Pet Mod MicroMetaMafia (Night 2)


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And the day comes to a close. With everyone having cast their votes, the winner is...
Name of the Pokemon: Vigoroth (Not eviolite compatible)
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker, Choice Scarf
Type: Dark
Abilities: Gorilla Tactics
Stat Distribution: 80/80/100/50/100/80 (490 BST)
Movepool Additions: Knock Off, Throat Chop
Movepool Removals: Gunk Shot, Sucker Punch
Justification: MONKEEEEE well more like sloth. Whatever, hits hard with Gtactics, has stab Knock which is good utility, but power is a bit lacking once it already removed an item so it may want to use Throat Chop sometimes. It has Hammer Arm for some dark resists but lacks anything good to hit fairies so it'll struggle against those. Most people will vote for confirms anyway tbh so it doesn't really matter what I put here.

Name of the Pokemon: Wailord
Role(s): Special Wallbreaker, Special Tank
Type: Water/Flying
Abilities: Aerilate/Pressure/(Oblivious)
Stat Distribution: 170/40/75/100/75/60 (530 BST)
Movepool Additions: Deep Breath*
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: Deep Breath: Calm Mind clone that boosts defense instead of special defense.
Justification: He THICC. Bulk is quite high, but it lacks recovery so it's just gonna act as a tank that can switch-in easily and use pretty powerful Aerilate Hyper Voices and Water moves.
Edit: Added Deep Breath so yeah it can use setup to break now too ig.
Mossy? How strange.

The sun sets and Night 2 begins.

Gravity Monkey

meow? (waiting for something to happen?)
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Pokemon: Raichu-Alola
Roles: Double Dance Sweeper (NP + Agility), Electric Terrain Abuser(?), Wallbreaker, Offensive Pivot

Ability: Storm Drain / Surge Surfer
Stats: 60 / 85 / 50 / 85 / 105 / 105 [BST: 490]
Removals: Focus Blast
Justification: I really don't like Wailord so here you go. Hard countered by parasect but wins against other walls.

Name of the Pokemon: Farfetch'd Galar (Eviolite Compatible)
Roles: Set Up Sweeper (Dragon Dance, SD), Wallbreaker, Defensive Pivot

Abilities: Scrappy / Moxie / Intimidate
Stat Distribution: 65 / 105 / 100 / 45 / 60 / 60 [BST: something]
Movepool Additions: Dragon Dance
Movepool Removals:
Hard loses to Moth but can win against other stuff. Also a vigoroth check.

Ill write a bigger descs later
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Name Of The Pokemon:Weezing-Galar
Roles:Set-Up Sweeper(Bulk Up),Offensive Spikes Setter
Abilities:Neutralizing Gas
Movepool Additions:Poison Jab,Earthquake,Spikes,Thunder Punch,Bulk Up
Movepool Removals:Fairy moves
Description:Idk,Poison/Ground is a good typing offensively and 85 speed puts it at a decent speed tier.Neutralizing Gas helps immensely against Moth so it doesn't get chipped by Iron Barbs while chunking it with TPunch.
Name Of The Pokemon:Quagsire
Roles:Set-Up Sweeper(Calm Mind),Choice Specs User,Offensive Pivot
Movepool Additions:Flip Turn,Calm Mind
Movepool Removals:Toxic,Ice Beam,Sludge Bomb,Sludge Wave
Description:Would be the fastest in the meta and Quagsire being the fastest in anything would be hilarious.Can run a CM set or a Specs set.Immunity allows it to absorb Toxic while Analytic punishes switches.

If either of these are grossly unbalanced,yell at me and I'll try my best to fix it.
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Pokemon: Slowbro-Galar
Roles: Mixed Sweeper (Work Up, Calm Mind, Bulk Up)

Ability: Download | Own Tempo
Stats: 80 | 100 | 80 | 100 | 70 | 100 (530 BST)
Additions: Photon Geyser, Bulk Up, Work Up
Removals: 0
Justification: bees (WIP)

Pokemon: Genesect
Roles: Physical Sweeper (Techno Barrage, Superpower)

Ability: Contrary
Stats: 75 | 105 | 70 | 70 | 110 | 105 (535 BST)
Additions: Techno Barrage*, Attack Order, Superpower
Removals: Extreme Speed, U-Turn
Custom Elements: Techno Barrage (105 bp, 100% accuracy, 16 PP, Steel type, physical, lowers user's attack by 1 stage.)
Justification: wasps (WIP)
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Name of the Pokemon: Marowak-Alola (incompatible w/ Thick Club)
Role(s): Physical sweeper (Swords Dance), Stealth Rock
Type: Fire / Dark
Abilities: Vengeance
Stat Distribution: 70 / 90 / 105 / 75 / 80 / 80 (500 BST)
Movepool Additions: Shadow Bone, Recover
Movepool Removals: Poltergeist, Knock Off, Thunder Punch
Custom Elements: Vengeance - Berserk clone for Attack, Shadow Bone is now a Dark-type move
Justification: Physical Galarian Moltres with Goltres' rightful typing at a lower power level. Take a hit with your good bulk and trigger Vengeance; then utilize Swords Dance and go ham on your opponent with Flame Charge and that kind of stuff. You could even configure it to run Stealth Rock if you wanted to. Loses to Wailord & Dragonair, wins vs Venomoth & Parasect.
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Pokemon: Delphox
Roles: Special Sweeper (Calm Mind, Agility), uhhh
Typing: Fire/Fairy
Ability: Blaze/(Dazzling)
Stats: 85/69/72/124/100/105
Movepool Additions: None
Movepool Removals: Psyshock, Psychic
Custom Elements: None
Justification: Funny fairy fire fox (say it 3 times fast) that sets up with Calm Mind and can't be revenged by priority due to Dazzling. Doesn't like Wailord or scarf Vigoroth, but does pretty well with everything else

Name of Pokemon: Ampharos
Role(s): Physical Sweeper (Dragon Dance),
Type: Electric/Fighting
Abilities: Poison Heal/Motor Drive
Stat Distribution: 80/110/75/70/85/70
Movepool Additions: Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Zing Zap
Movepool Removals: Volt Switch
Justification: We still don't have an electric type, nor a fighting type, so take one. Breaks through a lot of stuff, but without setup its kind of weak. Poison Heal lets it do some mindgames, and lets it not be poisoned to ruin the sweep, and Motor Drive helps it against opposing Amphy.


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Pokemon: Yanmega
Roles: Set Up Sweeper (Quiver Dance)

Ability: Frisk / Compound Eyes / Speed Boost
Stats: 86 / 76 / 96 / 96 / 56 / 75 [BST: 485]
Additions: Quiver Dance
Justification: Quiver Dance sweeper! Yanmega utilizes Quiver Dance + Speed Boost to quickly snowball, but it ofc has some shortcomings. Prior to a boost it's pretty weak, 75 Speed is horrid so it has an awkward offensive matchup and its offensive coverage is shoddy. But ofc, let it set up on something like Parasect and it can get to work.

Pokemon: Electabuzz (Eviolite Compatible)
Roles: Set Up Sweeper (Swords Dance)

Ability: Static / Vital Spirit / Inner Focus
Stats: 66 / 89 / 65 / 77 / 63 / 111 [BST: 471]
Additions: Close Combat, Mach Punch, Swords Dance
Justification: Electabuzz utilizes its naturally high speed tier to sweep weakened teams with a Swords Dance boost. Electabuzz is unfortunately pretty weak prior to a boost, and is a bit too weak to go about wallbreaking, but it's just strong enough to bust stuff with support. You can pick LO for more power at the cost of dying to any hit, and you can opt for Eviolite to augment bulk at the cost of being alot weaker than you want to be.

Pokemon: Inteleon :Inteleon:
Roles: Special set up sweeper (work up)

Ability: Torrent/Tenacity (Sniper)
Stats: 70/85/75/125/75/120
Additions: None
Removals: Agility
Custom Elements: Tenacity - moxie but for special attack
Justification: Pretty simple Inteleon 2.0 here. Gave Inteleon's defenses a bit of a buff and an ability that can give its work up set a nice boost. It can also u-turn stronger because it sets up with work up. I thought that, to mitigate it from being overpowered, giving it no access to speed boosting moves was a prudent idea, so I removed agility. I can still imagine a choice scarf tenacity set being cool. Still, vote for Nate! Thanks!

Pokemon: Boldore :Boldore:
Roles: Physical set up sweeper (curse)

Ability: Sturdy/Filter (Sand Force)
Stats: 70/125/105/50/90/20 (460)
Additions: Gyro ball, recover
Removals: None
Custom Elements: None
Justification: Pretty simple here as well, recover + filter + curse sweeper. Pretty difficult to bring down, but it can only fit two slots for moves and can therefore get walled by a lot and worn down by toxic. Filter helps for super-effective attacks and I beefed the hell out of its special defense. Being incompatible with eviolite hurts this thing, though. Vote for Nate!!
Pokemon: Zacian
Role: Physical Sweeper (SD)
Type: Fairy
Ability: Justified
Stats: 92/115/100/60/65/88 (Total: 520)
New Move: Fey Blade
- Type: Fairy
- Classification: Physical
- Power: 40
- Accuracy: 100
- PP: 10 (max 16)
- Effect: Priority +1. Removes the effects of Protect, Detect, Quick Guard, etc.
- Flavor: The user moves at a powerful speed like a blade being thrust forth, unable to be stopped.
Removed Moves: Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Wild Charge
Overview: Vigoroth needs to be stopped so I'm subbing sword dog. Swords Dance up and knock your foes down, and I gave it some priority specifically to take out Vigoroth before it gets the chance to go monkey mode on you. I removed some of its coverage to keep it a bit more predictable, and Venomoth and Golbat can take it on relatively handily with their Poison STABs threatening it.

Pokemon: Pikachu-PhD (Not Light Ball or Eviolite compatible)
Role: Special Sweeper (NP)
Type: Electric
Ability: Competitive/Analytic
Stats: 65/55/70/95/80/100
Added Moves: Nasty Plot, Energy Ball, Flash Cannon
Removed Moves: Volt Switch, Signal Beam (I know it's not in Gen 8, but I don't want to risk it)
Overview: Special sweeper that beats Wailord handily but loses to Parasect and is offensively checked by Scarf Vigoroth. Competitive prevents stat lowering and can help kickstart some sweeping. Also smart Pikachu because I felt like it.
My extreme laziness leads me to writing 20 words description after waiting for 30 hours after my subs were done.

:ss/tapu koko:
Name of the Pokemon: Tapu Koko
Role(s): Setup Sweeper, Speed Control, Offensive Pivot
Type: Fairy/Flying
Abilities: Moxie/(Telepathy)
Stat Distribution: 70/100/50/60/70/110 (460 BST)
Movepool Additions: Bulk Up, Play Rough
Movepool Removals: Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Roost, Taunt, All Electric Moves
Justification: Bulk Up --> Brave Bird --> Moxie --> Sweep. Can also act as a pivot and a speed control option. That's about it.

Name of the Pokemon: Flareon
Role(s): Bulky Setup Sweeper (Curse), Cleric, Special Wall
Type: Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire/(Magic Guard)
Stat Distribution: 95/110/60/65/130/65
Movepool Additions: Recover
Movepool Removals: None
Justification: Sets up with Curse, doesn't care about Toxic or any other form of chip, high spdef. Yeah that's a pretty scary combo. Flareon can act as a bulky wincon for slower teams or fill other roles such as one of a special wall with cleric utility through Heal Bell. It can also spread burns with Wisp or Lava Plume

Invest said he was a mafia, so we should probably vote for him, but, low key, I kind of hope he isn't, because a certain someone would be very, very much uncool otherwise. As opposed to regularly uncool.

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