Gen 3 Mightyena (Revamp NU) GP: (0/2)

QC: Oglemi
GP: ? / ?

In a tier littered with viable Dark-type Pokemon such as Sableye, Murkrow, Crawdaunt, and Cacturne, Mightyena struggles to establish a niche for itself. However, its unique access to Heal Bell + Roar allows Mightyena to compress the roles of a cleric and a phazer for defensively-oriented Spike-stacking teams, and in tandem with its Intimidate ability and heavy defensive investment, Mightyena can pivot into physical attackers such as Pupitar and Vigoroth with relative ease and Roar them out. However, Mightyena also has a laundry list of problems that prevent it from adequately performing in the metagame. Mightyena is quite passive, not only losing one-on-one against three of the strongest Pokemon in the tier, Hitmonchan, Huntail, and Flareon, but also struggles in the matchup against Roselia, Mawile, and the majority of special attackers. Mightyena's lack of notable resistances and reliable recovery are also quite apparent, brought further to light by the fact that it's trying to take on a more defensive role. Needless to say, Mightyena should only be considered on teams specifically designed for setting up Spikes and phazing, as otherwise Chimecho or Roselia will better serve as the cleric of the team.

name: Cleric Phazer
move 1: Heal Bell
move 2: Roar
move 3: Crunch
move 4: Toxic
item: Leftovers
ability: Intimidate
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD

Mightyena has access to the coveted Heal Bell, an important move that allows Mightyena to function as a cleric for bulkier teams. Roar allows Mightyena to shuffle around opposing Pokemon and rack up damage from Spikes. Crunch prevents Mightyena from being overly passive, and although its uninvested, repeated switches into Spikes help Mightyena nab several important KOs such as the 3HKO of Huntail. Toxic nails Pokemon such as Hitmonchan and Sableye as it switches in, and, in tandem with Spikes support, further drains the opposing Pokemon's health.

It's dangerous to rely on Mightyena to check multiple threats throughout the match unless you have Wish support. All of NU's viable Wishpassers have an unfavorable matchup against Hitmonchan, unlike Chimecho who can sufficiently heal itself. Unless phazing is an absolute necessity for your team, it's probably better off to be using Chimecho. Mightyena needs to be paired with a Spiker in order to function properly, and Roselia happens to be the best. Not only does it not have any overlapping type weaknesses unlike Glalie and Cacturne, but Roselia also has access to reliable recovery by means of Synthesis. Furthermore, Roselia sports the best bulk out of all three of NU's Spikers, fitting best on the defensively-oriented teams Mightyena too enjoys being used on. Mightyena is also in need of a bulky Spinblock to keep Spikes in play and check the most prominent Rapid Spin user, Hitmonchan. What could be a better teammate for Mightyena than Sableye? Possessing a Fighting- and Normal-type immunity and reliable recovery, Sableye is able to switch into Hitmonchan time and time again fearing nothing but Toxic, for which Mightyena can alleviate with Heal Bell.

[Other Options]
Protect can be used over Toxic to gain extra Leftovers recovery. Offensive sets utilizing either a Choice Band or Howl make use of the perfect neutral coverage that together Shadow Ball and Hidden Power Fighting provide. However, Murkrow is a better Choice Band user because of its secondary STAB and higher Speed, while Crawdaunt and Cacturne, albeit they're slower than Mightyena, are better at wallbreaking with their access to Swords Dance.

[Checks and Counters]
Fighting-types such as Hitmonchan and Machoke take nearly nothing from Mightyena’s uninvested resisted Crunch and can force it out with their strong STAB attacks. While Hitmonchan prefers not to become badly poisoned by Toxic as it switches in, Machoke doesn’t mind whatsoever as it activates Guts. Poison- and Steel-types such as Roselia, Venomoth, and Mawile are all immune to Toxic, take very little from Crunch, and either set hazards or super effectively hit Mightyena in return. Strong special attackers such as Plusle, Dewgong, and Wailord can all 2HKO Mightyena. These specific Pokemon can also play around Toxic, with Plusle being able to block status with Substitute and Dewgong and Wailord being able to Rest off the poison.
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This looks great, love the overview although I don't think the last line works :/

Rest of the analysis is pretty spot on, I'd say go ahead and write it up. Just be sure to mention that it's dangerous to rely on Mightyena to check things throughout the match unless you have Wish support, and having Wish support means you're doubling down on the Hitmonchan weakness, something Chimecho doesn't have to worry about. So unless the phazing part is super important to you, you're probably better off with Chime

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