice selection, most notably Knock Off and Pursuit. Plus Dark STAB gives it more opportunities to make use of the ability.

Compared to Poison Touch, Toxic Malice trades off the ability to poison anything for a guarantee on select targets, specifically those Zangoose would most like to score a poison on, particularly Fairy types. Toxic Malice allows Zangoose to punish Dark resists for carelessly switching in, forcing the opponent to play more carefully and letting it better wear down its checks over the course of a game. Close Combat lets it dent most Steel types, Pursuit lets it pick off weakened foes, punish overprediction or guarantee a poison should you have to sack, and you have options like SD to boost, Poison Jab to more directly threaten Fairy types and give more chances to poison, and Ice Punch for Zapdos and Gliscor. But at the same time, mons like Skarmory, Gliscor and Conkeldurr don't really mind poison and low physical bulk leaves it weak to priority.

:Mienshao: :Rotom-Wash: :Conkeldurr: :Haxorus:
Mega Zangoose best likes offensive teams that can provide pivot support to ease the burden of getting it in, while these teams in turn appreciate its ability to screw with enemy positioning thanks to Pursuit and Toxic Malice forcing more thoughtful switches. Zangoose's ability to remove Ghosts and cripple Fairies is also greatly appreciated by Fighting and Dragon type teammates so they can more easily clean-up; Conkeldurr and Heracross particularly love Zangoose's ability to threaten Mega Drifblim.

Ability: Levitate-> Dry Skin

HP: 95
Atk: 115 (+20)
Def: 125 (+40)
SpA: 55
SpD: 95 (+30)
Spe: 80 (+10)

New Moves: +Rapid Spin

Solrock gets so hot that water evaporates upon contact. Fire/Rock is one of those combos that actually has quite a few useful resistances but is doomed to be overshadowed by its weaknesses, so removing one of its biggest issues lets these resistances shine. Water immunity also means it can severely trip up rain, with Zapdos having to play around Rock STAB, and stopgap other scary Water types like Azumarill and Mega Clawitzer, threatening back with a Wisp. Fire type means Solrock is still resistant to Fire and picks up new resistances to Ice, Bug and Fairy, no longer fearing U-turn and becoming annoying for Weavile and Mega Escavalier. Rocks are another solid utility option as is new Rapid Spin, allowing Solrock to play either part of the hazard game; meanwhile Morning Sun keeps the Rock healthy and newly STAB Flare Blitz let it put up respectable offensive pressure vs Steel types. But what about Ground types? Well, who says you have to Mega vs them? Levitate pre-Mega allows for additional mind-games as you can delay activation to catch a Ground type overpredicting with EQ and punish them with Wisp. Waiting to Mega also means you can potentially get Spin while being Rocks neutral and immune to other hazards. A rare offensive set can even put in work thanks to the natural offensive potency of Rock and Fire, using Spin to boost its speed and SD to pack more of a punch.

:Gliscor: :Skarmory: :Slowking: :Hippowdon:
Mega Solrock's toolkit and defensive profile make it a natural fit on defensive teams. Gliscor and Skarmory provide a Ground immunity, Toxic sponging and can fulfill either end of hazard duty, as well as U-turn in Gliscor's case, while Mega Solrock eats up both of Scor's weaknesses while stomaching Fire moves for Skarm. Besides easing the Rain match-up, Solrock can also improve defense's match-up vs opposing defense and stall thanks to its Scald immunity, while Scald users on its own team can free up a slot over Wisp. Spin keeping up its own team's hazards also has the potential to be game-changing, allowing you to get more mileage out of your own hazards. I'd also be remissed not to mention Hippowdon, whose sand makes Solrock much tankier on the special side while Rock can tank Water and Ice moves for it. Of course, Solrock's potential roles as Scald absorber, spinner and emergency Rain check means it isn't strictly limited to defense and can find a role on any team requiring those traits.

Seviper coming later.
Hello again, everyone!
I am very excited to announce that I will be submitting three subs for this slate, and all three will be collabs!! For Mega Zangoose and Mega Seviper, I am working the with incredible DarkFairy, and for Mega Solrock, I will be working with the equally incredible Paulluxx! I hope you guys are excited to see what we've been cooking up! In this post, I will only be posting Mega Seviper, but DarkFairy will be posing Zangoose and Paulluxx will be posting the Mega Solrock, respectively. With that out of the way, introducing...

Mega Seviper (Collab with DarkFairy)
Type: Poison
Ability: Bad Blood - After KOing an opponent, this Pokemon injects venom into the replacement, Poisoning it.

Hp: 73
Atk: 100 -> 110 (+10)
Def: 60 -> 110 (+50)
SpA: 100 -> 130 (+30)
SpD: 60
Spe: 65 -> 75 (+10)
New Moves: Pursuit, Extreme Speed, Purify

"Mega Evolution has caused Seviper's reflexes and toxic potency heighten to extreme levels. It is capable of envenoming enemies faster than the blink of an eye."

A viper’s venom is the deadliest kind- It’s not just deadly, it destroys tissue. With new tools in Extreme Speed and Pursuit, Mega Seviper is a wallbreaker that punishes sacking Pokémon to it in a unique way by forcing the revenge killer on a timer thanks to Bad Blood. This encourages Seviper to either pick off enemies with Extreme Speed/Sucker Punch as a revenge-killing option, or Pursuit to punish opponents that fear Extreme Speed. It also has access to setup in Coil and Swords Dance to capitalize on switches offensively, while Glare and Knock Off are valuable team support options to stop switch-in in their tracks.

Outside of just putting enemies on a timer, Seviper has naturally high attack stats that pair excellently with it's wide, dangerous coverage and a perfect speed tier to amp up it's wallbreaking potential to the next level. It's able to nail Steels with Flamethrower OR Earthquake, Ground types with a strong Giga Drain, and abuse the enemies it poisons with a brutally powered-up STAB Venoshock. On top of this, with access to Purify, Seviper gains somewhat-reliable healing whenever it knocks something out, which can be used to increase it’s longevity. In doubles, Seviper becomes an interesting support Pokemon, as it can consistently poison Pokémon in the back by picking off weakened mons with Extreme Speed and lower the stats of poisoned mons with Venom Drench.

(The ability sharing a name with Bad Blood by Taylor Swift was a complete coincidence, so the reference was begging to be made here, haha!)
(Calcs coming soon!)
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