Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)

It's 2 AM in the morning and I really couldn't be bothered to figure out what is going on

MORETTO Today at 2:13 PM
This quote giving me Town of Salem “why me” vibes so I’ll gladly hop aboard
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The day ends, and both Ema Skye and Moretto are hung. Bummer.

Moretto, you are Zoroark
Zoroark: Illusion. During the night, target 1 player. If that player is investigated or killed at any point during that night or next day, their displayed role will appear as a Mafia Murkrow (no special abilities) if Town, and a Town Wooloo (no special abilities) if Mafia.


Ema Skye, you are Incineroar
Incineroar: Throat Chop. During the night, target 1 player. That player cannot communicate about the game (outside of posting their submissions and voting) at all during the next day phase. If they try to communicate or indicate that they were silenced through their submission somehow during that day phase, they will die.


As the mafia, your goal is to kill all town members.
Now, before we move onto submission votes, I'd like to gauge interest in a potential reset. I vastly overpowered the town in this first time around, and I'd like to start anew with a rolelist better built around the submission phase. Please tell me in the discord what you think.


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Special Wallbreaker: Nateboomer21
Physical Wallbreaker: Nateboomer21
Wake up Sheeple, we are being controlled from the inside :spiral-eyes:
Special: War Incarnate, KeeganSkymin, Nateboomer
Physical: KeeganSkymin, War Incarnate, Nateboomer

dont mind me just voting stuff other than nateboomer (I acknowledge that nate will more than likely win by now but c'mon you guys can do better than this)

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