Announcement Melmetal, Marshadow, and Kyurem-Black have been banned from Gen 8 1v1

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Following the release of Pokemon Home and it's implementation on Pokemon Showdown, Melmetal has quickly risen to the forefront of the metagame. Its viability is primarily carried by its incredible high base stat total in combination with Double Iron Bash, which acts as effectively a 144 BP STAB-boosted attack with no drawback. Those traits, in combination with its choice of powerful coverage options in Body Press, Earthquake, Darkest Lariat, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch, let it defeat the vast majority of the metagame. The Choice Band set immediately proved to be too powerful for 1v1, and secondary sets in Assault Vest and Air Balloon help it cover matchups that it couldn't brute force with Choice Band. The 1v1 Council has unanimously decided to quickban Melmetal from 1v1.

Additionally, the 1v1 Council has come to the decision that Kyurem-Black and Marshadow shall remain banned from the meta, for the time being. Both Pokemon have the potential to dominate the metagame, especially with the removal of Melmetal. Given the proximity of Premier League, we've chosen to leave both Pokemon quickbanned with the potential for a suspect test following Premier League, once the meta has been given a chance to stabilize and the council can evaluate clearly whether or not they would be overwhelming.

Tagging The Immortal to implement.
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