Pet Mod Megas for All v7 - Slate 29 Voting (Dugtrio/Wishiwashi/Falinks) | Please read the first post! | Pet Mod of the Season!

Noivern: Mossy Sandwich, DrPumpkinz, Moretto, Emma Skye, kakaks
Exploud: abismal, CouchPotato, woworiginal
Toxtricity: Magmajudis, ViZar, RaimundoBita, This Bot Is Hot
1) Ausma
I like how you touched upon Exploud's sound effects and paid much attention to the dragon type. As always, your subs are pretty creative!
2) PalpitoadChamp
Your ability works similar to Parental Bond and allows for many interesting strategies!
3) lydian
simple but fits perfectly flavourwise!
4) abismal
very customizable!

1) BlueRay (me)
2) ViZar
I like the idea of sound moves lowering SpDef as it allows Noivern to take advantage of it in Singles and Doubles. As always, your stats are very balanced! Very admirable!
3) DrPumpkinz
Noivern as a super scouter is pretty unique! I can see that ability working very well, especially in Doubles.
4) War Incarnate
It's very similar to my current and last sub, which is why I can see myself liking the ability.
5) BitBitio
Trace fits Noivern perfectly, especially as it likes to gather information, as indicated by its previous ability.
6) shinxthe17
A pretty busted ability that may create a new niche in mfa! There's Trick Room, but Tailwind is less seen in Singles. Here's hoping it gains some recognition/application in Singles.
7) Ema Skye
simple but it fits Noivern perfectly
8) Moretto
A pretty busted ability, especially in Doubles. But it makes sense due to Noivern's sound theme.

1) Mossy Sandwich
Oh, boy, these are pretty strong abilities, but I find them very interesting as they only rely on sound moves. You certainly know how to make your subs effective and competitive.
2) DrPumpkinz
fitting abilities, especially the one that poisons opponents. This makes certain moves much more consistent and easier to use.
3) shinxthe17
Fitting abilities that makes Toxtricity very different from each other1
4) ViZar
since Toxtricity is an offensive Pokémon, it is nice to see a Heal Bell like effect on it as it means you can use it in balanced or hyperfocused teams.
5) BitBitio
strong abilities for sure with a unique field effect which allows Toxtricity to use certain Electric moves with ease.
6) abismal
This is an interesting approach to make two different attacking moves somehow work, especially against targets that are resistant to one type but weak to another.
7) BotwNerd745
I'm a Doubles fan, so, I like the kind of strategies you can use with this ability.
8) MegaFlareon
simple but effective!
9) okispokis
simple but effective and I could see that making sense aesthetically
10) ChoiceScarfed
simple but effective

Normally, I would like to write more, but I'm so tired and dead. Know I appreciate your subs! x.x
Noted, Hematite (and I am the Impostor). Apologies for the trouble, especially since I didn't see this in time, though I would have left it as is while heeding the criticisms given it's a useful reminder of failure. A bit ironic that Exploud is the least problematic one given that if it won it would just create yet more problems for Klingklang-Mega. Oh well. Next time.

As for votes, I'll just limit myself to five for the sake of my own sanity, though I'll have to come back to the Toxtricity ones later. [EDIT: Toxtricity votes done as of 2021/01/14 04:54 P.M.]

Exploud-Mega: Ausma, ViZar, lydian, I am the Impostor, Magmajudis
Noivern-Mega: Xephyrr, BlueRay, War Incarnate, Mossy Sandwich, grayllama8
Toxtricity-Mega Twins: War Incarnate, zxgzxg, ViZar, Ausma, abismal
Yes, I looked at the other half of Toxtricity-Mega entries too. It's just that none of them made it. Mossy Sandwich's entry would have been sixth if I was going that far.
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  • lydian (there doesn't seem to be a penalty for voting yourself, and I really liked how my submission ended up, so I hope people will excuse this vote of mine ^^)
  • ausma (i like the dragon motif, it's kind of out of the blue, but it super works if you think about it)
  • this bot is hot (repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes...)
  • palpitoadchamp (repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes...)
  • okispokis (mold breaker fits like a glove, nice and balanced sub, i dig it!)
  • kakaks (bass boosted exploud hahaha, i love it!)
  • magmajudis (pretty cool with the ground type idea, although now it kinda misses out on a good normal-type STAB, but still, very cool idea!)

  • lydian (there doesn't seem to be a penalty for voting yourself, and I really liked how my submission ended up, so I hope people will excuse this vote of mine ^^)
  • ausma (repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes, repetition legitimizes...)
  • palpitoadchamp (this is so clever! you not only remove an opponent's ability, but also you get a one-off super powerful boomburst!! i love it!)
  • drpumpkinz (interesting ability! i dig the submission)
  • the bot is hot (i dig this ability as well! nice to see the different ways everyone decided to work with noivern's echolocation motif)
  • magmajudis (read above ^^)

  • ausma (i like the tempo idea as well, very nice way to differentiate between the two)
  • lydian (there doesn't seem to be a penalty for voting yourself, and I really liked how my submission ended up, so I hope people will excuse this vote of mine ^^)
  • okispokis (i like the ignite and refrigerate idea, very nice!)
  • magmajudis (cool take on these two, i like it)

exploud- the damned, moretto, mega flareon, palpitoadchamp

toxtricity- magmajudis, zxgzxg, bitbitio

noivern- stealthghost, greyllama8, mossy sandwich, war incarnate,
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Take your time
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alright i have made an executive decision. i'm doing the same voting method i did last time, prepare your butts

1: abismal
Not being relegated to Boomburst spam is already a pretty major plus in my book. I really like how this sub encourages the user to mess with different type combos and roles for Exploud, and turns it into a pretty intuitive Pokemon overall. Big fan of this one!
2: ausma
i like my idea so, uh, yeah.
3: lydian
This definitely does make Boomburst spam overall require a couple more brain cells, which is a plus in my book. It forces the user to choose a good wallbreaking opportunity as opposed to just throwing it in wily nily, and I do think that does bring a layer of skill to the table, especially since it can reward you with even more strength if you find better opportunities.
4: ViZar
At a glance I was a bit confused about this sub, but its design is really cool actually and I definitely support the direction of being more of a stallbreaker that takes advantage of forced switches thanks to its Boomburst's raw strength. This is actually really dope when you look into it more.

1: DrPumpkinz
THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL I LITERALLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH--I love the idea of scout Pokemon, it's a really unexplored field and this Noivern does that so so so well with its ability and pre-Mega ability in Frisk. Fucking love the flavor and concept to this and this is definitely one of my favorites this slate for sure.
2: lydian
This is really really cleverly designed and I'm in love with how interestingly it can support teams while being a threat in of itself. Super flavorful and unique, and I think it could bring a really interesting layer of offensive support to the tier!!!
3: PalpitoadChamp
I love the flavor and the ability suppression capabilities on this one, makes for a super interesting and one of a kind hit and run wallbreaker with a ton of flavor. Really really cool!
4: ausma
I think my idea is pretty fine, but in comparison to the ones above it definitely pales in comparison.

1: Mossy Sandwich
seriously i love the music flavor i love how both are such an interesting analog of one another and are actually able to use its respective boosts/drops on itself and the opponent to either support or intensify its strength overall, it's just,,,,, wow it's amazing. i'm in lovE
2: ausma
i like my idea too much LOL im sorry
3: BotwNerd745
Similar to Pumpkinz, this idea is pretty simple but I adore how your Toxtricity makes use of its ability and additional moves. Super cool overall!
4: lydian
This one is also pretty simple but I do like how it contrasts speedy attackers vs. tanky attackers, plus the ability names are so goOD and it doesn't really warp the original Pokemons' identities either; if anything they're strengthened!
5: DrPumpkinz
Simple but I really like how you make the same ability operate with a different execution on each Toxtricity form. There's not too much to say here!
6: abismal
yo they're ROCKING. Electrotoxin is incredibly dope flavorwise and I think that this puts a cool emphasis on its offensive typing without being overwhelming really, and Neurotoxin synergizes fantastically with its new access to Toxic Spikes to make for a terrifying defensive behemoth that still packs a bite. I'm a fan of these!
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Nice how the reasoning for votes became a trend here.

I don't feel like adding reasonings right now, I'll probably come back and edit the reasons later.
Specialized in upping the beat, Toxtricity-Amped carries his job with pride and is willing to crank it up to 11 for those that wrong him.
:toxtricity-low key:
Specialized in dropping the bass, Toxtricity-Low Key carries his job with pride and is willing to crank it up to 11 for those that wrong him.
1. Ausma
2. Lyd
3. Mossy Sandwich
4. ChoiceScarfed
5. okispokis
6. MegaFlareon
7. shinxthe17!
8. DrPumpkinz
9. Magmajudis
10. Me (i didn't feel very highly about my Toxtricity subs tbh)

The echoes in the dark never bring good things. Especially if they're that of the stuff that lives in the dark.
1. Me
2. BlueRay
3. Ausma
4. okispokis
5. Moretto
6. Mossy Sandwich
7. DrPumpkinz

When he drops the beat, everyone feels it.
1. abismal
2. Ausma
3. lydian
4. The Damned
5. magmajudis
Noivern: Choicescarfed, Asuma, BitBio,
Exploud: Choicescarfed, Abmisal, Lydian
Toxtricity: Choicescarfed, Abmisal, Shinxthe17
Also, my Loudred is typeless, not normal (No weaknesses, no resists) so only gets one stab boomburst.

  1. Ausma-Not only do I feel that this was the most creative sub out of them all, but it also makes a ton of sense to me. This is just a really really cool concept. I'm slightly worried that it may be more gimmicky than useful, but I am willing to take that risk because the ability truly sets this mon apart from all of the other pokemon (which it's base form struggles to do).
  2. I Am The Imposter- Not only do I love the typing change with the new addition of Psychic to this mon (I'm obsessed with the contrast of A Loud Boombox and a Serene Meditation stance) but this ability would truly capitalize off of Exploud's incredible special coverage.
  3. The Damned- I love the idea of having more Terrain setters (especially for Electric Terrain) which is what puts sub as high as it is. I'm not the biggest fan of the stats so I'm not sure how much it would be used, but it would give Electric Terrains teams another option.
  4. MegaFlareon- I absolutely love this sub's ability, I feel that confusion is one of the least used status effects, but it can also be one of the most deadly. What puts this sub on the lower end of my list are the stats, personally, I would love to see more speed investment on this sub. Being able to perform fast potentially confusing parting shots or going for a late-game Boomburst sweep could be really really cool.
  5. Abismal- What I love about this sub is how flexible it makes Exploud. It now has more coverage (on top of its already wide variety) and you can pretty much choose what type it is (as long as it is still partially steel type). What puts it this low on the list for me is that it's competing with I Am The Imposter's sub, and I feel that theirs just outweighs this one a bit. Both sets don't focus on Boomburst and instead focus on Exploud's coverage. However, I enjoy buffing Exploud's current coverage (by 1.3x) rather than adding in more coverage. None the less, this is still a great sub and it beats out the other subs.

  1. BlueRay- This set has to be my favorite because I might just have the most diversity in possible sets out of all of the subs. Its stats allow for it to not only be an offensive threat, but it's defensive stats are pretty decent for such a normally frail pokemon. I love that this pokemon could function as a support mon thanks to the Parting Shot+Torment combo, it can serve as a Sub Calm Minder, it can be purely offensive, or it can be somewhere in the middle. This mon would be able to fill so many niches and fill them WELL.
  2. BitBitio- I love this set because it feels the most like a direct upgrade to Noivern for me. Noivern is well known for its bullet-fast support capabilities while applying decent offensive pressure and I feel that this sub does the most justice to that initial concept. I love the idea that you can send it in, Encore and/or Taunt, force a switch, and make something eat a BoomBurst or DracoMeteor. This could be super tricky to deal with.
  3. MagmaJudis- This is definitely one of the last things I would have thought when I heard "Mega Noivern" but I love it. The idea of a Pokemon with an incredible Sp. Atk and a Speed Moxie sounds like so much fun. This is a mon that you have to stop ASAP before it sweeps your team. If this sub is picked, it's Sp. Atk may have to be nerfed depending on how Balanced it turns out to be, but I still love it nonetheless.
  4. PalpitoadChamp- This sub puts the BOOM in Boomburst, you're practically getting a one-time super boomburst and hoping it kills. This could be incredibly powerful coming off of it's 137 Special Attack. I honestly don't have any reasoning for why it's on this end of the list. I think the first three just inspire me a bit more, but this is an amazing sub regardless!
  5. StealthGhost- Out of all the subs for Noivern, this is by far the most immediately threatening. 150 In both Special Attack and Speed sounds terrifying. It's ability also seems pretty good, the first part likely won't see much use, but the second could lead to some interesting prediction play. What brings this mon down to the lower end of the list is that it may be TOO powerful initially. It may need a bit of a nerf to keep it balanced.

(Will go through Tox later)
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:exploud:: abismal, woworiginal (self-vote), Ausma, Xephyrr, kakaks, I am the Impostor, PalpitoadChamp, ViZar
:noivern:: woworiginal (self-vote), Grand Smasher, Ausma, PalpitoadChamp, DrPumpkinz, lydian, Mossy Sandwich, War Incarnate, BitBitio
:toxtricity:: Ausma, BitBitio, lydian, Mossy Sandwich, ViZar, BotwNerd745, Xephyrr, DrPumpkinz, abismal, War Incarnate

pixil-layer-Background (15).pngLeavannite
pixil-frame-0 (8).png
pixil-layer-Background (14).png
Lycanite (may be redone)
pixil-frame-0 (7).png
pixil-frame-0 (6).png
pixil-frame-0 (5).png
pixil-frame-0 (4).png
Magcargonite (may be redone)
pixil-frame-0 (3).png
pixil-frame-0 (2).png
pixil-frame-0 (9).png
Acidic Seed


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Time to vote!! (I couldn't make subs because finals week and in my spare time I was playing Hollow Knight hehe).

Toxtricity: The Doctor, RaimundoBita
Noivern: BitBitio, shinxthe17!, ViZar, greyllama8
Exploud: Ausma, This Bot is Hot, Ema Skye, Kakaks
And here I was thinking there were a lot of submissions before we got pmots...
1. Ausma
2. abismal
3. lydian
4. GrandSmasher
1. BitBitio
2. Mossy Sandwich
3. okispokis
4. DrPumpkinz
5. shinxthe17!
6. Magmajudis
1. BitBitio
2. BotwNerd745
3. DrPumpmkinz
4. Mossy Sandwich
5. shinxthe17!
Also, my Loudred is typeless, not normal (No weaknesses, no resists) so only gets one stab boomburst.
aaaa I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner
On one hand, I am reeeally sorry that I didn't catch that in your original sub and I apologize for not taking this into account in my other response, but on the other hand, I am afraid that we also would not have allowed a typeless Mega Evolution in the first place, and it unfortunately doesn't make a difference in whether this one is allowed;;


:exploud: Mega Exploud:

1) ViZar​
2) Ausma​
3) Magmajudis​
4) abismal​
5) This Bot Is Hot​
6) PalpitoadChamp​
7) Ema Skye​
8) Xephyrr​

:noivern: Mega Noivern:

1) DrPumpkinz​
2) BlueRay​
3) BitBitio​
4) ViZar​
5) Moretto​
6) Ausma​
7) PalpitoadChamp​
8) lydian​
9) Magmajudis​
10) shinxthe17!​

(admittedly I may have overlooked that BlueRay's Noivern had Calm Mind and that worries me a bit after some discussions we had on other subs, but that's something we can always address after it wins if it turns out to be a problem, and that's not gonna stop me from saying the sub is brilliant in a ton of ways and I'm rooting for it!!)

:toxtricity: Mega Toxtricity: :toxtricity-low-key:

1) abismal​
2) DrPumpkinz​
3) BotwNerd745​
4) Mossy Sandwich​
5) ChoiceScarfed​
6) BitBitio​
7) Ausma​
8) RaimundoBita​
9) MegaFlareon​
10) ViZar​
11) okispokis​
12) lydian​

similarly, a tiiiny bit of technically-illegal minmaxing that I noticed way too late in okispokis's Toxtricity-Low-Key, but that would be very easy to address after it wins so it should not be a factor right now; apologies for missing this earlier and not addressing it in my main feedback post :x but it shouldn't make a difference in that case!
Man, there are genuinely so many of these that I would be happy to see win
It was insanely hard to narrow down my favorites and even harder to rank them
I'm really excited for whatever happens and can't wait to see what we end up with


Uh, one other very small but somewhat significant update - this was actually decided last night, but I didn't get to post in the thread until now! We always make announcements slightly sooner on the Discord, so you can see this stuff right away if you join us there!

In a unanimous vote with all six competitive council members in favor, the decision has been made to ban Spectrier from Megas for All!
It's quite likely that Spectrier will be banned from National Dex anyway as their suspect wraps up in the next few days, at which point this won't make a difference relative to National Dex, but it was decided that it was important to know what the meta without Spectrier would be like, and especially for our Mega Dragonite suspect to take the new environment into account, rather than letting Spectrier influence the Dragonite nerf at all or running the risk of tailoring it to a metagame that will be losing one of its biggest threats soon.

As was the case with our previous Cinderace ban, in the case that Spectrier is not banned from National Dex, we plan to revisit this later - when the metagame has settled down and we've accomplished more of our other goals - with a proper suspect where the entire community can have a say in its ban. However, the circumstances made this somewhat pressing, so it was decided that this provisional ban should happen now and be revisited later rather than being put off.

EDIT 1/17/2021 @ 4:00 GMT:​
Some council members have opted to share their thoughts explaining their reasoning for the ban! See the spoilers below to read them. Thank you guys so much!​

1) Spectrier restricts team building in a very unhealthy way. It forces you to run a bulky dark Pokémon like Hydreigon, Mandibuzz or Tyrannitar, or a normal Pokémon like Blissey. While these Pokémon aren't bad per se, they don't always fit in every team or, in the case of Blissey, a user might be forced to run Shadow Ball to touch the horse, which is just bad as Blissey would rather run a move like Seismic Toss to be generally useful; after all, Shadow Ball from a low SpAtk rarely affects Pokémon other than Spectrier.
As to why some of the Dark Pokémon don't always work efficiently, it's because of Spectrier supportive movepool that allows the latter to make their lives pretty hard. For instance, sets with Substitute and Disable can get around Dark moves. Moreover, Spectrier can run Will o Wisp and Hex and Nasty Plot to weaken these Dark Pokémon and remove them from the field. Furthermore, it also has the option to run Z-moves to get rid off of its target faster and more easily, like Z-Hyperbeam.
Against this background, it becomes apparent that checking Spectrier is a difficult task since you don't know what moves it might run.

2) If restricting team building wasn't already enough, its high speed as well as its high SpAtk make it very difficult to deal with it since you're most likely to get statused or attacked. This is made worse by the fact that Spectrier can very well run Choice Scarf to outspeed other Choice Scarfer or Choice Spec to discourage some of its checks like Weavile from switching into it, especially when Spectrier can boost its SpAtk every time it kills a Pokémon. Moreover, due to Spectrier 's high HP, its rather mediocre defenses make Spectrier decently bulky. Thus, not only might you want to have a Pokémon fast enough to threaten it, but you also want it to be strong enough to reliably get rid off of Spectrier. And frankly, I'm not even sure if there are any Pokémon who fit these criteria.
Spectrier is simply absurd and makes it difficult for people to enjoy the metagame. As one of our dear and most competent council member and leader, ausma, already said, "Megas for all" is in a unique position to decide what players and creators want to emphasize. Therefore, since our motto is to enjoy the metagame and have much room for creating diverse teams, Spectrier's existence threatens the very idea. It is an enemy that must be expurged from the metagame, lest it starts haunting people and chase them away... Okay, that might have been an exaggeration but I hope you get the idea.
Spectrier restricts teambuilding by forcing you to run one of the few viable ghost resists in the tier. The mains ones are blissey, tyranitar, hydreigon and mandibuzz. Hydreigon has the best matchup but that's assuming it's running a set with roost and dark pulse. If it's not running a somewhat bulky spread as well, it takes quite a bit from a boosted hex or Z-move. Next up, ttar. Tyranitar has no reliable recovery and absolutely HATES wisp. So while it may have pursuit, its damage output is not enough when burned and it will slowly get chipped by burn, rocks and hex. Mandibuzz is known to be passive and outclassed by other defensive flying types so you're not doing yourself a favor by running it just for spectrier. Blissey gets walled by sub spectrier unless it's running shadow ball and... well shadow ball blissey sucks. In short, few counters and it can mess with those too.
Spectrier is extremely constraining in the current metagame. It has three main sets, each of which has varying counterplay and tools to offer. Specs sets are excellent wallbreakers that can cripple checks with Will-o-Wisp and eventually bust through an opposing core, allowing Spectrier to sweep. Scarf sets allow Spectrier to handle faster offensive counterplay with ease, again facilitating a sweep. Substitute variants are extremely dangerous as they are capable of invalidating counterplay to Choiced sets by way of a variety of means including Z-moves, setup, and Disable. There is an extremely limited pool of checks and counters that is limited to Dark types and Blissey, all of which can be worked around by teammates or even Spectrier’s own sets. The pressure Spectrier puts on the teambuilder and metagame at large is undeniable and immense and this led me to vote BAN.
horrendously designed pokemon that adds nothing to the metagame and corrodes teambuilding. thank you for coming to my ted talk. ban
okay so I think that one was a joke but honestly it works
Ghost horse makes me angry because it is very difficult to prep for in the natdex environment specifically. Never ending nightmare is one of the top nonspecific zmoves because of its wide range of neutral effectiveness, which gives it very dope chances to trigger ghost horse neigh. With a grueling 130 speed stat and access spatk beast boost, it doesn’t even need any coverage moves to be infuriating to deal with w/o a normal type. Cool access to sub, wow, and even nasty plot makes this thing unfun to play against. For this reason and the reason that my vote was only after 4 others had voted ban, I voted ban.
spectrier forces you to run one of like 3 mons in blissey ttar or mandibuzz and
blissey has to run shadow ball to deal with sub spectrier and shadow ball sucks and wastes a moveslot
ttar hates getting wisped by wisp + hex spectrier
and mandi is inferior for the most part to other flying mons in nd ou
its really stupid
which is why I voted ban
edit: two more comments added as they came in!

Tl;dr: the dead horse has been beaten : D

As previously announced, the the second (and final) Mega Dragonite suspect tour is taking place at 19:00 GMT today - that's in about nine hours from now I think, and voting for the current slate will end just a few hours after that!!

We have this Challonge page where you can sign up to participate, and we'll be using replays from the tour in our discussions! It's recommended that you prepare at least one team with Mega Dragonite and one without it if possible - we'd really value the data from both sides!
Once the tournament is over, we'll finally get to address Dragonite as a community! Most of the discussions will be happening on the Discord - join us there if you haven't already so you can share your thoughts after the suspect test!

As mentioned, Spectrier will not be allowed in the Dragonite suspect!
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Aaand the votes are in! and holy shit the voter turnout was amazing!
Before I get started, a quick run-down of how this works:
  • Each vote contributes one point to its first-place choice
  • The candidates are ordered based on both the number of first-place votes and the number of total votes, and eliminated from the bottom
  • Any vote whose first choice has been eliminated instead gives its point to its second choice, or whatever its next ranking is. (On the sheet, points that have moved in this manner are highlighted in yellow.)
  • The elimination and re-ranking process continues until there are two remaining, upon which the one with more points is the winner.
  • You can view the whole thing on this spreadsheet.
Without further ado...

:exploud: Mega Exploud: Ausma!


Ability: Seismic Scream (Upon using a sound move, an earthquake of 60 BP will then occur, using the offense that the base sound move used. If the sound move is status based, the earthquake will default to Physical.)

HP: 104
Atk: 101 (+10)
Def: 73 (+10)
SpA: 101 (+10)
SpD: 113 (+40)
Spe: 98 (+30)
New Moves: Clanging Scales, Dragon Pulse, Snarl


If there's one way to make a Boomburst spammer interesting, it's by doing literally anything aside from outright power boosts. The idea behind this is to exacerbate the flavor of ground-shattering sound and limit Exploud's switch-ins in a more creative way, and I think this is a pretty flavorful, effective way of doing so. Having additional Ground-type coverage to compliment Exploud's STABs come to play as it uses a sound move allows for its switch-ins to be much less effective, balanced through a low secondary BP and a less than stellar Special Attacking stat. However, to remedy this, it is fitted with a better defensive typing and actually fantastic overall bulk to find more switch-in opportunities unlike its original counterpart. Additionally, the Dragon-type also pairs very well with Seismic Scream, as Dragon/Ground coverage gives Exploud quite a bit of room to work with on non-Fairy-type targets. As an extra bonus, its ability's offensive mechanics allow for it to do some Screech shenanigans and further make this sub a fun thing to mess with outside of blatant Boomburst spam, even letting it go mixed. Lastly, It also has a pretty solid speed tier and good coverage to bat, such as access to Focus Blast and Fire Blast. The addition of Dragon Pulse is to allow it an additional Dragon-type STAB that isn't sound based, and Snarl lets it cover the new Ghost-type immunity that can deal with its Boomburst.

Although it does have pretty little utility outside of Boomburst spam, it is a pretty unique Boomburst spammer at the least!


One of Exploud's foreign name translations includes "dragon" in it. This was a pretty easy excuse to give it a Dragon-type, plus, it fits the ability like a glove!

Ausma, abismal - 12 (this was a points tie, so the win goes to Ausma, whose submission had a higher number of total votes.)
lydian - 4
PalpitoadChamp - 3
Xephyrr, GrandSmasher - 2
Magmajudis, ViZar, okispokis, CouchPotato, woworiginal, The Damned - 1

:noivern: Mega Noivern: BitBitio!
:noivern: Noivern-Mega
New Stats: 85/70/95/120/95/170
HP: 85-->85 (+0)
Attack: 70-->70 (+0)
Defense: 80-->95 (+15)
Special Attack: 97-->120 (+23)
Special Defense: 80-->95 (+15)
Speed: 123-->170 (+47)
Total: 535-->635 (+100)
New Moves: Encore

Description: So Mega Dragapult was one of the earliest creations of this mod, being known for its incredible speed, its unmatched versatility, and its bonkers offensive utility. One of the really interesting things about it was its speed stat being so high that it often was able to utilize these very unique stat spreads where it invested into its bulk much more than one would expect for such an offensvie Pokemon, because its speed was so high it could do it efficiently and still outrun whatever it wanted. It also had pivoting, reliable recovery, and Trace, transforming it into an incredible multifaceted offensive threat that was able to threaten a lot of things incredibly well. It was also decidedly broken due to its access to Curse and Infestation enabling it to trap and eliminate any threat, paired with an already great Pokemon.
Mega Noivern is that Mega Dragapult's legacy. With fantastic speed, passable bulk, and solid special attack, Noivern functions as a powerful Trace pivot possessing many of the same tools as Dragapult, albeit with the broken stuff cut out. It can run a wide variety of sets and be slotted onto any team in need of its good traits. Its customizability with a wide range of tools let it target and handle specified threats.
I was thinking flavorwise, that its ears turn into like, radars or something and it like, scans the target or something. I dunno lol
Overall it's rad and uh, enjoy!

BitBitio - 11
DrPumpkinz - 10
Ausma - 5
BlueRay - 4
Xephyrr - 3
lydian, PalpitoadChamp, StealthGhost - 2
Mossy Sandwich, This Bot Is Hot, War Incarnate, GrandSmasher, woworiginal, ChoiceScarfed - 1

:toxtricity: :toxtricity-low-key: Mega Toxtricity: DrPumpkinz!
And now it's time for a blast from the past.

Mega Toxtricity (Amped)
Electric / Poison
Ability: Acid Rock (upon switch-in (or mega evolution, you know the drill) inflict regular poison on all Pokemon on the field, unless of course they can't be poisoned for whatever reason)
Moves: Gear Up, Hidden Power, Frustration
HP: 75Att: 128 (+30)Def: 80 (+10)SpA: 144 (+30)SpD: 80 (+10)Spe: 95 (+20)
Mega Toxtricity (Low Key)
Electric / Poison
Ability: Acid Rock
Moves: Slack Off, Hidden Power, Return
HP: 75Att: 98Def: 100 (+30)SpA: 114SpD: 140 (+70)Spe: 75
Toxtricity is an interesting Pokemon because its two forms actually seem to have been intended to serve opposite roles. Amped exclusively learns Shift Gear and Venoshock, two offensive moves, while Low Key exclusively learns Magnetic Flux and Venom Drench, two defensive moves. While it's a neat idea, the execution falls flat because both forms have the same offensively-oriented stats, Magnetic Flux and Venom Drench are terrible moves, and Venoshock isn't all that useful for Toxtricity, so in the end people only using Amped because it can potentially run Shift Gear (and even if they don't use Shift Gear, Amped is still preferred because it doesn't reveal the lack of Shift Gear).

I wanted to fix that. Both forms receive the same ability in Acid Rock, but due to their exclusive moves and new stats, the two use it in very different ways. Amped is pretty straight-forward. It uses Acid Rock to power up its Venoshocks.

Low Key was a bit trickier to make work. It's more suited to defense, and can use Acid Rock in conjunction with Venom Drench to weaken the opponent, but while that's probably a decent niche in doubles, it still lacked the tools to really function in singles. That's where the addition of Slack Off comes in. With access to reliable recovery, Low Key Mega Toxtricity can more easily play the long game. Of course, Amped needed a counterpart move, and I chose Gear Up. It's similar to Shift Gear and the stat counterpart to Magnetic Flux. While it's probably useless, Amped can potentially use it to boost its Special Attack pre-mega.

Both forms can of course use Acid Rock for an additional use: to chip down opponents with poison damage. By switching into foes and then switching back out (either by hard switching or by using Volt Switch) Mega Toxtricity becomes a living Toxic Spike that's even capable of hitting foes that are off the ground. Through this ability, Mega Toxtricity can wear down the opponent's team without actually having to see much play. Amped can capitalize on this by coming in late game to clean up, while Low Key and its defensive partners can wait out the clock.

DrPumpkinz - 9
Mossy Sandwich - 7
Ausma - 5
BitBitio - 4
abismal, Magmajudis - 3
ChoiceScarfed - 2
ViZar, lydian, okispokis, War Incarnate, zxgzxg - 1

Before I continue, there's some important business to address:
Results of our recent balance changes poll!
TL;DR: They all pass!

:starmie: Starmie will be losing access to Doom Desire :starmie:
:starmie: Starmie will be losing access to Luster Purge :starmie:
:starmie: Starmie will be losing access to Moonlight :starmie:
:starmie: Starmie will be losing access to Prismatic Laser :starmie:

:bibarel: Mega Bibarel will have amended stats (namely a Speed nerf) :bibarel:

:leavanny: Mega Leavanny will have amended stats (namely a switch to a Special Attack bias) :leavanny:
:leavanny: Leavanny will be gaining access to Thunderous Kick :leavanny:

:klinklang: Klinklang will be gaining access to Overheat :klinklang:

:bisharp: Mega Bisharp will have amended stats (namely a Speed buff) :bisharp:

:aurorus: Mega Aurorus' signature ability Diamond Dust will be revised into a weather type :aurorus:

In other news...
We just wrapped up our second Mega Dragonite Suspect Tour!
dnite suspect-trophy-export-s.png

Shoutouts to Mossy Sandwich for an awesome performance!

There were a lot of interesting battles had and a lot of important data collected. Huge thanks to everyone who participated! We're still discussing the best path forwards for a Mega Dragonite nerf, but everyone is in agreement that no matter what, it definitely does need to happen. Most likely its ability will need to be changed, but to what is still up in the air.

>>> You can view the finished bracket - as well as all of the replays from the tour - here on the Wiki! <<<
For more general information about Mega Dragonite and how it functions, you can also view its dedicated replay gallery here.

And finally, last but not least... Submissions for Slate 27 are now open!
:sm/hawlucha: :sm/araquanid: :sm/cacturne:
Submissions for the epic trio of Mega Cacturne, Mega Hawlucha and Mega Araquanid will be open until Thursday, January 21 at 0:00 GMT.

In addition, we also have the poll for Slate 28! It'll be up for that whole timespan too.
>>> Poll for Slate 28 <<<

All right, I think that's all from me for now! As always, I look forward to seeing your submissions!

(also, oh wow oh heck thank you so much woworiginal for these awesome item sprites!! they're all in the client now :D!!!!)
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(Hawlucha removed fn. will make another one! Thanks to Hematite for pointing out this mistake of a Nacho Libre)

:ss/cacturne: Mega Cacturne
New Ability: Mega Launcher
Type: Dark/Grass

New stats:
HP: 75
Attack: 115
Defense: 60 -> 105 (+45)
Special Attack: 115 -> 130 (+15)
Special Defense: 60 -> 105 (+45)
Speed: 55 -> 50 (-5)
(BST) 475 -> 575

New moves: Terrain Pulse, Grassy Terrain, Water Pulse
Description: Hit hard with special moves, you have good bulk so just keep on using moves like Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, and Terrain Pulse. This pokemon is relatively inferior to M-Cinderace through lower Sp. Attack, way less speed, and less attack.

:ss/araquanid: Mega Araquanid
New Ability: Davy Jones‘ Locker (Doubles indirect damage from trapping moves)
Type: Water/Bug

New stats:
HP: 68
Attack: 70 -> 120 (+50)
Defense: 92 -> 102 (+10)
Special Attack: 50 -> 90 (+40)
Special Defense: 132
Speed: 42
(BST) 454 -> 554

New moves: Whirlpool
Description: Trap foes with moves, then sit there and tank until they die.
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New Ability: Flying Advantage (Flying moves do 25% more damage on grounded Pokémon. Flying and Levitating Pokémon take 25% less damage from Flying moves)

New Stats:
HP: 78 => 78 (+0)
Atk: 92 => 92 (+0)
Def: 75 => 105 (+30)
SpA: 74 => 89 (+15)
SpD: 63 => 103 (+40)
Spe: 118 => 133 (+15)
BST: 500 => 600

New moves:
So, I am lost in the unknown. Til the birds fly home.
Hawlucha serves as a buffer between its team and the opponents mon. With it's bulk and speed it can easily run support/utility options like Encore, Taunt, Defog and it can set-up more easily with SD or Substitute. It's speed tier allows it to revenge kill Ash-Greninja, it checks Rillaboom well with its typing and bulk, on top of that its bulk allows it too use substitutes against Pex. The ability makes its flying stab of choice stronger to compensate for its poor attacking stat. It can do much against many flying types to begin with, so the damage reduction on flying types and levitators isn't much of an issue. It's typing isn't that bad. It resists Bug, Dark, Grass, Fighting and is immune to Ground, but it also has weaknesses to common types like Electric, Ice, Fairy, Psychic and Flying. It can still provide utility and support for its team, so it can find its way into some teams.

Fast Bulky Pivot
Hawlucha @ Hawluchite
Ability: Flying Advantage
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hurricane
- U-turn
- Roost
- Defog

Physical Attacker
Hawlucha @ Hawluchite
Ability: Flying Advantage
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Brave Bird
- Swords Dance
- Roost

New Ability: Magic Guard

New Stats:
HP: 68 => 68 (+0)
Atk: 70 => 90 (+20)
Def: 92 => 122 (+30)
SpA: 50 => 80 (+30)
SpD: 132 => 142 (+10)
Spe: 42 => 52 (+10)
BST: 454 => 554

New moves: Slack Off
Description: It's a kind of magic!
Araquanid has a solid defensive type with resistences to Ground, Fighting, Water, Ice and while being only weak to Flying, Electric and Rock. Granted those types are really good and do have some strong abusers, but it makes up for it with its resistences, bulk and ability with the latter being able to get rid of its SR weakness. It gets recovery in Slack Off and can be a sticky webs user that has decent attacking power and bulk. It faces competition from other Sticky webs users, since some of them has better speed, better offenses or in Shuckles case better defenses and other hazards and other utility options. It's a bit of a mixture of other Sticky Web users. It isn't fast, but it's bulky, strong and has recovery and some other utility options like Magic Coat and that's it.

Physical Tank
Araquanid @ Araquanite
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Impish Nature
- Liquidation
- Leech Life
- Sticky Web
- Slack Off
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