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1 Offensive Pivot, 1 Defensive Pivot

The sun rises to a beautiful day in the Pet Mods subforum. Another day, another pet mod to submit to. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. However, some users feel as if there a faction of malicious pet mod users lurking just below the surface. Perhaps their submissions will have some sort of information to give away?

In order to make sure the first slate has some sort of power level to build around, zxgzxg made a pair of walls to base the initial subs around (these are in the meta):
Pokemon: Venomoth
Type: Flying/Poison
Ability: Shield Dust / Tinted Lens | Iron Barbs
Stats: 75 / 85 / 110 / 70 / 70 / 65
Movepool Additions: Air Slash, Dual Wingbeat, Hurricane, Gunk Shot, Poison Jab
Movepool Removals: U-Turn
Role: Physical Wall, Hazard Control, Setup Sweeper

Pokemon: Parasect
Type: Dark/Grass
Ability: Effect Spore / Damp | Water Bubble
Stats: 90 / 95 / 70 / 60 / 100 / 80
Movepool Additions: Clamp, Recover, Scald, Surf, Stealth Rock
Movepool Removals: Spore
Role: Special Wall, Hazards
Get subbing! Slate closes in about 72 hours (subject to change)


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Pokemon: Eelektross
Type: Electric
Ability: Sticky Hold / Immunity / Storm Drain
Stats: 80 / 70 / 100 / 100 / 80 / 75 (505 BST)
Movepool Additions: Thunder Cage, Spikes, Taunt, Surf, Aura Sphere, Teleport
Movepool Removals: U-Turn, Volt Switch
Role: Offensive Pivot, Hazard Setter (Spikes), Stallbreaker
Justification: basically this is a heatran lookalike, being able to switch to attacks fairly comfortably thanks to its decent bulk and hard-to-exploit typing (which all of its abilities help). this should be able to beat parasect 1v1 with tcage chip + taunt + aura sphere. lack of recovery or pivoting lets it down somewhat but overall pretty solid.

Pokemon: Cloyster
Type: Water / Psychic
Ability: Shell Armor / Poison Heal / Overcoat
Stats: 50 / 70 / 130 / 105 / 50 / 95 (500 BST)
Movepool Additions: Scald, Psychic, Psyshock, Zen Headbutt
Movepool Removals: Shell Smash, Spikes, Explosion, Self-Destruct
Role: Defensive Pivot, Hazard Control (Rapid Spin)
fuckin love ph. this has good support moves in scald/spin/port along with decent presence in 105 spa so its not as easily taken advantage of. parasect beats it pretty soundly by resisting its stabs, being immune to burn, and hitting it with grass attacks. plus it has awful special defense so thats unfortunate.
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Pokemon: Heracross
Role: Offensive Pivot, Hazard Setter (Spikes)
Type: Bug/Fighting
Abilities: Skill Link/Swarm
Stats: 80/95/75/60/95/105 (Total: 510)
Altered Move: Arm Thrust (Power is now 20 for each hit)
New Moves: U-Turn, Drill Run
Removed Moves: Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Blast, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Earthquake, Close Combat, Bulk Up, Swords Dance
Justification: Heracross is an offensive pivot that relies on the strong option of Pin Missile to hit hard, while U-Turning out to avoid threats. It can run Bug and Fighting multi-hit STAB (a buffed Arm Thrust to compensate for the removal of CC), U-Turn for pivoting, Bullet Seed or Drill Run for coverage, and possibly Spikes. Regardless, it's a simple, relatively fast offensive pivot that is defensively countered by Venomoth.

Pokemon: Cosmoem (Not Eviolite Compatible)
Role: Defensive Pivot, Hazard Setter (Stealth Rock), Hazard Removal
Type: Psychic/Rock
Ability: Aftermath
Stats: 103/59/79/83/89/67 (Total: 480)
Custom Move: Orbit Out
- Type: Rock
- Classification: Special
- Power: 75
- Accuracy: 100
- PP: 10 (max 16)
- Effect: Switches the user out.
Added Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Power Gem, Meteor Beam, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rollout, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Ice Ball, Rapid Spin, Psychic Terrain, Gravity, Stealth Rock, Wish, Moonlight, Confide, Work Up, Teeter Dance, Metronome, Rest, Protect
Removed Moves: None
Justification: A simple defensive pivot, because I like Cosmoem. Has recovery, Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, and a special pivot option. It can pivot with a Wish up to heal its allies, or if you want to meme you can go with Meteor Beam. It threatens Venomoth with its STABs, but it loses to Parasect (Dazzling Gleam, even with full investment and at +1, does less than half.
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Pokemon: Hypno
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Ability: Regenerator / Forewarn / Trace
Stats: 85 / 83 / 75 / 108 / 105 / 77
Movepool Additions: Ice Beam, Moonblast, Volt Switch
Movepool Removals: Calm Mind, Future Sight
Role: Offensive pivot
Justification: Regen and Trace are both cool on pivots, with different use cases. Matches up okay against both walls; it can discourage both of them from coming in but it doesn't like coming in on either.

Pokemon: Cramorant
Type: Water
Ability: Comatose
Stats: 75 / 105 / 85 / 75 / 85 / 95
Movepool Additions: Knock Off, Flip Turn, Wish
Movepool Removals: Superpower, Flying moves except Defog
Role: Defensive Pivot, Wishpass, Defog
Justification: Status immunity is very helpful on pivots. Both mons are weak to Ice so it complements both of them with its resist. Decent attack with Liquidation drop chance also helps it not be passive. Matchup against Parasect is pretty bad but at least it can lose its item if it comes in and it can Defog the rocks away.
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Pokemon: Crobat

Ability: Infiltrator / Long Reach | Cursed Body
Stats: 85 / 105 / 80 / 70 / 70 / 105
Movepool Additions: Shadow Bone, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Trick, Gunk Shot, Will O Wisp
Movepool Removals: All Damage dealing Flying type moves
Role: Offensive Pivot, Choice Scarf user

Decently paced offensive pivot here, Crobat utilizes its solid statline to pivot around with U-turn, being able to nail Parasect with Gunk Shot. 105 is a great speed tier to set the stage for offensive threats moving forward and Crobat's inherent defensive utility built into its typing should make for flexibility in its options. Venomoth is a reliable counter to it as well but Long Reach should be able to at least mitigate U-turn usage.

Pokemon: Toxapex

Ability: Merciless | Regenerator
Stats: 65 / 85 / 90 / 90 / 120 / 45
Movepool Additions: Wish, Brine*
Movepool Removals: Recover, Haze
Custom Elements: Brine - Water type Hex clone
Role: Defensive Pivot, Special Wall (AV)

Toxapex makes itself known as a great defensive pivot because of its access to Regenerator, but unlike its standard counterpart, its lack of reliable recovery promotes Pex to soak up a hit and then pivot out instead of just sitting and absorbing hits, performing its job as a pivot well. It can perform sets with WishBunker or can opt for the traditional AV Regen. Merciless + Hex lite can be played around with but is just a sly gimmick at best, Regen is definitely the main set.
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Offensive Pivot:
Pokemon: Sharpedo
Roles: Offensive Pivot, Band/Scarf Abuser, Spike Stacker, Suicide Lead

Ability: Strong Jaw / Defiant
Stats: 70 / 105 / 40 / 95 / 40 / 105 [BST: 455]
Movepool Changes: +Coaching, Focus Blast, Revenge, Reversal, Spikes, Superpower, Thunder Fang, Quick Guard (Only Spikes and TFang are relevant competitively but I wanted to keep Megalodent's movepool intact)
Justification: (DESCRIPTION OUTDATED, will rewrite when I have time) I decided to base both of my mons this time around on some of my past subs to other mods, in this case one of my favourite subs to any mod that didn't make it in, Megalodent in MegaRev. I reverted back to base Sharpedo's stats for balance and cut attack further, but this mon basically just comes in and clicks buttons. It's got high offensive stats, strong STABs, Flip Turn and Spikes as great utility, and two very strong abilities, either letting it outspeed teams with ease or boosting nearly all of its coverage moves. Its big downside is some extremely low bulk, but I can see this playing like Gren does in higher tiers. Oh, and it also has a really funny Spikes + Taunt + DBond set.

Defensive Pivot:
Pokemon: Runerigus
Roles: Defensive Pivot, Hazard Setter, Ability Nullification

Ability: Wandering Spirit
Stats: 58 / 95 / 121 / 75 / 102 / 50 [BST: 501]
Movepool Changes: +Knock Off, Recover, Shadow Sneak, Toxic, U-Turn
Custom Element: Wandering Spirit now activates when you hit the opponent with a contact move instead of the other way around (functions like FE Alpha Faustian Pact)
Justification: This one's based on FE Alpha Nug, with Rune's HP and Atk to bring it down to an appropriate power level. I imported most of the relevant Decidueye moves (Recover > Roost for flavour), with notable exceptions being Spirit Shackle and Defog, both of which make this a bit too versatile imo. The big draw here is Wandering Spirit U-Turn, allowing it to weaken mons as it switches out on them, which is always fun. Other than that, it's just a solid bulky pivot with a good typing and excellent movepool.
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Defensive Pivot
Name of the Pokemon:Minun
Role(s):Defensive Pivot,Special Wall,Status Spreader(Toxic)
Abilities:Volt Absorb
Stats:75/40/65/105/115/85(BST:Too Early in the morning to do math)
Movepool Additions:Recover,Dazzling Gleam
Movepool Removals:Thunder Wave,Nuzzle
Justification:Minun is a really nice special wall and pivot.Matches up nicely against the moth and can potentially run Gleam to dunk on Parasect.Can spread Toxic and WishPass.
Offensive Pivot
Name of the Pokemon:Urshifu-Rapid-Strike
Role(s):Offensive Pivot,Revenge Killer
Abilities:Unseen Fist
Stat Distribution:80/80/65/57/55/101
Movepool Additions:Flip Turn
Movepool Removals:Surging Strikes
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Pokemon: Primeape
Roles: Offensive Pivot, Hazard Removal, Choice Band Abuser, Curve Topper

Ability: Vital Spirit / Justified / Defiant
Stats: 66 / 96 / 75 / 60 / 60 / 120 [BST: 477]
Additions: Rapid Spin
Removals: Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Smack Down, Rock Tomb, Bulk Up, Double-Edge
Justification: Shreds the crab but gets clapped by the moth. For the record, cb body slam does max 40% to max def venomoth. A Zeraora type beat mon that gets things done because of how fast it is and how spammable its stabs are once the correct checks are taken care of, with the difference that his one has u-turn, making it way more suited to a choice band set. It gets Rapid Spin for a tinsy bit more utility and loses bulk up so it doesn't run a set up set.

Pokemon: Magnezone
Roles: Defensive Pivot, AV, Offensive Pivot, Wallbreaker

Ability: Levitate
Stats: 60 / 70 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 70 [BST: 500]
Additions: Knock Off, Pain Split
Removals: -
Justification: A mon that can get a lot done by virtue of it's typing coupled with levitate. We need at least one solid steel mon in a meta and this one aims for that spot. It's biggest advantage Kind of some sort of rotom without NP or defog. Can rock either pure defensive sets with status spreading as its main utility, some sort of specs wallbreaker set, or finally an AV set similar to the one in randbats.
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Name of the Pokemon: Vespiquen
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Choice Scarf User, Hazard Setter (Toxic Spikes), Hazard Removal (Rapid Spin)
Type: Bug / Fairy
Abilities: Queenly Majesty / Sticky Hold
Stat Distribution: 100 / 105 / 75 / 60 / 65 / 105 (510)
Movepool Additions: Lunge, Fire Lash, Spirit Break, Rapid Spin, Trick
Movepool Removals: Every Flying-type move except Roost and Tailwind
Justification: A pivot that creates momentum with STAB U-Turn combined with guaranteed stat drops, forcing switch-outs. Vespiquen's Bug / Fairy type and good physical bulk give it many opportunities to switch into common physical types (Ground, Dark, Fighting and Grass). Sticky Hold is good for keeping Boots on, making it a solid Knock Off deterrent. Queenly Majesty is useful if using Scarf. Vespiquen is held back by its STABs being resisted by most Poison-type combos, and STAB+coverage resisted by most Fire-type combos.
Match-ups: Countered by Venomoth (especially Shield Dust sets). Checks Parasect.
Name of the Pokemon: Shelgon (Eviolite Compatible)
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Special Wall, Phazer, Status Absorber
Type: Dragon / Electric
Abilities: Overcoat / Rock Head / Natural Cure
Stat Distribution: 65/85/50/60/100/50 (410)
Movepool Additions: Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Volt Switch, Dragon Tail, Dragon Rage*
Movepool Removals:
Dragon Dance
Custom Elements: *Undexited & now a Seismic Toss/Night Shade clone.
Justification: Shelgon's typing is amazing for a specially defensive mon, resisting common special types (Water, Flying, Electric and Fire). With its special bulk, Shelgon has many opportunities to switch-in to special attacks, and slow Volt Switch gives it opportunities to bring teammates in safely. However, it struggles pretty hard against physical attackers and Knock Off. Also, Shelgon naturally gets Wish, but that is more useful for its own recovery than for support, due to low base HP.
Match-ups: Counters Venomoth. Checked by Parasect.
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Name of the Pokemon: Golbat (Eviolite Incompatible)
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Toxic Spreader, Utility
Type: Ghost / Poison
Abilities: Natural Cure / Infiltrator / Levitate
Stat Distribution: 75 / 70 / 90 / 65 / 100 / 90 (BST: 490)
Movepool Additions: Parting Shot
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: None
Justification: I designed Golbat to have some significant freedom in what ability it runs. Natural Cure and Levitate are both very good abilities for a defensive pivot, and while Infiltrator is much more useful on an offensive mon, ignoring subsitutes is still a decent option in its own right with the ability to use Toxic through Substitutes. Both U-Turn and Parting Shot are valid options for switching moves (although U-Turn is likely superior in most cases), and Golbat can further support its team through Taunt and Defog.

Name of the Pokemon: Flygon
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Scarf Abuser
Type: Rock / Dragon
Abilities: Crystallize / Pressure / Soundproof
Stat Distribution: 70 / 90 / 70 / 80 / 70 / 90 (BST: 470)
Movepool Additions: Dragon Hammer, High Horsepower, Fire Lash, Hyper Voice, Power Gem
Movepool Removals: Earthquake, Boomburst, Dragon Dance
Custom Elements: Crystal Voice: Rock-type Liquid Voice
Justification: I couldn't not sub Flygon for offensive pivot, but I hope I've at least made it interesting. Its stats have been lowered all-around to compensate for its great movepool, and Earthquake has been removed due to being a 100 base power Ground move with 100 acc. The mon's typing has been changed, and Levitate has been replaced with 3 different abilities. You may notice the presence of Crystal Voice here, and that is because I have decided to add incentive for Special sets, adding good special Rock STAB and keeping Flygon's surprisingly good special movepool (notably Draco Meteor and Fire Blast). Soundproof is purely flavor. Boomburst is gone because I have been informed that -Ate boomburst is stupid.

Also, this Flygon is quite different from base Flygon. Feel free to lmk what's too strong here.
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Pokemon: Spritzee :Spritzee: (No eviolite)
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Wish Passer, Choice Specs/Scarf Potential?

Abilities: Air Lock/Aroma Veil
Stats: 80/70/80/95/60/110
Movepool Additions: U-turn, Healing Wish, Air Slash
Movepool Removals: Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt
Custom Elements: None
Justification: "B-b-b-but Bolivia! Offensive pivots can't pass wish!" Why yes, yes they can. Enter Spritzee, the excellent hodge podge of a few things I wanted to create. I decided to create a pokemon with similar utility to Togekiss, but without the luck element of serene grace air slash. Spritzee's unique ability to u-turn separates it from the unpivotable Togekiss, and it has interesting special attacks to supplement its movepool. The moonblast + air slash stab combination, energy ball, flash cannon, wish, healing wish, u-turn, and toxic are its main movepool options, and it can run a variety of different items. Air lock is a unique ability I thought it might enjoy, as a way to dismantle any future weather cores from existing (and aroma veil is similarly cool in the meantime). Spritzee has a great matchup against Parasect but cannot really tough Venomoth (specs air slash could do well for it, though). That is all from me, thanks!

Pokemon: Politoed :Politoed:
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Scald/Toxic Combo

Abilities: Water Absorb/Volt Absorb (Sap Sipper)
Stats: 90/75/95/90/100/70 (520)
New Moves: Flip Turn
Removed Moves: Whirlpool
Custom Elements: None
Justification: Muahaha. Behold, my latest creation. Immunitoed! With Water Absorb, Volt Absorb, Sap Sipper, Politoed can choose to either remove one of its two weaknesses or ruin the lives of water types. In addition, access to flip turn now allows it to pivot! It still has no reliable form of recovery, and it has also lost its access to drizzle. Nonetheless, it still could be cool as a perish song user, perhaps (edit: I removed whirlpool XP)? More likely than not, toxic scald flip turn haze could be a cool "Pex-Lite" set it can run! Enjoy!
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Pokemon: Solrock
Roles: Hazard Control, Hazard Setter, Offensive Pivot
Types: Fire/Rock
Abilities: Levitate
Stats: 90/70/80/95/65/110 (510)
Movepool Additions: Burn Up, Rapid Spin, Power Gem, Sunset*
Movepool Removals: Psyshock, Grass Knot, Calm Mind, Meteor Beam
Custom Elements: Sunset - Fire type Volt Switch clone
Summary: Have any of you ever heard of a fun move called Burn Up? It has a whopping 130 BP (and is 100% accurate!), but removes the user's fire type (which makes it so it can't use the move again). However, with this Solrock, it can use Burn Up, deal a bunch of of damage, Sunset out, come back in, and Burn Up again! It can control the hazards with getting both Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin and is immune to Spikes and Ground moves with Levitate.

Pokemon: Hatterene
Roles: Defensive Pivot, Status Spreader, Knock Off Absorber
Types: Ghost/Fairy
Abilities: Healer/Anticipaton/(HA: Sticky Hold)
Stats: 77/90/85/126/93/39 (510)
Movepool Additions: Teleport, Knock Off, Hex, Will-O-Wisp
Movepool Removals: Trick Room, Calm Mind
Custom Elements: None
Summary: Uses Nuzzle/Will-O-Wisp to weaken the opposing mon, then Teleports out. It can take advantage of Hex and all its other status moves, and Sticky Hold lets it be a better Knock Absorber. It can also run a funny Magic Powder set to take advantage of its Ghost STAB.
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Pokemon: Zweilous (evio compatible)

Ability: Unnerve | Mold Breaker (HA)
Stats: 60 | 70 | 60 | 90 | 80 | 60 (420 BST)
Movepool Additions: Teleport, Roost, Stealth Rock, Shadow Ball
Movepool Removals: Nasty Plot
Role: Defensive Pivot, Hazard Setter (Stealth Rock), Special Wall, Phazing
Justification: WIP

Pokemon: Tyranitar

Ability: Sand Force | Flare Boost
Stats: 80 | 70 | 105 | 95 | 70 | 85 (505 BST)
Movepool Additions: Power Gem, Draco Meteor, Rolling Stones*
Movepool Removals: Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Dragon Dance
Role: Stallbreaker, Offensive Pivot, Wallbreaker?
Custom Elements: Rolling Stones: special Rock type clone of Flip Turn.
Justification: WIP
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Pokemon: Cinccino
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Cleric
Type: Fairy
Abilities: Cute Charm | Natural Cure
Stats: 75/60/80/75/80/110
Movepool Additions: Wish, Heal Bell, Psychic
Movepool Removals: Aqua Tail, Gunk Shot, Rock Blast, Triple Axel
Justification: Cinccino is a glue mon of sorts, it's here to throw wishes, pass batons, and keep the opponent on their toes. Cinccino isn't made to be on the field for more than two turns at any point. It can't really switch into Venomoth, but it CAN handle and play circles around Parasect.


Pokemon: Dragonair (Eviolite Compatible)
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Choice Band, Stallbreaker, Priority (Aqua Jet), Physical Sweeper
Type: Dragon/Water
Abilities: Shed Skin
Stats: 60/110/65/60/85/95
Movepool Additions: Flip Turn, Taunt, Ice Fang
Movepool Removals: Extreme Speed, Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Justification: Dragonair is basically here to smack things and keep it movin'. Decent speed + BONK potential (Outrage) means that it'll provide a mon that can just click buttons, for our players who don't feel like activating their brain cells.
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Offensive Pivot
Name of the Pokemon: Uxie
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Status Spreader (Paralysis), Knock Off Utility

Abilities: Download
Stat Distribution: 55/90/100/90/100/105 [540 BST]
Movepool Additions: Flip Turn, Liquidation, Aqua Tail, Scald, Volt Switch, Nuzzle, Wild Charge
Movepool Removals: U-Turn, Signal Beam, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Draining Kiss
Custom Elements:
Justification: I wanted to try and build a pivot around download, so here we are. Has access to both physical and special pivoting moves, allowing for some room for adaptation when it comes to these boosts. Also has the ability to provide some offensive utility, such as paralysis via nuzzle and item removal via knock off. Removed Bug and Fairy attacks to overall tone down Uxie's coverage a bit.

Defensive Pivot
Name of the Pokemon: Zebstrika
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Mixed Wall, Status Spreader, Status Absorber, Utility (Screens)

Abilities: Quick Feet / Natural Cure [HA]
Stat Distribution: 75/70/103/90/93/66 [497 BST]
Movepool Additions: Moonlight, Hex, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp, Reflect
Movepool Removals: Agility, Toxic
Custom Elements:
Justification: Strong defensive typing with two pivoting based abilities, one providing an extra immunity while the other allowing it to eat status. Spreads Para and Burns, and can use this to synergize with hex or make a safe switch out to an ally.
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Pokémon: Hattrem
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Special Wall
Type: Psychic / Fairy
Stats: 55 / 40 / 80 / 105 / 100 / 95
Abilities: Magic Bounce / Poison Heal
Move Additions: Teleport
Move Removals: Giga Drain, Mystical Fire, Calm Mind

Pokémon: Necrozma
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Physical Wallbreaker
Types: Psychic
Stats: 83 / 89 / 79 / 61 / 79 / 79
Abilities: Malware (Speed Intimidate Clone.)
Move Additions: U-Turn
Move Removals: Dragon Dance, Moonlight

Pokemon: Kakuna (evio compatible)
Roles: defensive pivot, hazard removal (rapid spin)
Type: Bug/Fighting
Ability: Sticky Hold / Shed Skin / Innards Out
Stats: 55/75/80/45/45/45 (BST: 345)
+U-Turn, Body Press, Rapid Spin, Lunge, Brick Break, Poison Fang, Heal Order
-Iron Defense
Description: Kakuna is a funny little bug with a suprising amount of defense thanks to eviolite. it gains Body Press but loses Iron Defense to give it a good STAB option to utilize it. It can be an effective slow pivot with STAB U-Turn that hits Parasect 4x effectively. Sticky Hold is probably its goto ability, due to having unknockable eviolite. Innards Out is a much more gimmicky option, but it can be used to generate momentum for your team. Its main weakness is that its Special bulk is still pretty low even with eviolite, and it gets shredded by quiver dance venomoth because of this + its 4x weakness to Flying.

Pokemon: Claydol
Roles: offensive pivot, hazard setter (stealth rock), choice scarf
Type: Ground/Fairy
Ability: Filter / Sticky Hold
Stats: 60/60/75/101/100/73 (BST: 469)
+ Moonblast
- Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Rapid Spin, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball
Description: Claydol is an offensive pivot that also functions as a knock absorber and a hazard setter. Claydol has 2 interesting abilities. Filter allows it to potentially tank a Water move from Parasect, while Sticky Hold allows it to switch into Knock Offs from the opponent. However, its physical bulk is pretty exploitable for future wallbreakers. while it is slow, due to its abilities, and the fact it pivots with teleport, it can still remain an effective offensive pivot due to the damage it can deal.
Name of the Pokemon: Leavanny
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Setup Wallbreaker, Sticky Web Setter
Type: Bug/Grass
Abilities: Swarm/Magic Guard/(Overcoat)
Stat Distribution: 80/100/80/70/80/75 (485 BST)
Movepool Additions: Brick Break, Double-Edge, Roost, U-Turn
Movepool Removals: No
Justification: Stypes Magroach lite. It can use Life Orb for free thanks to Magic Guard and can also pivot very easily with U-Turn since it doesn't fear things like Rocky Helmet or Iron Barbs. It can also absorb Toxics and heal off weak hits with Roost, giving it some good defensive utility. Knock Off is also a great move for it since it lets it cripple opposing pokemon such as Venomoth. Finally, it could pull off other sets such as Swords Dance or Sticky Web, but its movepool isn't that great for those.

Name of the Pokemon: Frosmoth
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Hazard Removal
Type: Ice
Abilities: Shield Dust/(Ice Scales)
Stat Distribution: 65/60/60/110/80/90 (465 BST)
Movepool Additions: Roost
Movepool Removals: Calm Mind, Quiver Dance
Justification: Idc this is filler. Ignore this if you want.


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about 7 hours left until subs close. Paulluxx Low-Key War Incarnate make sure to sub.

Some rules that will be added to OP:

No submission metagaming. By that I mean stuff like saying "Remove Magic Guard from your sub or else you are mafia" or other things like that. Otherwise it's much too easy to break the game.

You can only miss one submission slate. If you miss a second slate, you will be modkilled/subbed out.


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3 Hours to spare
Name of the Pokemon: Ribombee
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Physical Attacker, Mixed Attacker, Webs setter if you really want to
Type: Bug / Fairy
Abilities: Shield Dust / Technician / Sweet Veil
Stat Distribution: 57 / 98 / 71 / 118 / 88 / 98 (530)
Movepool Additions: None
Movepool Removals: Quiver Dance
Undexited Moves: Silver Wind
Justification: No chance for scald burns, and resists both of Parasects stabs while being weak to both of Venomoths, pretty simple concept, Shield Dust is cool. Technician boosts offensively focused sets. Sweet veil prevents potential sleep powder from Venomoth, and also effect spore from Parasect on the U turn.

Name of the Pokemon: Dragalge
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Hazard Setter,
Type: Ice / Poison
Abilities: Corrosion / Poison Point / Regenerator
Stat Distribution: 65 / 85 / 95 / 77 / 113 / 64
Movepool Additions: Stealth Rock, Spikes, Ice Beam
Movepool Removals: None
Justification: Cool defensive typing, on a mon with no recovery and a Stealth Rocks Weakness, but Regenerator and Heavy Duty Boots to offset its issues, STAB Ice Beam threatens both of the walls if you really want to run offensive sets, but its a defensive mon for sure, despite having few resists it isn't immediately threatened by anything yet, and can just flip turn out.
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Name of the Pokemon: Pinurchin
Role(s): Defensive Pivot, Physical Wall, Status spreader (primarily paralysis)
Type: Electric / Poison
Abilities: Static / Poison Touch
Stat Distribution: 85 / 65 / 110 / 80 / 95 / 70 (505 BST)
Movepool Additions: Volt Switch
Movepool Removals:
Custom Elements:

Name of the Pokemon: Tsareena
Role(s): Offensive Pivot, Hazard Control (Rapid Spin)
Type: Grass / Fairy
Abilities: Natural Cure
Stat Distribution: 70 / 105 / 90 / 60 / 65 / 110 (500 BST)
Movepool Additions: Play Rough
Movepool Removals: Triple Axel, all Fighting-type moves, Zen Headbutt
Custom Elements:
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