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Let's Rock

New Ability: Devil Noise (Dark moves are Sound based moves and do 20% more damage. Additionally, they prevent the opponent from using Sound moves until they switch out)

New Stats:
HP: 104 => 104 (+0)
Atk: 91 => 106 (+15)
Def: 63 => 88 (+25)
SpA: 91 => 121 (+30)
SpD: 73 => 88 (+15)
Spe: 68 => 83 (+15)
BST: 490 => 590

New moves: Snarl, Jaw Lock, Dark Pulse
Description: You'll realize I'm not your Devil anymore!
Exploud looses its most dangerous weapon in Specs-Scrappy-Boomburst. It gains a new Stab in Dark Pulse, which is boosted by 20% and helps it against Ghosts. It still doesn't have the power of Choice Specs, but it gains more Bulk and Speed, in addition to Jaw Lock. The Pokémon that can easily take its special hits are Heatran and Blissey. With Jaw Lock, Return, EQ and the help of Taunt, Exploud can get rid of these special walls. With this, you'll support your Magearna, Ash-Greninja and many other special attacker. This can be expanded to other special or even physical walls, since you can even run Jaw Lock on special sets. You can customize this mon to fit your team in any kind of way.

Special Boomer
Exploud @ Exploudite
Ability: Devil Noise
EVs: 48 HP / 252 SpA / 208 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Boomburst
- Dark Pulse
- Fire Blast
- Hydro Pump

Physical Lure
Exploud @ Exploudite
Ability: Devil Noise
EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 208 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Return
- Jaw Lock
- Earthquake
- Taunt

New Ability: Metal Lover (Sound moves lower the targets Special Defense by one stages)

New Stats:
HP: 85 => 85 (+0)
Atk: 70 => 85 (+15)
Def: 80 => 95 (+15)
SpA: 97 => 112 (+15)
SpD: 80 => 95 (+15)
Spe: 123 => 163 (+40)
BST: 535 => 635

New moves: Snarl, Brave Bird
Description: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, Heavy Metal Lover
Noivern is designed to be a fast special wallbreaker, albeit without a special boosting move. How does it wallbreak then? Easy, Metal Lover. Metal Lover isn't the best way to wallbreak, but it does fullfil its job. Dropping the enemies Special Defense after using a powerful move in Boomburst really means something and it isn't meant to be taken lightly. It's kinda like Shaymin-Sky, where you have a move that decreases Special Defense of the target and then a Stab Flying Move that does massive damage. Air Slash can also be used to really immitate Skymin.
The set that I shared has some problems though. Steels wall this set, so a Fire move is recommended. Hurricane is only 70% accurate, so Air Slash is a good replacement. However the biggest weak point is Boomburst. It can be PP stalled and then you have basically a useless ability. Alternatively you could run Hyper Voice or a supporting set with Snarl.

Special Wallbreaker
Noivern @ Noivernite
Ability: Metal Lover
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hurricane
- Boomburst
- Roost
- U-turn

New Ability: Kind Hearted Voice [The attacker heals its own and its teams status conditions when using a sound move => Heal Bell effect)

New Stats:
HP: 75 => 75 (+0)
Atk: 98 => 108 (+10)
Def: 70 => 95 (+25)
SpA: 114 => 134 (+20)
SpD: 70 => 110 (+40)
Spe: 75 => 80 (+5)
BST: 502 => 602

New moves: Wish, Slack Off, Hidden Power
Description: 'Cause I'm the shoulder you can cry on, the dose that you can die on
Toxtricity has a good defensive typing that many people overlooked due to its fraility and offensive playstyle. Eight resistences, one regular and one 4x weakness doesn't sound bad. On top of that it absorbs Toxic Spikes and is immune to Toxic. This mon is designed to be a Pivot and Cleric. You can rely on it to take some Fighting, Grass, Flying, Poison, Electric, Bug, Fairy and Steel (cause f*ck Magearna) moves and then recover the damage done with Slack Off. Alternatively you can run Wish + Protect with Volt Switch to heal your other Pokémon. Boomburst can cure your entire of status and deals great damage.

Physical Defensive Pivot
Toxtricity @ Toxtricite
Ability: Kind Hearted Voice
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Boomburst
- Wish
- Protect

Special Defensive Pivot
Toxtricity @ Toxtricite
Ability: Kind Hearted Voice
EVs: 252 HP / 200 SpD / 56 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Boomburst
- Wish
- Protect
New Ability: Toxic Speech (The attackers lowers Attack, Special Attack and Speed with Sound moves on a poisoned target => Venom Drench effect)

New Stats:
HP: 75 => 75 (+0)
Atk: 98 => 108 (+10)
Def: 70 => 80 (+10)
SpA: 114 => 154 (+40)
SpD: 70 => 80 (+10)
Spe: 75 => 105 (+30)
BST: 502 => 602

New moves: Toxic Spikes, Slack Off, Hidden Power
Description: You, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder?
Venom Drench is a really cool move, but unfortunaly it isn't used much. However, what about turning it into an ability and applying this effect on poisoned opponents with Sound moves? Toxtricity happened to get this ability and have two really good moves to abuse it. Those are Overdrive and Boomburst. Giving it Toxic Spikes was a logical conclusion, so that it can support itself and don't be reliant on others. Alternatively it can use Toxic or Volt Switch if you decide to run an other Toxic Spikes setter. Unfortunaly, Poison types like Mega-Dragalge, Mega-Nidoqueen, Toxapex and Nidoking are common, which can absorb T-Spikes and make Toxtricity useless if you rely on them. Other than that Toxtricity can really mess up crippled offensive teams.

Special Attacker
Toxtricity-Low-Key @ Toxtricite
Ability: Toxic Speech
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Overdrive
- Sludge Bomb
- Boomburst
- Toxic Spikes
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:noivern: Mega-Noivern
Ability: Echolocation (Boosts Speed when KOing an opponent)
Typing: Dragon-Flying
HP:85 (Unchanged)
New Moves: Clanging Scales, Sparkling Auria
Description: Very high Special Attack, but is balanced by it's poor speed, which makes it more manageable. It also makes it great if you faint an opponent because it boosts your speed and make you pretty fast and still as dangerous. You Can also use a DD set for that.

:exploud: Mega-Exploud
Ability: Voicequakes (when using a sound Move, it is ×1.2 power and becomes Ground type)
Typing: Normal/Ground
HP:104 (Unchanged)
SpA:91 (Unchanged)
Spe:68 (Unchanged)
New Moves: Spikes, Slack Off
Description: So this one has great defensive stats, a great utility movepool (Slack Off, Spikes, Toxic, Whirlwind), and most importantly deals great damage with Boomburst becoming a 168BP Ground STAB. It should be noted, however, that this is weaker than Base Form with Specs, and that this has absolutely no offensive capabilities outside of it. This kind of work like Araquanid, a defensive Pokemon with a lot of utility which also has a really strong move but mostly uses it to be less passive.

:Toxtricity: Mega-Toxtricity Amped
Ability: Stunning Voice (Sound moves have a 30% chance to paralyze)
Typing: Electric/Poison
HP:75 (Unchanged)
Atk:98 (Unchanged)
New Moves: None
Description: I don't have much to say on that one. It gets great offensive stats, and can also boost it's speed or wait for it's opponent to be paralyzed to outspeed it. It can also benefit from Electric Terrain.

:Toxtricity-low-key: Mega-Toxtricity Low-Key
Ability: Toxic Voice (Sound moves have a 30% chance to poison)
Typing: Electric/Poison
HP:75 (Unchanged)
Atk:100 (+2)
SpA:114 (Unchanged)
Spe:75 (Unchanged)
New Moves: Magnet Rise, Recover
Description: I'll admit, i only added points in Attack because it looks better. This one is also a more defensive Mega, except this one is fully defensive. It also gets Thunder Wave and Toxic. The ability isn't that useful for it, but it gets a nice contrast with Amped and it could be cool for MN4A.
:noivern: Mega Noivern
New Ability: Air Lock
Type: Flying, Dragon

New stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 70 -> 125 (+55)
Defense: 80 -> 100 (+20)
Special Attack: 97 -> 125 (+28)
Special Defense: 80 -> 100 (+20)
Speed: 123 -> 100 (-23)
(635 BST)

New moves: Dragon Ascend

:exploud: Mega Exploud
New Ability: Bass Boost (All sound moves have an added 30% chance to lower targets Def and SpD)
Type: Normal

New stats:
HP: 104
Attack: 91 -> 104 (+13)
Defense: 63 -> 104 (+41)
Special Attack: 91 -> 104 (+13)
Special Defense: 73 -> 104 (+31)
Speed: 68 -> 70 (+2)
(590 BST)

New moves: Metal Sound
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:Exploud: Mega Exploud
New Ability
: Cacophony - User's sound-type moves have a 30% chance to confuse the target
Type: Normal

New stats:
HP: 104 -> 104
Attack: 91 -> 101 (+10)
Defense: 63 -> 83 (+20)
Special Attack: 91 -> 131 (+40)
Special Defense: 73 -> 93 (+20)
Speed: 68 -> 78 (+10)
BST: 490 -> 590

New moves: Parting Shot, Snarl
Description: Not only are Mega Exploud's Boombursts incredibly powerful, but they now also have a chance to be crippling thanks to the 30% chance to confuse the opponent. Cacophony Parting Shot also allows extra safety of the incoming teammate thanks to confusion chance along with the lowered offenses of the opponent. Exploud gains substantial boosts in bulk and Speed upon Mega Evolution, allowing it to actually take hits this time.


:Toxtricity: Mega Toxtricity (Amped)
New Ability
: Arena Rock (same ability as Mega Rillaboom)
Type: Electric/Poison

New stats:
HP: 75 -> 75
Attack: 98 -> 143 (+45)
Defense: 70 -> 100 (+30)
Special Attack: 114 -> 129 (+15)
Special Defense: 70 -> 70
Speed: 75 -> 85 (+10)
BST: 502 -> 602

New moves: Drum Beating
Description: Upon Mega Evolution, Toxtricity low-key transitions from being a guitarist and now becomes the drummer of the band.

As the Amped Form is acquired from Toxel through a Jolly and Adamant nature, Mega Amped Toxtricity gets the role of physical attacker. A physically-inclined stat spread allows Toxtricity to take advantage of Shift Gear, a move exclusive to the Amped Form. Arena Rock aids it in setting up by reducing its weakness to Earthquake while healing some HP every turn. Arena Rock also powers up its Drum Beating coverage against Ground-types.

Mega Toxtricity (Low-Key)
New Ability
: Liquid Voice
Type: Electric/Poison

New stats:
HP: 75 -> 75
Attack: 98 -> 118 (+20)
Defense: 70 -> 70
Special Attack: 114 -> 154 (+40)
Special Defense: 70 -> 100 (+30)
Speed: 75 -> 85 (+10)
BST: 502 -> 602

New moves: Parting Shot
Description: Upon Mega Evolution, Toxtricity low-key transitions from being a guitarist and now becomes the lead singer of the band.

As the Low-Key Form is acquired from Toxel through a Modest and Timid nature, Mega Low-Key Toxtricity gets the role of special attacker. Liquid Voice turns Boomburst into a Water-type move, allowing it to hit its Ground-type checks hard. Parting Shot allows it to grab momentum and pivot a teammate safely, giving it something useful that its Amped counterpart does not have.
:ss/exploud:Mega Exploud
Ability: Reverberation (When this pokemon uses a sound move it gets used a second time at 1/4 power (This includes status moves).)

Hp: 104
Att: 116 (+25)
Def: 83 (+20)
Spec Att: 106 (+15)
Spec Def: 93 (+20)
Sped: 88 (+20)

New Moves: Snarl, Noble Roar, Parting Shot

Description: This pokemon is a set up sweeper who likes the support of trick room with being able to get off multiple roars on the same turn. Or you could run a bulky set with multiple Noble Roar and Parting Shots. Special sets are doable but without any set up options.

:ss/noivern:Mega Noivern
Ability: Decibel Overflow (When the opponent is hit by a damaging sound move it does 1.5x more damage, but the opponent's ability is changed to soundproof.)

Hp: 85
Att: 70
Def: 105 (+25)
Spec Att: 137 (+40)
Spec Def: 105 (+25)
Sped: 133 (+10)

New Moves: Snarl, Noble Roar, Roar

Description: This pokemon ruptures its opponent's ear drums stopping them from hearing since its sound moves are so loud. I had the idea a while ago and though "sure why not?" This pokemon hits like a truck with increased damage boomburst but the opponent won't be able to be hurt by any more sound moves for 5 turns afterwards.
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Mega Toxtricity (Amped)
Electric / Poison
Ability: Plus / Punk Rock / Technician ---> Overtones | Special sound-moves become physical moves.
Atk: 98 ---> 128 (+30)
Def: 70 ---> 70
SpA: 114 ---> 154 (+40)
SpD: 70 ---> 70
Spe: 75 ---> 105 (+30)
New Moves: Swords Dance

Mega Toxtricity (Low-Key)
Typing: Electric/Poison
Ability: Minus / Punk Rock / Technician ---> Undertones | Physical moves become special sound moves.
Atk: 98 ---> 118 (+20)
Def: 70 ---> 105 (+35)
SpA: 114 ---> 129 (+15)
SpD: 70 ---> 110 (+40)
Spe: 75 ---> 75
New Moves: Nasty Plot
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Ok apparently it's slightly easier to compile subs when they're separate? I normally don't edit my subs into the post after the fact and uh, I'm not doing it now:bloblul:

:toxtricity-low-key: Toxtricity-Mega-Low-Key
Punk Rock/Minus/Technician-->Magnet Rock
(when this Pokemon uses an Electric type move, Magnet Rise is applied to this Pokemon's side of the field for 5 turns (this effect is refreshed if it uses an Electric move during this period.) While this Pokemon is under the effects of Magnet Rise, Electric type moves bypass immunities.)
New Stats: 75/98/110/114/110/95
HP: 75-->75 (+0)
Attack: 98-->98 (+0)
Defense: 70-->110 (+40)
Special Attack: 114-->114 (+0)
Special Defense: 70-->110 (+40)
Speed: 75-->95 (+20)
Total: 502-->602 (+100)
New Moves: Slack Off, Magnet Rise, Thunder Cage, Hidden Power, Toxic Spikes

Just hear me out, ok?
So basically, Low Key Toxtricity has been somewhat spurned by GameFreak. It basically boils down to the fact that it lacks Shift Gear so Amped is optimal to run since even on sets not actively running Shift Gear, the potential is there and gives it a slight bit of extra unpredictability.
While minor, this causes everyone to just use Amped, which is very unfortunate for Low Key, which happens to be tiered alongside Amped because they're basically the same otherwise.
Their movepools have tiny differences that indicate that Low Key is ever so slightly more defensively oriented whilst Amped is slightly better offensively. So I decided to lean into that difference and widen the gap a bit here. Low Key becomes a solid defensive 'mon with a solid offensive presence. The premise here is that with improved bulk, reliable recovery, and a higher speed stat that lets it outrun certain targets with minimal investment, it is capable of taking advantage of its surprisingly fantastic defensive typing to be a solid team support as well. Electric/Poison bears two weaknesses to Ground and Psychic, and a very solid 8 resistances to several common attacking types.
My favorite thing about this sub is the ability, however. "But why, Bit?" you may ask. "Why not just have Levitate like a normal person?" I considered Levitate, and I decided that while I could do that, this was so much cooler that I couldn't bring myself to. Basically what the ability entails is that Low Key Mega Toxtricity will be uniquely incapable of being forced out by Ground types, though it can't really switch into them unless it sets Magnet Rise earlier on and then switches in but I digress. It also means a few other things:
-Teammates such as Heatran that appreciate the temporary immunity are able to take advantage of it.
-Mega Toxtricity is capable of hitting things that are immune to Electric, which is really helpful as well. This gives it access to fun paralysis with Nuzzle, fun pivoting with Volt Switch, and fun trapping with Thunder Cage. Also, it gets Charge so it's quite capable of throwing out strong Electric type attacks even without much in the way of offensive stats.
Overall, a highly unique and useful team support that also acts as the second bulky Electric type for this metagame. That's about it!

:toxtricity: Toxtricity-Mega-Amped
Punk Rock/Plus/Technician-->Acid Rock
(On switch-in, this Pokémon summons Acidic Terrain, and the effect lasts until this Pokemon exits the field. This effect cannot be removed or overwritten. During the effect, the power of Poison-type attacks made by grounded Pokémon is multiplied by 1.3, and grounded Steel-types are not immune to Poison-type damage.)
An Acidic Seed exists for use with this Ability, though it only has relevance for Mega Dragalge.
* Steel-type Pokémon are still immune to being poisoned and badly poisoned, except by Pokémon with Corrosion.
* Camouflage transforms the user into a Poison-type, Nature Power becomes Sludge Bomb, and Secret Power has a 30% chance to cause poison.
DrPumpkinz, you are welcome.
New Stats: 75/134/70/134/70/119
HP: 75-->75 (+0)
Attack: 98-->134 (+36)
Defense: 70-->70 (+0)
Special Attack: 114-->134 (+20)
Special Defense: 70-->70 (+0)
Speed: 75-->119 (+44)
Total: 502-->602 (+100)
New Moves: Hidden Power, Ice Punch, Thunder Cage

While I was brainstorming concepts for Low Key Toxtricity, Amped was very much lost in the shuffle and I ended up with Soloist, which was a flat damage boost based on how many teammates were fainted. I thought that while it flavorfully made sense, it lacked the insane coolness which Magnet Rock had.
So, I threw that idea in the trash and tried again.
My second idea has a lot of logical holes in it and was also somewhat dysfunctional conceptually.
In the trash.
Round 3.
Toxtricity is a solid mixed attacker in its base form that has high initial power on the special side with Punk Rock boosted Boomburst and STAB Overdrive. However, it utilizes Shift Gear to be faster and also to take down special walls with Drain Punch. It was prominent in the Isle of Armor OU Metagame as a means of busting through common cores.
So with Magnet Rock being such a cool effect, I decided that it was my job to make an equally cool effect that worked completely differently for the respective user of the effect. This is Acid Rock. What it does is it gives Toxtricity the ability to act as either a self-sufficient wallbreaker and pivot, or a self-sufficient lategame cleaner.
Basically, it sets and maintains its own Acidic Terrain, but does not lend the aid to its teammates. Flavorfully, this makes sense as Amped is always the lead guitarist and takes the spotlight while Low Key is the bassist that lends its support around to the squad. Amped is able to break through Steel types that attempt to switch in on it with Acidic Terrain-boosted Poison moves. The few that are Steel/Flying types and don't care about the terrain get mauled by Electric STAB. This usually is a special set with Sludge Wave, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, and Hidden Power.
Optionally, it can also run a mixed/physical cleaner set with Shift Gear+Ice Punch in addition to its choice of coverage on either end of the spectrum (though it actually can afford to go 252 Atk, 252+ SpA, 4 Speed for its EVs because Shift Gear makes it outspeed pretty much anything even with no investment.)
Overall, it leans into many of the motifs Toxtricity-Amped is known for flavorfully and competitively, being a mixed attacker, relying on Shift Gear for beating specially defensive targets, and being a soloist. I really enjoy it and I hope you guys do too!
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Mega Noivern

New Ability
: Distortion
After using a Sound move, the user applies Torment effect to the target(s).

Type: Ghost | Dragon

New stats
HP: 85
Attack: 70 -> 85 (+15)
Defense: 80 -> 100 (+20)
Special Attack: 97 -> 132 (+35)
Special Defense: 80 -> 90 (+10)
Speed: 123 -> 143 (+20)
BST: 535 -> 635 (+100)

New moves
competitive: Parting Shot, Spite, Calm Mind
flavour: Giga Drain, Poltergeist, Snarl

1) Strategy
- supporter:
You can use Parting Shot to get out of an uncomfortable situation and bring in a Pokémon that can profit from a Pokémon afflicted by Torment. For instance, they can set-up more easily since the opponent likely has to switch out if they want to deal with Noivern's teammates.
- gimmick:
You can also use a more defensive set with maxed HP and Speed and rely on Spite to reduce the PPs of certain moves. After all, after getting hit by a move intended to be very hurtful to Noivern, you can use the turn in which your opponent can't rely on that move to lower its PP.
- attacker:
Thanks to its ability, you can set-up with Calm Mind more easily
- Doubles:
In this format, Noivern can use Protect on turn 1 to see if the opponent is going to use a move effective to your Pokémon. If it is, you can simply use Parting Shot or Snarl to prevent that, thus allowing your Pokémon to stay longer on the field.

2) Pokédex:
- To avoid a disease getting spread, Noivern tend to avoid each other once they get sick, and die alone, just like certain bats do in real life. If they form a close bond with someone precious to them, which rarely happens due to their aggressive and solitary nature, they will try to follow this mindset even more so. Knowing the other is safe from them makes Noivern happy. But at the same time, they regret not being able to spend more time with them. The combination of grief, regret, and anger at their kind for not helping them is strong enough to persist even after death, similar to Banette. Therefore, Noivern's reanimation in the form of a mega-evolution is pretty much indicative of that. In its new form, it can rely on its ghastly appearance and its improved sound moves to intimidate their opponents or preys and control their behaviour to some extent.
- This custom entry and its possible Dracula allusion are the reasons why I went for a Ghost typing. Its Torment like ability reflects canon pretty well since they love to attack and toy with their preys, especially with sound coming from their ears.

Rest probably in progress if I find some inspiration for Exploud and Toxtricity.
What if for the Ultra Beasts we have them take "Parasite Forms", like the form Nihilego took when it possessed Lusamine. And in order to transform they have to knock out an opponent like Ash-Greninja.
What if for the Ultra Beasts we have them take "Parasite Forms", like the form Nihilego took when it possessed Lusamine. And in order to transform they have to knock out an opponent like Ash-Greninja.
A) Post stuff like this in the discord.
B) Since they're not Megas, the answer is no. This sounds like a cool mod though, so you might consider posting it in the Pet Mod Workshop, and have it become it's own mod.
Bringing back the band!

:exploud: Mega Exploud
New Ability
: Bellows - Sound moves are Flying type and boosted by 1.3x
Type: Normal

New stats:
HP: 104
Attack: 91 -> 111
Defense: 63 -> 93
Special Attack: 91 -> 121
Special Defense: 73 -> 93
Speed: 68 -> 68
590 (BST)

New moves: None
Description: This one is kind of weird, but, as Exploud is based on a pipe organ, I played with the idea of the bellows - moving air between the parts of the organ, so I wanted to play with it having wind powers. Now, the closest type we have to wind is Flying, and that's... a stretch. So it gets Flying Liquid Voice + mini-Steelworker as a compensate to still let it keep STAB Boomburst. This gives it a better offensive option, given that it has no immunities (since its also losing Scrappy). The attack boost is primarily for Earthquake, which compliments Flying Boomburst nicely.

:noivern: Mega Noivern
New Ability
: Do The Wave (increases the power of its sound moves for each consecutive sound move) - Think the Metronome item but it only works for sound moves
Type: Dragon/Flying

New stats:
HP: 85
Attack: 70 -> 90
Defense: 80 -> 90
Special Attack: 97 -> 117
Special Defense: 80 -> 90
Speed: 127 -> 167
635 (BST)

New moves: None
Description: Another way of boosting Boomburst, but this one is trickier as Normal coverage is difficult to spam, and its power boost resets if you use anything else. But it's an excellent cleaner if it can build momentum with Boomburst.

Stone: Noiverite
Types: Psychic / Dragon
Ability: Telepathy / Frisk / Infiltrator -> Loudscream (Lowers the opposing Pokemon's SpD upon switch-in)
New Moves: Psyshock, Snarl, Teleport, Zen Headbutt
New Stats:
HP: 75 -> 75
ATK: 70 -> 100 (+30)
DEF: 80 -> 70 (-10)
SPA: 97 -> 137 (+40)
SPD: 80 -> 90 (+10)
SPE: 123 -> 143 (+20)
BST: 615 (+100)
Description: A Special Wallbreaker, that can deal a lot of damage with its high SpA and the lower on SpD

Stone: Exploudite
Types: Normal / Electric
Ability: Soundproof / Scrappy -> Pressure
New Moves: Thunderbolt, Rising Voltage, Parabolic Charge, Volt Switch, Overdrive, Sing, Parting Shot, Thunder Wave
HP: 104 -> 104
ATK: 91 -> 101 (+10)
DEF: 63 -> 73 (+10)
SPA: 91 -> 131 (+40)
SPD: 73 -> 73
SPE: 68 -> 108 (+40)
BST: 590 (+100)
Role: Other Sweeper that can be very strong with electric terrain.
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Mega Stone:Explodite


Ability: Soundproof/Scrappy--> Air Vacuum(If opponent is Flying type, it loses its flying type and raises Exploud's sound-based moves by 1.3x.)
New Moves:Heat Wave, Thunder Wave, Flash Cannon

Role: Stop flying pokemons.

Mega Stone:Noivernite


Ability:Telephaty/Frisk/Infiltirator>Puresound(User gains STAB for all sound-based moves and immune to Perish Song.)
New Moves:Psywave, Perish Song, Calm Mind

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Mega Ribombee
Mega Stone
: Ribombeenite
[/b]New Ability[/b]: Technician
Type: Bug/Fairy

New stats:

HP: 60 -> 60
Attack: 55 -> 55
Defense: 60 -> 70 (+10)
Special Attack: 95 -> 145 (+50)
Special Defense: 70 -> 90 (+20)
Speed: 124 -> 144 (+20)

(BST) 464 -> 564

Description: With the ability Technician, Ribombee is able to benefit from the buff of low power moves like Draining Kiss to heal itself after having taken damage from setting up a Quilver Dance. Another huge benefit from Technician is the buff for Hidden Power which gives Ribombee a lot of type coverage options. Silver Wind is also a potentially game changing move with it's low chance to buff all it's stats by x0.5.

View attachment 307075View attachment 307074

Mega Minior
Mega Stone
: Miniorite
[/b]New Ability[/b]: Pixilate
Type: Rock/Fairy

New stats:

HP: 60 -> 60
Attack: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Defense: 60 -> 80 (+20)
Special Attack: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Special Defense: 60 -> 80 (+20)
Speed: 120 -> 140 (+20)

(BST) 500 -> 600

New moves: Extreme Speed, Meteor Shower(Special Attack, Power: 90, Accuracy: 100, Effect: 30% Lowers Attack)

Description: With it's added Fairy type and Pixilate, Minior can become a really big threat, it has the choice between being a physical or special sweeper. Shield Down enables Minior to be able to set up a Shell Smash with it's bulk and slow speed before going Mega and wipping out entire teams, which is why each stat only got a 20 point boost because otherwise it would become too broken.
Those aren't on the slate currently.
You can only sub Megas for Exploud, Noivern and both Toxtricity forms
Besides that, custom abilities are allowed but custom moves are not.
pixil-layer-Background (13).png

Mega Exploud
Typing: Normal/Fairy
Ability: Lovesong: Sound moves are followed up with either a Charm or a Captivate, depending on the opponent's gender.
Stats: 104/121(+30)/63/121(+30)/83(+10)/98(+30) (BST: 590)
New moves: Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt
Role: The ability used to be about infatuation, but that didn't go over well. I still wanted to keep the central idea, so I came up with this instead,

Mega Noivern
Typing: Dragon/Flying (unchanged)
Ability: Wave Effects: If it is hailing or sunny, the user's sound moves gain +2 priority but have 0.8x base power. If
Stats: 85/70/95(+15)/127(+30)/105(+25)/153(+30)
New moves: None
Role: Noivern usually struggles with hail and sun, so I gave it an ability that aims to help with that. It's also based on the fact that sound travels faster in particularly warm or cold air (usually).
Design: The fur around Noivern's neck spreads to its legs, and the "speakers" on top of its head become larger and paler in color on the inside.
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Mega Toxtricity(Amped Form)


Ability:Loud Concert(If this Pokemon active, all sound and wave-based moves "disappear in the noise" and no effect.)

New Moves:Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot

Role:Sound Pokemon for stop Sound Pokemons!


Mega Toxtricity(Low Key Form)


Ability:Secluded Concert(If this Pokemon active, all sound and wave-based moves "echoes" and damages for 3-5 turns. (like Whirlpool, Infestation etc.))

New Moves:Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot
Role:Nasty Plot wallbreaker!
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Hey all!! I'm super happy to have this new influx of people interested in the mod, and it's absolutely incredible to see people enjoying both the ladder and the submission aspects of the mod. As a member of the council and the competitive council, it's really wonderful and I hope this level of hype continues!

However, I would like to ask those who are new here to join the Discord, especially if you have a question. The point of this thread is to either for Mega submissions, votes, or important update/announcement posts, and we really want to minimize one-liners and conversational banter in the thread and keep that in the Discord for organization's sake and ease of access. The Discord server is as easy as a simple click to join, too!

For those of you who aren't in yet and are seeing this post right now, here's a handy invite link so you don't have to dig through the OP for it.

Thanks guys, and happy submitting/laddering!
So I noticed that No ona gave a damn about the Homies Solrock and Lunatone so I'll do it for you the bois are both the sun and moon and didn't get jack SQUAT for SUN AND MOON the games where they should have gotten something but NOTHING! so therefore I've got two Ideas starting with Solrock we got the Sun
Mega Solrock stats and abilities plus move pool increases;
Ability: Solar Armor(If sun is active this pokemons Fire Type Attacks are doubled in power, Water power is .5x, if Sun is not active this Pokemons Speed is halved)
Typing: +Fire= Rock/Fire
HP>90 (unchanged)

Now for Mega Lunatones stats and abilities;

Ability: Gravity Surge(on Switch in this pokemon sets Gravity for 8 turns)
Typing: +Ice or Steel (undecided)=Rock/Ice or Rock/Steel
HP>90 (unchanged)

I don't have Dex entries made up yet but I still think these are great additions for Solrock and Lunatone if anyone wants to make dex entries for them feel free too
You can only submit Megas for mons on the slate. Good ideas, though!
Mega Exploud
New Typing:

Ability: Supersonic Waves - These Pokemon's Special moves are now sound moves and have 30% more power. (Does not apply to moves that are already sound moves.)
HP: 104 -- 104
Attack: 91 -- 91 (+0)
Defense: 63 -- 78 (+15)
Sp. Attack: 91 -- 121 (+30)
Sp. Defense: 73 -- 98 (+25)
Speed: 63 -- 93 (+30)
BST: 490 -- 590 (+100)

Mega Stone: Exploudite
Movepool Changes: Psychic, Psyshock, Future Sight
Description: W.I.P
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