Midseason Showdown at the Tupelo Comic Con!

Hey southern Pokemon Trainers! This Saturday, April 1st, I'm having a Midseason Showdown at the Tupelo Comic Con in Tupelo, Mississippi! For us Southern players, this is a rare shot at Midseason CP because last time I checked TN, AL, GA, etc are very barren in terms of Midseason Showdowns or even Premier Challenges.

I have trophies, $200 of cash prizes, some neat participation prizes, and more! The tournament will be streamed as well (link TBA) and will be next to a Smash Bros tournament and a Pokken tournament. Also working on some plushes for Junior division prizes!

Registration starts at 10am and goes till 1pm. For more info, check out tupelocomiccon.org , and the Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1410321312345518/ . It would also help me out if you retweeted this for me if you have a Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucariojrr/status/846387006519328768

Please let me know if you're interested in coming or have any questions at all!

I know I already have an active thread but it's a few months old and I wanted one for THIS tournament.

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