Memorable Moments in Pokémon Games (Discussion)

Hello again, everyone. I doubt any of you remember me, but it's fine if you don't. I'm less active on Smogon than a Slaking is in competitive play. Jokes aside, you know what is easy to remember? The Pokémon games. More specifically, those awesome, funny, or maybe just weird moments that have happened to us while playing them.

As you can see, this is something that I've been thinking about for a while now. Someone please notify me if there's no reason to even make this discussion (in which case I'll delete it), but personally, I tend to love having discussions on here. I'm still pretty new, and while this isn't, say, a social media network we have here, how else am I supposed to fit it with all of you awesome people? I just want to be a part of the fun, get in with group, you know?

Anyway, back on topic. I made this discussion just to have some fun and recollect some of those moments. That, an it's a way to introduce you guys to a Challenge Run I'm going to be doing sometime in the future that takes inspiration from one of my own moments. More on that later.

This is just meant to be a fun discussion, so kick back, relax, and have fun!

EDIT: Maybe I'm being impatient, but if I had to guess, the reason no one's answering is because the very few of you that do care (that's not being said in a rude way, don't worry) just wanted to hear mine. In case that's true, I'll describe it here and now. So, there was a time back in 2014 when I was playing Pokémon X, and was in Route 20 getting ready for a Shiny Hunt in the Pokémon Village. In the grass I ran into 3 horde encounters in a row, and the third had a Shiny Foongus on the far left side. At the time I didn't actually know you could find Shinies in hordes. I was shocked to the point where I almost cursed in the middle of the night (when I was playing), but I noticed and stopped myself at the last second, and found myself whispering what later became my personal catchphrase. For more information, try looking up "What The Foongus" online as I typed it. You may be surprised at what you find.
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I was not sure if there was one, my apologies. :)

EDIT: Yeah, uh, that thread hasn't been posted on in over a year, so what am I supposed to do exactly?
I believe that as long as you have something constructive to add to an old thread, it's not a sin to "bump" it up with new opinions.

Different case is quoting random 2 year old messages to say "yeh i agree" :)

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