[Metagame] Shitmons

solosis gang. i am a solosis enjoyer. solosiss is the best poiemon and hers why: it has really good speshal attack. i cant remember what it si exactly but im pretty sure its around 105. ts a powerful wallbeaker with its sykick and it than heal itself with recover.
how viable is solosis, this is very important information
dear snessy,

thank you for your interest in the shitmons metagame. unfortunately, solosis learns a variety of tms, which makes it not eligible for the shitmons metagame. if you want to use solosis, I suggest you explore other metagames where solosis is usable.

best regards,
creator of shitmons and 2021 THUNDERDOME finalist
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Why is Unown only a B tier? Fire is a ridiculously good offensive type, hitting basically everything except karp, this includes Beldum, the dozen or so bugs this tier has

I don't see why Kakuna is so low considering it can Iron Defense and cripple switch ins with Poison Sting, while having Electroweb for coverage against Beldum and Karp

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